CoJaBoWhelp. Kubuntu Bionic 32-bit does not even make it to desktop :/01:01
CoJaBoAnd I haven't even installed the Plasma beta yet <_<01:02
valorieCoJaBo: we will have i386 if we get testers for the alpha 2, the betas, and the RC02:20
valoriewe must have i386 testers on 386 systems or it is not worth the trouble02:21
valoriefor Kubuntu -- not ubuntu, which will not ship i386 for the lts02:21
CoJaBovalorie: I'm hoping to run Kubuntu on i386; if I can get it to run, that is..02:47
CoJaBovalorie: Plasmashell and the splash screen process both segfault, so it never gets to the desktop >_>02:48
valorieoh geez02:50
valoriethis is on bionic?02:50
valoriedid it run for you on artful?02:51
CoJaBoNot sure, I never tried it on 386 before02:51
valoriecan you retry with the artful ISO?02:52
valoriebe sure to use that, and hopefully upgrade immediately02:52
CoJaBoNot easily; I'm having trouble getting the system to boot from USB02:52
valoriethis is why we needed more testing of the beta 2 and RC ON i38602:54
valoriewhich we didn't get02:54
valorieI had to do VMs02:54
valoriewhich is not ideal02:54
valorieI begged and begged02:55
valorieCoJaBo: it was running and passing on the alphas and maybe the first beta on actual i386 though03:04
flocculantvalorie: just tried 32 bit kubuntu - vbox boots (eventually) from usb, starting to boot,  it just reboots machine here 06:15
flocculantyup not too good indeed06:16
flocculantthought I'd check it out06:16
valorieI'm gonna have to write to the kubuntu-users mail list06:16
valorieand ask for help from people with those older machines06:17
* flocculant wanders back off to xubuntu world :)06:17
valoriebecause otherwise we aren't gonna put it out06:17
valorienon-working stuff shouldn't be released06:17
flocculantvalorie: I'll just check xubuntu 32 bit - might be a *buntu thing - at that point of the boot we're likely much the same06:18
valorieflocculant: I would love to hear the results06:19
flocculantvalorie: of course :)06:19
flocculantthat's why I told you ;)06:19
valoriethe flavors who want to provide this are sort of on our own now06:20
flocculantwon't be doing more than trying to boot it - work soon ...06:20
valoriesince Ubuntu has stopped building or distributing them anymore06:20
flocculantvalorie: well - I'm sure that if it's been broken by ubuntu then they'll fix it 06:21
valorie::fingers crossed::06:22
flocculantvalorie: well ... good news for you :(06:28
valoriebroken for y'all as well?06:29
flocculantrun out of time now - but this afternoon I'll dd the iso's instead of using gnome-disks06:29
flocculantI'll do that to check it's not the tool I used06:29
flocculantI'll also double check with an artful iso06:30
* flocculant is Uk/UTC time 06:30
flocculantvalorie: I will ping you with what I find unless you ping me to say someone has worked it out06:30
valoriethank you, flocculant!06:30
flocculantnp - always try to help other flavours when I can :)06:31
valoriefinding out *what* the problem is would be good06:31
flocculanttime to skedaddle now though06:31
flocculantvalorie: ack :p06:31
valorieciao and thanks again06:31
flocculantvalorie: I'll try lubuntu as well - they'll jump up and down for weeks if 32 bit doesn't boot for them :D06:32
valorieso true06:33
valorietsimonq2: ^^^06:33
gnomethrowerhey guys08:14
gnomethrowerif I installed a daily build of +1 about a week ago08:14
gnomethrowercan I update all the packages and be current, or do I need to redownload?08:14
gnomethrowerand reinstall08:15
gnomethrowersorry if that's a stupid question08:15
tsimonq2Nope, just update the packages and you'll continue to be on the daily08:15
gnomethrowertsimonq2: Perfect, thank you :)08:15
tsimonq2The ISOs are provided for your convenience ;)08:15
tsimonq2No problem gnomethrower :)08:15
gnomethrowerI love LTS releases :D08:15
