doriani have a luks container (file) that is 138gb, parted says the filesystem inside it is 138gb, when i mount it df says it's 96gb. anyone know what's causing that?00:10
dorianmoreover i tried to extend it with cryptsetup resize and it told me /dev/loop0 was too small00:11
bemojust discovered "apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools" -- are there other large packages available for installation?  (essentially packages of groups of related packages)00:16
bemo(and is there a way to find those types of packages?)00:16
TJ-dorian: what file-system?00:33
TJ-bemo: they're called meta-packages and no there's isn't a particular way to discover them - they're effectively mimimal packages that define "Depends:" on lots of others, e.g. "ubuntu-desktop" See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MetaPackages00:36
bemoTJ-: thanks!00:37
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dorianTJ-: embedded filesystem is ext300:38
dorianor whatever you want to call the filesystem inside the container00:39
dorian(the container is itself a file on another file system)00:39
TJ-bemo: there's a "metapackages" section in the archives but not all meta-packages are in it. You can search the local system for those using " awk '/^Package:/{P=$2} P!="" && /^Section: metapackages/{print P; P=""}' /var/lib/dpkg/status "00:39
bemoTJ-: awesome -- thanks again!00:40
TJ-dorian: OK, so we've got file > LUKS/dm-crypt > ext300:40
jeriHello Everybody I have a problem: I have ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphic card and when i installed ubuntu (both 14 and 16) my computers graphic decreased greatly. Did every single suggestion from internet, none helped. Can someone help please?00:40
dorianand when mounted it reports about 40gb short00:41
bemoTJ-: looks like the awk command is expecting input from something else -- what should I be sending to it?   (I'm still new to Ubuntu)00:43
bemoTJ-: nevermind!00:43
bemoTJ-: just realized I missed a continuation of the line on my screen00:43
bemoTJ-: (/var/lib/dpkg/status)00:43
jeri I have a problem: I have ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphic card and when i installed ubuntu (both 14 and 16) my computers graphic decreased greatly. Did every single suggestion from internet, none helped. Can someone help please?00:44
Tahr-userhi. i did an update of ubuntu 16.04. It requires restart ubuntu. whwen i restarted pc choose ubuntu at grub push enter and becomes a grey screen with cursor . what can i do?00:50
Bashing-omTahr-user: When from grub you boot that old kernel, what results ?00:54
adman120hey how do i set static ip00:54
Tahr-userBashing-om how can i do it?00:58
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Tahr-userback in a minute01:00
altaiir Salut, soucis avec artful_aardvark-64>xfce J'ais choppé des thèmes sur https://www.xfce-look.org/ qui ne fonctionne pas très bien (certains) alors qu'il fonctionne (les mêmes) sur xenial-32 cela peut il avoir avec la migration vers Gtk3.0? Merci...01:01
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Bashing-om!fr | altaiir01:03
ubottualtaiir: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:03
Guest34396Hey, I need some help on fixing a dualboot install of ubuntu on a win 7 system with raid drives. can some one point me in the right direction01:04
ner0xIf I want a window to stop showing up on all desktops, how do I stop it? Ubuntu 17.10 Thanks in advance.01:07
TJ-bemo: as the metapackages are all quite small this will list them smallest first so the first 50 or so should be meta. " awk '/^Package:/{P=$2} P!="" && /^Installed-Size:/{print P, $2; P=""}' /var/lib/dpkg/status | sort -k 2 -n | less "01:07
bemoTJ-: it also appears these are only the ones that are currently installed on my machine... <?>01:08
adman120hey how do i set static ip01:10
TJ-adman120: one of about 3 ways depending on what you're using for network management. Is it a desktop system?01:11
adman120no cli only01:11
TJ-adman120: server? and which ubuntu release?01:12
TJ-adman120: ok, so that uses netplan to generate a config for systemd-networkd01:13
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TJ-adman120: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Netplan01:15
TJ-adman120: that page contains an example of a static address in the section "How do I configure a single interface with netplan so it works now and at next boot?"01:16
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H1d3iptables who knows bout em01:22
audio-seekerwhat is the command for playing audio wave from the terminal01:23
H1d3sudo apt-get install mpg12301:24
new2linuxBashing-om: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE -> x1101:24
H1d3play something.wav01:24
TJ-audio-seeker: there's paplay which'll play anything supported by libsound01:25
TJ-audio-seeker: that's the pulse audio play tool01:25
Bashing-omnew2linux: Ho Kay .. booting Xorg . At this time what is your end goal ?01:25
new2linuxwhat do you mean booting Xorg?01:26
new2linuxI removed the nvidia drivers and made sure the nuevo or whatever drivers are there and rebotted01:26
ecormieraudio-seeker: aplay01:26
new2linuxI am still not booting into 2560x1440 mode (as has been my goal from the start)01:26
audio-seekerecormier: I type aplay /media/xubuntu/16GBPINK/Holly's Music/Illusion (Non-Vocal) VNV Nation Cover.wav01:26
audio-seekernothing happens01:27
Tin_manaudio-seeker, also you can install sox which will play from the command line " sudo apt install sox"01:27
ecormierworks here, have you double checked the audio device output and all volumes (in alsamixer)?01:27
new2linuxBashing-om: aren't we talking about video drivers, Xorg is the people that make the desktop, no?01:27
new2linuxBashing-om: what am I misunderstanding?01:27
tahr234031Bashing-om i started with the old kernel and it boots ok.01:28
Bashing-omnew2linux: In 17.10 one can have a wayland or an Xorg session, in your case ( hybrid graphics ) you are currently restricted to Xorg, as nvidia and wayland do not play nice; if you want to use the nvidia proprietary driver it is Xorg ( X11) for you .01:29
annaheimHi guys, I'm curious if anyone here could help me disable the "Applications" button? https://i.imgur.com/WaKHtrQ.png01:29
annaheimI'm using the dash to panel extensions01:29
H1d3iptables i want to DROP packets with DESTINATION of  host ip but want to ACCEPT any other packets with any other IPs as DESTINATION address.... Possible??01:30
H1d3i have a host with a couple VMs and only want them to be routed. dont want to be able to ping host machine01:31
altaiirhello, have a problem cause Artfull_Aardvark-64>xfce display not correctly themes from https://www.xfce-look.org/ while they works in Xenial_Xerus-32. May be the gtk3.0 migration about Xfce? Thanks...01:31
new2linuxBashing-om: I think you are presuming what I want and perhaps I've been unclear in how I have articulated my goals. Please, respectfully allow me to clarify: I am interested in choosing software that will be "the way of the future" not things that are on the horizon of being decommissioned (as I understand wayland is the way of the future, not Xorg). Moreover, I care not if we use open source or closed source drivers, what I want 01:32
new2linuxBashing-om: I am open to any configuration that meets those goals and am not sure what I must do to meet them.01:32
JonelethIrenicusi bet if freenode kicked bots most channels would have like 10 people in them01:33
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: I am not a bot and nor do I play one on TV!01:33
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: haha good to know01:33
daxbeep boop01:33
JonelethIrenicusubuntu is usually always active but sometimes i will go into a channel and it will have hundreds of people in it and not one person says anything for over an hour01:34
audio-seekerwhat's the correct aplay command please something with pcm?01:34
daxJonelethIrenicus: those aren't bots, they're people who leave their IRC client connected 24/7 but aren't always watching it01:34
daxmost of #ubuntu is like that too, and we only have a handful of bots in here01:35
Bashing-omnew2linux: Wayland will be the furure . At present wayland and Nvidia do not play nice - for the naumce but who knows when the issues will be reolved. Now that said, if you want to use wayland as your environment, then you must use the open source driver nouveau.01:35
JonelethIrenicusdax: i am kind of curious why would you do that?01:35
JonelethIrenicusjust harvesting conversations? :D01:35
daxJonelethIrenicus: so you can read scrollback when you get back and are bored01:35
daxdunno why people idle in here though, i only do it 'cause i'm a chanop here01:36
JonelethIrenicusdax: man some people have a lot of time on their hands01:36
JonelethIrenicusi guess maybe when i retire or something01:36
new2linuxI prefer to use wayland (as its the future) and I believed (until now) that I had nouveau installed (and nvidia extirpated from system)01:36
docmurHey guys, I'm trying to use the Xtensa ESP32 tool chain, I downloaded the files, installed the dependancies, extracted the files to /home/user/ESP32/xtensa-esp32-elf/  then set my path so looks in the bin of that folder.  When I type xte and press <tab><tab> I can see al lthe programs, but when I try to run them I get bash <path> no such file or directory and if I go into the folder and do ./xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc I get the same message,01:36
new2linuxBashing-om: how can we verify that this is the case?01:36
H1d3anyone mess with iptables01:36
docmurI'm on Ubuntu 17.1001:37
JonelethIrenicusH1d3: i dont mess with IP tables i use ufw01:37
daxH1d3: if you don't get an answer here, there are also #ubuntu-server and #netfilter01:37
Bashing-omnew2linux: ' lsmod | grep nvidia ; lsmod | grep nouveau ; sudo lshw -C display ' . take it from there and see what else we might have to do .01:39
new2linuxBashing-om: one second, lemme run'em01:40
Bashing-omnew2linux: Right .. ya want to reboot into wayland .01:40
blackflow!ask | H1d301:41
ubottuH1d3: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:41
tomreyndocmur: use the 'which' and 'readlink -f' commands to ensure what 'echo $PATH' reports is set to the correct directory.01:42
docmur@tomreyn - good idea!01:43
new2linuxBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26407926/01:43
Bashing-omnew2linux: Look'n .01:43
new2linuxBashing-om: what do you mean I want to boot right into wayland, is that not what is running now or is it using Xorg?01:43
new2linuxBashing-om: how can we tell which it is using?01:43
Bashing-omnew2linux: "  echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE -> x11 "01:44
new2linuxso X11 means wayland is NOT running then, correct?01:44
Bashing-omnew2linux: "  echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE -> x11 " That is Xorg session .01:44
new2linuxBashing-om: what must I do to configure wayland to be what is in force?01:45
Bashing-omnew2linux: Of yo8u have not altered the default files. on the login box. click on the icon in upper right to change the session .01:45
new2linuxBashing-om: Wayland is not the default for 17.10? I thought it was01:46
daxI believe that wayland is default for AMD and Intel, not for Nvidia.01:46
daxnot 100% sure though, as I don't have any nvidia01:46
new2linuxwell my system has Intel and Nvidia graphics cards01:46
daxyes, in that case it goes with xorg01:47
new2linuxI see01:47
Bashing-omnew2linux: The drive I had 17.10 on died on me, I no longer have accesss . I honestly do not recall what was the default session .01:47
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: not gonna really make a huge difference anyway01:47
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: it sure is if I can't get it to go into 2560x1440 mode01:47
new2linuxthat is the goal01:47
new2linuxto get full graphics resolution on bootup01:48
JonelethIrenicuson what card?01:48
new2linuxwhatever card it is using01:48
new2linuxI have no idea how to tell if it is using the intel or nvidia card01:48
JonelethIrenicusI have a 107001:48
JonelethIrenicusnvidia prime does switching really well01:48
JonelethIrenicuson x1101:48
annaheimHow are you guys?01:49
new2linuxI tried to use nvidia prime and could not figure it our or what to run, gave up on that01:49
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: you just install the software and change it in nvidia-settings01:49
JonelethIrenicusit is a gui01:49
new2linuxno one knew how to tell me how to use or install it and I am very ignorant of graphical stuff01:49
JonelethIrenicusyou install it with the driver manager01:49
new2linuxI ran nvidia-settings and had no idea what to do01:49
JonelethIrenicusit is also a gui01:49
new2linuxit was not intuitive at all01:49
new2linuxno profiles01:49
new2linuxno configs01:49
new2linuxnothing to modify01:49
new2linuxI gave up01:50
JonelethIrenicusit has an option that says switch to intel01:50
JonelethIrenicusit is literally one click bud01:50
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JonelethIrenicusi'd show you a screenshot but i dont have that laptop i used with that any more but it had a 970m and intel and worked get01:51
new2linuxall I want to do is use stuff that will work and get me 2560x1440 resolution on boot up01:51
JonelethIrenicusyeah i boot in 4k every day with nvidia01:51
docmur@tomreyn - which sees the right location and readlink -f doesn't01:51
tomreyndocmur: broken symlinks?01:52
docmurno, they seem fine :S01:52
tomreyndocmur: lack of permissions on target?01:52
altaiirhello, have a problem cause Artfull_Aardvark-64>xfce display not correctly themes from https://www.xfce-look.org/ while they works in Xenial_Xerus-32. May be the gtk3.0 migration about Xfce? Thanks...01:53
cfhowlettaltaiir, ask #ubuntu+1 for support01:53
ubottuUbuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release Notes: https://ubottu.com/y/artful01:54
docmurTrying with an updated toolchain01:54
tomreyncfhowlett: not really +1, is it?01:55
cfhowlettdoh!  right. sorry tomreyn and altaiir01:55
Bashing-omaltaiir: Also #xfce on this server will know more about theming issues in xfce4.01:55
tomreynnp :)01:55
ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:56
docmur@tomreyn - Totally a toolchain issue, the newer version is fine :), thanks for the suggestions!01:56
altaiircfhowlett it's not support?01:56
tahr234031hi, i did an update in my ubuntu 16.04 and when restart my pc after choosing ubuntu in grub leaves me in a grey screen with cursor. I can boot the old kernel version. how can i fix it?01:56
cfhowlettaltaiir, I gave bad advice thus my apology.  ask for support here01:56
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tomreynwelcome, d0cmur01:58
BudgiiOn line 19 I am getting that I need to define shutil, how do I do that? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26407970/01:59
cfhowlettpretty sure that's a question for #python Budgii02:00
BudgiiOops. that message was meant for the #python channel. My apologies!02:01
altaiircfhowlett, thanks I test #xfce too02:01
fishcookerhow to Install packages without running the service?02:03
louvetvhello I have a question regarding netatalk, I am trying to setup a timemachine backup service for multiple macs. However as soon as the first user creates a .plist file then a subsequent user goes to read said .plist file, the backup process for the 2nd user fails due to a permission issue02:07
fishcooker /join #ansible02:16
tomreynlouvetv: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=68587802:26
ubottuDebian bug 685878 in netatalk "netatalk: newer upstream versions available" [Wishlist,Open]02:26
altaiirhello, have a problem cause Artfull_Aardvark-64>xfce display not correctly themes from https://www.xfce-look.org/ while they works in Xenial_Xerus-32. May be the gtk3.0 migration about Xfce? Thanks...02:30
altaiirsomebody help me please02:31
krytarik(Fwiw, I just answered this in #xfce.)02:31
coder123hello i have a specific question about trying to connect to wifi can I ask it here?02:33
cfhowlettcoder123, ask02:33
coder123thanks. I'm trying to connect my computer to my school's wifi and when i compared the settings that my phone has since it was successful i think i see what the issue is but idk how to solve it....02:34
coder123my phone uses PEAP but idont see that was an option on my computer02:35
cfhowlettcoder123, you'd probably be better served by asking your school for support connecting.  They have much more experience with this specific issue02:36
coder123ok i already tried in the past they clueless when it comes to linux02:37
coder123i was directed here from the kubuntu channel i run kubuntu 16.0402:39
tomreynin case it's eduroam, there's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/110447602:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1104476 in wpasupplicant (Ubuntu Trusty) "Network manager cannot connect to WPA2/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 enterprise wifi networks without CA_Certificate, like Eduroam" [High,Triaged]02:39
tomreyni dont know whether this affects later ubuntu releases, or how.02:40
coder123unfortunately it's not eduroam02:40
coder123i se eduroam as an option but we're told not to use because it's old andf wouldd be taken offline even though it hasnt yety02:41
tomreynwell it may be some other network without a CA certificate02:42
tomreynin which case that bug report may still provide relevant information and workarounds02:42
coder123ok thanks according to my phone the CA certifificate is unspecified so ill check that out02:45
tomreyngood luck. /me afk02:46
roothorickHow do I disable vesafb? It appears to be compiled into the kernel so blacklist does nothing02:52
t0no6arecompile your kernel02:53
roothorickThis isn't a custom kernel. That can't be the standard recommendation, especially with the NV binary driver complaining loudly about its presence02:55
TJ-roothorick: you'd need to pass a command-line argument to the kernel02:55
roothorickTJ-: what, exactly? Everything Google turns up has done exactly nothing02:56
coder123the guidance in the settings mentioned in this question was the answer I needed https://askubuntu.com/questions/279762/how-to-connect-to-wpa2-peap-mschapv2-enterprise-wifi-networks-that-dont-use-a-c02:56
coder123thanks a million02:56
jeromelanterifor systemd, does ubuntu has same control managment than archlinux ?02:57
daxsystemd's pretty much the same across all distros using it02:57
daxi'm sure there are some minor variations but i can't think of any02:57
jeromelanterifor exemple, if i want to use sshd.socket instead of sshd.service, does command: "systemctl enable sshd.socket" should link /etc/systemd/system/sshd.socket to /lib/systemd/system/sshd.socket file ?02:58
jeromelanteridax, actually, this command failed...02:58
jeromelanteri"failed to start sshd.socket: unit sshd.socket not found02:59
jeromelanteribut find / -name sshd.socket find it at /lib/systemd/system/sshd.socket03:00
daxit's ssh, not sshd03:00
jeromelanteriso... what's wrong with ubuntu here ?03:00
jeromelanteridax, definitly, it is sshd03:00
daxhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/openssh-server/filelist k03:00
jeromelanterissh is a client, sshd is a server03:00
dax... no03:01
jeromelanteridax, did you read your own link before ?03:01
roothorickThe answer appears to be GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD=text03:01
daxjeromelanteri: yes. did you read the bit where it says "/lib/systemd/system/ssh.socket"03:01
daxand not "/lib/systemd/system/sshd.socket"03:01
altaiirdax is right it's ssh but i understand jeromelanteri because it's not logic03:02
daxbecause ubuntu (and debian) name the openssh service that way. different distros name it differently.03:02
jeromelanteridax, ho ok...03:02
daxlike how some name Apache httpd "apache2" and some name it "httpd"03:03
jeromelanteriyes correct dax03:03
jeromelanteridax, thank you03:03
daxyou're welcome03:03
jeromelanteridax, you may know it... i not understand the difference between ssh.socket and ssh@.service, could you tell me please ?03:05
jeromelanteridoes it mean ssh@service start when a user connect when use ssh.socket ?03:05
rflemingHello Happy #ubuntu people03:05
rflemingI have installed ubuntu from mini.iso, then proceeded to install vanilla-gnome-desktop03:06
jeromelanterirfleming, hi and happy new year...03:06
rflemingnow NetworkManager is not managing my wired adapter03:06
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: Don't get me wrong, I am sure it is possible as when I boot "nomodeset" Linux runs in 2560x1440 mode. Granted, I have no idea why that works and other stuff doesn't. But, that said, I am happy to follow whatever instructions someone has to help me make it work!03:06
rflemingjeromelanteri: Happy new year to you as well! :)03:06
TJ-roothorick: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootGraphicsArchitecture for an understanding of what is going on. It looks like the old mechanism to disable/unload the module has been removed.03:06
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: Bashing-om has tried a lot to help and I've tried everything yet still cannot get that mode to work, I'd love to get it fixed!03:07
roothorickWell, that didn't help. I managed to narrow down the issue though03:07
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: I am entirely indifferent to what mix of software I use in Ubuntu, as long as I can get it to work in 2560x1440 mode (I have an XPS 2720 All in one)03:07
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: i don't mess with anything, I add the nvidia repo to my system and install the nvidia drivers, but honestly you don't even have to do that you can just install it with the driver manager.03:08
comet23i am on a vps right now03:08
roothorickUsing NV binary driver, this has persisted across multiple driver versions. I have screen tearing no matter what settings/env variables are changed and where, except for "Force Composition Pipeline" in nvidia-settings. However, that causes crashes when moving certain windows between monitors03:08
