Jamie_Hello, is there anybody here?07:50
lubot<tsimonq2> Heyo07:50
lubot<tsimonq2> What can I do for ya?07:50
lubot<carriewst> @Jamie_, Wassup sur08:34
lubot<carriewst> (Sticker, 378x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_351108:34
lubot<carriewst> (Photo, 960x1280) https://i.imgur.com/akoKGRm.jpg Nice rain08:36
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @Jamie_, there are 53 people and bots10:28
lubot<Schyken> @VikingRedwolf, Well that's convenient10:29
lubot<VikingRedwolf> none. I was answering the possible request for help of the user.10:29
lubot<VikingRedwolf> but only 2 were online.10:30
lubot<VikingRedwolf> insuficient resources to obtain assistance.10:30
lubot<Schyken> ur a possible request for help10:30
lubot<VikingRedwolf> unles the required knowledge is beyond my skills.10:31
lubot<Schyken> It's always beyond my skills. That's why I just make lols10:31
lubot<VikingRedwolf> I dount it. you seem pretty efficient though. to be human.10:33
lubot<Schyken> I may be efficient, but it's never for the right reasons :310:34
lubot<VikingRedwolf> but that seems a waste of resources.10:34
lubot<Schyken> @VikingRedwolf, I'm an American. Unnecessary waste comes with the territory.10:35
lubot<VikingRedwolf> interesting definition10:36
lubot<Schyken> @VikingRedwolf, :310:36
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lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Guyys Can I install Lubuntu In Pentium 4 1gb Ram Pc15:03
lubot<Alon Ganon> Yes15:03
lubot<Jacob Kim> you can, but i highly recommend at least 4gb...15:03
lubot<Jacob Kim> and a better cpu...15:04
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I Just Have Only This Pc15:04
lubot<anyytime> yea lubuntu is meant for pc with low specs15:04
lubot<Jacob Kim> yeah one thing lubuntu is good at is to revive weak hardware15:04
lubot<Alon Ganon> It’s what I use Lubuntu for15:04
lubot<Jacob Kim> but 1gb for web surfing seemed a bit small tho15:05
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> That's ok I just Want to Do Some Programming15:05
lubot<anyytime> ye that should be perfectly fine15:05
lubot<Jacob Kim> depends on what program tho 😆15:05
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> C++ , Python And Some HTML15:06
lubot<Jacob Kim> basic programming should be totally fine15:06
lubot<anyytime> i mean, if you are not doing anything with graphics, it wont really cost much cpu power/memory15:06
lubot<Jacob Kim> i wonder...15:07
lubot<anyytime> why would it15:07
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Now I am Using Porteus15:07
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> But It Don't Have Things That I Wanted15:07
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I am Downloading 698Mb Alternative Lubuntu15:08
lubot<Jacob Kim> oh lol it's been a while since i heard that name15:08
lubot<Jacob Kim> porteus15:08
lubot<Alon Ganon> That’s still a thing?15:08
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Whats The Difference Between Alternative And 1 Gb Iso Files ??15:09
lubot<Jacob Kim> hmm i think it depends on whether it's a torrent or not15:09
lubot<Jacob Kim> and network installs15:10
lubot<Jacob Kim> cuz there are options where you download the minimum, and the rest via internet while installing15:10
lubot<Jacob Kim> thats gr8 for old hardware15:10
lubot<anyytime> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Alternate_ISO15:11
lubot<anyytime> alternate is for low ram pcs15:11
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Ohh Can i install without Intenet Connection15:11
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Minimal System15:11
lubot<anyytime> yea you just wont get updates :)15:11
lubot<anyytime> should be fine for general usage15:11
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻15:12
lubot<anyytime> 👍15:12
lubot<Jacob Kim> the idea of living 1gb ram is still haunting me15:12
lubot<Jacob Kim> D:15:12
lubot<Jacob Kim> i need at least 8 for my daily workload :P15:12
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I don't Got Money15:12
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> And Mine Is DDR115:13
lubot<Jacob Kim> that's the reason why lubuntu exists i guess15:13
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> That Costs More Than DDR 4 Ram15:13
lubot<Jacob Kim> lol15:13
lubot<Alon Ganon> I need 32GB for mine, my laptop runs a lot of VM’s for development15:14
lubot<Jacob Kim> wow thats a lot for a laptop15:14
lubot<Jacob Kim> is it a gaming laptop?15:14
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Sticker, 512x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_351615:15
