daisI need help with my xubuntu 16.0402:11
daisCan anyone please help me02:11
daismy xubuntu only boots on recovery mode02:14
lwizardlis there a way to use wifi direct on xubuntu ?03:00
syb0rgHi, does anybody know how to disable suspend to RAM on the lock screen?04:58
Svetasomeone install light-locker-settings, test that it crashes with a `ImportError: No module named gi.repository` when you try to run it?05:33
Svetasyb0rg has this issue on 17.10, we were discussing it in another channel05:33
ScytaleHello! As in previous versions of Xubuntu, the dropbox tray icon shows only a placeholder. Is there a way to permanently show the real icon? In old versions i used "dropbox stop && dbus-launch dropbox start" in autostart but that solution stopped workink. Only manually13:49
CoderEuropeHow do i get accessories back in my xubuntu menu ?20:06
Valeyardconfig > desktop > menus21:09

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