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: once you do that all the settings should be in the nvidia settings manager03:08
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: things are super easy nowadays03:08
comet23i was wondering how can i install a gui and connect to it via gui?03:08
jeromelantericomet23, you have lot of space on your vps then ?03:09
roothorickForce Composition Pipeline also makes windows open on the wrong monitor for some reason. I just don't get it03:09
comet23its unlimited03:10
TJ-new2linux: when you say "at boot-up" do you mean whilst GRUB boot-loader is active, and whilst Linux kernel is getting started?03:10
roothorickI hope this is mostly an "Old Gnome3" thing and 18.04 is better03:10
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: if you have been messing with a bunch of stuff you either have to delete all of it or start fresh03:10
daxjeromelanteri: i haven't done much with socket activation, but i believe ssh@.service is what gets called when ssh.socket activates, yes03:10
jeromelantericomet23, install xorg server and desktop things... then install a secure VNC server like x2go03:10
comet23i lied03:10
daxjeromelanteri: whereas ssh.service is the normal non-socket-activated ssh unit file03:10
comet2340 gigs03:10
jeromelanteridax, ok, thank you.03:10
jeromelantericomet23, 40Go is good enough03:11
roothorickCurrently using the new 390 beta, but I had the same issue on 387, 384, and some 37x I can't remember03:11
jeromelantericomet23, or you can use openssh and X11 forwarding access03:11
comet23is there a guide03:11
comet23im not that smart03:12
jeromelantericomet23, depend what you want to do03:12
comet23i just want to downoad a udemy video03:12
comet23but wget requires authentication03:12
new2linuxTJ-: No, actually its in hi-res mode at that point because GFXMODE=2560x1440 or that...I am talking about after the kernel takes over.03:12
jeromelantericomet23, i know some many "guide" for each elements, not for a complete tutorial. because there is many choice possible to hang on X/GUI remote control03:12
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: how do I install the nvidia drivers with driver-update or that?03:13
TJ-comet23: that's because wget isn't sending a user-agent header; Try using the "w3m" command-line browser03:13
jeromelantericomet23, i know archwiki documents who are very concise and clear, but it is not for ubuntu (it can help by the way)03:13
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: you type driver manager into your application launcher and then click the radio button for your drivers03:13
TJ-new2linux: have you got GRUB gfxpayload=keep03:13
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: it is easier than windows... you don't even need to download anything yourself03:13
comet23im going to try w3m03:14
comet23thank you03:14
jeromelantericomet23, w3m is nice, but not supported by many VNC. You should aybe use a X11 forwarding way.03:14
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: one sec03:14
comet23if i can just download via w3m i am set03:14
new2linuxwe are talking about Ubuntu here right? I typed "driver manager" into the app search "No Results."03:15
jeromelantericomet23, waiting, my fault, i was thinking about w3m to be i3 window manager... but it is not.03:15
comet23because then i just need to download the video and upload it to this server because someone said they bet that their coding guide teaches bad authentication practices03:15
comet23no worries jeromelanteri03:15
new2linuxTJ: I am not sure, if I am booted up where would I check for that?03:15
comet23later everyone03:15
comet23thank you for the help03:15
TJ-new2linux: if the kernel has it ("cat /proc/cmdline") you will see "vt.handoff=7"03:16
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: https://www.howtogeek.com/213488/how-to-install-hardware-drivers-on-linux/03:16
JonelethIrenicusnew2linux: https://askubuntu.com/questions/47506/how-do-i-install-additional-drivers03:17
new2linuxTJ-: Its interesting, normally ALT-F7 takes me to the GUI and I have terminals on ALT-F1 to ALT-F6, seems its on ALT-F1 now03:18
new2linuxTJ-: I checked /etc/default/grub didn't see gfxpayload03:18
new2linuxJonelethIrenicus: I will check those sites!03:19
TJ-new2linux: you won't, as I said, it's seen on the kernel command line03:21
new2linuxok, so what would I add to the command line? vt.handoff=7 I make sure is there?03:22
new2linuxTJ: or do I add gfxpayload=keep to the command line? or both?03:23
new2linuxTJ: presuming it works, how do I add it permanently so it remains persistent across reboots?03:23
TJ-new2linux: Are you reading what I type?03:24
TJ-new2linux: if the kernel has it ("cat /proc/cmdline") you will see "vt.handoff=7"03:24
shenglinHello everyone?03:25
rfleminganyone know how to get NetworkManager to manage a wired interface on mini.iso installed ubuntu?03:25
shenglindon't know03:26
shenglinubuntu core03:28
rflemingshenglin: what about ubuntu core?03:29
TJ-new2linux: gfxpayload is set by the GRUB function gfxmode() based on the setting linux_gfxmode=keep which is set in grub.cfg when GRUB isn't doing a 'recordfail' boot and the GFX device isn't blacklisted.03:31
rflemingAnyone know how to allow my system to manage wired network?03:35
TJ-rfleming: same as any other network device03:36
rflemingTJ-: GNOME says "Wired unmanaged"03:36
rflemingI checked /etc/NetworkManager on a different system, and the two directories are identical03:36
TJ-rfleming: ensure the device isn't configured in ifupdown (/etc/network/interfaces{,.d/*} - if it is NM won't take it over03:37
TJ-rfleming: with that NM should auto-create "Wired connnect 1" etc03:37
TJ-rfleming: with that NM should auto-create "Wired connnection 1" etc03:38
rflemingTJ-: the only thing in interfaces is lo03:39
TJ-rfleming: OK, check /var/log/syslog - NM is very verbose about everything it does03:40
Bashing-omrfleming: Minimal install does not include the network-manager , Did you install NM ?03:41
TJ-Bashing-om: I think rfleming means the install started from the mini.iso03:42
rflemingTJ-: Jan 17 21:53:41 sigma NetworkManager[2082]: <info>  [1516244021.1228] audit: op="connection-add-activate" pid=1290 uid=1000 result="fail" reason="Connection 'Wired connection 1' is not available on the device enp0s25 at this time."03:42
rflemingthat's right, I installed from mini.iso03:43
TJ-rfleming: nice! can you "pastebinit /var/log/syslog" ?03:43
new2linuxTJ: then I need to set "linux_gfxmode=keep" in /etc/default/grub I'd presume since I was told to not modify (and I think it says it in the file) /etc/boot/grub.cfg03:43
rflemingTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26408381/03:44
new2linuxTJ: and yes, I am reading what you are typing03:44
TJ-new2linux: no, you don't and can't03:44
new2linuxTJ: ok, so, there is no way for me to force that parameter to fix it?03:45
TJ-new2linux: It is set /automatically/ by GRUB based on the boot-time conditions03:45
rflemingbasically, I installed the base from mini.iso, then installed vanilla-gnome-desktop from cli because the option in tasksel in mini.iso doesn't actually install GNOME03:45
arktvrvsyou can force any parameter with some c ;)03:45
rflemingc c c si si c c si03:45
new2linuxTJ-: so then what conditions do I need to make this work then?03:45
arktvrvsc c c!!03:45
TJ-new2linux: that's why I said check if if /proc/cmdline shows the vt.handoff=03:46
rflemingTJ-: I used 'meld' to compare /etc/NetworkManager from my working partition and this one... there is no differences between the two, what-so-ever.03:46
comet23i just installed realvnc on my comuter and the vps03:47
comet23how do i connect to it?03:47
TJ-rfleming: I'm reading... I may be gone some time!03:47
rflemingTJ-: I also compared /etc/network and besides VPN stuff, the only thing missing is ethtool from if-pre-up.d03:47
=== Tannishpage_ is now known as Tannishpage
rflemingoh, and interfaces.d is missing03:48
rfleming(but it's empty)03:48
TJ-rfleming: before I read too far - are you able to bring the wired ethernet up manually to working condition using "ip link" and "ip addr" ?03:48
TJ-rfleming: I want to be sure you've a working interface - could be something daft like missing firmware03:49
rflemingthe wired comes up on its own03:49
rflemingboth ipv4 and ipv603:50
TJ-rfleming: I don't think it's firmware, but I'm sure I saw a similar issue recently with the e1000e03:50
TJ-rfleming: it comes up on it's own? you mean without NM managing it?03:50
rflemingTJ-: that's the damnedest thing... I have ethernet via wired... but can't manage it03:50
TJ-rfleming: hang on - maybe systemd-networkd is managing it?03:50
TJ-rfleming: is this Ubuntu 17.10 ?03:52
rflemingTJ-: this particular instance is 18.04 alpha... but I had the same problem on 17.1003:52
TJ-rfleming: ahah! "systemd-networkd[345]: enp0s25: DHCPv4 address via"03:52
rfleming(again with th e mini iso03:52
TJ-rfleming: which is configured via netplan because 'mini.iso' is like the ubuntu-server install and expects systemd-networkd not NetworkManager to manage the network. See  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Netplan03:53
TJ-rfleming: so now WE KNOW we can figure out how to tell netplan to generate for NetworkManager instead03:53
comet23i tried this guide to connect to my server but its not working03:55
comet23i dont know what my vnc address is =(03:55
rflemingTJ-: yeah, remove enp0s25 and add renderer: NetworkManager03:55
TJ-rfleming: look in /ec/netoplan/ you'll find a config file for the interface. Open it in a text editor. For enp25s0 change the line "renderer: networkd" to "renderer: NetworkManager"03:55
TJ-grrr, my typing is awful!03:55
rflemingTJ-: sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd.service?03:56
TJ-rfleming: I don't think that'll be sufficient since netplan has generated a config file. I think a reboot will be quicker than finding out how to restart the entire process!03:57
TJ-rfleming: I'd assume you'd have to rerun netplan and then restart networkd and NM03:57
rflemingTJ-: it didn't work, so I rebooted03:57
rflemingTHAT worked, and now wired is managed03:58
TJ-rfleming: Yay :)03:58
rflemingI keep forgetting about netplan03:58
rflemingthere are so many wrong sources out there... now I have to go and find them all and post the real truth03:59
doriani'm a bit apprehensive about this luks container that is not properly reporting its size/free space to df04:03
dorianwhy would parted say it's the right size but df not?04:04
TJ-dorian: did you see my Question earlier about the the reported dmsetup/lsblk sizes ?04:04
dorianno i must have missed that04:04
TJ-dorian: let me see if I can fetch it out the buffer04:05
doriani just did lsblk, it reports the right size04:05
TJ-dorian: do these agree? "DEV="LUKSDEVNAME"; sudo dmsetup status $DEV; sudo lsblk /dev/mapper/$DEV" (dmsetup is 512-byte blocks)04:05
TJ-dorian: this will help compare values: DEV="LUKSDEVNAME"; echo "$(echo $(sudo dmsetup status $DEV) | cut -d\   -f 2)*512/1024/1024" | bc04:05
Neo4how to learn postfix?04:05
Neo4doesn't work anything :(04:06
TJ-Neo4: read the manual and experiment A LOT in virtual machines before deploying it04:06
Neo4TJ-: what do you think about this book? Shall I read it or enough documentation on off site?04:07
dorianTJ-: yes dmsetup and lsblk both report the right size04:07
Neo4at first read documentation on this site http://www.postfix.org/04:08
Neo4and then try to do something?04:08
Neo4I might need video lessons....04:08
Neo4seems it's impossible learn for one day as I want :(04:09
TJ-Neo4: I'd read the online docs and those that come with postfix-doc package - that book was published in 2005 and will be 13+ years out of date04:09
Neo4TJ-: ok, won't read it, enough off documentation04:09
TJ-Neo4: postfix is a VERY powerful Mail Transfer Agent, and has millions of permutations; it is not a learn-in-1-day service!04:10
jeromelanteriNeo4, you sould read a lot about email protocols and way to secure/reject/accept mails and ssl/tls, and... it is a long way learn curve. Postfix is a very good server, but because of that, it is not so easy to learn.04:10
Neo4I just look what there inside....04:10
rfleminghow can I blacklist updates from a PPA, with the exception of one component?04:10
rfleminglooking at ppa:system76/pop ... I want the Icon theme, but not the other GNOME updates it wants to perform04:10
TJ-rfleming: using (man) apt_preferences pinning04:11
Neo4jeromelanteri: ok, will be gathering information...04:11
rflemingTJ-: thanks... looking now04:11
dorianTJ-: also this was mounted via cryptsetup open --type luks /the/file04:12
TJ-rfleming: you may find this more helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto04:12
dorianer "opened" i guess, then mounted the normal way04:12
jeromelanteriNeo4, good luck and tacke time to learn all you have to know (maybe 6 month for 2 days by week is possible before start to use postfix)04:12
TJ-dorian: right, and what size does losetup show for the loop device?04:12
Neo4jeromelanteri: no, 6 months? 1 - 2 weeks and no more04:13
Neo4and any longer )04:13
jeromelanteriNeo4, so you have to learn every day, 14 hours by day and be very good... you will be the first one i see able to learn all of this knwledge requirment in 2 weeks. Why not... try.04:14
dorianTJ-: losetup doesn't show a size04:14
TJ-dorian: with "losetup -v .." ?04:15
Neo4jeromelanteri: :)04:16
TJ-dorian: did the file get enlarged after the crypt device was created?04:16
Neo4I will04:16
TJ-dorian: if it did, you need to do "cryptsetup resize <DEVNAME>" to enlarge it to same size as block device, and then "resize2fs /dev/mapper/DDEVNAME"04:17
doriani can't remember if it did or not04:18
rflemingTJ-: so the higher the Pin Priority number the more important it is?04:18
rflemingor the lower?04:18
dorianwhen you say "enlarge to the same size as the block device" do you mean the pseudo-block device?04:18
dorianie. the 140gb ordinary file04:19
cfhowlettwhat terminal command to list available editors04:19
TJ-rfleming: higher is more priority04:20
TJ-dorian: you've got file > loop > /dev/mapper/CRYPTDEV > ext3/4 ?04:20
rflemingTJ-: sweet!04:21
TJ-dorian: so you need to "cryptsetup resize /dev/mapper/CRYPTDEV" then "resize2fs /dev/mapper/CRYPTDEV"04:21
dorianTJ-: yes, though the loop looks like it gets taken care of subcutaneously by the newer cryptsetup open syntax04:21
jeromelantericfhowlett, aviable or default one ?04:22
cfhowlettjeromelanteri, available please04:22
jeromelantericfhowlett, you can try to query manager with "editor" criteria.04:23
jeromelanteripackage manager i mean04:23
cfhowlettthank you jeromelanteri04:23
jeromelanteriquery for editor and installed04:23
dorianTJ-: ah resize2fs is bugging me to fsck first; this will probably be a minute04:24
=== al2o3-cr1 is now known as al2o3-cr
TJ-cfhowlett: if you mean installed shell editors, update-alternative should give a list04:26
cfhowlettgot it TJ-  thanks04:27
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest5724
dorianTJ-: ah it is now reporting the corect size. tahnks for your help04:32
dorianquestion: if i wanted to move this container file to e.g. an external disk, could i just dd it straight to the disk?04:33
dorianand then re-resize it04:33
TJ-dorian: yes04:37
dorianer i suppose i'd want to securely wipe the disk first04:38
dorianor will cryptsetup resize do that for me04:38
TJ-dorian: you mean randomise it's surface?04:38
TJ-dorian: presumably your container file was already randomised04:38
dorianwell i'm just thinking if the file is X bytes big, and the disk is X+whatever, and cryptsetup resize with no argument fills out to the extent of the disk04:40
dorianbut is it just declaring the size or is it dumping random data into there04:41
TJ-dorian: no, crypsetup resize just changes the meta-data values04:41
dorianright, so zap the disk first and then dd the file and then resize04:41
new2linuxTJ: You still there?04:43
new2linuxTJ: I installed the software using software update center and now when I run nvidia-settings I see the selection choice you were talking about!!!04:44
new2linuxTJ-: I installed the software using software update center and now when I run nvidia-settings I see the selection choice you were talking about!!!04:44
new2linuxI have stuff running on my workstation for work now, so I can04:45
TJ-dorian: I'd randomise the entire device first, the fast way: "cryptsetup create tempdev /dev/sdX --type luks -d /dev/random; dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/tempdev bs=200M status=progress; cryptsetup close tempdev" - then you partition it and copy your file into a partition04:45
new2linuxTJ-: I have stuff running on my workstation for work now, so I can't take a reboot break, but tomorrow morning I will reboot and see what happens!04:45
new2linuxTJ-: I see the PRIME Profiles, which was NOT there before! Something about installing via software center seemed to get the install correct this time04:46
TJ-dorian: that cryptsetup 'hack' or writing zero's to the device means the underlying bytes will be random without using /dev/random or /dev/urandom or any openssl tricks04:47
dorianwhich takes forever04:47
doriangot it04:47
dorian(i mean reading urandom straight or openssl takes forever)04:49
TJ-dorian: indeed :)04:53
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.04:53
arktvrvsdorian tyrell was the mask04:53
ajaxjonesgood evening04:56
ajaxjonesdoes anyone have any experience with the google authentication 2 factor auth on 16.04?04:59
ajaxjonesI followed the directions from the ubuntu site, and when I look in the logs, I am getting 'Invalid verification code'05:00
rflemingTJ-: thanks so much.  I've documented what it takes now to use mini.iso to set up vanilla GNOME that functions as it should out-of-box with my own personal tweaks.05:02
banisterfiendhi, i'm super confused, what's the difference between a window manager, a desktop environment and a graphical shell? i'm trying to understand how gnome, kde, enlightenment, pantheon, and Unity all fit together...05:08
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arktvrvsgnome and kde dont really fit together05:10
banisterfiendarktvrvs make things clear :D05:14
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Apteryxwhere is lightdm documented?05:19
ApteryxI've wasted hours trying to just get it recognize a custom xsession05:19
=== himcesjf_ is now known as him-cesjf
jeromelanteriApteryx, ligthdm is well documented, but some customized feature from... ubuntu packagers maybe ?... seems to make things very complicate to find where need to be configured. Try to use command "find" for find all points where this display manager should be configured...06:00
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xs2my laptop doesn't seem to respect HandleLidSwitch option06:15
xs2^ /etc/systemd/logind.conf06:15
xs2imagine the computer is turned off and the lid is closed, I open the lid, start the computer and if I were to close the lid it goes to sleep or whatevs06:17
jeromelanteriApteryx, https://www.linuxsecrets.com/archlinux-wiki/wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LightDM.html06:17
jeromelanteriApteryx, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LightDM06:17
jeromelanteriApteryx, it is not ubuntu specific, but explications and lightdm configurations are same.06:17
misty5how is entering "$(echo ps)" different from just "ps" on the commandline? the former lack the cool colors my ps got, it's just black and white.06:55
EriC^^misty5: it's just in a sub shell with a different environment maybe06:56
misty5EriC^^: exactly right06:58
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plopplopEvery time I try to get away from 16.04 in way of moving systems, LVM manages to corrupt my data07:06
user1HI.  I updated my Server Kernel due to Meltdown. After rebooting I get the following error: end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)07:07
user1Any ideas what I can do?07:07
plopplopThis time it was only minimal but I don't know what it had done07:07
user1Unfortunately I do not have console access to it. Only VNC at the moment to the host.07:07
plopplopThe whole problem with the LVM of Xenial is that it corrupts data so easily07:08
plopplopBut it probably also corrupted my backup07:08
=== Guest1262 is now known as shawn
plopplopSo I can basically just start over with installing Xenial fresh again etc.... :(07:12
plopplopAnd then run into the fact again that LVM is so old that it will corrupt anything it touches if you don't watch for 2 seconds while moving data07:12
oerheksplopplop, sounds more like a bad disk to me. is there any support question in this?07:14
interservei have a problem when doing apt-get update on trusty 14.04.507:18
interserveall lines Failed to fetch07:18
oerheksinterserve, sounds like your mirror is down? type sources in dash, and change it to main?07:19
interserveErr http://archive.ubuntu.com trusty Release.gpg07:20
interserve  Unable to connect to archive.ubuntu.com:http: [IP: 80]07:20
interservebut i can browse them and dwonload from the site through browser07:20
QuestionAboutNexHey y'all I'm trying to install Nexus Mod Manager but the site seems down anyone know where I could find a legit mirror by chance? If not, what channel best to ask? THX07:24
oerheksQuestionAboutNex, 'site' does not look down from here, https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Nexus-Mod-Manager/releases07:25
baba_is anyone alive07:30
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interserveany help guys07:32
oerheksinterserve, again, change mirror ?07:33
interservetried the original and us mirror , any suggestion07:33
baba_my question is:07:35
baba_my screensaver won't unlock07:36
demahumSay I want to find out default content of home directory for Ubuntu server 16.04, how would you do it?07:38
EriC^^demahum: /etc/skel has the contents07:39
EriC^^demahum: or you could create a user and see what files are created then delete it07:40