lubot<Alon Ganon> Yeah it’s an HP Omen 15t 2016 model. I maxed the 16GB on my HP Probook 4530s15:15
lubot<Jacob Kim> niiiice15:15
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I am Wishing To Buy Acer Predator15:15
lubot<Jacob Kim> @GNU_LINUX_OS which model?15:15
lubot<Alon Ganon> I needed a GPU as well for 3D rendering. Unfortunately Linux doesn’t have all the greatest stuff for 3D designs15:15
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Sticker, 466x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_351715:16
lubot<Jacob Kim> Alon agreed. I guess blender is pretty good tho15:16
lubot<Jacob Kim> but maya is really useful once ur used to it...15:16
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Can I install Metasploit In Lubuntu15:16
lubot<Alon Ganon> It is but I work in the dental space and it’s Windows centric except for the Condor Intraoral Scanner I consulted on, that’s 100% Manjaro15:17
lubot<Jacob Kim> yes, but i recommend you not to run it on your system15:17
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> And Other type Of Hacking Tools15:17
lubot<Alon Ganon> I wouldn’t15:17
lubot<Jacob Kim> hacking tools generally use a lot of system resources15:17
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Just Needed An MITM And EXPLOITING15:17
lubot<Jacob Kim> do you work in a security company?15:18
lubot<Alon Ganon> You’ll want multi core and MINIMUM 4GB RAM to be effective15:18
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I am Studying In 9th Grade 😆😆😆😆15:18
lubot<Jacob Kim> 😆 nice15:18
lubot<Alon Ganon> Good for you buddy!15:19
lubot<Jacob Kim> im a student too, but in 11th grade15:19
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Hoo COOLLLL15:19
lubot<Alon Ganon> I’m old I’m 26. But I started Linux when I was 9. 2000 was a real fun time for Linux15:19
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Did You Took Computer Science Or Something Else15:19
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Alon  That's Awesome15:20
lubot<Jacob Kim> @GNU_LINUX_OS i take AP CSP right now. All programming and linux stuff were self-taught15:20
lubot<Alon Ganon> TBH self taught is the best way for Linux and programming15:20
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Sticker, 512x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_351815:20
lubot<Alon Ganon> Most schools focus too much on Wobblies15:20
lubot<Alon Ganon> Winblows15:20
lubot<Jacob Kim> our school is macOS centric15:21
lubot<Alon Ganon> They were good until Jobs died15:21
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Our School Is Ubuntu 14.0 LTS15:21
lubot<Jacob Kim> while the country has 95% windows share15:21
lubot<Alon Ganon> Exploit after Exploit15:21
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I want To Do Some Crazy Things In It15:21
lubot<Alon Ganon> Well it’s a step but that’s dead in April next year. Shit that reminds me I have to update my email server15:22
lubot<Jacob Kim> @GNU_LINUX_OS open terminal and run sudo rm -rf /15:22
lubot<Alon Ganon> LMFAO15:22
lubot<Jacob Kim> given that you have the root access15:22
lubot<Jacob Kim> prob wont tho15:22
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Our School Will Be Smart School15:22
lubot<Jacob Kim> cuz school should monitor over the PC15:22
lubot<Alon Ganon> *nix is usually night on permissions if you do it right15:23
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Every class Would Have Wifi15:23
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> after a week15:23
lubot<Alon Ganon> It’s not like my engineer buddy who messes with the work Network and forces AD to let him in by using Cygwin15:23
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Including Laptop Too15:23
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I think The Os Would Be Ubuntu15:24
lubot<Jacob Kim> Alon when you have Linux subsystem?15:24
lubot<Alon Ganon> He was on 715:24
lubot<Jacob Kim> i heard many pple moved over to LSW from cygwin15:24
lubot<Jacob Kim> oh15:24
lubot<Jacob Kim> ok then15:24
lubot<Jacob Kim> @GNU_LINUX_OS that's awesome to hear ;)15:24
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Wait A Minute I have heared Of Cygwin What's Really It Is15:25
lubot<Alon Ganon> I would use PfSense for firewall15:25
lubot<Alon Ganon> Cygwin is dark voodoo magic15:25
lubot<Jacob Kim> so it's basically a program that allows you to run linux CLI on windows15:25
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> OOh15:25
lubot<Jacob Kim> you can use bash commands there15:25
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Thats Gonna Be Awesome15:25
