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Chipacahello all10:15
Chipacais it known that the maas snap dumps core on install on 16.04?10:15
roaksoaxChipaca: did you install with --devmode ?10:19
Chipacaroaksoax: no10:20
roaksoaxChipaca: https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/2.3/en/installconfig-snap-install10:22
Chipacawhy are we telling people to install stuff with --devmode :-(10:22
Chipacabut, anyway, that answers my question; it's known broken. onwards.10:23
roaksoaxChipaca: because otherwise maas woudldn't work11:09
roaksoaxthere are blockers that prevent the maas snap (not in maas) from working in fully confined mode11:10
roaksoaxso we have to use devmode11:10
vogelcroaksoax: We upgraded our prod to 2.3.0 last night and now we get out of memory errors on the region controller when someone restarts the region controller or does a refresh on the ui.  Thoughts?13:17
vogelcroaksoax: builtins.OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory13:17
roaksoaxvogelc: do you have more details than that ? e.g. regiond.log and process list, etc13:21
vogelcroaksoax: sure, I will get them posted to a paste bin13:21
vogelcroaksoax: https://pastebin.com/sBG42Grk13:33
vogelcroaksoax: We increased the memory on the vm to 24GB and it would still consume all the memory and kill the process.13:34
roaksoaxvogelc: does a top or similar show what is utilizing cpu/memory ?14:05
vogelcroaksoax: https://pastebin.com/97cchLQ814:16
vogelcroaksoax: that is top and syslog output.  I just issued a refresh in the web ui14:16
xygnalroaksoax: would appreciate what actions we can take to debug why vogelc and I are seeing this.   It's as if the system is queueing up load until memory runs out.  How do we see what 'load' is going on internally?15:38
xygnalroaksoax: listing nodes in webui takes a long time, and seems to stall at 500.  never finishes 'loading' status.16:25
xygnalroaksoax: if i refresh the page,  shortly thereafter twistd3 consumes all memory and is killed by kernel.16:27
xygnalwithin minutes16:27
bladernris there a way to query maas via cli and determine what kernel version is available for each option in maas? (something that does "Show me the kernel verision installed by 16.04-hwe")17:42
bladernr^^ I'd like to be able to easily determine exactly what version MAAS will install if I choose hwe vs hwe-edge (currently BOTH seem to be 4.13, but they often don't match up)18:00
gunixbladernr: what is the difference between hwe and hwe edge?18:07
gunixi know kvm vms work only with hwe ... but no idea what edge is18:07
bladernrhwe is the current supported HWE kernel, -edge is the NEXT one coming18:08
ltragerbladernr: there isn't a way to do it with MAAS however you could query apt which is where the kernel comes from18:43
ltragerbladernr: e.g apt-cache policy linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge shows its 4.1318:43
bladernrltrager, thanks, that'll work.  I was hoping for a MAAS Cli way to ask it about the things it's going to install, but that too works19:53
mupBug #1532286 changed: Postgresql-9.5 breaks MAAS <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1532286>21:05
klj1218I'm trying to create a custom curtin preseed file and I've noticed that if I include "system_id" for the {node} it fails to pick the file up... I have to use the "hostname" instead. This doesn't match the documentation.21:38
klj1218fail --> curtin_userdata_centos_amd64_generic_centos70_q6g3hd21:39
klj1218work --> curtin_userdata_centos_amd64_generic_centos70_dell01-srv0121:39
klj1218The template naming doc is here: https://docs.ubuntu.com/maas/devel/en/nodes-custom21:41

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