demahumEriC^^: didn't know about /etc/skel -> thanks! That's nice to know and works for me for now (other way you suggested is fine as well).07:41
baba_my screensaver fades to black, then turns off the backlight...when I press a key, the backlight comes on with the screen black07:44
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DocMorshi all, can one of you point me to a tutorial to add an applicaition to a live image?08:05
EriC^^!customlivecd | DocMors08:10
ubottuDocMors: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/08:10
DocMorsEriC^^: thanks a mil08:17
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oerheksuck is dead, use cubic https://askubuntu.com/questions/741753/how-to-use-cubic-to-create-a-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-image08:23
EriC^^DocMors: no problem08:26
EriC^^DocMors: see oerheks 's message08:26
yoggI use the "letsencrypt" package on ubuntu 16.04 with the apache module witch worked fine until the tls-sni-01 problem showed up. LE has now relesed the new version. My question is now if the new fixed apache module will come to ubuntu 16.04 or if I should install the new version over the certbot website08:28
DocMorsoerheks: thanks08:32
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baba_my screensaver fades to black, then turns off the backlight...when I press a key, the backlight comes on with the screen black08:50
misty5yogg: I'm a real fucking turd, a piece of pathetic shithole09:03
oerheksmisty5, watch your language, that is not welcome here09:04
oerheksbaba_, try to login with ctrl alt F2; sudo service lightdm restart # and go back with ctrl alt F709:05
oerheksor maybe just switch ctrl alt F2 and back ctrl alt F7 is enough ?09:08
baba_will this kill the current X session?09:08
misty5oerheks: you're not welcome here, poopbutt.09:09
oerheks!ops | misty509:09
ubottumisty5: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax09:09
oerheksi see you are banned in multiple channels09:09
misty5oerheks: do you call that an emergency? Troll for a reaction and then call the ops. Well done.09:09
misty5oerheks: I'm banned in none, lol. Bullshit.09:09
baba_let me see, then...09:09
misty5baba_: bra, u aint seeing shit.09:10
baba_let me try here..........thanks for the response at any rate09:12
raph_aelhi, I've just seen there is a runit-init package, but installing it breaks the init system and will break the system, is there a way to use runit as main init ?09:17
baba_ahem, restarting lightdm does kill the X session.......09:18
hateballwell, oerheks replied if switching to a tty kills X, which it does not09:20
hateballif one were to be like that09:20
hateballI guess in context one should have assumed the question was about the restart of lightdm, oh well09:20
oerheksyes, i wonder what is going then, restartng should not kill any apps open?09:21
baba_yes, well, restarting lightdm would not fix the blanking problem anyway09:21
baba_well, the desktop screen came up with all my windows closed09:22
=== albech1 is now known as albech
baba_what does ubuntu 16.10 use for things like screensavers, suspend, power management, and so on?09:25
baba_the graphical settings program is a frontend for something, I assume09:25
oerheksoh, 16.10 is dead, EOL09:25
oerheksyou should upgrade to 17.1009:26
baba_i undrstand, but all my programs are on here09:26
oerheksYes, but without security and other fixes, useless to find out what went wrong09:27
baba_i think 17.10 has trhe same problem09:28
Ben6416.10 is dangerous to use09:29
tomreynif it had the same issue, it would at least be supported here. 16.10 is not.09:30
baba_why is that09:30
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
Ben64because it hasn't gotten a security update since 6 months ago09:30
Ben64vulnerable to meltdown, spectre, and everything else that has been discovered in the past 6 months09:30
ss942stupid question I used "dpkg -i *.deb" and it displayed line about unziping then line about configurating, and nothing more then just gave me shell back. Shouldn't that install package? I have no idea why, but this is 100% not installed09:30
baba_things are going fine here.....09:31
oerheksss942, depends on the ubuntu version, and what package?09:31
oerheksss942, some stuff does not work on 17.10/wayland09:31
max123had a weird bug there where mouse pad stop functioning, still could move but irratic. now it works ok.09:32
Ben64baba_: false09:32
baba_that is pretty vague...09:32
ss942oerheks: 16.04, and ejabberd.18.0109:32
max123anyone know what this debian-+ user is when i do top09:34
oerheksss942, maybe you need to do some more steps, i read https://lamteiwahlang.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/install-ejabberd-xmpp-server-in-ubuntu-16-04/09:34
oerheksor https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-ejabberd-xmpp-server-on-ubuntu09:35
ss942oerheks: oh, it just installed it in other location than in my fedora server thanks.09:36
oerheks!info megaglest09:37
ubottumegaglest (source: megaglest): 3D multi-player real time strategy game. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.13.0-2 (artful), package size 3230 kB, installed size 12023 kB09:37
tomreynoerheks: got any questions? :)09:38
oerheksnot yet, tomreyn, installing now09:38
tomreynit's ooold, and slow. but fun with a couple human players.09:39
tomreynbaba_: were you asking people on this channel to convince you to not put all the data you store at risk of being leaked, and to not have your OS turned against you (spying on your and attacking others in your name)? "things are going fine here..." -> https://media.giphy.com/media/z9AUvhAEiXOqA/giphy.gif09:41
sveinseI'm stuck with aptitude wanting to remove everything. How can I reset the selection?09:42
tomreyni haven't used aptitude for some years, but on the interactive interface i think you press equals (=)09:43
flaburganhi everyone! I've got some troubles with my Ubuntu, I never hard this thing before. I'm totally lost and need some help.09:46
flaburganI'm running ubuntu 16.04 64bits with HWE so my kernel is 4.13.0-26-generic09:46
flaburganfor the first time since the KPI patches and all the update with meltdown and spectre, I launched virtual box09:47
flaburganas soon as I launched a VM, my Ubuntu completely froze09:47
flaburganeven ctrl alt f1 didn't bring a terminal back09:47
flaburganso I had to switch of the computer cutting the power09:48
tomreynsveinse: actually it seems to be ctrl-u.09:48
flaburgannow Firefox and thunderbird doesn't launch09:48
flaburganbash: /usr/bin/firefox : impossible d’exécuter le fichier binaire : Erreur de format pour exec()09:48
tomreynsveinse: https://aptitude.alioth.debian.org/doc/en/ch02s01s02.html09:48
flaburgan(unable to execute the binary file, format error for exec()09:48
sveinsetomreyn: when you haven't exited aptitude09:48
flaburganand my apt cache is dead09:48
baba_well, I really haven't noticed any problems......honest!   but I will figure out my screen blanking problem eventually....but I will keep the upgrading thing in mind09:50
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flaburganUnable to process /var/lib/apt/lists/fr.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial-updates_main_binary-amd64_Packages09:50
tomreynsveinse: see "The Package menu", Command "Package → Keep (:)"09:50
tomeaton17Is it possible to change window focus by just moving the mouse over the window on 17.10?09:50
tomreynflaburgan: take a look at dmesg -T, try to find the root of the issues. firefox and thunderbird not launching should not be related to just installing an updated kernel image09:52
tomreynflaburgan: actualyl the easiest approach (if you think it's related to the kernel image update), reboot and hold down shift, and choose the kernel image you were running previously.09:54
tomreyn!sysrq | flaburgan: also this may be of interest next time the system does not seem to respond09:56
ubottuflaburgan: also this may be of interest next time the system does not seem to respond: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key09:56
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flaburganhi tomreyn10:07
tomreynhi flaburgan10:09
sveinseHoi. oom killer kicked in because of aptitude (on 32G mem). Gnome doesn't like being in low mem condition that is for sure. Had to hard-restart my computer10:09
flaburganthanks for your help10:10
flaburganI think the crash of virtual box is related to the new kernel10:10
flaburganbut my other problems were just a consequence of the freeze10:11
flaburganapt-get update wasn't able to clear the cache but synaptic succeed, so I was able to perfom a dist-upgrade10:12
flaburganfirefox and thunderbird were manually installed10:12
flaburganso I redownloaded them and now it works10:12
sveinsetomreyn: what do you use for apt management if not using aptitude?10:14
tomreynsveinse: apt-get or apt10:14
sveinseapt does the job, but I'm lacking auto-dependencies. Perhaps this is a config thing?10:15
tomreynsveinse: how do you mean "auto-dependencies"? apt and apt-get both resolve dependencies by default and i don't think they can be configured not to.10:17
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=== dalts is now known as spidie
sveinsetomreyn: the reason I'm using aptitude is its ability to mark dependencies as auto, meaning that when I install package x it will install dep y and z. If I later uninstall x, it also removed y, z. Which apt does not out of box10:19
sveinseOr at least fresh ubuntu installation does not have this settings10:19
MonoMonkeyyeah but it marks them as not needed anymore so you can automatically uninstall them with apt autoremove10:19
sveinseMonoMonkey: No. Yesterday I accidentally installed showfoto. It installed a bunch of dependencies and reccomendations. OK. apt remove showfoto removes 1 package. apt autoremove sais nothing to remove10:21
tomreynsveinse: that's right, apt does not purge them immediately. there is, i think, an apt option to automatically purge any packages which are no longer required. keep in mind that purging also removes configurations and, in several cases, data.10:21
sveinsetomreyn: I'm not talking about purging vs remove10:22
sveinseI'd like a scheme where I have a rather short list of the top-level packages I want installed on my system. Everything else is dependencies. When those deps arent used any more, they should be removed.10:24
sveinseBut afaics apt isn't configured this way. Out of box at least.10:24
sveinseSo I was curious to how others manage this10:25
sveinseHow do you uninstall something? Do you care about uninstalling every sub-dependency for that package?10:25
tomreynfor me, on 16.04,  when i uninstall a package using apt, packages it depended upon which are no longer used otherwise, are marked as such, and running "apt autoremove" (which can be run with or without --purge) offers a convenient way to remove them.10:29
tomreynsveinse: ^ does this answer your question?10:29
alleyratI am having trouble installing Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS within VirtualBox on Windows 10. When I get to the Keyboard layout screen, the GUI is cutoff on the right side and I cannot proceed. Any tips?10:31
tomreynalleyrat: are there no scroll bars then?10:32
tomreynon the virtualbox window10:32
MonoMonkeysveinse: I rely on it just as tomreyn describes. And usually that also works.10:35
tomreynsveinse: see also this for generating a (not exactly correct, but it gets close) lost of manually installed packages: https://askubuntu.com/questions/2389/generating-list-of-manually-installed-packages-and-querying-individual-packages10:37
tomreynalso "apt-mark showmanual"10:39
alleyrattomreyn: Yeah, no scroll bars!10:42
alleyrattomreyn: Got it. Dragged it :\10:42
MonoMonkeytomreyn sveinse I was a bit curious however, and just installed postgresql on a testing machine. It installed dependencies: libpq5 and libsensors4 for example. Then I apt removed postgresql but both libpq5 and libsensors4 are still installed and will not get autoremoved when doing apt autoremove10:45
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gracious1Hello.  I am sort of confused as to what to do about the Spectre/Meltdown threat. It sounds as though the recent kernel updates are giving people trouble.10:48
zhaoestWǒ bùshì hěn qīngchǔ10:49
zhaoestI am not very clear10:49
Ben64gracious1: should be fine now10:49
gracious1Meaning that this latest update is okay?10:49
MonoMonkeygracious1 4.4.0-108 had a few problems, but they patched that with 4.4.0-109. Should be alright10:49
Ben64you could always choose an older kernel to boot if there's an issue10:50
tomreynMonoMonkey: ok, so i guess the dependency resolver is not perfect then. personally i don't mind, since it is not really a concern for me whether the OS and all software consume 5 or 20 GB.10:50
gracious1Is there a performance hit?10:50
Ben64gracious1: yes10:51
gracious1Oh, that is too bad. I am using a sort of older laptop, so I am a little concerned about that, too.10:51
Ben64depends on workload and cpu10:51
gracious1Processor is AMD A6-1450 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics × 410:52
Ben64well amd is not affected by meltdown at all10:53
MonoMonkeytomreyn: yeah, it's weird, though - i know it works usually. But to me it'd be less of a consideration in regards of diskspace than maybe installed dependencies that open a port or run a daemon.10:53
gracious1oh, it's not???10:53
Ben64it is affected by spectre though10:53
Ben64i think almost everything is10:53
MonoMonkeywell raspberry pi's are not, i believe :D10:53
Ben64i heard it affects ARM too10:53
gracious1Yes, I had heard about Raspberry Pi being "immune"10:53
MonoMonkeyanyways spectre isn't yet patched except for testing in kernel 4.13 for bionic i believe, so still waiting for that to come.10:55
gracious1ok, so I will hold off on kernel update, I guess10:55
Ben64don't hold off10:55
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Ben64there's no reason to not update your kernel10:55
V7Hey all10:57
V7How to not add \' symbol when: echo foo | sed "s/\'/\\\'/g"10:57
V7It just adds it even if it doesn't exist10:57
tomreynMonoMonkey: i don't think i ever had it (dependencies not removed) happen with packages which open a port or run a daemon - not during the past 10 years at least. there used to be some issue with rpcbind not getting removed but that's looong ago.10:58
LaiceV7: Are you not looking to escape the "/" characters?10:59
V7Laice: I'm trying to escape ' char10:59
Ben64V7: echo foo | sed "s#'#\\\'#g"10:59
V7What's this Ben64 ?11:00
Ben64the answer to your question11:00
V7Will it add \ before ' symbol ?11:00
Ben64try it11:01
ran_ /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER ran-sama npdsdedyzenz11:01
V7oh dear11:02
V7So btw Ben64 what's #11:02
V7Is it a delimiter ?11:02
Ben64you can use almost anything with sed, doesn't have to be /, i find it easier to use something that doesn't look like what you're using sed for11:03
V7Roger that Ben64, so why then it was adding \' even it doesn't existed in string ?11:04
ran-sama /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER ran-sama npdsdedyzenz11:05
LaiceV7: /window hide 211:05
Ben64V7: you escaped it improperly11:05
ran-samawhy does my verify register not work?11:05
tomreynran-sama: remove the leading space11:05
Ben64ran-sama: you keep typing it here in the channel11:06
silenc3rHi, how can I see source files of packages on Launchpad?11:06
ran-sama@tomreyn but I copy pasted it from the confirmation mail11:06
V7echo "foo'" | sed "s#'#\\\\\'#g"11:06
V7adds only two \\11:06
Ben64ran-sama: commands need to start with a slash, you started with a space11:06
V7echo "foo'" | sed "s#'#\\\'#g"11:06
tomreynran-sama: what Ben says11:07
V7too two11:07
ran-samaOh I really should get glasses, you are absolutely right11:07
Ben64V7: what are you trying to do11:07
V7Ben64: I'm trying to understand how sed works, but it just keeping to do whatever he wants11:07
Ben64seems like you're just doing random things11:08
V7echo "foo'" | sed "s#'#\\\\\'#g" and echo "foo'" | sed "s#'#\\\'#g" gives foo\\'11:08
V7So why >11:08
V7As you could see there're difference in regex exp. \\\\\' and \\\'11:09
V7The first one is okay, but why \\\' shows it like \\'11:10
Ben64it doesn't11:10
=== ran-sama2 is now known as ran-sama
V7Ben64: https://i.imgur.com/7NSj478.png11:11
Ben64looks like you need to re-check what you said, because neither of those return foo\\'11:12
V7oh sorry, foo\'11:12
zomaarWhere do the live installers keep their kernel?11:13
zomaarIt's not in the squashfs for obvious reasons but I can't find it11:13
cloudbudwhat is /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf  and /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head filees do11:16
zomaarOr is casper/vmlinuz.efi a dual image?11:16
zomaarcloudbud the head is the head and the tail is the tail11:16
zomaarcloudbud so You can see what's in there right11:17
cloudbudzomaar : what is /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf  this file doing11:17
zomaarYou can also find out by doing man resolvconf11:18
BluesKajHowdy folks11:18
gebbionehi folks, my keyboard suddendly changed mood and is using a strange layout11:18
gebbionei see so many English ones11:18
zomaarcloudbud It says so in the help and it is symlinked to /etc/resolv.conf11:19
gebbionei cannot find the right one... any idea what you guys are using for English  UK (I know there is english uk but it does not match a standard uk keyboard!)11:19
oerhekscloudbud, resolve.conf.d overrrides dns, wupdate with resolvconf -u https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/128220/how-do-i-set-my-dns-when-resolv-conf-is-being-overwritten11:19
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zomaarcloudbud And it is automatically generated from sources like DHCP, which it also says so in the help ;-)11:20
zomaarThat's why there's a head and a tail, because they are put together11:21
renlhi i have an issue where when i have 2 serial port devices ttyACM0 and ttyACM1, if i am reading from both ports, i noticed the CPU gets overwhelmed by software interrupts literally consumes 100% cpu cycle of a core11:30
renlanyone encountered this before?11:30
aiena2I am oin ubuntu 17. On ubuntu 14 if i provided my network ip other pc's could access the webserver hosted on it. I think my firewall is blocking access how do I open access?11:44
aiena2so if I use my lan ip from the host itself it works but if I use my lan ip from a computer other than the host it does not11:46
zomaarI have no clue myself but you can run sudo iptables -S to see if there is any firewall configured11:47
zomaarDoes it give output for the INPUT chain?11:48
sveinseWhat is the application named, which is controlled by Super+P, changing from internal to external screen in gnome-shell?11:48
Tin_mantry sudo ufw status, it will tell you if your firewall is active or inactive11:49
sveinseI'm running 17.10 and I'm having problems with this app cycling through all screen modes when I log in! Extremely annoying11:49
aiena2zomaar: first I thought it was an apache thing but if I launch a python temporary server on port 8000 too it is blocked. Ping to the host works from the other computer11:50
aiena2zomaar: this is iptable o/p http://paste.opensuse.org/view/raw/35b82f0a11:51
jeromelanterisveinse, what is an internal screen or an external screen ? Super+P is a keyboard combinaison i think... not an application. So it should be linked by desktop config things maybe...11:51
sveinsejeromelanteri: It takes over and cycles through them upon login. This is a laptop with two external screens through the dock11:52
jeromelanteriaiena, you maybe want to try to use nmap application for look at ports from your this other computer to check if port is open first ?11:52
neilduganI am using "artful" ... several websites say to install skype I need to install the package skypeforlinux but this package isn't being found.11:52
jeromelanterisveinse, do you mean that you have the laptop main monitor screen and two other one who is positionned under the main one ?11:53
sveinsejeromelanteri: the two external is left of the main built in screen11:54
zomaaraiena2: You have that UWF firewall that Tin_man says11:54
jeromelanterineildugan, not sure but you sould maybe have the address of repo who provide it...11:54
jeromelanterisveinse, ok. For the key bonding, wich desktop do u use ?11:54
aiena2Tin_man: its active11:54
sveinsejamisnemo: I do also have problems applying changed settings in the display settings. The Apply buttons goes away. E.g. if I set scaling 200% on the main display (being HiDPI) the button goes away11:55
aiena2my old screen failed so I am using a backup larger screen and finding it a bit hard to adjust sorry I didnt see the message Tin_man11:55
neilduganjeromelanteri, it appears to be in a standard repository11:55
sveinsejamisnemo: Its bound to the default, Win+P. But I don't press it. It goes crazy before I even is close to the keyboard11:55
jeromelanterisveinse, difficult to know without information about server X used (X11 or wayland), error debug message, desktop environment, driver used, etc...  there is many way to f... things.11:57
sveinsejeromelanteri: how can I get that info (easily)?11:58
aiena2Tin_man: thanks it was ufw11:58
jeromelanterieasily ? that is very subjective, i don't know.11:58
jeromelanteriit should be more easy if you know what"s happen in your own config... but if you don't, it will npot be easy i think.11:58
zomaaraiena2: There is probably info online but you can do it the raw iptables way if you like ;-).11:59
sveinsegdm3 is starting up all correctly, btw. All three screen configured, in the correct relationship. It when I log in things go bad. I've tried to set .config/monitors.xml, but something else is taking over control over it and overwrites it11:59
aiena2zomaar: yeah I have experimented with iptables and the only success I have had is completely disconnecting myself from the internet till reboot11:59
