cmaloneyGood morning15:35
greg-gIs it really Friday?15:50
cmaloneyI think so.15:51
jrwrenGood morning.15:51
cmaloneyI love looking at code that you've just written (or testing) and realizing that it's one giant booger that needs refactoring15:55
jrwreni like it better when I can just delete it all.15:59
cmaloneyproblem is 'm writing backward compatible code so most everything is driven by one method16:01
cmaloneyso the temptation is to make it work with that method16:02
cmaloneyand then testing with that method becomes the booger16:02
jrwrenrick_h: there is this really great product, way better than nest hello. its called vivint.  :)18:51
* cmaloney feels a sales pitch18:52
jrwrennah, just pride.18:52
rick_hjrwren: oh yeah?18:52
jrwrenI get that it isn't for everyone.18:52
cmaloneyjrwren: Just messing. It's good to be excited about what you're workingon18:52
cmaloneyespecially if you can make it better18:52
rick_hI'll look. I did a lot of research when I got the next outdoor cam but the hello was just because ecosystem at this point.18:53
jrwrenwell, I'm assuming you don't want a whole home security system w/ panel like ADP or Guardian. Given that is all vivint has right now, I doubt you even compared vivint outdoor cams when you did that. Like I said: not for everyone. :)18:56
jrwrenPlus, I know you are a tinkerer, and vivint is the exact opposite of that.18:57
rick_hDon't recall if vivint was in any of the comparisons I went through. It was a lot of nest and ... /me looks18:57
rick_hArlo seemed the other big one18:58
jrwrenyup, nest and arlo are the current big players.18:58
jrwrenand ring.18:58
rick_hWell I'm not looking to tinker with this stuff. I don't want to setup a server for the stuff myself18:58
rick_hIt's a big reason I went nest. Know it'll work from the phones and pay my monthly fee18:59
jrwrenoh, well in that case, you honestly may want to consider a vivint system.19:00
jrwrenthink nest, but integrated with a home security panel that does things like arm/disarm when it detects your phone GPS location - solving the biggest problem with home security systems, people stop arming them.19:02
cmaloneySeems like that could be strange.19:04
cmaloneySometimes my phone thinks its in another city or something19:04
jrwrenha! that would be terrible. the system arms while you are at home and then triggers the alarm and calls the police :)19:05
cmaloneyYeah, or worse: if it detects your phone on the wifi but then your phone hiccups while in a dead zone19:06
cmaloneyor your phone thinks it's in Southfield because that's where AT&T is19:06
jrwrenyeah, I don't have that feature enabled because my system is kind of in dev mode, but maybe I should look into it so I could give you educated responses to your concerns :)19:07
jrwrenI know some customers love it.19:07
cmaloneyOh I'd love it too19:08
cmaloneymaybe something with bluetooth19:08
cmaloneydepending on the home layout19:08
* cmaloney doesn't trust GPS, even though every single photograph I take at home practically shows our address in the lat / long19:08
cmaloneyI hate heisenbugs where something bitched about a unicode issue and now I can't repeat it with the debugger.19:09
jrwrenya know what... on second thought... rick_h DO NOT GET A VIVINT SYSTEM.... I don't want you complaining to me when things aren't quite right.  :)19:10
cmaloneyOh please get one now19:21
jrwren"i don't work on that part" :)19:25
jrwrenman... resurecting an ancient 16.10 installation is kind of a pain :)20:25
cmaloneyOh my20:25
cmaloneyAny particular reason to go back that far?20:26
cmaloneysince it's no longer supported?20:26
jrwrennone other than a broken laptop has been sitting on a shelf for a year and I finally got aorund to repurposing it.20:31
jrwrenThe display is literally cracked, but I want to plug it into a TV.20:31
jrwreninstall from scratch is a challenge because of that broken display, so it is easier to upgrade the existing installation.20:32
cmaloneyGood luck20:43
* cmaloney wondered if he should pull down the Asus Eee and install Freedos on it20:43
jrwrenseemed to work ok, just a bit of fun.20:43
cmaloneysince that's about all that will run on it20:44
jrwrenfind an ancient distro of the day?20:54
greg-gI need to reinstall on my eeepc for a workout video machine for Carrie (her request!). Got a monitor for the garage to plug it into22:48
jrwrenmission accomplished, it even upgraded to wayland and works great with a TV.23:23

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