elvinHi there! I'm trying to figure out one thing regarding a goods delivery in London and I feel stupid since I can't even google the answer. Basically, I'm trying to order some stuff to be delivered to my brother's address in London - do I put my name or his name on the name field in address details form? Does it even matter? What is this name for, anyway? (yes I'm that desperate, asking for07:08
elvinan answer at ubuntu channel, hope some of you people are actually from UK)07:08
diploMorning all09:27
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:27
Laneythat question about a delivery just up there...09:33
Laneyis that really a UK specific thing?09:33
Laneysurely you put a name on a parcel almost everywhere09:33
diploI'd have said the same thing Laney09:35
diploI was going to till I tried typing his name :P09:35
diploProbably young09:35
zmoylan-piit can affect delivery. putting his brothers name might trip credit card services as suspicious. his name should be fine on the package.09:54
Laneynot if it goes back to the sorting office and you then need ID to collect it10:21
SuperMattmorning 'buntu10:32
David1234_join #ubuntu-it11:58
SuperMattI won't!12:08
NET||abusehey guys, i have a laptop with ubuntu installed (my current work laptop) it's ubuntu 17.10, using LUKS full disk encryption so it's LVM, but otherwise the default way ubuntu sets that up12:15
NET||abusei have a new laptop i need to transfer my install over to, rather than re-install and copy peicemeal, i was hoping to just image the whole machine with an ubuntu boot usb stick and a big external drive12:16
NET||abusebut will it work with volume id changes between the old and new machine even if i do a whole disk block level copy?12:16
NET||abuseis there a convenient way to get the whole disk copied over using dd or clonezilla or something?12:17
NET||abuseand restored without having to lark about with grub config's or anything/ just restore the full image and go?12:17
NET||abusei'm switching over because the current laptop has broken audio and ethernet, the new one is the same model (hp elitebook 620 G3)12:18
NET||abusethey wont let me just swap out the disk drive :( corporate asset tagging mess of some sort they're just not willing to let me do12:19
NET||abuseany pointers?12:19
zleapnot sure if this helps,  I have a few HP mini netbooks,  one of my keys recently fell off so I just moved ther hdd to another netbook (same model) and it worked great,  got the keyboard fixed and swapped the hdd back over12:20
zleapthis was using Lubuntu12:20
zleapthe same trick worked with google chrome OS12:20
daftykinsNET||abuse: why don't you just transplant the drive?12:42
daftykinsoh sorry just read that line12:42
daftykinsnope no idea, FDE is a mess :)12:42
NET||abusedaftykins: :) yeh, i'm a bit restricted with that.13:23
daftykinslove to see them prove they were swapped xD13:28
NET||abusei dont know but they may have actually registerd the serial number of the disk against the laptop asset tag. garantees on their hardware maybe track to disks too,13:35
NET||abusebut then again,,,13:35
NET||abuseI could be giving them way too much credit :)13:35
diddledanNET||abuse: if they're identical drives then you might be able to dd, but you need the new drive to be larger than the old drive or identical14:18
diddledaneasiest is to mount the filesystem in a live environment, and copy the data14:19
NET||abusearg,, ok16:53
diddledanhuh? https://twitter.com/attackerman/status/95441657147630796918:16
zmoylan-pihe's read the mythical man month and now believes that if he puts 9 mothers at the task it can be done in one month. duh! :-P19:18
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