anarhisthello, i have added another drive to fstab, assuming that the system will see it as internal, but it doesn't. for example in the file manager it is listed as one of the external, giving me option to dismount it (which then fails), there's also no trash on that drive, and all the files are deleted right away. the line in fstab is "/dev/mapper/mapper-thing /path ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 2"20:49
CValInstalled fedora, like it, but want to try xubuntu since im still a beginner and could use the extra ubuntu support. BUUT i cant install it since when i boot the usb, i see the screen where i can choose try xubunut and insall xubuntu, but when i chose either, the screen just bugs out and nothing happens. Already tried nomodeset, didnt help.22:34
CValI think it has something to do with my graphics card(nvidia gtx 970). Is it possible to pre install drivers on a live usb?22:35
Valeyardask it in #linux22:48

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