gnomethrowerfor some reason they excite me much more than regular ones08:16
gnomethrowerI guess because as a sysadmin it means new toys...08:16
gnomethrowerwhoa... clicking the help icon really slowed my computer08:18
tsimonq2You just on stock?08:18
gnomethrowerJanuary 5th build08:18
gnomethrowerthus my questions ;)08:18
tsimonq2I really highly suggest making sure your system's up-to-date and filing a bug08:18
gnomethrowerI doubt I can repro08:19
tsimonq2("build" is irrelevant, just make sure your system's current with updates :) )08:19
tsimonq2You sure?08:19
tsimonq2Try :D08:19
gnomethrowerI am :P08:19
gnomethrowerNope, all is good.08:19
tsimonq2Weird :)08:20
gnomethrowerI was updating packages at the same time08:20
gnomethrowerso my theory is that I opened it while a package related to it was being updated08:20
tsimonq2weird :)08:22
gnomethrowerFeels pretty snappy and the UI is decent08:23
gnomethrowerI pretty much gave up on stock when Unity came out, I'm afraid08:23
gnomethrowerbeen running a frankensystem, Cinnamon running on Ubuntu 16.0408:23
gnomethrowerbut hoping to give the stock desktop another try08:23
tsimonq2Have you tried any of the flavors?08:24
gnomethrowerLike Kubuntu and Xubuntu?08:25
gnomethrowerI hate KDE, dislike XFCE, tolerate LXDE... :P08:25
tsimonq2When's the last time you've tried all of these? :)08:26
tsimonq2And have you tried LXQt?08:27
gnomethrowerAdmittedly a few years back08:29
gnomethrowerand I haven't actually heard of LXQt, might give it a try08:29
gnomethrowerhonestly Cinnamon has worked so well for me that I've just stuck with it08:29
tsimonq2To each their own08:29
gnomethrowerbut I don't want to run Linux Mint (various reasons) and Cinnamon on Ubuntu is slightly buggy08:29
gnomethrowerso I'm open to exploring the flavours more08:29
tsimonq2Ok cool :D08:29
gnomethrowerBudgie actually looks cool08:35
flocculantvalorie tsimonq2 - did some testing, reported crtitical fails on Live Sessions for Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Xubuntu - bug 174435716:54
ubottubug 1744357 in syslinux (Ubuntu) "Bionic 32 bit iso fails to boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174435716:54
flocculantfollowing up with Mate and Budgie now 16:55
flocculanttsimonq2: bit nasty for sure - and I know Lubuntu would hate it - some of Xubuntu would too, I'm *shrug* about 32 bit tbh17:01
flocculantjust dd'ing Mate - that zsynced first :D17:02
flocculantmmm - redoing dd - different error with Mate17:07
flocculantat least it said something17:07
flocculantfunnily enough - since all the bios hoohaa we've all gone through, I've noticed that now when I F12 for boot menu - it responds a whole lot faster than it did before 17:13
flocculantif anyone's following - and wonders what happened to Mate and Budgie - they faired no better ... 17:35
TJ-flocculant: what's the error though?17:40
flocculantTJ-: other than none of them booting - and just rebooting the machine - no idea17:41
TJ-flocculant: best to capture the boot console via a VM 17:41
flocculantTJ-: probably - someone else can do that if it's needed17:44
flocculantI see tsimonq2 volunteered then :p17:54
CoJaBoflocculant: have you tested with the Plasma beta PPA yet, in Kubuntu on 32bit? Mine won't boot either, wondering if I should try that as a next step..20:00
CoJaBo(not sure if it's hanging at the same point tho; mine bails right before it gets to the desktop, where Plasma segfaults)20:02
flocculantCoJaBo: not at all - I've actually no real interest in kubuntu - I do xubuntu and am in the xubuntu team, I got involved because not only does the kubuntu 32 bit iso fail - so does xubuntu, and in fact all those I checked out20:04
flocculantsorry for you thinking I was using kubuntu 20:04
