thafreak_Guess who has two thumbs and a shiny new Galgo Pro?15:23
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dzhothafreak: wow, system76 needs some SEO optimization16:07
dzhoI did a search for Galgo and apparently that's an Iberian name for a dog?16:07
dzhoand so "galgo pro" wasn't good enough.16:07
dzhobut I guessed from "shiny new" and "thumbs" that this wasn't a dog, and so added "laptop" and bingo16:08
* dzho is now wondering wtf Pop!_OS 17.10 is16:20
dzhoholy smokes: dat resolution16:20
thafreakThe resoulution is probably the only downside to be honest16:20
dzhooh snap: "Disabled ME"16:21
thafreakYeah, think about a 13" screen with that resolution16:21
thafreakthe only way you can read anything is if they do that HiDPI scaling stuff16:21
thafreakwhich is fine most of the time, unless you launch a random X application that isn't hip to the HiDPI scaling16:22
thafreakand you're like WTF does that say16:22
thafreakSimilarly, plugging it into an external monitor is...meh16:22
thafreakbecause you have to go in and change the built in display's settings to turn off HiDPI etc16:23
dzhooh, right.16:23
dzhotoo much of a good thing16:23
dzhotbh I'd trade that for RAM and storage options16:23
thafreakbecause if you don't, your're 1080 monitor can barely fit a singel terminal window in it when it's scaled 200% :)16:23
dzhoI see they have NVMe16:24
thafreakI think it'll be fine eventually16:24
dzhowhat RAM and storage did you end up with16:24
thafreakOr I just need to get a 4k exernal monitor ;)16:24
dzhoso say we all my fren16:24
thafreakI'm considering it, just not sure it will be what I expect if HiDPI is turned on...might not get any additional real-estate, just a super crisp display16:25
thafreakBut yeah, the ram and storage are why I bought it16:25
thafreakThere's also the lemur which is slightly cheaper and "only" has a 1080 IPS display16:26
thafreakAnd you can spec it out the same16:26
thafreakBut I think it starts with a dual core i3 where the galago starts with a quad core i516:26
thafreakSo every time I spec'd out the lemur the same way as the galago, they ended up costing the same16:27
thafreakbecause I had to upgrade the lemur's cpu to an i7 to get a quad core cpu16:27
thafreakSo I went with the thinner laptop with higher res display.16:27
thafreakBut I'm very happy with it so far. I opted for the nvme+spinning rust16:28
thafreakSo I no longer need that external disk to store iso's and the family photo album, etc.16:29
thafreakand Pop_OS! is very pretty, especially on this display. They did good.16:30
thafreakIf you're a gnome fan at least16:30
thafreaksystemd can go to hell22:28

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