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mark__hi all, trying out Plasma 5.12 on 18.04 and all well so far, tis amazing really, good job!20:33
mark__Just wondering if there's anything specific I should be testing?20:34
mark__I haven't yet come across a single crash or bug, despite suspending multiple times! ;)20:34
acheronukmark__: nice to hear. do what you would normally do. maybe try some features you don't normally use to see if they do what they should.20:35
acheronukmark__: look at the new features in https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.11.95.php20:36
acheronukand maybe try those20:36
mark__thanks acheronuk, will do20:37
acheronukmark__: thank you for testing :)20:37
mark__you're welcome, thank you all for a distro!20:38
shawn_gesis this the right place to ask about LVM and adding a secondary drive?22:23
shawn_gesIs there a better IRC channel for that?22:23
shawn_gesfound the #lvm channel22:27

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