rjasujaHi, I am trying to add a custom kernel debian package to PPA.05:28
rjasujaBuild is successful, but it failed to upload. Any suggestions on what might have gone wrong ?05:29
arpallet1@cjwatson I have one package which has BUILD_DEPENDS on ros-kinetic-catkin package, ros packages are available in ros.packages.org server06:04
arpallet1How can i add that as build dependency while uploading to PPA06:04
JasemHow long is this limited capacity going to last for? There is no update on the Launchpad twitter feed.06:30
tsimonq2Jasem: They don't know yet for sure.07:12
tsimonq2Jasem: Right now if a build goes to the archive, you can ask for it to be promoted on a specific arch, but it's not widely available quite yet.07:13
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cjwatsonarpallet1: You can only build-depend on packages that are in Launchpad; so you'd need to get the source packages from ros and rebuild it in a PPA on Launchpad, possibly recursively.09:14
cjwatsonrjasuja: Can you give us a URL to the failed build?09:15
ritulcjwatson: here is the link https://launchpad.net/~rjasuja/+archive/ubuntu/temp-kernel/+build/1425305310:10
cjwatsonritul,rjasuja: You're overriding the package version in a buggy way, no doubt something to do with the complicated kernel build system.  Grep your source tree for "4.4.76-aero-1.2-2", noting that the version that Launchpad thought it was building was actually 4.4.76-aero-1.2-410:15
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