jeromelanterigdm3 is the display manager, so maybe u use gnome desktop ? you can use other one from gdm3 also...12:00
aiena2anyway using the ufw commands added the correct rules '-A ufw-user-input -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT'12:00
jeromelanteriwhich server for X ? wayland or X11 ?12:00
jeromelanteriGPU is used or only intel proc GPU part ?12:00
aiena2old and good12:00
aiena2jerichowasahoax: that would not depend on X11 itself12:00
sveinsejeromelanteri: the default ubuntu 17.10 + gnome-shell. So xorg I think. With nvida. Its a Lenovo P51, with combo Intel + Nvidia gfx system12:01
jeromelanteriif you use X11, do you check the xorg.conf (or maybe some xorg.conf.d/files.conf) file(s) ?12:01
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gebbioneanyone has the right keyboard layout but still gets the wrong keys printed when typing?12:01
aiena2if you have a discreet gpu it will use the discreet GPU and not the internal intel GPU12:01
sveinsexorg.0.log seems fine. No apparent errors or warnings there. So this is gnome-related I believe12:01
jeromelanterisveinse,  and actually, your nvidia card is running ?12:01
jeromelanterirunning for make only GPU works or connected on monitors ?12:02
aiena2jerichowasahoax: its easy to check if you do not get output from the GPU ports if your GPU is plugged in then you have a problem12:02
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=== msg is now known as theShirbiny
sveinsejeromelanteri: nvidia is running. I think in the Lenovo optimus setup, you cannot use the external screens without nvidia12:02
aiena2jerichowasahoax: yes you can only use one at a time. If you are using a GPU card only GPU cards will work12:02
jeromelanterisveinse, you maybe have no error log with x11 (that is fine) but sometimes gdm3 look at config files for specific things for working with GPU athrough driver...12:02
zomaaraiena2: Well wasn't that easy then ;-).12:02
aiena2the motherboard ports will not work12:03
jeromelanteriaiena2, no, you can use together.12:03
aiena2zomaar: it was once I knew ufw was active12:03
aiena2jerichowasahoax: maybe you can but I could not use them together12:03
jeromelanteribbswitch or passthrough12:03
sveinsejeromelanteri: perhaps. I just want gnome to stop messing with my monitor setup12:04
aiena2so both my screens are plugged into the nvidia GPU12:04
sveinseIf I manually set the monitor config, everything is fine12:04
jeromelanterisveinse, try first to start by look at your connected material by lspci command12:04
aiena2jerichowasahoax: bbswoitch works for desktops too12:05
jeromelanterithen look at the fact your GPU is working fine (wich driver you choose ? proprietary ones or free ?)12:05
jeromelanterifrom there look at the driver is well installed and not other one in the middle of the bubbles...12:05
sveinsejeromelanteri: I use nvidia driver12:05
jeromelanteriand check modules are present12:05
aiena2anyway bbswitch is not something there by default12:05
jeromelanteriso look at nvidia things driver with ubuntu world for look at modules12:06
jeromelanteriwith grep12:06
jeromelanterilsmod | grep nvidia should show you something interesant...12:06
sveinsejeromelanteri: nvidia is working fine. the nvidia control app works12:07
jeromelanterifrom there, look what good people said via google about xorg.conf (or better... /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/10_nvidia.conf file)12:07
jeromelanterifor config good things around multi monitors.12:07
jeromelanterisveinse, fine12:07
jeromelanterionly one driver at a time is running then ?12:07
jeromelantericould you past your xorg.conf file (or the one concerned by monitors) ?12:08
jeromelanterii remember that sometimes there was things options to add in xorg config files for strange things disapear12:09
jeromelanterii suspect for you to be the case of.12:09
sveinsejeromelanteri: jeromelanteri, does gnome display settings store in xorg.conf? I thought it doesnt12:09
jeromelanteriaiena2, ha. bbswitch is fine for laptop world.12:09
aiena2talking about desktop GPUs laptop is another story12:10
jeromelanterisveinse, long time i not use gnome, so maybe i'm wrong, but normally yu should edit from editor and from sudoers or root access ability12:10
aiena2think gtx10xx and core iX builds12:10
sveinsejeromelanteri: well, I edit ~/.config/monitors.xml for setting the display setting12:11
jeromelanteriaiena2, i use it also for only hang GPU for blender at start time... monitor use intel12:11
jeromelanterisveinse, i think no...12:11
jeromelanterisveinse, open a terminal emulator and look at /etc/X1112:12
jeromelanterisveinse, or directly try sudo find /etc/X11 -type f -name "*.conf"12:13
jeromelanteriif there is a xorg.conf, it will go ahead... if there is not but some xorg.conf.d/some_other.conf... then these one are used12:13
jeromelanterifrom there, the best should be to have a kind of xorg.conf.d/20_nvidia.conf file12:14
sveinsejeromelanteri: https://bpaste.net/show/9ac82067940f, https://bpaste.net/show/ab1c483e1f5912:14
edmooreI wanted to upgrade from 16.04 lts to 17.10 so i did do-release-upgrade -d. This has actually tried to install 18.04 dev, which has hosed lots of things. However i can get a terminal up without any X. How can i drop it back to 17.10 from here?12:14
jeromelanteriok, one GPU is on monitors and intel on others...12:14
sveinsejeromelanteri: no xorg.conf.d/ in /etc/X11 btw12:15
jeromelanterilet me try to understand all fine...12:15
sveinseagain, this config is changed by gnome *after* gdm3 login has occurred. The xorg is loaded before this for gdm12:15
sveinseSo I suspect this is not a xorg config issue, but a gnome one12:16
jeromelanterisveinse, no problem to no have splitted config files... all can be in one time inside xorg.conf file, but it is ettere to split files for maintain things easy12:16
sveinsebecause gdm3 login has correct displays and output12:17
jeromelanterisveinse, i can not be sure because you miss some options who can be good for you with nvidia and monitoring things...12:17
jeromelanterisveinse, you have to investigate with: 1/ know your model GPU, 2/ google what options should be fine for xorg.conf 3/ go for split files for keyboard/screen/GPUs/whatever12:18
jeromelanterialso, i not use proprietary driver to... so i have no experience to provide on this side.12:19
gebbioneanyone has the right keyboard layout but still gets the wrong keys printed when typing?12:19
jeromelanteridoes ubuntu use xrandr ?12:19
jeromelanteriand for best configs, you can also at the end know your monitors frequencies and dpi resolution (but that is not the problem i think actually)12:20
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sveinseTo summarize: I have a Lenovo P51 laptop with two external display-port monitors to the left. gdm/xorg works perfectly on login. When I'm logging in, gnome takes over and mess up the display configuration.12:21
jeromelanterialso, you have a synaptic touchpad... it is a laptop. then you should be happy later to give in a splitted file for xorg a nice config for a apple-like touchpad experience... really.12:21
jeromelanterisveinse, the easy way should be to use only one GPU instead of two12:22
jeromelanterian other one way is to really investigate for own GPU options to provide inside this xorg.conf fie (or better, to construct any config files for each material/device)12:22
sveinsejeromelanteri: yeah, throwing battery capacity down the drain12:22
jeromelanterireally, do it.12:22
jeromelanteriso use bbswitch, it is really fine.12:23
jeromelanteri(or what evere ubuntu world use stable for do that)12:23
jeromelanterisveinse, you can also try other open-source driver instead of the propietary one... with propietary one, you have to get a kind of splitted kernel with modules dkms, so header kernel, etc... not with free driver one (who works perfectly) think about it, it is time.12:24
jeromelanterisveinse, i'm 85% sure your problem come for a low configuration of your xorg config file.12:25
jeromelantericome from12:25
jeromelanteriand your laptop is a very good laptop, you should not have device lake with this material.12:26
jeromelanterisveinse, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NVIDIA12:28
jeromelanterisveinse, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bumblebee12:28
jeromelanteriit is not ubuntu, but anyway, it is linux and xorg is same, driver are same...12:29
jeromelanteriand archwiki are quiet nice and concise12:29
gebbioneanyone has the right keyboard layout but still gets the wrong keys printed when typing?12:35
Ben64sounds like one of your assertions is incorrect12:35
gebbionesounds ... but the keyboard is correct12:36
gebbionestill the wrongs keys come out despite the right layout being selected12:37
Ben64well, if it isn't printing the right characters, it isn't12:37
zomaarI really need an initramfs troubleshooting guide ;-).12:38
gebbioneBen64 assertions are simple to establish ... given i have the keyboard layout as English US, when i press shift + the second key to the right from key L, then a @ is printed12:39
gebbioneat the moment it prints "12:39
gebbioneand that was English UK btw not US12:39
Ben64so you're in english us12:39
Ben64if you're getting " then you're in US12:40
gebbioneText entry has UK selected12:40
gebbionei m going to remove the US one12:40
Ben64have you tried turning it off and then on again12:40
gebbioneyes i had tried the IT Crowd approach12:40
gebbionemhh ok i had to remove the US keyboard12:41
gebbioneit looks like it messes things up with many keyboard layout in the list12:41
gebbionethough it must be the result of an update12:41
gebbioneas i had no problems yesterday12:41
sveinsejeromelanteri: you seem very sure that this is a driver issue... It's interesting thou that I can run X manually with xinit and there everything is working fine.12:43
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jesuspgwhat do you thing about it?? http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/12:57
jesuspgis not working very well12:57
V7jesuspg: This's might be apache config with some "dynamic" rewrite rules mb13:01
zomaarjesuspg: Working brilliantly right13:01
=== remy is now known as Coca|ne
zomaarNo they are just symlinks V713:01
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zomaarOn your installer USB there is also a symlink /ubuntu pointing to .13:01
jesuspgand what about it? https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/ and click in some menu option13:01
jesuspgE: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/zesty-security/universe/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80]13:03
jesuspgbuilding a docker with ubuntu 1713:03
jesuspgI don't know how many time ubuntu will solve this bug13:04
zomaarThe problematic nature of problems13:04
zomaarIf only problems weren't so problematic then we wouldn't mind having problems.13:05
zomaarCause they'd be solvable13:05
jesuspgas you can see https://imgur.com/a/AkDjY, last update was 12:1613:07
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zomaarDoes someone have a mental trick on how to remember wwp0s2f1u2u2i3?13:24
zomaarCause I'm so happy I have predictable network interface names, but now I only need to remember them13:25
BluesKajzomaar, I keep text files  with important names/titles and cli commands due to my short memory13:27
zomaar:) I'm only joking of course.13:28
BluesKajas a handy reference..13:28
rreck_of course13:29
zomaarI was just flabbergasted that my regular wwan0 had turned into wwp0s2f1u2u2i3 on this live usb13:29
akikunpredictable for the user13:29
BluesKajyeah that's quite a handle, mine's about half as many characters13:29
zomaarI think they could easily during boot create a choke point where they renumerate those devices (such as at network.target) so that all devices present at boot would have a predictable number13:33
zomaarBut Greg KH or whatever his name is said that wasn't possible because "network devices can keep popping up at any time, even physical on-board devices"13:34
akikzomaar: i just set net.ifnames=0 so i get the previous naming standard13:34
V7Is it okay to use iredmail in 2018 ?13:34
zomaarAye, I do another trick but same thing13:35
zomaarSo he said that network.target or even network-online.target could precede the discovery of the actual network device13:35
zomaarOr something like that13:36
zomaarHe knows the kernel inside and out but it just seemed a little bit ludicrous to me13:37
akikif your physical network interfaces keep poppuing up, you have a hardware problem13:38
zomaarYeah I think it's just silly that you have to choose between two "bad" alternatives13:38
zambaok, i'm tired of this.. what is the correct way of handling linux kernels when using lvm and a separate /boot partition?13:39
zomaarIe. OpenSUSE does not have PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames turned on by default13:39
zambabecause EVERY system i install ends up with a full /boot13:39
p00pfaceHey guys, whats the difference between : systemctl restart apache2 VS service apache2 restart13:50
altaiirYou can try urxvt-256color in place of xterm because it 's really faster and lighter. That was test many times.13:50
altaiirUrxvt is friend-user but it select his friends13:52
akikp00pface: the former is for systemd and the latter for sysv init/upstart13:54
akikalthough upstart had initctl13:54
jimb_p00pface, Yup, mainly as akik said... and, 'service' is a wrapper for the underlying commands, including systemctl13:54
zomaarPersonally I think the shorter commands (service, start, stop, restart) are a lot more pleasant even if I was not inspired by upstart.13:56
p00pface:\ Thank you ..13:56
zomaarEven older Synology NASes have upstart13:56
zomaarBut I get confused about the order if I use service so I don't use it anymore13:58
jimb_service <service name> <action>13:58
p00pfaceany good resources where I can learn about those processes more in detail?13:58
jimb_zomaar, I too prefer to begin the command with the <Action> though :)13:59
jimb_`man` is a great start13:59
zomaarNot me :). But because systemctl does more, I just stick to systemctl13:59
mikuany idea why network manager stops responding after few minutes of boot13:59
zomaarWell I mean I prefer "restart <service>", then "service <service> restart", and only then "systemctl restart <service>"14:00
BluesKajstops responding how?14:01
zomaarMiku: You are using a newer version of Ubuntu?14:01
mikuwireless still connected. but no internet access14:01
mikuyes. i am using the latest ubuntu14:01
jimb_`dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999` ?14:02
zomaarThere have been issues with systemd-networkd14:02
zomaarThere lies probably the problem14:02
BluesKajDNS settings perhaps14:02
mikumay be...i will check out14:02
zomaarYes it could remove your dns servers all the time14:02
blackflowI'm always recommending disabling systemd-resolved on all Ubuntu servers, it's totally broken and regular source of CVEs. 99.9999999% of users will be okay with DHCP set resolvers, as it was before systemd-resolved became a thing. systemd-resolved should NEVER have become default.14:04
floofthe links in the topic do not work14:05
zomaarThere was an excellent topic about it on some DNS mailing list14:05
zomaarWhen 16.10 came out14:05
zomaarOne reason I am upgrading Ubuntu slowly is to be able to handle all of the networking changes14:06
zomaarActually that is really the only reason... :-/.14:06
floofi'm trying to download ubuntu .iso here14:06
floofand i see that it's served over http14:07
blackflowzomaar: netplan is weird in 17.10. I have yet to understand WHY it exists.14:07
zomaarI agree particularly because it does not even replace /etc/network/interfaces14:07
floofcan i verify the image?14:07
zomaarIf you worry about image verification and http...14:08
floofzomaar: pls continue14:08
zomaarYes there is something called md5sums14:08
zomaarI'm just saying you'd be a bit paranoid if you didn't also know about md5sums14:08
floofmd5 is not secure14:09
blackflowfloof: yes, please see: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-how-to-verify-ubuntu#014:09
blackflownote that oyu should verify even if it was https. https is NOT absolute.14:09
blackflowthere are sha256 sums in there, check the link14:09
floofblackflow: why is this link not thrown at me full force when i download the iso?14:10
blackflowzomaar: actually it does replace. it uses "renderers" to generate proper config, and ifupdown is being deprecated. See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Netplan14:10
floofwhat about people who don't know much about this stuff and just want to use ubuntu?14:10
zomaarMint got hacked and the image was changed *on the server* so your verification wouldn't have done a thing14:10
blackflowfloof: it is, on the "Thank you for downloading Ubuntu ..." where the download starts, just scroll down a bit.14:11
zomaarIf you can show me one link where a downloaded image was changed while in transit, I'm all ears.14:11
floofblackflow: it's under "installation guide" which people who have dealt with installing system will skip14:12
blackflowzomaar: you're asking for wrong kind of evidence :)14:12
blackflowfloof: scroll a bit more, there's a box just underneath it, titled "Verify your download"14:12
floofblackflow: oh, well14:12
floofwho scrolls that far14:12
zomaarblackflow: They wouldn't target regular people if it was limited, and if it was not limited, people should find out.14:13
zomaarSo normal people should not worry about such things...14:13
blackflowfloof: whoever doesn't, won't see any kind of "VERIFY HERE CLICK!!!!" label.14:13
floofblackflow: that's a bold claim14:13
blackflowso is the "who scrolls that far" :)14:14
blackflowzomaar: depends.14:14
lllfatedhey whats going on14:14
blackflowzomaar: normal people in states with corrupt ISPs? normal people who are businesses and are under MITM attack by their competition? etc...14:15
zomaarSure but that was not what was implied with "someone who just wants to use Ubuntu"14:16
zomaarAnd of course the SHAs act as a deterrent14:16
floofsome people come and say, sites can be hacked, you can't trust https14:16
floofwhat can i trust, then?14:16
MonoMonkeyyou can trust that you cannot trust anything14:16
zomaarYour self14:16
Borw3I know some people who make money off selling Ubuntu isos. ;D14:16
blackflowwell you can't trust http. the certification model is broken. any of them can issue rogue certs, deliberately or accidentally through invalid verification, as it happened many times so far.14:17
blackflowbut still, for majority of uses, it suffices.14:17
jimb_lol. If someone is going to alter the download, they should be smart enough to change the MD5/SHA sum to match... or I would hope so.14:17
blackflowthere's more chance of someone attacking your plain http, than attacking you via a rouge cert.14:17
blackflowNo, there are no known collisions for SHA25614:18
zomaarExcept that government agencies are the ones with access to rogue certs14:18
blackflowyou can't "just change" the package to embed malware AND make it have the same signature.14:18
floofeven if i do all of that gpg verification, i'll still be verifying the key through https14:18
zomaarblackflow: Depends on where you are going to download the SHA from14:18
floofso ubuntu could just server me the image via https14:18
blackflowso it boils down to balance of probabilities. How likely it is that something is going on. Lke oyu said, for majority of normal users it's likely that nothing is going on.14:19
blackflowfloof: that's true tho'. I wonder why it isn't.14:19
jimb_blackflow, Uhm... if you can intercept/change the traffic, then... you can change what signature is displayed on the site if you can't easily change the signature of the output file14:19
zomaarPrecisely. Or that if something is going on, both the image and the SHA will be changed14:19
floofthe majority of users will happily run a botnet on their pcs and wouldn't blick if you told them they do14:20
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt14:20
blackflowjimb_: yes, but that's not what you said. you said "alter the download"14:20
jimb_blackflow, and how is the site viewed? as a download to your browser which renders it14:20
x04eone guy told me he has no anti-virus on windows because the viruses on his machine will kill each other14:21
jimb_x04e, that's awesome14:21
floofby the way14:21
floofhave *you* verified your ubuntu image?14:21
zomaarIn any case I am glad miss Oerheks speaks some common sense14:22
jimb_Eventually, we will get smarter... and make more anti-body type defenses... anti-viral virii which infect by the same method as their enemy and that treat the infected. For now, it's only a few that do this.14:22
blackflowjimb_: yes, but I was talking about altering content over plain http. If someone can attack your https, then all bets are off, but that's also very difficult, and unlikely in majority of cases, unless conspiracy/evil ISPs/evil governments/etc...14:22
zomaarBut you cannot even alter http unless you are government/evil ISP14:22
x04ebut http is only altered if you are targeted anyways14:23
blackflowzomaar: yes you can :) WIFI is terribly weak and prone to stupid. KRACK attack was one such example.14:23
x04eno hacker would do the hassle to attack you if you are not a high value target14:23
jimb_zomaar, it's easier if you assume you are already infected and the alterations are from the inside.14:23
x04etime is money, even for hackes14:23
x04eand script-kiddys can't do it14:24
zomaarjimb_: But then I can also add a new root cert to the cert database14:24
blackflow*shrug* . My only point was that question, "what can you trust". You can't, anything. It only boils down to "how likely it is that I'm under attack". That's all.14:24
kzhCan anybody help me out with django.contrib.auth.models.PermissionsMixin.get_all_permissions return signature?14:24
kzhI know it is supposed to return a set of strings...14:24
floofzomaar: you get a ton of warnings if you add a root cert14:24
jimb_zomaar, I am not saying it's easy, practical, common or even the case. Simply playing devils advocate for a moment before we are told this is off-topic14:24
