bashfulrobotHi everyone. I was pretty sure there was a technical board meeting slated for today. But when having a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoardAgenda - the date is for December. I wanted to confirm that   it is in fact slated for today in just under 2 hours from now.19:17
bashfulrobotAlso noticed that the link to the "fridge calendar" links over to a page not found. Links to: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar, but found this one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar So I'll update that as well.19:21
mdeslaurbashfulrobot: hi! No, the techboard meeting was on tuesday (it's always on tuesdays)19:22
mdeslaurbashfulrobot: unfortunately most of the board were travelling, so we didn't have quorum19:22
mdeslaurbashfulrobot: so the meeting was cancelled19:22
bashfulrobotah, ok!19:22
mdeslaurnext meeting is on the 30th19:22
mdeslaurthe date and time is usually listed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoardAgenda19:23
mdeslaur(though looks like nobody updated it, I'll update it now)19:23
bashfulrobotok. I'll keep my item on the agenda (LTS application)... yeah - that is what prompted me to check in.19:24
bashfulrobotI also modified the link above that was broken as well mdeslaur.19:24
bashfulrobotI think I also thought it was today becasue I likely pulled the "day" and glossed over the date knowing the 19th of dec had already passed. :-P19:25
bashfulrobotmdeslaur - appreciate the clarification.19:25

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