lubot<Alon Ganon> But it’s more difficult to setup15:26
lubot<Jacob Kim> cuz cmd and powershell sucks15:26
lubot<Jacob Kim> i love bash with my life15:26
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Well How Could I Do Bash in Terminal15:26
lubot<Alon Ganon> Lol Powershell has been open sourced to *nix15:26
lubot<Alon Ganon> I’m like “why!?”15:26
lubot<Jacob Kim> lolololol15:26
lubot<Alon Ganon> Powershell is poor mans bash15:26
lubot<Alon Ganon> I really hate Windows 10 I only use it for 3D stuff and a couple games otherwise my Laptop is in Linux. Xubuntu usually but I am slowly switching to LXDE on the other 8 computers in my house15:28
lubot<Alon Ganon> My Pi runs Lubuntu15:28
lubot<Jacob Kim> imo lxde looks pretty bad... lxde is awesome in its own way but i cant stick with it long15:28
lubot<Alon Ganon> Agreed but great for low performance requirements15:29
lubot<Jacob Kim> waiting for lxqt15:29
lubot<Jacob Kim> mhm15:29
lubot<Alon Ganon> My HTPC uses it as it’s just booting straight to Kodi and opening Chrome for Netflix15:29
lubot<Jacob Kim> oh now that you mention it, does one need an htpc15:30
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Photo, 1280x719) https://i.imgur.com/ZEIx6VU.jpg15:30
lubot<Jacob Kim> ?15:30
lubot<Alon Ganon> If you don’t pay for cable and have a 300Mbps internet like me for work and play15:30
lubot<Jacob Kim> lol15:31
lubot<Alon Ganon> It’s a mini ATX with Pentium (3rd Generation Core series) 8GB RAM (pulled from a dead PC at work), a 120GB boot SSD, and a 6TB HDD15:31
lubot<Alon Ganon> Also acts as a NAS15:32
lubot<Jacob Kim> i want a home server15:32
lubot<Jacob Kim> but korea's electricity bill makes it hard15:32
lubot<Alon Ganon> Damn I bet15:32
lubot<Jacob Kim> did u know that we pay more than what we use15:32
lubot<Alon Ganon> Ohio, USA is $0.0619/kWh15:32
lubot<Jacob Kim> the more we use, the extra money we need to pay increases like crazy15:33
lubot<Alon Ganon> Seriously?15:33
lubot<MikolajczakMarcin> I think that on 1GB RAM one can browse Internet with Pale Moon on something like CrunchBang++15:33
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> What Distro Is Crunch Bang I mean Based On15:34
lubot<Jacob Kim> oh gawd crunchbang15:34
lubot<Alon Ganon> Wasn’t that discontinued15:36
lubot<Jacob Kim> thought so15:36
lubot<Alon Ganon> Also just browse the net in w3m you pleb 😂15:36
lubot<Jacob Kim> who remembers damn small linux15:37
lubot<Alon Ganon> I do15:37
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Me TOO15:37
lubot<Alon Ganon> How about Puppy15:37
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I Do15:37
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I used Puppy Linux 7.5 CE Xenial Xerus15:37
lubot<Alon Ganon> Ok interesting Q. What was everyone’s first distro. I used Knoppix first for Linux15:37
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Mine Definitely Puppy15:38
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Tahr 6.015:38
lubot<Jacob Kim> Ubuntu 16.04 LTS15:38
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> WHAT ?????15:39
lubot<Jacob Kim> i am a distro hopper so i swtched a looooooooot15:39
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Then When You started To Use Linux15:39
lubot<Jacob Kim> about a year ago15:39
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Mine Is A Couple Months Ago15:40
lubot<Jacob Kim> it was before yakkety yak so im guessing may 201615:40
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Alon  Is The One Whom Is Using Linux For A Long15:40
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Isn't It15:40
lubot<Alon Ganon> I guess so15:41
lubot<Jacob Kim> was debian there in 200015:41
lubot<Jacob Kim> i know that openSUSE was there15:41
lubot<Alon Ganon> Started on an IBM X20 laptop with 2000 on it 8GB HDD, and I think 128MB RAM with a Pentium 3 733MHz. We didn’t have WiFi or ethernet built in and would use PCMCIA cards15:42
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I Was Installed Debian but I don't Known Anything About It So I Removed It15:42
lubot<Alon Ganon> My dad was a nerd who ran his own Computer consulting business so I played a lot15:42
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Is Debian Is good15:42
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Sticker, 512x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_352115:43
lubot<Alon Ganon> Hell yeah15:43
lubot<Alon Ganon> Loved Debian it’s what Ubuntu is based on15:43
lubot<Alon Ganon> I can’t wait for the Librem 5 A Debian based smartphone 😍😍15:43
lubot<Jacob Kim> i got mixed feelings about it15:44
lubot<Jacob Kim> the UI isn't my fav...15:44