oerhekszomaar, mitm is so blunt , they never claim witm14:24
kzhbut what are the perm strings supposed to look like?14:24
x04eblackflow yea i had a conversation once with exactly the same conclusion. everything in the net is build upon trust14:24
kzhI think django guardian is doing it wrong.14:24
blackflowx04e: there were some solutions to "https is a broken model" problem, see Moxie Marlinspike's convergence, but nobody cared enough, I guess.14:25
zomaaroerheks: Trying to be sexy huh14:25
x04eppl are fine with believing in they are safe.14:26
jimb_Of course they don't, men are the bane... not the wymens14:26
oerhekskzh, you might want to reask in #django, as it is not in our repos14:26
kzhoerheks: oops wrong window.14:27
kzhoerheks: ha ha thanks! :-)14:27
zomaarIt's generally more pleasant to have the woman in the middle though14:27
floofthere's a whole lot of distance between trusting https and trusting http. https is as good as it gets unless you go to ubuntu hq and physically exchange keys14:28
zomaarMan in the middle would feel like an attack14:28
floofif you don't trust https you might as well wear a tinfoil hat, but it's as silly to not install a tls certificate on your iso serving machinces when it's free14:28
zomaarfloof: Viruses in Windows though can just add themselves as exceptions to Windows Defender, prevent Malware scanners from loading, etc.14:29
x04ewell there are scenarios where https isn't safe but not because of the protocol but because you are fooled e.g. by your isp14:29
floofwhat do viruses in windows have to do with this14:30
x04eif you have a cert in your browser that is ok, but it isn't the cert of the site you won't notice if you don't check14:30
zomaarSomeone downloading an Ubuntu image because they just want to use Ubuntu14:30
floofx04e: isp can't tamper with https14:30
x04ethey can with transparent proxy14:30
x04esome countrys do that14:30
zomaarI can with transparent proxy14:31
zomaarand I have14:31
purveshbootable pendrive/usb to iso ubuntu but it should make iso to pen drive used size only not full 16gb iso, do anyone know how to make iso ?14:31
BluesKajblackflow, /etc/systemd/resolved.conf for DNS entries and using static IP with ifupdown and without NM works well here. Guess it depends on the setup, and netplan was clunky IME14:31
floofidk what a transparent proxy is, and it's probably a whole differnet topic14:31
x04emkisofs could be a start purvesh14:31
dragoonisHey! I'm switching from ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 (or 16.10) and I'm getting an apt-get error for a custom repo - I'm unsure what values to change - can someone point me in the right direction?14:31
zomaarpurvesh: You can make an USB using Rupert on FAT32 so it will only use the size required14:32
jimb_#ubuntu+1 ?14:32
purveshx04e, zomaar, any command you can recommend ?14:32
blackflowBluesKaj: works well until it doesn't. it has (had) issues with DNSSEC and Ubuntu's "solution" was to disable DNSSEC. It has issues with breaking the standard and arbitrarily remembering which server to resolve via, if there's more than one, instead of doing the established standard way of querying them in order.14:32
blackflownot to mention the CVEs...14:32
zomaarfloof: Just a proxy that resigns your https certificate using a new key14:33
purveshx04e, zomaar, its at sdc114:33
zomaarfloof: And one run by a router14:33
oerheksdragoonis, our ppa's should be disabled by upgrading, you might need to disable acustom ppa14:33
purveshx04e, zomaar, save location $Downloads14:33
zomaarOerheks: but I hear you, our language is very "man" oriented.14:34
blackflowfloof: it's extremely easy to MITM a HTTPS connection IF (and that's a big IF) you have a rogue cert in your hands. Take a look at the list of CAs in your browser, each of them can issue one, deliberately or accidentally. It really all boils down to the likelihood of _you_ being the target.14:34
blackflowfloof: that's why Google and Mozilla dropped StartCom from the list of trusted CAs.14:34
zomaarpurvesh: I don't know how to do it in Linux myself14:34
x04epurvesh you may want to partition the drive14:34
x04eyou can then enable the boot flag of the partition with the iso14:35
* BluesKaj shrugs , haven't had any problems so far blackflow and it's been 5 months or so.14:35
dragoonisoerheks, don't quite understand what you said, sorry. As per my apt-get calls what should I tweak to disable custom ppa's14:35
zomaarShe means it is recommended to first remove PPAs14:35
zomaarYou can use ppa-purge to do so14:36
riton_hi guys14:36
purveshzomaar, then tell me how to do it on any other operating system14:36
zomaarOtherwise you can get into a load of trouble such as packages not being able to be upgraded because they are downgrades because the PPAs are actually newer14:36
zomaarpurvesh: Rupert in Windows14:36
oerheksdragoh, found a fix14:37
purveshzomaar, that's software ?14:37
floofblackflow: still, that's the best you can get. and an organization such as ubuntu probably could get a verified certificate14:37
oerheksdragoonis, see the part secure apt > http://cran.ma.imperial.ac.uk/bin/linux/ubuntu/README >>> sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys E084DAB914:37
zomaarpurvesh: Yes, but it's in the Ubuntu docs you can find online.14:37
akikzomaar: do you mean rufus?14:37
purveshzomaar, this is my recovery pendrive14:37
zomaarOh yes sorry14:38
zomaarMy memory14:38
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x04eyea rufus is pretty cool14:38
p00pfaceholy motherload of shitballs, how did I manage to dig myself in such a hellhole of errors... assistance would be MUCh appreciated here... HERE'S THE ISSUE: Been trying to install dolibarr (erp/crm) --> it requires mysql, apache2, php ... simple, right? Well I had issues with php so I figured I would remove, and reinstall: now. I've dabbled into removal of stuff I shouldn't have, and sudo apt autoremove --> I get an error with14:39
p00pfacefusiondirectory.. and I can't remove it. Yet it's begging  to be removed.14:39
x04ebut diskpart can do it too14:39
akik!language | p00pface14:39
ubottup00pface: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:39
p00pfaceYep, got it :D14:39
x04eyou have dependency problems?14:40
p00pfaceI still have a fascination with excrements even though I'm an adult... I'll talk to my therapist ;)14:40
purveshzomaar, I tried to follow step which is mentioned here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/240803/convert-bootable-usb-to-iso-file but it used to save 16gb full when its originally consume 8gb only14:40
x04eaptitude has a dependency resolver14:40
p00pfacex04e: how can I see that? apt-get install -f ?14:40
x04ewell i did't fully understand your problem that's why i asked14:41
p00pfaceAh! I didn't know about aptitude... (I don't fully understand my problem either :))14:41
zomaarpurvesh: You don't want it to be written as an ISO14:42
p00pfaceSee? that's the error problem I get ALL the time...14:43
p00pfaceI can't even install anything anymore :\ include this aptitude thing..14:44
p00pface<-- idiot14:44
purveshzomaar, yes I want to save as an iso or img format from my bootable usb drive14:44
x04eseems like dpkg issues14:45
zomaarpurvesh: You cannot write the image in an image format if you want it to be a regular filesystem14:45
jimb_I'm lazy and would probably sudo dpkg --force-all -P fusiondirectory14:46
zomaarWait, you only want to SAVE the image?14:46
zomaarI thought you wanted space ON the USB.....14:47
purveshzomaar, basically I don't want to keep bootable pen drive stuck If I make it empty by saving iso to my 2tb hard drive & by this I can make my pen drive free for other work14:47
p00pfacejimb_ : https://imgur.com/a/ndm2H14:48
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zomaarPurvesh: If the ISO is mostly empty you can just compress it if you want to save space.....14:48
zomaarPurvesh: Otherwise you would probably have to repack the ISO.....14:48
jimb_p00pface, hmmm. I don't remember off-hand how to bypass the post-removal script if it fails a dpkg force-all14:48
p00pfaceno worries, I'll be right here, banging my head against the wall :D14:49
deemp00pface: "sudo echo "exit" > /etc/init.d/apache2; sudo apt purge -y fusiondirectory; sudo rm /etc/init.d/apache2" should quickfix this14:50
jimb_You could possibly create an /etc/init.d/apache2 daemon file that responds to reload with exit status 0... that might trick it enough14:50
zomaarPurvesh: Do you know what archiving is?14:50
deemoh. echo "exit" | sudo tee /etc/init.d/apache2 should be the first command14:50
purveshzomaar, I followed steps here which is perfect solution for me but it make full 16gb iso instead it is actually 8gb https://askubuntu.com/questions/240803/convert-bootable-usb-to-iso-file14:50
zomaarPurvesh: tar.gz, tar.xz etc?14:50
purveshzomaar, let me try to compress & revert back to you14:51
leftyfbdeem: you do know the command you just posted will wipe the entire init script and replace it with a file containing only "exit" right?14:51
p00pfacedeem: sudo echo "exit" > /etc/init.d/apache2 --> permission denied ?14:51
deemleftyfb: if there is no such a script it will do no harm14:51
x04elol that's cool14:52
deemp00pface: yea. see my text after the first14:52
x04einit.d/apache2: exit :D14:52
x04ei want to see the processor's face after reading this14:52
jesuspgany news about http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/?14:53
jesuspgany news about http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ ?14:53
leftyfbjesuspg: there's no news. Ignore it. It's not really a problem.14:53
deemleftyfb: his problem is, that he can't uninstall a package, because /etc/init.d/apache2 doesn't exist. so we create a file with just a "exit" in it and delete it after we purged the script. no problem at all. i would not recommend this if there is an apache installed, but then would there be an /etc/init.d/apache2 script14:54
jesuspgI can't launch apt-get because E: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/zesty-security/universe/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80] E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/zesty/universe/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80] E: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/zesty-updates/universe/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80] E: Failed14:54
x04edeem: ah :)14:54
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade14:55
tomreynjesuspg: it's eol, see above14:55
leftyfbjesuspg: zesty is not supported. That's why it's not working for you.14:55
jimb_wow, another Zesty request.14:55
leftyfbjesuspg: you'll need to upgrade to 17.1014:55
x04ethe dead are risin'14:55
p00pfacedeem: https://imgur.com/a/o5oXB14:56
tomreynhmm i'd say support ended in 2018, not 201714:56
x04eit's half a year14:56
x04eno lts for non lts14:57
oerheks9 months14:57
x04eoh yea right 914:57
x04ejust a little lts :P14:57
deemp00pface: try this: echo "exit" | sudo tee /etc/init.d/apache2; sudo apt purge -y fusiondirectory; sudo rm /etc/init.d/apache214:57
oerheksjust run updates app, and hit upgrade14:57
p00pfacedeem: https://ibb.co/bPC9j615:01
dragoonisoerheks, how's this? I added key-server, is it in the correct line/order? https://gist.github.com/dragoonis/08ac0c2599369a33ea7d03226be0d14c15:02
p00pfaceApache was installed previously15:03
oerheksdragoonis, i would add the key first, then the repository15:03
oerheksdragoonis, and skip  --allow-unauthenticated15:03
dragoonisoerheks, done - running CI build now - will let you know how it gets on15:05
p00pfaceWell the whole OS reinstall seem more and more tempting........15:10
tomreynyou may want "exit 0" there, not just "exit"15:12
purveshzomaar, Thanks tar.gz solved my query :)15:12
zomaarYakkety and Zesty source information both got deleted yesterday15:13
zomaarThat means you cannot even use apt with Zesty any longer15:14
zomaarAlthough the packages are still there15:15
deemwhy is there a permission denied error on /etc/init.d/apache2? oO that should not happen.15:15
Liany command line tool to check why pc response is too slow?15:16
deemp00pface: could you execute "echo "exit" | sudo tee /etc/init.d/apache2; ls -la /etc/init.d/apache2"15:16
zomaarIt goes out of support and they immiediately disable the repository?15:16
LiI've to wait like 4 to 6 second to see the command on terminal after typing it15:17
x04ewell... that's called out of support15:17
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tomreynLi: you are using a keyboard and monitor directly connected to this computer?15:18
zomaarI think it is called Microsoft Tactics15:18
zomaarAnd, it is also new15:19
zomaarYakkety sources were available until yesterday15:19
zomaarAlso normally it is expected to first completely upgrade your current distribution before doing the upgrade15:20
zomaarWhich you can no longer do so now.15:20
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tomreynzomaar: there is old-archives.ubuntu.com15:20
tomreynzomaar: but, yes, in thfuture, you need to migrate off a release which is pending loss of support before it looses support.15:21
tomreynmakes sense to me.15:21
Litomreyn: directly connected15:21
deadromsup folks. one oddity on my 16.04 with HWE kernel: /boot ran full, cleared out some old kernels that piled up, amongst one 4.4.0-103 and -101, now when I reboot all is fine but an error comes up about a package regarding that kernel. I used aptitude remove. so, what's left the system complains about?15:21
zomaarold-archives.ubuntu.com does not exist15:21
zomaartomreyn: That's not how the real world works.15:22
tomreynzomaar: sorry, i meant old-releases.ubuntu.com15:22
brainwashzomaar: but without the repo doesn't it mean that it completely upgraded?15:22
p00pfacedeem:bash: echo exit | sudo tee /etc/init.d/apache2; ls -la /etc/init.d/apache2: No such file or directory15:22
tomreynLi: i'd wun 'w' and inspect the system load. if it's unusually high, i'd look at 'top'. either case, look at 'dmesg -T',15:24
zomaarbrainwash: What do you mean?15:24
deadromscreenie here: https://pasteboard.co/H3vJGwq.png <- seems postinst goes about that kernel even with it removed, but why?15:24
zomaartomreyn: Ah thanks, that's where it went :).15:24
tomreyn!eolupgrade | zomaar15:25
ubottuzomaar: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:25
tomreynsee the wiki page for this and other related hints15:26
ss942This question is probably dumb as fck and totally urelated to ubuntoo but, can I create subdomain to my ip adress, I mean in some config I want to create subdomain.localhost and then connect to this subdomein. Server starts, I can create user on subdomain but I can't into login to this account outside15:27
NoYzE1maybe url rewrite?15:28
NoYzE1depend's on the web application you are running and the server config15:29
p00pfacedeem: i need to get some fresh air before i start biting keys off my keyboard in primal urst of rage... thanks ;)15:29
p00pface(still not working..)15:29
ioriadeadrom, you probably partially removed the old kernels which come usually in 4 parts: linux-image, linux-image-extra, header and headers-generic. you can check with  dpkg -l | grep linux-generic   and dpkg -l | grep linux-headers15:31
deadromioria: oh, that's possible. I thought apt would resolve the deps and clear those out with autoremove. I'll review that.15:32
ioriadeadrom, that's correct, indeed15:32
ioriadeadrom, but you dais used 'aptitude'15:33
anchnkhey where would you place logrotate user configuration file ? /usr/local/etc/logrotate.d or in the $HOME folder ?15:34
NoYzE1if the user should access it in $HOME if admin will access it in /usr/local/etc/15:35
anchnkthx NoYzE115:36
zomaartomreyn: Unfortunately the wiki page is grossly outdated15:36
zomaartomreyn: Would do-release-upgrade always cycle through all the steps (e.g. Yakkety to Zesty to Aardvark)?15:36
NoYzE1i think yes15:37
deemp00pface: there seems to be more broken than expected. if you can't even create the file that's weird. you're copy pasting the commands?15:37
NoYzE1because the upgrade scripts are written this way15:37
NoYzE1except maybe if the target is out of support too15:38
tomreynzomaar: by steps, you mean both lts and non-lts releases?15:38
zomaarNoYzE1: Do these scripts get downloaded?15:39
deadromioria: wellll, i removed the images with aptitude, then ran apt autoremove afterwards. uncool?15:39
NoYzE1zomaar dunno :( i was just assuming based on most other upgrade paths15:40
ioriadeadrom, that's ok , paste   dpkg -l | grep linux-generic15:40
ioriadeadrom, sorry,  paste   dpkg -l | grep linux-image15:41
NoYzE1if there is a patch from version 1 to version 2 then you have to put the patch of version 2 in version 3. if you want to support patch of 1 and 2 you will have to fully replace the file in version 3 or supply patches 1 and 2 with it.15:41
NoYzE1thats why most upgrade paths lead only to the next version15:41
NoYzE1because it's a mess otherwise15:42
deadromioria: eh, I just went away from the machine, sorry15:42
deadromor better the machine from me15:42
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest92599
NoYzE1in case of LTS you often replace the whole system and keep user-data, it's called in-place upgrade on windows i think15:43
deadromcompletely different matter: info: people with old nvidias in t61 thinkpads etc on 16.04: install the xenail proposed updates for new kernels and dkms happily compiles it again.15:44
deadromMeltdown patches fscked that good.15:44
* deadrom is afraid this is only the beginning15:45
zomaarMy problem with Ubuntu at present is that they change too many systems around with each upgrade forcing me to go slower15:50
sandeep__i have installed ubuntu mate in lenovo g50 80. I have problem with problem with keyboard.Some keys wont work15:50
leftyfbsandeep__: boot an ubuntu or other distro live cd. If you still have the problem, the issue is more than likely the keyboard is bad (hardware)15:52
sandeep__i have tested with most of linux derivative same problem15:52
leftyfbsandeep__: then the keyboard is bad15:52
sandeep__key t works with capslock but not with shift15:53
leftyfbsandeep__: the keyboard is bad15:53
sandeep__some keys not work with shift and other shift stopped working15:53
GivenToCodeanyone have a guide for creating a single node kubernetes cluster on ec2 that doesn't involve juju or conjur?15:53
leftyfbsandeep__: the keyboard is bad15:53
GivenToCodejust like the 5 or 6 commands necessary15:53
leftyfbGivenToCode: you might try #ubuntu-server15:54
sandeep__is there any problem with keyboard layout ?15:54
GivenToCodecool thanks leftyfb15:55
sandeep__how do i check with keyboard layout ?15:56
leftyfbsandeep__: are you using a typical U.S. generic keyboard layout on the same type of keyboard?15:57
sandeep__while installing i selected us layout.15:58
leftyfbsandeep__: is it a standard U.S. keyboard?15:59
=== ledeni_ is now known as ledeni
leftyfbsandeep__: then your keyboard is bad16:01
p00pfacedeem: correct.16:11
adithyaI am not able to use sudo apt-get update in my terminal16:11
adithyait is what it says https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/BzgRnTTK/16:11
oerheksadithya, zesty is EOL, dead, upgrade please to 17.1016:12
leftyfb!zesty | adithya16:13
ubottuadithya: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade16:13
sveinseanyone here with experience with HiDPI+normal DPI and gnome? On 17.10. The display settings doesn't show the "Apply" button in all cases, like changing scaling, so I'm unable to change it there. How can I do this manually?16:13
adithyamine is v 16.0416:13
oerhekshuh ? zesty sources in xenial 16.04???16:13
oerhekshow did you do that?16:13
adithyai dont know. i am a newbie to this OS16:14
p00pfacedeem: I opened an askubuntu post... as there's no info I found on the web...16:14
ioriaadithya, cat /etc/issue16:14
oerheksoh, thay i guess you have 17.0416:14
adithyais there any command to know the version16:15
ioriaadithya, cat /etc/issue16:15
oerhekshostnamectl status16:15
adithyaoh thanks .. let me try this16:15
adithyait says there is no such command16:16
ioriaadithya, for what command ?16:16
ioriaadithya, with a space   :   cat    /etc/issue16:17
adithyaoh yeah it is 17.04 ;)16:18
adithyaso should i upgrade to 17.10? as i only have a pentium core16:18
tomreynwhich hardware you have does not matter. you don't want to run an unsupported OS.16:19
oerheksrun the update tool, and hit 'newer version is available'16:19
adithyahow should i do it?? i am way sorry. I am totally new to this sir16:20
adithyaplease forgive me16:21
naccsveinse: 17.20 is eol16:21
naccsveinse: bah, typo and i'm wrong anyways16:21
=== zenguy is now known as coffeeguy
naccsveinse: is your 17.10 full up to date?16:21
sveinsenacc: yes. fresh out of the box16:22
tomreyn!eolupgrade | adithya16:22
ubottuadithya: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:22
p00pfacedeem: I didn't understand what I was doing. NOW. sudo apt purge -y fusiondirectory --> I get PERMISSION DENIED...16:22
naccsveinse: even fresh, you should make sure you did update16:22
sveinse(looking forward to 18.04, but 16.04 was too old to run on this new laptop)16:22
sveinsenacc: Yes, it is16:23
tomreynadithya: no need to be sorry, i'm sorry if this came over too blunt. see if you can follow the guide on the wiki ubottu just posted. if you get stuck, just ask.16:23
p00pfacedeem: I've done chmod 1770 /etc/init.d/apache216:24
ash_workwhat's the busybox toolset called again?16:25
p00pfaceand IT WORKED :D16:25
sveinsewhat I'm trying to accomplish is to find a reliable way to set display settings. And since gnome display settings doesn't work complete, where can I find logs that I can read to see if there is something not working right, e.g. the driver16:26
crobertsis there a way on 17.10 to get unity back or is someone making a port of it16:27
ash_workmaybe I was imagining a name16:27
zomaarsveinse: Do you mean xrandr?16:28
