lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> heyy00:13
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> @AceHW00:13
lubot<Wolfenprey> @Alon Ganon, oh, itΒ΄s beatiful, it runs Doom, I WANT.00:15
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @StepanSkryabin, o/00:17
lubot<Wolfenprey> (Document) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_3532.mp400:31
lubot<Wolfenprey> My friday night.  .__.00:31
lubot<AceHW> @GNU_LINUX_OS, hm?00:51
lubot<VikingRedwolf> mine:00:57
lubot<Wolfenprey> @VikingRedwolf, seems good!01:11
lubot<VikingRedwolf> I love the Nordic Noir 😍01:34
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Jacob  Where Are You01:54
lubot<Jacob Kim> u finding me?01:54
lubot<Jacob Kim> i was just about to go get sth to eat01:55
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Sticker, 440x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_3533.webp01:55
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Bruv Which Pdf Viewer Is Best For Linux??01:55
lubot<Jacob Kim> the default one in the distro01:56
lubot<Jacob Kim> i dont want to download anything just to open a pdf honestly01:56
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> i have a ePDF viewer Soft But It Not showing Images In Pdf01:57
lubot<Jacob Kim> lubuntu should have evince installed01:58
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> sorry I don't Have successfully Downloaded Lubuntu01:58
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> 400 Mb Left To Be Downloaded01:59
lubot<Jacob Kim> y dont you download that?01:59
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> cuz I don't Got An Unlimited Internet Connection01:59
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Mine 1GB/DAY Connection And It's My Brother's02:00
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> And You Know What I just Cracked His WIFI02:00
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> hehe😎😎😎02:01
lubot<Jacob Kim> um ok cool02:01
lubot<Jacob Kim> then just go download it :P02:01
lubot<Jacob Kim> sudo apt install evince02:01
lubot<Jacob Kim> or actually02:01
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> okk Thanks02:01
lubot<Jacob Kim> if you have a web browser, that's an awesome way to view pdf02:01
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Eat Well02:01
lubot<Jacob Kim> thx man02:02
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> cYa Later02:02
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Heyy I downloaded Lubuntu Alternative10:43
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> But now How to Install it10:43
lubot<anyytime> do you have a usb drive around?10:43
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> yeah i got one10:43
lubot<anyytime> are you on windows right now?10:44
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I booted It but It Needed Network10:44
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> can i install without internet10:44
lubot<anyytime> I believe you can, or is anything stopping you?10:44
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> or How Much Data Would be needed10:44
lubot<anyytime> not sure about that but if you are on a limited bandwidth probably not a good idea to do it10:45
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> thats the problem10:45
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I think am Done10:45
lubot<anyytime> you cant install without internet?10:46
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> No10:46
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> it doesn't have a option to install10:46
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Only Mirror Settings Or Something like that10:46
lubot<anyytime> maybe send some screenshots? though I'm not very sure if I could help...10:47
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> i don't know how to take screenshot10:51
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> while booting setup10:51
lubot<anyytime> take a photo with your phone, perhaps?10:51
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> No Phone10:51
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> all i have is this pc10:51
lubot<anyytime> ok hmm that sure is a problem10:52
lubot<anyytime> you aren't able to find "Install now"?10:52
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Noo10:52
lubot<anyytime> also, this is a dev channel, perhaps you wanna move this conversation somewhere else?10:53
lubot<anyytime> #Lubuntu10:53
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> well Then Give Me idea To Setup Mirrors10:54
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> bruv10:54
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> I'll Catch Up You Later10:55
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> But Give Some Information10:55
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Jacob Why Aren't You Responding Me14:22
lubot<Jacob Kim> wut14:39
lubot<Jacob Kim> @GNU_LINUX_OS what do you want14:39
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Where Have You Been14:39
lubot<Jacob Kim> somewhere14:40
lubotAccelerator was added by: Accelerator14:40
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Intresting!!14:41
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lubotExam_fever was added by: Exam_fever16:24
lubot<Exam_fever> Hi16:25
lubotIf I use daily build of lubuntu16:25
lubotI may get long term security patches?16:25
wxl[m]Every supported release gets security patches.16:32
lubot<Exam_fever> @wxl[m], How much years or month16:35
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @num13, o/16:35
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @Exam_fever, \o16:35
wxl[m]Consult the release notes16:36
lubot<Exam_fever> Am gonna download lubuntu16:37
lubotSo which one I want to use16:37
lubotLubuntu 16 LTS or lubuntu 18 beaver daily build?16:37
wxl[m]Here's the release notes from Xenial https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu#Support16:38
wxl[m]An actual released version is going to provide you a much better experience16:38
wxl[m]Unless your interest is in development (what this channel is about)16:39
lubot<tsimonq2> Please remember that this channel is NOT for support and it's for development-type stuff about Lubuntu itself. While a little offtopic once in a while doesn't matter, I think it's gone over the top.16:42
lubotThanks everyone, and I'm back from my little hiatus. πŸ˜‰16:42
lubot<VikingRedwolf> but we don't develop a sh*t  Β·_____Β·16:42
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf, Hey, shush16:42
lubot<VikingRedwolf> *runs*16:42
lubot<VikingRedwolf> WHERE'S MY ABOUT THING!!16:42
lubot<tsimonq2> /command !language | @VikingRedwolf16:43
lubot!language | @VikingRedwolf16:43
lubot<VikingRedwolf> "vikingredwolf executed" ok16:43
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf, I'm working on it16:43
lubot<VikingRedwolf> -____-16:43
lubot<VikingRedwolf> are you creating a DEB and SNAP and PKG and EOPKG and ZIP?16:43
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf, We'll see. πŸ˜‰16:44
lubot<VikingRedwolf> next thing: we need a place to "vote" for the wallpaper, but yuo maybe know the result16:46
lubot<VikingRedwolf> or I might include both this time16:46
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf, Do it16:48
lubot<VikingRedwolf> with and ithout chicken16:48
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf, WITH Chicken πŸ˜‰16:48
lubot<tsimonq2> *cough* @Schyken πŸ˜‚16:48
lubot<VikingRedwolf> (Document) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_3534.mp416:49
lubot<VikingRedwolf> aaaaaand packaging only in Git?16:49
lubot<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf, Yessiree16:50
lubot<VikingRedwolf> @julienlavergne ?16:50
lubot<tsimonq2> wxl: yo, around?22:11
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Guyys How To Fix This Error22:36
lubot<tsimonq2> Hey, please read the pinned message22:36
lubot<tsimonq2> This channel is not for support22:36
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> (Photo, 1280x719) https://i.imgur.com/LnYUELY.jpg22:36
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Even Though It's Last22:37
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> Then From Where I could Get Support22:37
lubot<tsimonq2> #lubuntu on IRC or askubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org/tags.php?tag=lubuntu :)22:38
agaidaAunt Google may help too22:38
lubot<tsimonq2> @GNU_LINUX_OS, No problem, feel free to stick around :)22:39
lubot<tsimonq2> @agaida, I like Little Cousin DuckDuckGo better22:39
lubot<tsimonq2> :P22:39
lubot<GNU_LINUX_OS> πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»22:39

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