renlanyone noticed for ubuntu on arm computers, attempting to read from 2 ttyACM devices will hang the system and create a kernel panic?12:33
renlbasically it will overwhelm the cpu with software interrupts12:33
renlin this case the computer is an asus tinker board12:36
renli tried the Armbian ubuntu which is on kernel version 4.13.16 and the ubuntu image from elar system on kernel version 4.4.71 both has this issue12:38
renlwhen i tried using debian stretch on kernel 4.4.71 for the board it does not have this problem12:38
renlappears to be a problem only on ubuntu12:38
y0shrenl: how do you like your tinkerboard12:58
renlin general?13:01
renlits pretty ok, i am trying to run ROS on it13:01
renllots of cpu power for my purposes so its good13:02
renlbut im now stumped on what to me appears to be some driver bugs? on cdc_acm or something13:02
renlttyUSB is ok, ttyACM kills the os13:02
y0shyes i am running the tinkeros seams to be ok. I havent done anything but get it running and now it just sits would like a better os for it13:03
renltinkeros does not have that ttyACM issue13:04
renltoo bad ROS doesnt have support for debian on armhf :(13:05
y0shmaybe one day it will have a better selection of os's to choose from like the rpi13:06
renli wonder if rpi has this issue of hanging the system when reading multiple ttyACMs13:07
y0shnot sure havent tried13:07

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