flocculantvalorie tsimonq2: awesome - didn't think about vm's ... mostly because it's usually MY VM fails :( ... works on hardware20:23
valorieI don't have quite the knowledge to do such a test and get good logs20:24
valorieshould learn -- would welcome docs on how to do that20:24
valorieno time for a few days to do that though20:25
flocculantoh right docs ...20:25
flocculantif you find them - please tell me where :D20:25
flocculantvalorie: anyway - upshot is we boot in vm, not on hardware20:26
valorieright, I did all my artful testing on my travel laptop, which is not powerful enough for a vm20:26
flocculantvalorie: did you try not virtualbox ?20:27
valorieI didn't20:27
flocculantI use kvm a(which you can do from a terminal) and virt-manager which is a gui front-end20:27
* flocculant digs out the old wiki page20:28
valorieI've made VMs before, although not kvm20:29
valoriebut I don't know the bit about fetching the logs when the boot fails20:29
naccvirt-manager is the easiest way (IMO) to test install off an ISO20:29
flocculantand from a terminal - a dead simple boot an iso line I use is, for instance "kvm -m 2048 -cdrom /mnt/Data/iso/18.04_Other/Kubuntu/bionic-desktop-i386.iso" 20:29
naccand or that :)20:29
valoriethanks for that20:29
flocculantnacc: yup - though I'm finding that very very slow with bionic iso's atm - bug report on lp for stuff I find20:30
flocculantvalorie: np - just ask :)20:30
valorieok, then what if it fails?20:30
valoriehow does one get the log?20:31
naccflocculant: ah i haven't tested that specifically20:31
flocculantnacc: I actually prefer to gui it :) but I have a script to zsync my iso's, do some copying etc and then run those lines quickly20:31
valorieI mean I always try to file bugs via cli if possible20:32
flocculantvalorie: which log?20:32
valorie"‎TJ-‎>‎ flocculant: best to capture the boot console via a VM "20:32
valorieand I assume associated logs?20:33
nacckvm/qemu do log somewhere, iirc20:33
flocculantoh right - not sure tbh, but I think this is too soon to even do that, can't remember the new-fangled way to get the same as ye olde text boot20:33
naccthere is also, iirc, a flag to qemu/kvm to log the serial console to a file20:34
flocculantnacc: this is stuff I've never needed - so hence ... ;)20:34
naccflocculant: :)20:34
flocculantperhaps in /var/log/libvirt/qemu/20:35
valorielike doing pastebinit ?20:35
naccflocculant: only if using libvirt :)20:35
flocculantnacc: not a clue - I followed the wiki page I gave valorie :D20:35
flocculantfriday evening - and after all this mucking about - no beer :(20:37
flocculantand it's raining20:37
flocculantnacc: this stuff? https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/libvirt.html20:41
naccflocculant: i just ment that libvirt qemu logs only apply to libvirt qemu instances )20:41
flocculantyea realised that, but if I did it that way I assume I'd see logs (though I did have some in ^^ so I assume at some point ...)20:42
flocculantmmmm - might look into that a bit then (tomorrow :D) 20:43
flocculantI hate not being able to give as much info as I can on a bug report like this 20:43
flocculantthat said infinity is looking :D20:44
TJ-flocculant: here's an article I wrote about 10 years ago on how to use qemu/kvm to capture console to a log file http://tjworld.net/wiki/Linux/KvmQemuSerialMonitor20:44
flocculantnacc: oh yea - usually the other way around for me - but it's hardware failing this sime :D20:44
naccflocculant: fun :)20:45
flocculantTJ-: awesome - I WILL read it, but I've been up since 0500 utc and it's almost 2100 on a Friday night :)20:45
flocculantmore for tomorrow :)20:45
TJ-flocculant: same here :)20:46
flocculantright now - I'm off to the shop :D20:46
flocculantwith a hat on ...20:46
valoriethanks to y'all for the above info!20:49

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