sveinseI have a HiDPI 4k built-in display. On its own everything is fine. Connect a non-HiDPI external screen the fonts on the external screen is HUGE. Opening gnome display settings, see both screens fine. But changing the "scaling" option on either screens does not present the "Apply" button, so I cannot, well, apply the setting. And this is where I am now16:29
jimb_ash_work, the busybox toolset? Is it not simply called busybox?16:29
zomaarHiDPI is nothing but trouble anyway.16:30
zomaarBut I don't know how to set it by itself16:30
ash_workjimb_: I guess I was just imagining it16:30
jimb_ash_work, as in `busybox <command you wanna run>`16:30
ash_workI thought it was called something tools16:30
ash_workI wanted to look up information on a specific command, `busybox` was enough to accomplish that16:30
ash_workalthough if it happens that there is a name, I'd still be interested16:31
akiksveinse: try if this works for you: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/6w98zw/heres_my_fine_laptop_current_am_16_proud_of_this/dm7883z/16:31
jimb_I have always simply used `busybox` to determine what set of commands were built into that compiled blob... especially since many devs choose to leave out certain commands.16:32
akiksveinse: what desktop environment are you using?16:32
sveinseakik: gnome shell16:32
akiksveinse: oh well might not work in that since they hard code the dpi to 9616:33
woldishI have a problem with hash mismatch, anybody know how to fix it? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26411570/16:35
sveinseI'm not ranting, but I observe that Linux has a way to go to have fully on-the move handling of displays and dynamic connection to various displays16:35
zomaarsveinse: KDE is even much worse still16:36
=== marve is now known as Guest44772
akikzomaar: kde works fine with one external display and hidpi16:37
zomaarThey're not even trying16:37
sveinseYeah, its strange. I'm a dev, but as a user, I don't really want to learn the intrcacies of xrandr and display setup in xorg16:38
zomaarIn 16.04 I have to disable KScreen to even be able to connect a single extra monitor in mirror mode16:38
zomaarMy first experience was NO OUTPUT whatsoever and having to reboot to get any screen back16:39
sveinseOr to put it another way: The only thing stopping me from running all Ubuntu on my corporate laptop is that is does not handle when I move about. E.g. for connecting to a projector for a presentation and such. Always a hassle. So I have a windows 10 laptop for that16:39
zomaarsveinse: I even feel depressed talking about how much of a waste of time it is for everyone to have to use such crappy software.16:40
woldishhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26411588/ any fix?16:40
zomaarIf we as users had an easier time, we could spend that time fixing software.16:40
jimb_sveinse, That's odd to me. I suppose I have been very lucky with Ubuntu as I bounce around quite a bit and it's often my Ubuntu laptops that get requested when my MacBook co-workers have issues.16:40
akiksveinse: linux has always been able to use tweaks to configure your system if your distro provider is not able to make it automatic16:40
sveinseSome of my *nix friendly devs resort to Mac and they feel this is middle ground between linuxes oddities and windows mainstram16:40
zomaarThe benefit of every small increment is huge beacuse it mutiplies.16:41
zomaarIf I don't have to spend an hour figuring out why ldd doesn't work, I can spend that hour writing code.16:41
jimb_woldish, https://askubuntu.com/questions/41605/trouble-downloading-packages-list-due-to-a-hash-sum-mismatch-error16:42
zomaarIf established developers spent more time polishing their software starting 10 years ago, we'd now have a system equivalent to Windows16:43
akiksveinse: i've used linux on my laptop for more than 10 years. it hasn't been smooth sailing but i've always found a solution to make it work16:43
sveinseSo now I have a new laptop. With new challenges16:43
jerzomaar, blanket statements like that aren't helpful -- they're insulting -- speaking as a developer of 31 years.16:43
jerand it puts other developers on the defnesive, which is counter to your desired outcome16:43
sveinseakik: I have been running linux for 20, and yes I agree. But I've always had to sacrefice something. And it takes time to get everything going16:44
zomaarIt happens to be just true.16:44
zomaarDenying it won't change anything either.16:44
zomaarDenial is the main asset of Linux.16:44
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=== fungible is now known as foddo
sveinseSo, since the prerequisite for getting the display thing going on this machine is to learn how displays are handled. So is gnome display settings using xrandr? Is that the channel which everything related to display settings is funneled through?16:46
zomaarI don't think DPI works that way16:46
zomaarOnly resolutions, but I could be wrong.16:46
akikzomaar: on kde you can fix the hidpi problem that way16:46
zomaarakik: Right16:47
sveinseI honestly think there is bug in gnome display settings, since it does not show me the apply button. So I need to do the equivalent setting manually16:47
akiksveinse: did you try that xorg snippet?16:48
sveinsehah, interstingly the same happens if I change the resolution. The Apply button still is missing.16:49
zomaarjer: If you feel it doesn't apply to you, then you know yourself to be one of the exceptions and have no need to feel insulted.16:49
sveinse...but the Window list shows that the caption for the window is "Apply Changes?", but there is no button in the actual window16:51
gunixsveinse: i've been running linux since 2006, bud i had a windows boot for games most of this time. i stopped in 2017, since gaming on linux got to the point where it just works. i don't feel like I am sacrificing something now by using linux. i feel like i am sacrificing something when using windows: freedom and performance16:51
akiksveinse: can you move the window with alt+left mouse ?16:51
zomaargunix: It's not like Windows 10 is such a great thing.16:52
sveinseakik: oh yess indeed. I can interact with it fully, except for the missing apply button on the top right corner16:52
zomaarSo the choice became a bit easier ;-)16:52
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
bipulI have accidentally deleted the /var/lib/dpkg16:54
bipulHow to recover it back?16:54
zomaarHonestly Windows, if I am allowed to speak of such things, 10, makes it hard to concentrate on your work, and Linux is now a much more quiet environment.16:54
leftyfbzomaar: please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic16:54
gunixzomaar: my company makes me use it, so believe me, i know16:54
zomaarbipul: You cannot16:55
gunixnow really guys, isn't this channel for support for people who don't know how to use ubuntu, or have problems to report? all this chat should go to #ubuntu-offtopic. no offence16:55
leftyfbbipul: try https://askubuntu.com/questions/383339/how-to-recover-deleted-dpkg-directory16:55
bipulzomaar, Yes i can not that's why i am asking :p16:55
=== nat_ is now known as Natkeeran
bipulleftyfb, Yes, i tried those options, but seems like it is not working.16:56
leftyfbbipul: how so?16:57
zomaarbipul: You can only recreate the default one, and would have to reinstall all other packages after that?16:57
leftyfbzomaar: there are backups16:57
sveinseakik: I don't really want to set a xorg config, because that defeats the purpose of having multiple display setups on the go. I believe that is what gnome intends too16:57
bipulIt says "E: flAbsPath on /var/lib/dpkg/status failed - realpath (2: No such file or directory)16:58
sveinseBut no one knows where the gnome display setting is logged so I can take a look at it?16:59
zomaarbipul: You have indeed those backups in /var/backups16:59
motaka2Hi, whenever I want to install redmine i see this error: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)16:59
motaka2  , can you help me?16:59
zomaarbipul: You have to take /var/backups/dpkg.*.0 and take the 0 off as you copy them to /var/lib/dpkg17:00
bipuloh ok.17:00
akiksveinse: nobody knows where gnome intends to go :P17:00
brainwashsveinse: gnome uses dconf for configuration storage, and you can easily browse through the settings with dconf-editor17:03
cheetahpixieEvening, folks. I have a problem with Wine, and am not sure whether to direct it here or elsewhere.17:05
cheetahpixieWhen I open the open with dialog on any .exe file, Wine does not show up.17:05
cheetahpixieThe only way to get it to run is through the terminal.17:06
zomaarcheetahpixie: AA I guess17:06
cheetahpixieMy question is: Why are these entries missing and can I somehow fix it?17:06
cheetahpixieI would *really* like to be able to doubleclick on stuff to open it.17:06
brainwashcheetahpixie: point it to wine then17:07
cheetahpixieDo they have a channel?17:08
sveinsedoes anyone know which component or package the display settings of gnome is in? I apparetly need to read some code17:09
brainwashcheetahpixie: I meant that you do "open with ..." and point it to the wine binary17:09
brainwashcheetahpixie: and yes, there is #winehq17:09
sveinseakik: I was right: "GNOME ignores X settings due to its xsettings Plugin in Gnome Settings Daemon, where DPI setting is hard coded."  There is no point in tweaking xorg settings as gnome takes over17:13
B14CK-SPID3Rhi, is there any problem to upgrade ubuntu 16.04 with kali linux repositories? ( 940 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 528 not upgraded. )17:14
anddamwhat's a shell that is in ubuntu's repo and has history completion with up arrow? (unlike bash's search history)17:16
naccB14CK-SPID3R: kali != ubuntu, offtopic here17:17
brainwashanddam: try fish17:17
B14CK-SPID3Rnacc: you right. but it's a general question. because i need its repo for installing some tools and packages.17:18
new2linuxBashing-om: I think I may have made some progress today! I tried to install the drivers for Nvidia via the software update program (instead of command line) and it seems in succession to doing so, I got the "choice box" he was talking about in the nvidia-settings program! It was entirely missing yesterday. I ticked off Nvidia instead of Intel, but have yet to reboot due to work requirements using my workstation.17:18
cheetahpixiebrainwash: the entry for wine is missing from that selection17:19
new2linuxBashing-om: thereafter I am hopeful it might be resolved.17:19
naccB14CK-SPID3R: define problem. You're unsupported here.17:19
naccB14CK-SPID3R: for some, that would be a problem.17:19
brainwashcheetahpixie: and you can't browse the filesystem?17:19
B14CK-SPID3Ri mean some problems like crash or break system.17:20
Bashing-omnew2linux: :)17:20
cheetahpixiebrainwash: I can, but I have absolutely no idea where the Wine binary itself is located.17:20
zomaarcheetahpixie: /usr/bin/wine17:20
zomaarB14CK-SPID3R: You mean to upgrade to a higher version of Ubuntu?17:21
brainwashcheetahpixie: you can do "which wine" in a terminal window17:21
new2linuxBashing-om: I never saw the checkbox you or he were referring to until I went about the nvidia installation using that.17:21
B14CK-SPID3Rnacc: no actually. upgrade some packages to newer version. ( sudo apt-get upgrade )17:21
jerzomaar, nah i'm just old enough to realize that i'm not the code i write. i write bugs just like everyone else, and just like everyone else, i sometimes don't catch them before something ships. it's the nature of the beast. there's no magic amount of time that'll fix that =]17:22
V7Is it possible to restore the whole system from tar ( except /proc /sys /run /media ) while logged in ?17:22
V7I mean ... is it possible to untar the whole system to / when already logged in to this sytem ?17:22
zomaarjer: It's not about bugs17:22
cheetahpixie...I don't see an option in the Select Application dialog to enter a custom path.17:22
jerthat was the crux of your comment, was quality sucks, so people spend more time fixing bugs than refining the system17:22
cheetahpixiebrainwash btw17:23
jeror did i misinterpret you?17:23
sveinseV7, no, but if you're in another rootfs, e.g. a initrd image, that is possible17:23
sveinseV7, it's not straight forward17:23
V7sveinse: So how then is it possible to restore system remotely ?17:23
zomaarB14CK-SPID3R: With any PPA upgrade will just work?17:24
XAlkindiXI have a question about Canonical products : what is the difference between Ubuntu Advantage and Landscape and can regular users take the advantage from them?17:24
B14CK-SPID3Rnacc: for example if i remove kali rolling repo, my packages are up to date. but when i add it, i need to do some upgrading for them. so i'm afraid of breaking system. because some packages won't upgrade.17:24
lotuspsychje!landscape | XAlkindiX17:24
ubottuXAlkindiX: Landscape makes the management and monitoring of Ubuntu systems simple and effective by combining world-class support with easy to use online management tools. https://landscape.canonical.com/17:24
brainwashcheetahpixie: I would expect to be able to do that17:24
sveinseV7: You need to be outside the system you're restoring. So in server marked they usually have some extra control channel, like ILO, that gives you access to boot sources17:24
V7The International Labour Organization ?17:25
zomaarjer: I never spoke of bugs17:25
zomaarjer: I mean unfinished features, or "this is not a bug but a feature" attitudes17:25
sveinseV7 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_Integrated_Lights-Out17:25
lotuspsychjeB14CK-SPID3R: we dont support it, only ubuntu support17:25
jerzomaar, you didn't use that word, but you did say if they focused on refining things 10 years earlier, that we'd have a system approaching windows level today... which has a few implicit statements (which you may or may not have intended in it)17:25
zomaarjer: Example is libreoffice not wanting to change undo configuration17:26
jeranyway, apolgoies if i misrepresented your position17:26
jerzomaar, right, individual people are inherently selfish =]17:26
jer"works on my computer" kind of thing17:26
jerthe advancement of linux systems approaching more "user friendly" solutions, is a sociological problem as much as it is a technological one17:26
lotuspsychje!discuss | jer zomaar17:27
ubottujer zomaar: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!17:27
jerlotuspsychje, apologies17:27
zomaarIf you want come to #ubuntu-discuss then17:27
B14CK-SPID3Rlotuspsychje: and can you tell me how can i install "build-essential libreadline-dev libssl-dev libpq5 libpq-dev libreadline5 libsqlite3-dev libpcap-dev git-core autoconf postgresql pgadmin3 curl zlib1g-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev vncviewer libyaml-dev curl zlib1g-dev" and absolutely "msf" in ubuntu 16.04? (without kali repo)17:28
V7sveinse: What about Gateway Smart Console ?17:28
sveinseV7, there is a technique for upgrading the system you're on if you cannot do dpkg upgrade: 1) transfer the upgrade tar to the target system, 2) Prep the bootloader to boot into a special initrd image, 3) Reboot into the initrd, mounting and starting the installer, 4) Reboot once more into the installed system.17:28
sveinseV7: Don't know about it. I'm not well versed in the server marked17:29
anddambrainwash: yep, thanks17:29
anddamdidn't know it made into official repo17:29
lotuspsychjeB14CK-SPID3R: 'if' you have installed ubuntu, you can install all apckages from the ubuntu repos17:29
B14CK-SPID3Rlotuspsychje: i've just ask about risk of upgrade with another repos !17:30
B14CK-SPID3Rlotuspsychje: i couldn't find these packages in ubuntu repos. and also couldn't find any article about it.17:30
lotuspsychjeB14CK-SPID3R: we dont support external ppa's adding neither, so we dont reccomend upgrade ubuntu with external ppa's17:31
V7So you're talking about some proprietary backup boot system17:31
sveinseV7, essentially, yes17:31
lotuspsychje!ppa | B14CK-SPID3R17:32
ubottuB14CK-SPID3R: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:32
V7So how is it possible to tell system to boot into it and how is it possible to create such two commands sytem which will untar thing and reboot ?17:32
altaiir_nobody is perfect17:32
sveinseV7, granted, lots of steps17:33
lotuspsychjealtaiir_: can we help you?17:33
B14CK-SPID3ROk. Thank you very much.17:33
altaiir_why do you want help me17:33
lotuspsychje!support | altaiir_ is why17:34
ubottualtaiir_ is why: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com17:34
oerhekswait, does kali have build essentials ?17:34
Checkmate guys perl and bash script display as plain text17:34
Checkmateon apache17:35
sveinseHow mature is it to run wayland on 17.10?17:35
lotuspsychjesveinse: some systems run fine and others dont17:35
sveinselotuspsychje: any specifics in what does and what doesn't?17:35
sveinsehw domain specific or application use specific?17:36
lotuspsychjesveinse: well lets stick to real ubuntu issues here, feel free to discuss a bit in #ubuntu-discuss17:36
sveinselotuspsychje: So wayland is not a way to fix my 17.10 ubuntu gnome-shell display issues then? ;)17:37
lotuspsychjesveinse: what issue do you have?17:37
sveinseI have a Lenovo P51 HiDPI laptop, and I'm trying to connect external screens and get the DPI settings right. The display connects fine, but the fonts on the external screen is large, so I figure I need to set the scaling on the HiDPI screen. But gnome display settings does not react when I change the scaling settings17:39
sveinseIt hides the Apply button17:39
lotuspsychjesveinse: you did ask this before in here right, seen it passby17:40
sveinseyes, I have. I'm trying to figure out how I can help myself dig deeper in this, but I don't seem to come past the surface17:40
lotuspsychjesveinse: have you created a bug about it, or added yourself affected to an existing one?17:41
sveinselotuspsychje: not yet. I don't if it is. One guy claimed that this was a driver issue, not a gnome issue, so I don't really know yet17:42
lotuspsychjesveinse: as wayland is a new start on ubuntu, its important to help create bugs about it and 17.10 is non-lts17:42
lotuspsychjesveinse: does your problem occur on xorg? have you tested?17:42
apteryx_hello, how can I terminate Unity from the command line? pkill unity doesn't17:42
sveinselotuspsychje: I'm not running wayland now, I was asking if it could bring me anywhere going there17:42
oerheksapteryx_, you could stop unity when in TTY2, sudo service lightdm stop or 17.10 sudo systemctl lightdm stop17:44
apteryx_I'm not running lightdm, I was in ratpoison and used the tmpwm command to start 'unity'17:44
akiksveinse: this says that for wayland, there would be per-monitor scaling https://wiki.gnome.org/HowDoI/HiDpi17:44
apteryx_The ratpoison WM docs says when that process dies I'll be back in ratpoison; so I'm trying to figure out how to undo starting 'unity'17:44
lotuspsychjesveinse: you are running 17.10 right?17:45
oerheksapteryx_, oh that i don't know.. anyway you can from tty217:45
ImageJPEGAny ideas on how to get the network interface up without Network Manager on Ubuntu 17.06? Basically just using /etc/network/interfaces file.17:45
ImageJPEGRight now, ifconfig shows the interface but cannot do anything network wise. Cannot ping and whatnot17:45
sveinseWhen I'm at work, I have two external DP screens. gdm3 shows them perfectly, both resolution and placement images. But when I log into gnome shell, the displays goes haywire and the machine seems to be cycling through the modes. The dialogue which is shown when pressing super+p for changing to mirror display, etc. is shown.17:46
ImageJPEGBut can see network traffic using tcpdump17:46
sveinselotuspsychje: yes, 17.10 fresh installation17:46
akikImageJPEG: if you create the network configuration in /etc/network/interfaces, it'll be taken into use automatically for that interface17:46
ImageJPEGok, but it doesn't seem to. We have the network interface inside the interfaces file but still will not work17:46
lotuspsychjesveinse: when at home try a few tests ok17:47
lotuspsychjesveinse: id reccomend xorg session as test strongly, to compare17:47
ImageJPEGWe've removed network-manager from the packages as well17:47
sveinselotuspsychje: ok, I'm at home now17:47
oerheksImageJPEG, time to upgrade, you won't get meltdown/spectre17:47
ImageJPEGI should correct myself, we're running 17.1017:47
ImageJPEGnot 0617:48
apteryx_or; I'm only missing the top Unity bar that would allow me to graphically log out. How can I start that one?17:48
donofrioanyone know how I can reduce the cpu load of these usb to dvi "pluggable (directlink -  UGA-3000)" video dongles?17:49
donofriohttps://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Graphics-Multiple-2048x1152-1920x1080/ I have four of these and they seem to take up too much cpu....17:49
zsocis `daemon` a legit thing to use? (16.04).. vs just getting something to work proper with systemd as a service?17:52
zsocI'm finding the man page to be a little vague17:52
ImageJPEGBasically, we have a bunch of servers running Ubuntu 17.10. They've been installed with a gui because apparently it's needed for what they're doing. We need to find a way to remove Network Manager and allow us to easily program static IPs via the interfaces file or find an extreamly easy way to do that with NM over ssh.17:53
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
lotuspsychjeImageJPEG: i hope not production?17:53
naccImageJPEG: i *believe* NM cann be disabled via systemd?17:53
oerheksImageJPEG, see netplan > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Netplan17:54
ImageJPEGIt's nothing mission critical or anything like that17:54
vannyhi all, brand new ubuntu user here and need help :P17:59
lotuspsychjevanny: ask your issue in the channel please18:00
vannyI did an install of 17.10 server and wifi worked fine, once I did GUI update now I have no network, jsut says wifi unavailable18:01
lotuspsychjevanny: define GUI update?18:02
ImageJPEGoerheks: Thanks for the suggestion. We'll be getting into that. Looks like that'll do the trick.18:02
lotuspsychjevanny: tell us what you did exactly18:02
