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kwmonroeejat: you mentioned yesterday that you were having trouble with cdk-elastic (https://jujucharms.com/canonical-kubernetes-elastic/ giving you https://paste.ubuntu.com/26408473/)15:58
kwmonroeoff the bat, i think it'll be best to start by getting those elastic charms up to their latest versions (which are on xenial vs trusty).  i'll open an issue and update that bundle.yaml asap.15:58
ejatkwmonroe: thanks ..16:22
cory_fuCynerva: when you have a chance, please check out https://veriny.tf/asyncio-a-dumpster-fire-of-bad-design/17:43
cory_fuCynerva: I'm curious if curio addresses the complaints that you had about async Python or of the issues were more fundamental17:44
Cynervacory_fu: i don't think it addresses my main complaint, since it still uses explicit async/await syntax18:12
Cynervai'm a much bigger fan of coroutine implementations like Lua's that don't divide the world into "functions" vs "async functions"18:13

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