LocutusOfBorgmitya57, tsimonq2   [ Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer ]08:58
LocutusOfBorg  * Make libqt5opengl5-dev provide libqt5opengl5-desktop-dev and not08:58
LocutusOfBorg    libqt5opengl5. Thanks Adrian Bunk for noticing.08:58
LocutusOfBorgI need the change in Ubuntu, because of openmw build failure, it can't install qtbase5-dev and libqt5opengl5-dev automatically08:59
lubot<mitya57> I am going to do another qtbase upload to Debian today, after that it will be a good idea to merge it to Ubuntu.09:00
LocutusOfBorgthanks :D09:01
LocutusOfBorgI hope you can do them both <309:01
tsimonq2Ok, cool :)09:01
LocutusOfBorgplease somebody retry openmw once it is built :)09:01
lubot<mitya57> I can try to do both, yes :)09:01
lubot<mitya57> I prepared the merge in Git, but I want to wait a bit to make sure my changes do not break anything. So I'll upload it tomorrow.17:05

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