lotuspsychje!cookie | oerheks18:03
ubottuoerheks: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!18:03
vannynewbie here, so I did the install ubuntu-desktop from the command line18:03
titou_i'm trying to install kubuntu on a PC. I just downloaded the last ISO version but when it is installing I've got an "Input/Output error" while I succeed to install ubuntu on this computer with this usb stick..18:04
titou_is there a bug in the kubuntu iso?18:04
yeatstitou_: that usually points to a hardware problem somewhere (in my experience)18:05
yeatstitou_: could be a bad usb stick or bad usb port or something else along the way18:05
titou_thus why I was able to install ubuntu?18:05
Bashing-om!md5sum | titou_18:05
ubottutitou_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM18:05
yeatstitou_: i/o errors don't necessarily mean it won't eventually work18:06
titou_I already checked the sha256 and it's good18:06
titou_moreover the install program just stop and restard KDE..18:06
titou_thus the installation is not finished18:06
lotuspsychjevanny: so you installed ubuntu 17.10 server then installed desktop over it?18:06
vannyyeah, sorry i install the gnome desktop18:06
titou_I'll try with another usb stick ..18:07
sveinseI see Lenovo P51 is certified for pre-install with Ubuntu. Then I suppose there is hope to find solutions to some of the issues I'm seeing.18:07
lotuspsychjevanny: you want to use ubuntu server or desktop?18:07
sveinseAnother one is that sometimes it hangs on reboot and shutdown and I have to kill it with longpress of the power button18:07
Checkmatei cannot run perl on apache18:07
vannyserver I guess, but manage some items from gui. Im a windows server guy, this is my first move to linux18:08
yeatsCheckmate: can you provide more details about what's going on?18:08
titou_thus I have another question independant from the first one: does kubuntu will work well on a 2-in-1 laptop? I mean with an interface with big buttons, virtual keyboard etc. ?18:08
titou_during the installation the DPI is bad (the text is really really small) rather than I had no problem with ubuntu installation18:09
sveinsevanny: welcome! I know how you might feel (I'm somewhat in the same position when being handed a Windows server.)18:09
Checkmateyeats i'm trying to excute site.com/test.pl on apache2 i get plaintext18:09
yeatstitou_: I'm not a KDE user, but there's probably a scaling option somewhere in the settings18:09
titou_yeah I guess so but maybe someone already got some hints about this kind of use :)18:10
yeatsCheckmate: you've verified that mod_perl is installed and enabled?18:11
Checkmateyes yeats18:11
Checkmatenow i get Internal Server Error18:11
naccCheckmate: and did you check the logs?18:12
ImageJPEGDo I need to do anything or add it to the system init to get netplan started? Or is it something fairly ingrained into Ubuntu where I don't need to do anything?18:12
yeatsCheckmate: /var/log/apache2/error.log (or maybe journalctl)18:12
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cheetahpixiehttps://i.imgur.com/BEMLHe5.png brainwash There is literally no option in this window to do that.18:13
cheetahpixieThe find button there takes me to the software store thing.18:13
CheckmatePermission denied: exec of '/var/www/html/q.pl' failed: /var/www/html/q.pl18:14
CheckmateEnd of script output before headers: q.pl18:14
naccCheckmate: ... right, so is it executable?18:15
naccCheckmate: as the www-data user?18:15
naccCheckmate: pastebin q.pl ?18:17
CheckmateInternal Server Error18:18
ioriaCheckmate, usually when ff displays code instead of executing it, it's because  it's unable to find the application to run the script18:18
Checkmatefixed by #!/usr/bin/perl -w18:20
nacci don't believe you should consider that a 'fix'18:21
sveinseThere have to be a bug in gnome display settings: If I start X with the internal display enabled, but the external display disabled, the gnome display settings does not show an "Apply" button when I select "Join displays" in display mode. "Mirror" does however18:24
lordcirth_workvanny, sounds like ubuntu-desktop installed networkmanager which changed your settings.  Try 'sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager.service' and reboot.18:25
mabrhi! anyone knows what happened to zesty repo?18:25
naccmabr: zesty is eol18:25
mabrcan't apt-get anything, getting 404 not found...18:25
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade18:25
vannyi found that it looks like my wifi card isnt supported18:25
mabryeah, but earlier today i installed new packages and now i can't anymore18:26
lordcirth_workvanny, were you on wifi before, not ethernet?18:26
lordcirth_workmabr, then I guess they took the repos down today?  Upgrading should still work.18:26
lordcirth_work!eolupgrade | mabr18:26
ubottumabr: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:26
vannyfor all install. it is weird as from terminal it shows there and even show the network but no internet connection. I did find a link to issues with the RT3090 card18:27
mabrthanks, will check the links...18:27
mcheleni'm trying to use opencl on ubuntu 17.10 and i have nvidia prop drivers 384 installed, but clinfo shows 0 platforms. how can i fix this?18:27
sveinsewhere is it best to discuss gnome issues? Here or somewhere else?18:27
lotuspsychjesveinse: ask about gnome issues fits here18:28
lotuspsychjesveinse: there is also #ubuntu-gnome if you like18:28
p00pfaceHm! ANyone familiar with phpmyadmin? I cannot login as root, but I can loging as phpmyadmin... it's a fresh install... the phpmyadmin user doesn't have root privileges, and therefore I can't create new DB or new users...18:29
p00pfaceso I need to go create those through the Mysql/terminal database... correct?18:29
lotuspsychje!lamp | p00pface18:29
ubottup00pface: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.18:29
lotuspsychjep00pface: you might consider a new nickname aswell on freenode18:30
=== p00pface is now known as CodifiedSlavery
sveinselotuspsychje: Perhaps its better to talk there? I'd like to figure out how I can figure out if and how I can fix my setup18:30
lotuspsychjesveinse: the best way to resolve issues, is to ask them in channel with all your details, ubuntu version, kernel,steps taken in one line18:31
sveinselotuspsychje: ok thanks. I'll try18:32
lotuspsychje!details | sveinse18:32
ubottusveinse: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.18:32
sveinselotuspsychje: yeah, thing is X and gnome is not my expert area, so often I need help to find where I can find things like configs and current settings18:33
sveinsePerhaps a youtube video showing the issue, since this is a UX issue?18:35
lotuspsychjesveinse: thats what this channel is for, aka ask: hi i cant find my xorg config in gnome 17.10?18:35
lotuspsychjesveinse: start from the start ok..18:35
titou_ok so with the other usb stick the installed worked.. sorry :( I don't really understand18:37
titou_anyway when I start KDE, plasma is not designed for tablet :( no virtual keyboard etc.. is there somehting to install for that?18:37
lotuspsychjetitou_: some usb brands dont work well, or might be broken?18:38
titou_it's a new usb stick :s18:38
lotuspsychjetitou_: new usb's can also be broken18:39
lotuspsychjetitou_: perhaps you can ask in #kubuntu, they might know a trick for you18:39
sveinselotuspsychje: I have Lenovo P51, with nvidia+intel GPU using prime. Running 17.10, gnome-shell, using nvidia 384.111 drivers from ubuntu. In this setup I have the internal HiDPI panel + external hdmi (normal DPI). 1) When gdm3 starts, the desktop spans multiple screens OK, 2) When gnome-shell starts, I have only the internal screen enabled. 3) If I open gnome display settings to enable the external screen18:43
sveinseby pressing "Join displays" I get no "Apply" button18:43
sveinseOh, I get an apply button if I set scaling on both screens to 200%. (yielding fonts I can read on the moon on the external screen)18:45
lotuspsychjesveinse: is this what you experience? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=137534218:46
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1375342 in mutter "Cannot join secondary monitor in Wayland" [Low,Closed: upstream]18:46
sveinselotuspsychje: checking -- not running wayland, btw. sorry did't add that to the list above18:46
lotuspsychjesveinse: so your on xorg?18:47
fundiescan someone help me set gcc version? update-alternatives: error: alternative cpp can't be slave of gcc: it is a master alternative18:47
sveinselotuspsychje: yes. and the bugzilla issue is the same I'm seeing18:48
=== CodifiedSlavery is now known as Baltazar
lotuspsychjesveinse: you tested this in wayland also?18:48
fundieshttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26412264/ this is command I want to run18:48
sveinselotuspsychje: no I haven't yet. Should I?18:49
lotuspsychjesveinse: id reccomend it as a test yes18:49
lotuspsychjesveinse: before we move into a new bug18:49
sveinselotuspsychje: thanks, then I will18:49
sveinse(never done it before, so I'll google it)18:50
lotuspsychjesveinse: just logout, then you can choose xorg or wayland session18:50
lotuspsychjesveinse: aka: ubuntu or ubuntu on xorg18:50
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sveinselotuspsychje: I probably need to change back to lightdm then, since I can't seem to find any such option in gdm318:51
lotuspsychjefundies: could your share with us what you really are trying to do?18:51
sveinseand install wayland of course18:51
lotuspsychjesveinse: wayland is default on 17.1018:51
lotuspsychjesveinse: perhaps your affected to the bug, it doesnt show at login?18:52
sveinsewait, how do I know if I'm already running wayland. I've just installed a stock 17.10 image and changed to gnome-shell18:52
fundieslotuspsychje, i did18:52
Borw3LOL, just read Gnome removed desktop folders/icons on 3.28 :D... Is Ubuntu going to stick with Gnome even after 18.04?18:53
lotuspsychjeBorw3: #ubuntu+1 for bionic questions please18:53
akiksveinse: if you run xrandr, it'll show WAYLAND0 connected or similar18:54
Bashing-omsveinse: ' echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE ' in terminal ,18:54
lotuspsychjesveinse: 17.10 has already gnome by default, what you mean you installed gnome?18:54
leftyfbBorw3: /join #ubuntu+118:55
sveinselotuspsychje: I changed lightdm to gdm3 so I could get a pure/stock gnome-shell login, not with ubuntus overlays. (I didn't know until today that there is no more unity)18:55
sveinseAs in I ran sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3.css and selected gnome-shell.css18:56
sveinseI'm changing it back to ubuntu.css, so I can select on login18:57
lotuspsychjesveinse: now you lost me mate, 17.10 has gdm as default and not lightdm18:57
lotuspsychjesveinse: you have ubuntu 17.10 without wayland and lightdm?18:58
sveinselotuspsychje: I see some wayland pkgs installed, but xrandr and the other XDG_SESSION_TYPE does not show wayland. In the login I can select two types "GNOME on Xorg" "Ubuntu on Xorg"18:59
sveinseThis machine was installed yesterday from iso19:00
lotuspsychjesveinse: what you should see at login is: ubuntu(wayland) and ubuntu on xorg19:03
brainwashsveinse: you use the nvidia driver, so no wayland for you probably19:03
sveinseright, which I have to to get external screens19:03
lotuspsychjesveinse: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-session/+bug/171420319:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1714203 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "Cannot select a session after a fresh installation - No selection is available in gdm" [High,Won't fix]19:04
lotuspsychjesveinse: see if your affected to this bug19:04
akikbrainwash: wayland doesn't work with nvidia?19:06
sveinseCorrect, I was affected. But I was looking for GNOME login, and didn't find the cog. So I ran update-alternatives --config gdm3.css and selected the gnome-shell.css. Then I got the cog19:07
lotuspsychjeakik: it does, ive tested an nvidia laptop that works like a charm on wayland19:07
brainwashakik: not with the nvidia driver19:07
brainwashas in the driver provided by nvidia19:08
akikbrainwash: ah you need to use nouveau?19:08
sveinseI'm running Lenovo P51 and bought this one because it was listed in "certified for Ubuntu pre-install" :D19:08
brainwashakik: yes19:08
akiksveinse: but which version?19:08
lotuspsychjesveinse: remember 17.10 is non-lts...if you want more stable choose an LTS version19:08
akiksveinse: for example, 14.04, 16.04 and 17.10 are all supported but vastly different19:09
sveinselotuspsychje: yes. I am eager for 18.04. I chose 17.10 since I'd expect 16.04 to be too old for this new architecture19:09
lotuspsychjesveinse: xenial isnt too old..19:10
sveinseI have another prime-based lenovo running 16.04, and it wasn't a walk in the park there19:10
binaryhermitI mean, isn't xenial the last LTS released at this point?19:10
lotuspsychjesveinse: you can also run 16.04.3 with higher mainline kernel if you like19:10
lotuspsychjebinaryhermit: yes19:11
akikhttps://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201702-25426/ (ubuntu 16.04)19:11
binaryhermitthat said 18.04 is going to be LTS19:11
binaryhermitcan't remember the name but it's b-adjective b-animal19:11
lotuspsychje!bionic | binaryhermit19:11
ubottubinaryhermit: Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) will be the 28th release of Ubuntu - Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1518 - Discussion in #ubuntu+119:11
sveinsereinstalling to 16.04.319:12
akiksveinse: 16.04 only has xorg, and that gnome page said only wayland would have per-monitor dpi with gnome19:13
sveinseso I can't expect it to be any better with 16.04, then?19:14
* SysGhost thinks "Bionic Bear" would have been a better choice.19:15
adithyahey, i am back. i went through the site that tells about the update. but then i still cant run the command..19:15
adithyadeb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ Zesty Zapus main restricted universe multiverse19:15
adithyaNo command 'deb' found, did you mean:19:15
adithya Command 'derb' from package 'icu-devtools' (main)19:15
adithya Command 'dex' from package 'dex' (universe)19:15
adithya Command 'deb3' from package 'quilt' (universe)19:15
adithya Command 'xdeb' from package 'xdeb' (universe)19:15
adithya Command 'dab' from package 'bsdgames' (universe)19:15
naccadithya: that's not a command19:15
nacc!paste | adithya19:15
ubottuadithya: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:15
naccadithya: that's a line you add / modify in your sources.list19:16
sveinseWhy do I feel like I'm no closer to any solution to the display issues?19:18
aoluserhi thre19:19
aolusera quick question about another distro19:19
naccaoluser: so ... offtopic for this channel?19:19
aoluserany knows why still manjaro doesnt have uefi signatures?19:20
sveinse17.10 isn't supported as 16.04 is, and 17.10 has problems running wayland with nvidia, but 16.04 doesn't support wayland. Wayland is needed to have per-display DPI settings. About right?19:20
naccaoluser: you should ask manjaro19:20
akiksveinse: brainwash said that you need to use nouveau module and not nvidia module19:21
blackflowsveinse: technically, nvidia has problems running wayland on <anydistro>19:21
sveinseakik: does noveeau function with prime? I.e. can I expect external screens to work?19:22
akiksveinse: wasn't prime to be used with the nvidia module?19:23
BluesKajnouveau is the only driver that works with nvidia on wayland atm19:24
sveinseakik: I understand it that prime is the scheme used on laptops to get external screens. the internal panel is hardwired to intel GPU, while the external to nvidia19:26
akiksveinse: it's used to be able to switch between intel<->nvidia gfx card19:26
sveinseYou can change this in bios, but if you run nvidia for everything since intel cannot run external screens, your battery capacity goes down the drain19:27
sveinseso thus the optimus / prime technology19:27
BluesKajoptimus and wayland , don't think that's gonna work19:27
akiksveinse: how do you figure intel can't run external screen?19:27
=== xs2` is now known as xs2
sveinseakik: because these laptops are hardwired this way19:28
sveinseIf you disable the nvidia chip in bios, you cannot have any external screens19:28
akikwow ok19:29
sveinse*that* is the nvidia prime technology afaik19:29
sveinseok, I stand corrected, prime is apparently not a nvidia exclusive thing I see. AMD has something similar19:30
koolkalangHi all, am currently on 17.04 which apparently EOL'd couple days ago, should I move to 17.10 or is some pre-release 18.04 available somewhere?19:33
nacckoolkalang: both are true, yes19:33
nacckoolkalang: both are available, i mean19:33
nacckoolkalang: what you do is up to your comfort level19:33
sveinsePerhaps I should endeavour 18.04 on this laptop to see if any of these things work better there?19:34
akiksveinse: did you try 17.10 with wayland, removing the nvidia module and using nouveau?19:35
sveinseakik: I will now19:35
koolkalangnacc: I'd rather the 18 pre-release, but I don't know what will change in the interim til April19:36
beanbag-this is embarassing considering I used linux since 97 or so but19:37
beanbag-where do you download manually the files from apt update if you broke a system and need to reinstall the kernal manually19:37
sveinsebtw, why the requirement to disable secure boot it propertary drivers are installed?19:37
akiksveinse: secure boot should be ok if you only use ubuntu packaged packages19:39
sveinseakik: No, the 17.10 installer insisted that as long as I wanted the 3rd party drivers and packages, I needed to disable secure boot.19:40
akiksveinse: that's what i meant, if you use only ubuntu packaged packages, it should be ok19:41
sveinseakik: right, so it's a policy thing. Created loads of problems with my win10 installation, as IT has enforced bitlocker encrypton on it19:41
sveinseHad to recover it and re-enter the bitlocker keys19:42
akiksveinse: for example if you use 3rd party kernel modules, it's easier just to turn it off19:42
nacckoolkalang: ok, i believe you'll need to upgrade to 17.10 then upgrade to 18.0419:43
sveinseI probably need to uninstall nvidia to make it effective. I selected "Using X.Org X server - Noveau" in Software & updates / Additional drivers, but I see from xorg.0.log that it has picked nvidia still. And gdm didn't present a wayland selection19:44
koolkalangnacc: I'll probably upgrade for 17.10, then for the lts in april I'll do a full wipe19:46
koolkalangAlso I've been reading a lot about wayland - X will still come with ubuntu/xubuntu correct, so I can run i3 if need be?19:48
ajaxjonesIs anyone here familiar with running the google authenticator on 16.04?19:48
sveinsestrange nvidia-settings claim nvidia is not running the X, and the nvidia driver is uninstalled. Yet still Xorg.0.log lists nvidia all over the place. How can I run it with noveau?19:48
koolkalangs/need be/I want/19:48
akiksveinse: "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" does that still list nvidia packages?19:50
sveinseakik: nvidia-384 and nvidia-opencl-icd-384 are rc, while nvidia-prime and nvidia-settings are installed. Should I purge the former?19:52
akiksveinse: if you run "lsmod | grep nvidia" it should list it if the module is still installed/loaded19:53
sveinseit isnt19:53
akiksveinse: ok maybe you have the previous log file /var/log/Xorg.0.log is the current19:54
akiksveinse: "sudo lshw -c video" should show driver=nouveau then19:55
sveinseakik: yes it does19:55
sveinseakik: but I still have no option to select wayland19:57
akiksveinse: sorry i can't help with that19:57
sveinseakik: ok, but thanks a lot!19:58
sveinseI can't help being really confused as I'm running a very fresh image19:58
akiksveinse: i'm using 16.04 kubuntu because it works for me(tm)19:58
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
ioriasveinse, what items do you have in the login screen ? if you select 'Ubuntu' that is wayland19:59
sveinseioria: It reads "Ubuntu on Xorg" and "GNOME on Xorg" so I doubt its wayland :D20:00
ioriasveinse, right... can you paste /etc/gdm3/custom.conf ?20:00
sveinseWinging a potential explaination: WHen I installed 17.10 I selected yes to 3rd party drivers. Perhaps that altered the default set of packages and hence, I don't have all I need for wayland?20:01
sveinseioria: sure, hang on20:01
sveinseso that was my mistake then?20:02
sveinseioria: https://bpaste.net/show/de1a4acc7cd320:04
ioriasveinse, ok, so you want to use wayland ?20:04
markychazwhats up20:05
tfittsI'm looking for a program or command that can watch a directory for changes to files of specific extensions and when a change is detected it runs a command.  Anyone doing something like this?20:05
sveinseioria: I dont know if you've been tracking my discussion here today, but I'm running a Lenovo P51 and I want to use external screens and get the DPI setting right. I was suggested that wayland was worth trying20:05
markychazwhats that ubuntu linux version of doom called?20:06
ioriasveinse, sudo apt purge nvidia*   (note the *)   and reboot20:06
ioriasveinse, and sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:06
ioriasveinse, before rebooting20:07
markychazcan i set it so i can keep a permenet username on this20:07
nshwhat compression is used by the kernel when a file is given the 'c' attribute under e.g. ext4?20:07
vannyok, I just did a new clean install of 17.10 server, which is the best "desktop" to download? Gnome seemed to kill my wifi card20:07
ioriatfitts, inotify ?20:07
tfittsok, I'll look into it. thanks.20:07
ioriatfitts, inotifywait -m -r -e  modify,attrib,close_write,move,create,delete /mydir20:08
koolkalangWill upgrading to 17.10 also update my linux kernel?20:08
koolkalangdling it rn20:08
markychazanyone got any info20:08
sveinseioria: done. still no wayland option20:09
ioriasveinse, you know how to set a kernel parameter ?20:13
sveinseioria: like to grubs handover to kernel, yes20:14
ioriasveinse, ok, so after 'quiet splash  ' add nouveau.modeset=020:15
