prince-charmantI have another question: I think that I found the correct driver for my graphical card(Intel) - Must I try to install it or not ?00:11
prince-charmantI have seen that's not easy to roll-back00:13
wxlyou mean a non-free driver? i wouldn't suggest it in general00:14
prince-charmantI have seen also on the Intel-Support website: "Most Linux-based* distributions include IntelĀ® Graphics Drivers."00:16
wxlthey do00:16
prince-charmantSo there is no need to install the drover found on the intel-support website ? (evenwhile lubuntu says that the driver he use is "not-known"00:17
tewardprince-charmant: mind being more specific on what INtel graphics card you have?00:27
tewardmost should be covered by the driver that is already shipped with Ubuntu as part of the kernel and updates00:27
tewardthere may be a couple *newer* ones not in all the driver versios.00:28
teward(but that's atypical)00:28
prince-charmantteward, I did not remember the one i have - because my linux pc is not up-and-running now - I had downloaded a tar.gz file00:30
prince-charmantIts not a newer, my pc was a windowsXP one00:30
wxlin general, you should not need additional drivers00:32
wxlare you having graphics issues, prince-charmant ?00:32
prince-charmantwxl no my screen looks normal00:32
prince-charmantThe last problem I have is: how can I install my two HP all-in-one HP printers ?00:35
wxlcups should take care of it00:43
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu00:43
prince-charmantI have found HPLIB on the HP-support website https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing that should permit to install my printers00:46
prince-charmantthanks for all - I should go to sleep now ...00:50
James26Hello, is there anybody here?07:49
tsimonq2No :)07:50
James26>_< I have a question about openbox & pcmanfm07:52
tsimonq2Shoot :)07:53
James26My HTPC connected to TV and don't have mouse, only keyboard with 'arrows', 'enter' and 'escape' keys. When I opened new pcmanfm window I can move between selected files in current folder with 'arrow' keys and open files with 'enter' button. But when I closed all windows, desktop don't get focus and I can't select any icon on it.08:03
James26How to get focus on desktop without mouse click on it?08:07
tsimonq2Hm, good question James26, it might be better for #lxde unless someone here knows :)08:15
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zap0when can we expect Wine3.0 to be available via the package manager thingy?11:41
leszekzap0: I don't think it will be backported for existing releases11:44
leszekEven bionic still has the old 2.0.3 version11:45
leszekso I guess you need to use a ppa or compile it yourself if there is no snap or appimage of it available11:45
zap0i tried added the apt thingy as per the wine web page, and then the package maanger said  its v3.0-rc611:53
ThedarkbMy fresh install is hanging at /dev/sda1 clean21:08
wxldid you check the hashes of the iso?21:09
ThedarkbI've used this ISO before.21:09
wxlone bit can make a difference21:09
Thedarkbit mightn't have installed properly.21:09
wxlif you did one thing different this time, that problem might have made itself apparent21:09
wxl(or if one thing is different about the hardware)21:10
wxlso the question is still valid21:10
ThedarkbI'll just rewrite the ISO and hope for the best.21:10
wxlyou should check the hashes21:10
ThedarkbIs there any way to fix this little issue without reinstalling?21:10
wxlthen upon boot, check for defects21:10
wxlwell that's the problem: we don't know the issue21:10
wxlit could be any number of things, including, at worst case, some problem with the hardware itself21:10
wxlthe more we eliminate variables the more likely the problem is to reveal itself21:11
ThedarkbI can switch TTYs.21:11
ThedarkbSo it's not 'hung'21:11
ThedarkbI plugged in a flash drive and it responded.21:12
Kamilioncheck the xorg log21:13
Kamilionor systemctl status lightdm sddm21:13
wxlyeah i mean you can dig through the logs for sure21:14
ThedarkbMy ISO is no longer listed on the md5sum page.21:14
wxlbut i've found 9/10 installation issues are either download errors or copy errors21:14
wxlwhich specific iso you have?21:14
Thedarkbalternate 17.10 i38621:15
Thedarkbthe md5sums are for 17.10.121:15
wxlyou sure you don't have 17.10.1?21:15
wxlyeah i'm not sure i'd recommend 17.1021:15
ThedarkbNone of my computers are affected though, despite all of my Lenovo gear.21:16
wxlyou're lucky21:17
wxli had an affected hp21:17
wxlthe problem is not specific to lenovo21:17
ThedarkbI have an IBM ThinkPad X40, a Lenovo ThinkPad X200 and a Lenovo ThinkCentre M9021:17
wxlyikes yeah i don't know that i'd mess with all that :(21:18
ThedarkbThe IBM was made in the Lenovo factory.21:18
ThedarkbShould I use the Desktop or Alternate image?21:18
ThedarkbI'm installing it on he IBM.21:20
ThedarkbMy X200 and M90 already have Lubuntu on them :)21:20
wxlso i have an iso laying around21:21
ThedarkbI only have 256mb RAM.21:21
wxlwhich i zsyncd' so i'm confident the hashes check out21:21
wxlthen alternate21:22
wxl30473ad2712991e3136401a9ef93f8405325b85957c73a23784ea9aaa44d4974  artful-alternate-i386.iso21:22
ThedarkbThe Debian ruined a dual boot on me.21:22
Thedarkbdebian installer*21:22
wxlthat's sha25621:22
wxlwellllllllllll i'm not sure that's the fault of d-i :)21:22
ThedarkbIt broke my bootloader!21:23
wxli'm just saying it ultimately uses the same partition tool the desktop installer does21:23
ThedarkbSo, you're saying the desktop installer would've done the same thing?21:24
wxlif done in the same fashion, yes21:24
ThedarkbOh well.21:24
ThedarkbIt was only FreeDOS>21:25
ThedarkbYeah, it's different, I'll download another version.21:28
ThedarkbWhat caused the BIOS issue anyway?21:28
wxlthe fact that our kernel loaded the intel spi module21:29
wxlthat module wasn't really ready for prime-time21:29
wxlin particular it had an off-by-one error that would cause certain serial flashes to go read only21:29
wxlluckily, for most of them, booting a kernel updated to fix that would restore function21:29
wxlhowever, you'll notice i said most.21:30
wxlif i understand the whole thing correctly, it's intel engineering's fault for not writing software correctly for their own hardware XD21:31
ThedarkbShit happens.21:32
wxlthat, too. (although that language is probably not the most appropriate for this channel)21:33
wxlall good21:33
parheliaIntel seems to have been having some trouble lately with things...21:54
wxlah well, that's not entirely their fault. it's not like they're the only ones to blame21:56
parheliathis is true21:57
ThedarkbWell, Meltdown was a bit of a disaster on their part.21:58
wxlthey aren't the only ones affected by it21:58
wxlspeculative execution was not exclusively theirs21:58
ThedarkbI'm talking about the out of order execution one.21:58
ThedarkbThat's Intel only.21:58
wxlah yes right21:58
ThedarkbSpectre is the speculative execution thing.21:59
ThedarkbThat affects everything since the original Pentium.21:59
ThedarkbAlright, new problem.23:46
ThedarkbThe installer is hanging at "Cleaning up...."23:47
ThedarkbIt never writes the MBR.23:47
ThedarkbOh wait, it's working this time.23:47
ThedarkbNope, disk activity has stopped.23:48
ThedarkbWhat's the installer doing when it's hanging with no disk activity?23:50
ThedarkbIt's booting.23:50
ThedarkbAt last.23:50
Thedarkb110mb idle is a bit much.23:51
ThedarkbI think I'll switch to FVWM23:53
Kamilionoh, 256MB ram.23:59

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