MooDoohowdy all09:01
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:04
MooDoohowdy brobostigon09:04
brobostigonhi MooDoo09:05
SuperMattmorning reprobates10:03
MooDoohowdy SuperMatt10:03
* SuperMatt tips hat10:04
MooDooSuperMatt: new job ok10:05
SuperMattyeah, it's going well10:05
SuperMattlots of learning to do10:05
SuperMattbecause there's a lot of insanely clever stuff going on here10:05
awilkinsGnnnnneh, Seahorse really needs fixing to tell you that it's generating a key11:29
awilkinsIt just drops out at the end of the dialog and doesn't tell you anything... so gpg2 is sat inthe background because your entropy pool is empty doing nothing11:29
* awilkins installs `randomsound`11:31
awilkinsOk, now it has a plentify supply of real entropy on /dev/random, it's still just sitting there in the background11:36
foobarryredhat reverted their spectre microcode update11:43
foobarrydue to instability11:43
foobarrynow saying get it yerself11:44
awilkinsOh frabgious joy11:44
SuperMattlava lamp entropy11:45
awilkinsHeh, I like randomsound because you can install it on any hardware with a soundcard and get entropy for free (apart from not being able to do a webconf while it's generating)11:46
awilkinsnot sure it's working well though11:47
MooDoowindows users - https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm11:47
awilkinsMy entropy pool seems to be depleting but gpg2 isn't producing that little line of crosses it usually does (well, as far as I can tell from rumours)11:47
awilkinsRandomsound definitely working because if I cat /dev/random it keeps coming (and my entropy_avail stat drops correspondingly and fills up when I stop it)11:48
brobostigonafternoon boys and girls.16:44
daftykinssheesh long one today installing windows on an iMac for a client... no really16:44
zmoylan-piand remember to put a dos icon on the windows desktop. emulate all the way down... :-)16:53
daftykinspeople used to joke about Windows Time, but have you seen Apple progress bars? "about 45 minutes remaining" means triple it :D16:57
daftykinsi almost typed out a point by point of what went wrong, but i think you all should be spared that :)17:01
daftykinson the plus side, you can cycle off and get a lot done in the time it takes to do an OS upgrade on a mac ;D17:01
SuperMattMacos is just as bad as windows these days17:01
SuperMattthey keep adding features, but not bug fixing17:01
daftykinsoh far far worse, they recently had that root password bypass17:02
SuperMattI've got one of the new macs, thanks to my new job, and it's got a cool finger print feature17:02
SuperMattYou'd think that they'd update all their built in password dialogues to use it17:02
SuperMattbut it's a mismash of some using it, and some not17:03
daftykinsis that on the touch bar models?17:03
daftykinsmmm even real fans seem to be groaning at how bad the OS quality control is going17:03
daftykinsonly care about their cash-cow phones and tablets, i imagine17:03
SuperMattI found an issue that was just laugable, which hasn't been fixed for ages17:04
SuperMattif you use three finger swipe to move between virtual desktops, you get a cool "over swipe" effect where the last desktop keeps scrolling and all you see is back17:04
SuperMattI guess it's there to show you that you're on the last desktop and there are no more17:04
SuperMattyou can achieve the same thing with ctrl+left and ctrl+right17:05
SuperMatthowever if you scroll to the right that way and reach the end, it shows the "over swipe" effect on the wrong side of the screen!17:05
SuperMattI'm going to upgrade this machine to high seirra soon, I'll see if it suffers from the same problem, but I find it remarkable that it didn't fail quality checks17:12
daftykinssounds quirky, is that happening with El Capitan at the moment then?17:24
daftykinsi can barely keep up with their release names now17:24
SuperMattSierra is mainline-117:25
SuperMattHigh Sierra is the latest17:25
SuperMattI'm on Sierra17:25
daftykinsah yes El Cap must be 10.1117:25
SuperMattI mean, who needsnames that are easy to track?17:25
SuperMattSounds about right17:25
daftykinsmy main clients ditched their old 2010 models at long last, they didn't really know their way around them17:26
SuperMattIf only there was an operating system that named and numbered their releases in such a way that they're easy to track17:26
SuperMattMaybe move through the alphabet for the codename, and have the year and month as the version number17:26
SuperMattit'll never catch on17:26
daftykinsand users remembered to put 0's in the right place when referring to them ;D17:27
SuperMattOne of my gripes is people saying "I've just installed Ubuntu 17"17:27
daftykins:S agreed17:27
SuperMattBut then, why would most people think minor version numbers matter?17:27
daftykinsespecially for the non-LTS angle in that case17:27
daftykinsyeah i think it was a fair while before i even realised it was year.month17:28
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directhexdaftykins: the coffee machine in this microsoft office seems to be suffering fro microsoft time. every day, the progress bar on coffee goes a bit less far before it finishes. right now it fills to about 20% before finishing20:38
directhexit doesn't make less coffee, it's just the bar declares finished at 20%20:38
directhexgets worse daily20:38
daftykinswhat's the brand?20:39
zmoylan-pithis is a tea channel!! :-)20:39
daftykinsnever :O20:39
directhexdaftykins: http://www.vkitech.com/products2.html20:40

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