sveinseioria: is the order of essence? I added it to /etc/default/grub, and I see in /boot/grub/grub.cfg that is appears right before quiet splash20:17
sveinseotherwise I'll just edit the grub config directly for this once20:17
ioriasveinse, i was talking about the grub screen at startup, not /etc/default/grub  but basically it's the same ...20:18
ioriasveinse, better20:18
sveinseioria: heh, setting it *in* grub didn't cross my mind :P20:18
ioriasveinse, if it works, you can set it permanently in /e/d/grub20:19
beanbag-I got it resolved but thx20:21
sveinseioria: there it worked20:25
sveinsenow for testing external display20:25
ioriasveinse, ok, so you're hit by the bug20:25
ioriahttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm3/+bug/1724583 sveinse20:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724583 in gdm3 (Fedora) "gdm3 in Ubuntu 17.10 doesn't list wayland sessions when using hybrid graphics" [Medium,Confirmed]20:25
sveinseioria: done, marked as affected by me20:26
ioriasveinse, please, paste lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D'20:27
duckx0rAnyone else been having this problem the past couple of days when trying to update? "The repository 'http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty Release' does no longer have a Release file."20:29
leftyfb!zesty | duckx0r20:29
ubottuduckx0r: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade20:29
leftyfb!eol | duckx0r20:29
ubottuduckx0r: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:29
EriC^^!eolupgrades | duckx0r have a look here on upgrading20:29
ubottuduckx0r have a look here on upgrading: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:29
sveinseioria: https://bpaste.net/show/77e0d7b3534720:30
duckx0rThanks guys.20:30
=== Ormm is now known as Guest13111
ioriasveinse, you can't give up that nvidia card (in my opinion) ... let's use Xorg, sorry20:31
=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
koolkalangoh god I'm getting close to restarting the computer for  17.10 wish me luck20:31
sveinseioria: This is the Lenovo P51, btw (which is a Ubuntu certified laptop).20:31
Baltazaryum... then apt.... then aptitude... now composer. What kind of monster is Linux?! :P20:31
koolkalangthe upgrade from 17.04 messed up my laptop kb and couldn't get usb to work :P20:32
=== Guest13111 is now known as Ormm
ioriasveinse, idk about certified, but maybe you need full functional that Quadro ... idk20:32
sveinseioria: No I can't. These laptops have the external screens hardwired to the nvidia chio I believe.20:32
sveinseBut if nouveau would fit the bill, I dont know20:33
ioriasveinse, is this configuration fitting your needs ?20:34
sveinseNot your fault, but I had hoped that since this is kinda endorsed by Ubuntu, that it would would work, well, better20:34
motaka2ioria: Hello. Have you ever seen such an message? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/73c9d9edd5673d881a65277fdbd2f56f20:34
sveinseioria: No, I need the external screen(s) to work in a sane way.20:34
ioriamotaka2, maybe there is more than that in the error output ...20:35
ioriasveinse, and the external it's not working  ?20:36
sveinseioria: No, nothing is listed in gnome display settings.20:37
ioriasveinse, so the external is blank ?20:38
sveinseioria: yeah, no signal. It used to work with xorg+nvidia, but then I had a DPI issue, forcing 2x scaling on both the internal HiDPI screen and the external screen. gnome display setting doesn't allow me to press "Apply" to have different scaling between the two.20:40
ioriasveinse, any reason why you're using 17.10 ?20:41
sveinseI must then either select between microscopic fonts on the hidpi or moon-sized fonts on the external20:41
sveinseioria: no, not really. I had some similar problems on another laptop on 16.04 so I decided I wanted to give 17.10 a try20:41
sveinseI really four months too early... :P20:42
ioriasveinse, so wayland it's not helping in that...20:42
sveinseioria: wayland+nouveu isn't able to detect external screens, so no. it worse20:43
motaka2ioria: how can I give you more information ?20:43
ioriasveinse,  paste /etc/default/grub20:44
Checkmateanyone use emeditor?20:47
sveinseioria: https://bpaste.net/show/fdd05030582920:47
qswzwhat's the best way to remap a key like a useless ² (top-left of keyboad) to ` ?20:47
qswzxev tells me that key is: twosuperior20:49
ioriasveinse,  looks like anothe bug ..20:50
sveinseioria: what is?20:50
ioriasveinse,  can you paste   /lib/systemd/system/gdm3.service ?20:51
sveinseioria: https://bpaste.net/show/74d301db36c620:52
qswzI've read xmodmap is too old now?20:54
ioriasveinse,  do you see this line [Service] ExecStartPre=/usr/share/gdm/generate-config ? replace with    ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/xinit /usr/share/gdm/generate-config20:54
sveinseioria: to take this to the very start: xorg+nvidia was working with three screens (interal+2 external). Resolution is fine. But not quite: gdm3 came up with picture on all screens and their placement ok. Once gnome-shell starts, wierd things happen with the displays20:58
sveinseioria: done. didn't do anything20:59
ioriasveinse, revert it then20:59
=== led_ir23 is now known as led_ir22
ioriasveinse, no otherr options, sy; just reinstall nvidia and log in the Xorg session21:00
ioriasveinse, yes, maybe an option might be use unity-session, but it's a wild guess21:03
saltyIs this a channel to ask Ubuntu support questions?21:05
leftyfbsalty: yes, hence the name and topic21:06
saltyOK. I'm using Ubuntu Mate 17.04. I've been trying to install stuff with both synaptic and the software boutique and I'm getting server access errors21:06
leftyfb!zesty | salty21:06
ubottusalty: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade21:07
leftyfb!eolupgrades | salty21:07
ubottusalty: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:07
saltyOh, well that explains things21:07
saltyAnyone have a quick link with directions on how to upgrade?21:07
sveinseioria: to the original issue, this is what happens when I log in to gnome-shell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwif7wEQIPU . Notice gdm3 in the beginning is fine. Then gnome decides to to haywire with some display config on its own21:08
leftyfbsalty: I just gave you one21:08
saltyOh, sorry, yes I see it now. Sorry21:08
saltyThank you. Cheers everyone!21:09
sveinseioria: since gdm3 manages to set right display config on its own, my hypothesis is that this is not a X issue, its a gnome issue21:10
qswzsudo rm -rf /var/lib/xkb/*21:16
qswzI'm scared to run that21:16
qswzwhat could go wrong?21:16
donofriohttps://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Graphics-Multiple-2048x1152-1920x1080/ I have four of these and they seem to take up too much cpu....21:17
donofrioanyone know how to get these usb video runnin with less cpu hit?21:17
qswzAre Dell's ubuntus a good deal?21:18
DJAnonimoMy Ubuntu is not connecting on WLAN if there is no LAN plugged in21:18
sveinseqswz: same as  :/$ ls -al /var/lib/xkb/*   and then oh, ok it should be deleted and then run  :/$ sudo rm -rf *   (DONT DO IT)21:18
DJAnonimoim connecting with SSH21:18
qswzso it's safe or not?21:19
qswzmy understanding is linux will recompile if they are missing21:19
sveinseqswz: I don't know21:19
Romalionot sure if this is the right channel to ask...21:20
Romaliothere is a command line based calculator named "bc"21:20
pavlosdonofrio: page gives a 40421:20
Romaliosometimes it displays commas, and sometimes it doesn't21:20
DJAnonimohttps://pastebin.com/R1gTAqd2  ---> here is /etc/network/interfaces21:20
DJAnonimoanyone can help?21:21
leftyfbqswz: mkdir ~/Desktop/xkb && sudo mv /var/lib/xkb/* ~/Desktop/xkb # this will make a backup21:21
qswzah good point, thanks21:21
qswz(if keyboard gets broken I won't be even able to put the backup :s)21:23
donalsdHello, guys. I have a Ubuntu dedicated server running on xeon that I have ssh access to over the internal network in my uni.21:23
donalsdThe datacenter people are the ones who takes care of all the wiring and stuff. The server is connected to two ethernets (eno1- the connection to the internal uni network)21:24
donalsdEno2(for public internet access)21:25
pavlosRomalio: type bc then scale=6 then 15/20021:25
leftyfbdonalsd: 1 line for your question/issue would be best21:25
Romaliopavlos, thank you pavlos!  Is there any option to change this to be the default behavior?21:26
donalsdSince I have ssh access to the server, do I need to set up the internet connection somehow? Or will they do it from their side?21:26
pavlosRomalio: create a .bc in your home dir and add the scale line in there21:26
leftyfbdonalsd: that's a question for the IT team at your uni21:27
donalsdAs a general question, will I be able to set the internet up from my end?21:27
Romaliopavlos, how comes that you know this very exact problem / its solution by heart?21:27
Romaliopavlos, that's a miracle to me that I come here and get the right answer just within a minute21:28
donalsdLeftyfb: given that I have admin access to the server, and I can see that I'm connected via eno1 and there is an eno2 which is for the public network.21:28
Romaliothank you!!!21:28
Romaliopavlos, thank you very much!21:28
leftyfbdonalsd: that has nothing to do with how internet traffic is routed out through the network. That is the IT dept.'s responsibility. You should contact them. Maybe test connectivity for yourself first though.21:29
Romaliopavlos, scale=6  worked when typed directly in bc.   However,  creating  a  .bc  file in ~  containing  scale=6 does not effect its behavior21:30
akikRomalio: i always start bc with -l so it knows the decimals21:30
pavlosRomalio: you might have to export BC_ENV_ARGS='/home/yourid/.bc'21:31
donalsdLeftyfb: so the best is to ask them to get the internet running on the server?21:31
leftyfbdonalsd: correct. In particular, ip address/network information/credentials21:31
Romaliopavlos, after every system start?  or is this a 1-time-export?21:31
Romalioakik, also interesting, I will look it up in the man page - thank you21:31
pavlosRomalio: you can add it to your .bashrc21:31
Romaliopavlos, also exporting the variable did not help21:32
Romaliobut -l helped21:32
donalsdLeftyfb: I have logged in through ssh, so I've covered that bit. I just can't run an apt-get update.21:33
pavlosRomalio: did you replace yourid with your actual id21:33
leftyfbdonalsd: you have not covered that bit. You need a route out to the internet. Not in. Contact your IT depeartment.21:33
donalsdAh, yes. Got it.21:34
Romaliopavlos, yes I did :)21:37
Romaliopavlos, -l works just fine, I will stick with that :)21:37
Romaliothank you pavlos and akik21:37
pavlosRomalio: I just added to my .bashrc that line, created a new term and bc works21:38
=== varaindemian_ is now known as varaindemian
Romaliopavlos, I found the problem21:40
RomalioI have to write "export" in front of it21:40
Romalionot BC_ENV_ARGS='/home/yourid/.bc'   but   export BC_ENV_ARGS='/home/yourid/.bc'21:40
Romaliothank you :))21:40
pavlosRomalio: np21:41
Romaliojust my not-important-opinion:  This should be default21:42
Romaliothe question should be: what does the average or in this case even the majority of users expect as behavior?21:43
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
pavlosRomalio: "man bc" has a lengthy man page where you can read about the -l (mathlib) and other options21:47
sveinseWhat device do I set for boot loader installation when I want none? :(21:49
leftyfbsveinse: how will you boot?21:49
pavlossveinse: no boot ???21:50
sveinseleftyfb: with the other partition's grub (which is newer)21:50
sveinseupdate-grub is able to find other Linux installations and add them to the grub menu, so the "other" installations dont need to install grub21:50
donofriopavlos, mybad clipped some off the end of url - https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Graphics-Multiple-2048x1152-1920x1080/dp/B00A2E1MQA/21:51
sveinsebut apparently the installer doesnt allow me to deselect it21:51
sveinseI suppose I have to overwrite the newer grub with and older one, and then rewrite the grub with the newer when done21:52
sveinseI want grub in both, but not the MBR writing21:53
Ben64put it on the partition...21:54
sveinseBen64: of course. thanks21:55
pavlosdonofrio: if you plug one of those, does lsusb give you a video controller info?21:59
pavlosdonofrio: in the amazon page, under Incompatible Systems Mac OS X, Linux/Unix not supported22:02
Gast_LinuxHi, is there a german (speaking) chat (i.e. ubuntu_de)22:08
rond_ Hi! After installing matplotlib in virtualenv, i cannot use pip3 and basically everthing brakes. Traceback comes from this:   File "/home/tensorflow/bin/pip3", line 6, in <module>     from pkg_resources import load_entry_point  to this:   File "/home/tensorflow/lib/python3.5/site-packages/pkg_resources/__init__.py", line 2066, in _rebuild_mod_path     orig_path.sort(key=position_in_sys_path) AttributeError: '_NamespacePath' object ha22:11
rond_Does anybody know how to handle it?22:11
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=== badmeter is now known as [n0mad]
naccrond_: that seems more like a python question than an ubuntu one (you're not using the ubuntu pip3)22:23
mwynneHi guys. Is this the right place to seek help with a Kernel panic I'm getting in Ubuntu Server 16.04?22:24
naccmwynne: here or #ubuntu-server maybe22:24
naccmwynne: which kernel?22:24
naccmwynne: and, doing what?22:24
mwynnenacc: 4.4.0-109-generic22:24
mateusz_what is your problem22:24
naccmwynne: do you have a log of the panic?22:25
mwynnenacc: http://paste.openstack.org/show/646958/22:25
mwynneThat's one of many that I'm seeing22:26
naccmwynne: that says 4.4.0-9822:26
mwynnenacc: Let me double check this..22:26
reddicehey guys22:26
mwynnenacc: Whoops. I pasted a version from the incorrect VM in here.22:27
naccmwynne: np, it might still be relevant, but it's easiest to be sure it's happening the same with the latest kernel22:28
mwynnenacc: I'm running openstack on these VMs which afaik has some requirements on the kernel version.22:29
vividis there a way to prevent windows from stealing focus from other windows in gnome-shell?22:29
mwynneCan I update to a later version that will have linux-image-extra packages?22:29
naccmwynne: you may have better direct help in #ubuntu-server, only because the openstack folks for ubuntu are generally there22:29
naccmwynne: i believe all published kernels have the -extra packages22:30
mwynnenacc: Sounds good. I'll hop on over there22:30
dman777hello, I did a successfull apt-get update and then tried to install vim-gtk but it sill complains with a 404 and Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update22:32
naccdman777: what version of ubuntu?22:32
dman777nacc: lsb_release won't say...missing modules22:33
dman777uname shows  #46-Ubuntu22:33
naccdman777: `lsb_release -a`22:33
naccdman777: it's EOL22:34
nacc!zesty | dman77722:34
ubottudman777: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade22:34
dman777ah...ok. thanks22:34
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:34
allizomthe factoid has a mistake in it22:35
allizom2018 not 201722:35
naccallizom: heh22:36
nacc!zesty is Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2018. See !eol and !eolupgrade.22:39
naccallizom: --^ hopefully that gets acked soonish22:39
naccallizom: good catch!22:40
dman777what about apt-get dist-upgrade and I get a 404?22:44
dax!zesty =~ s/2017/2018/22:46
ubottuI'll remember that dax22:46
Shadow}}I need help please. But not thinkin it'll be as simple as I hoped after searching for solutions myself... Not that I know much of anything, Very basic user. However22:50
arturo_Soy nuevo en linux22:51
arturo_se puede usar itunes en ubuntu22:51
sveinse!english | arturo_22:52
ubottuarturo_: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:52
Shadow}}Just installed Ubuntu 17.10 and have both a sound and video problem. It's not picking up my speakers unless jacked into the front headphone jack and it reads them as headphones. But I've sound so i'm really only here to try to change my screen resolution, but my display is unknown...22:52
naccdax: i didn't know that syntax, thanks!22:53
naccdman777: ... it's eol, like i said22:53
arturo_Hi, I'm new to Linux. You can use iTunes on Ubuntu.22:54
allizomarturo_: short answer no. what do you need it for?22:54
Shadow}}This desktop uses Nvidia stuff, The RAM cards, The Grapgics card(Maybe sound also?) and it has a nvidia designed/based processor... I merely wanted to change the resolution to my monitor's optimal of 1680x1050 @60hzs via terminal.22:54
arturo_I have an apple tv22:55
MattMan_1Hi, just installed ubunty-17.04 zesty server iso and apt-get update is failing to refresh all the repos data, getting 404 not found errors for all zesty dists, I know support is ending in January 2018, have the dist locations been removed already ?22:55
Shadow}}However, xrandr says it cannot open Display22:55
dman777nacc: so that means install from scratch?22:55
arturo_allizom: I have an apple tv22:55
nacc!eolupgrade | dman77722:55
ubottudman777: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:55
=== MattMan_1 is now known as MattMan
naccdman777: i believe you already read that faq; perhaps read it again22:56
allizomarturo_: ..and?22:56
Shadow}}Anyone? ... I've been working on getting my computer going again since I woke up...22:57
dman777nacc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades said I had a choice of upgrade or from scratch. It also said to to do apt-get dist-upgrade which I can't do because of EOL22:57
naccdman777: did you update your sources.list first?22:57
arturo_allizom: I have an apple tv and I want to see if it's compatible22:58
allizomcompatible as in what do you need to do?22:58
Shadow}}I simply need to know what must be done to get xrandr to be able to open the display, as it says it cannot. OR someone tell me an easier way to just change the dang resolution... It's maddening.22:58
MattManubottu: thanks for the url https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases, I see zesty EOL'd on Jan 13th... sigh... I can't upgraed to 17.10 as Openstack's devstack is not supported yet on 17.1022:58
ubottuMattMan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:58
dman777nacc: mine has the codename of my release...zesty22:59
dman777with CODENAME being your release, e.g. quantal.22:59
Shadow}}Well can someone tell me what I should be asking or finding out, or how to format my question of help then at least...22:59
naccdman777: perhaps the wiki page could be clearer, but you need to change archive URL to old-releases23:00
naccdman777: again, read the page :)23:00
dman777kk, thanks23:00
Shadow}}Really. No one can solve this easily?23:01
Shadow}}I do not understand why it shows as an Unknown Display ...23:02
Shadow}}So... Please, Anyone~ Sigh. I'm not smart nor stupid, I'm quick enough to not be a hassle helping... It's just this issue isn't like anything I've had to fix...23:03
Shadow}}Am I muted and don't realize it or just being ignored? e_o23:05
allizomShadow}}: !patience23:05
Shadow}}Thank you.23:05
allizomwhat's the command you've tried?23:05
Jordan_UShadow}}: If nobody knows the answer to your question, then nobody will respond. Also, I just came in and was starting to respond to you before I stopped to write this message instead :)23:05
Shadow}}Heh yeah sorry, Anxiety attacks.23:06
Jordan_UShadow}}: Are you running xrandr from a gnome-terminal window within your graphical environment or are you trying to run it from a text only tty?23:06
Shadow}}...Yeah see. I figured that...but..idk how to do run it outside graphics...23:07
Shadow}}But that'd explain the "Can't Open Display :0"23:08
Jordan_UShadow}}: No, running it from a tty wouldn't work (without some preparation). I asked because I thought that might be what you had tried.23:08
Shadow}}Oh no. The built in term is all I ever use...23:08
Jordan_UShadow}}: My guess is that the problem is you're running under a Wayland session, so there is no Xorg for xrandr to talk to.23:08
Shadow}}I just installed this version of Ubuntu when I got up earlier. A Wayland session? I saw that word earlier...idr where...23:09
Jordan_UShadow}}: You probably don't need to worry about Wayland for the moment (if you're curious I can explain more about it). Most likely you want to install the proprietary Nvidia drivers which will probably fix your resolution problem.23:11
Jordan_U(And may fix you audio problem if you're trying to do audio over hdmi)23:11
Shadow}}I tried in settings but... Yeah. Takes actual know how, then I forgot bout that while learning bout xrandr23:11
Jordan_UShadow}}: Open Software Sources, then go to the "Additional Drivers" tab. (I may have both of those names slightly off, I'm not sitting in front of an Ubuntu machine at the moment).23:12
Jordan_UShadow}}: Does it offer any Nvidia drivers to install?23:13
Shadow}}Wait so when it pulls these up, and the nvidia one was set to the second choice it had, not the proprietary... Ugh forgot what i was asking *goes back to reading it*23:15
Shadow}}...How was I that ignorant... It was the second thing I did, Yet read it and ignored it telling me I was using the open source driver and was considered an alternate driver to my nvidia force g card...23:17
Shadow}}Thank you so much Jordan_U ! I at least learned alot today, And recalled even more~ I'll be back to tell ya it worked, I'm assuming with some updates and changes after this reboot it'll be great.23:18
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* Rueck 23:42
LiftLeftMy wifi keeps disconnecting. I'm was using an external wifi adapter, but that broke. So I have to use the internal adapter now. I was having trouble with it with it a year ago but I was to lazy to fix it. I dunno, where to start.23:54
rosesare file transfers slower due to meltdown/spectre fix?23:55
LiftLeftroses: I don't think so. cpu doesn't really effect file transfer speeds meltdown only really slows down your computer by like 5%23:58

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