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I don't Got A Smartphone Though15:44
lubot<Alon Ganon> You can always change UI15:44
lubot<Jacob Kim> imma just stick with android :P15:44
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> But Needed To Wait 2 more Years15:44
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> What Am Hoping Is To Install Kali NetHunter15:45
lubot<Alon Ganon> Android stinks let me just boot a phone straight to terminal I’ll be happy15:45
lubot<Jacob Kim> i recommend you not...15:45
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Whyyy???15:45
lubot<Jacob Kim> nethunter is cool and that, but it's hard to do daily productivity tasks on a kali-based distro15:45
lubot<Jacob Kim> i guess it's half android tho15:45
lubot<Alon Ganon> Yeah wait until you get a better PC or just buy an rPi to tinker15:46
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I just Wanted To Do Some Pentests15:46
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Pi ??15:46
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Could I Use It With An Tab15:46
lubot<Alon Ganon> Raspberry Pi15:46
lubot<Alon Ganon> It’s the most popular learning board for programmers and hobbyists15:46
lubot<Jacob Kim> you can get a touchscreen module for it. I personally didn't like mine15:47
lubot<Jacob Kim> cuz raspbian has really bad touch support...especially on a small 7inch screen15:47
lubot<Alon Ganon> Bro you can install Ubuntu Core or Lubuntu15:47
lubot<Jacob Kim> it wont make that much of a diff15:48
lubot<Jacob Kim> and touchscreen on an ubuntu core sounds weird15:48
lubot<Alon Ganon> I like my Pocket CHIP15:48
lubot<Jacob Kim> isnt ubuntu core a CLI ubuntu that runs snaps only?15:48
lubot<Alon Ganon> Maybe I am thinking of something else15:48
lubot<Jacob Kim> i think you mean ubuntu mate?15:48
lubot<Alon Ganon> Yup that’s it15:49
lubot<Jacob Kim> lol15:49
lubot<Alon Ganon> This is what I rock getchip.com15:49
lubot<Alon Ganon> When I don’t use Pi that’s my portable machine15:49
lubot<Jacob Kim> interesting...15:50
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Photo, 500x500) https://i.imgur.com/JTmcX63.jpg Where Would Be Touch Screen15:50
lubot<Jacob Kim> i care a lot about design and aesthetics tho, idt ican use it...15:50
lubot<Alon Ganon> You buy it separate15:50
lubot<Alon Ganon> I 3D printed parts for mine thanks to a friend15:50
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Can't I use it Using a Power Bank15:51
lubot<Alon Ganon> Yup15:51
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Which Pi Is Best15:51
lubot<Jacob Kim> rPi3 as of no15:52
lubot<Jacob Kim> w15:52
lubot<Alon Ganon> There are ways to wire it to a Li-Ion15:52
lubot<Jacob Kim> but depending on ur usecase, zero may be a good idea too15:52
lubot<Alon Ganon> I am working on that for my Liberty Wallet OS Project15:52
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> zero ??15:52
lubot<Alon Ganon> It’s a tiny Pi15:53
lubot<Alon Ganon> I turned my Pi Zero to an SNES and NES emulator15:53
lubot<Alon Ganon> My Pi 3 runs Google Assistant15:53
lubot<Jacob Kim> ooh voice control pi15:54
lubot<Jacob Kim> i tried making a smart mirror15:54
lubot<Alon Ganon> Well there’s a button you press to activate it15:54
lubot<Alon Ganon> A device that always listens irks me15:54
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> which is fast pi3 or pi 0 w15:54
lubot<Alon Ganon> Pi 315:54
lubot<Alon Ganon> It’s a quad core ARM CPU15:54
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Photo, 1280x719) https://i.imgur.com/X5WkccX.jpg So that is The TouchScreen15:55
lubot<Alon Ganon> (Photo, 720x1280) https://i.imgur.com/AuPBHXQ.jpg15:57
lubot<Alon Ganon> Here’s the Pocket Chip I use15:57
lubot<Jacob Kim> nice 😆15:57
lubot<Alon Ganon> Yes15:57
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Sticker, 512x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_3528.webp15:57
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Great15:57
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Then Bye Guyys15:58
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I gotta Sleep15:58
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> It's 10 30 Here15:59
lubot<Jacob Kim> \o15:59
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> poweroff15:59
lubotkonrad11901 was added by: konrad1190116:03
lubot<tsimonq2> @konrad11901, Welcome!17:57
lubot<konrad11901> @tsimonq2, Hi! 🙂18:00
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @konrad11901, o/18:41
lubot<MikolajczakMarcin> @Alon Ganon, CrunchBang was, but CrunchBang++ not…18:49
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