jrwrenhttps://stackoverflow.com/a/20550925/16998  mind blown01:11
cmaloneyWhy is this blowing your mind?01:16
jrwreni had no idea.01:39
cmaloneyAh, OK01:40
cmaloneyWhat the hell?01:54
jrwrenairs of walton, bezos, zuckerberg, gates, brin and page will soon be worth more than 2/3 of US households combined.03:21
cmaloneyWelcome to the new oligarchy03:22
aisraeln0p: !16:24
cmaloneyn0p: Howdy16:45
cmaloneyAlso: Good morning (for 15 minutes)16:45
n0p:wave: hi guys. had some manditory Linode maintenance #rebootForMeltdown18:31
_stink_ohhh yeah mine is about to hit18:32
jrwrenwent sledding at leslie on Monday and thought of you :)18:32
n0pi just left my job, last day was yesterday, no longer at Nutshell {D18:33
jrwrenWhat are you doing now?18:33
n0pmoving to https://censys.io/18:33
jrwrenoh wow! the zmap folks!18:34
jrwrenthat sounds very fun.  Congrats!18:34
greg-git's a n0p !18:35
n0pthanks! I think it's gonna be great fun. Still feels a little crazy, jumping out of a perfectly good job, but what is life if you don't scare yourself once in a while ¯\_(ツ)_/¯18:35
greg-gI think I have been pinged by censys before (I keep a iftop screen window open running on all my vps that I look at sporadically)18:36
jrwrenn0p: too true!18:36
n0pdaily scan of IPV4 space18:36
jrwrenand they keep ALL the data... I'm exploring a bit now. This is really cool.18:37
n0pyeah, i'll be doing devops there, so dealing with _lots_ of data18:37
n0pand large elasticsearch clusters18:37
jrwrenugh... have fun!18:39
jrwrenelasticsearch... at least it ain't mongodb18:39
n0phaha, scars run deep? ;-)18:40
jrwrennot too deep, nah.18:40
n0pnice to talk to you guys, gotta run for now, see you later18:43
cmaloneyn0p: Congrats on the new gig!18:49
cmaloneyMy linode instance already rebooted on the 16th18:50
cmaloneyWas fun to wake up to my creaky php foo not working. :)18:50

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