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nofacetimber_Help please, Ubuntu Server unresponsive on boot, black screen.17:43
nofacetimber_Here is some background, it's a dual boot system with windows, I just clean installed ubuntu server this morning.  I was able to get in the first time without trouble.17:45
TJ-nofacetimber_: no need to cross-post, better off in #ubuntu for this17:45
nofacetimber_Hey TJ- someone suggested here17:45
TJ-yeah i know, that was before we knew it was possible kernel corruption - probably assumed you meant a video driver issue17:46
Ussat#1 tip, dont. dual. boot. use a VM17:47
nofacetimber_TJ- so I loaded up my usb installation iso and entered rescue mode or something17:55
TJ-nofacetimber_: is this the LiveISO desktop, or something else?18:02
nofacetimber_Well I believe its just the installation iso for ubuntu server, i'm actually reinstalling it as we speak because I can get in just fine the first time.18:04
nofacetimber_Then I was going to try a reboot without messing with the wifi18:05
nofacetimber_If it works then I know it's something with trying to enable wifi18:05
TJ-nofacetimber_: OK, that's a good solution :)18:05
TJ-try a few reboots to be sure then we can help you configure wifi the easy way18:06
nofacetimber_Thank you TJ-18:07
nofacetimber_Weird first time I reinstalled it worked again the subsequent times i'm still having trouble getting in, so i'll have to come back once I finally figure out how to get in thanks for the help TJ-18:51
TJ-nofacetimber_: sounds like there may be a buggy firmware on that PC, if GRUB is using biosdisk services during boot to load kernel/initrd18:52
nofacetimber_just deleted all non windows partitions in an effort to reset everything to how it was when I first started, giving the install one more go :p19:04
nofacetimber_You there by chance TJ-?20:24
TJ-nofacetimber_: I am20:25
nofacetimber_I don't know, I thought I was ready because I got it to boot into ubuntu server again but then the next time I rebooted I was back to the same issues again.. So I guess its not the wifi thing..20:31
nofacetimber_Maybe i'll try another ubuntu server installation iso, any recommendations?20:32
nofacetimber_I just got some error text to show up20:34
TJ-nofacetimber_: if it's installing but failing on reboot then something is wrong20:34
nofacetimber_*ERROR* uncleared pch fifo underrun on pch transcoder A20:34
nofacetimber_*ERROR* PCH transocder A FIFO underrun20:35
TJ-That's a hardware problem with the intel platform controller hub20:35
nofacetimber_My goodness20:52
nofacetimber_Finally found a solution20:52
nofacetimber_whew..  Must be something weird with the dell computer but setting the vt_handoff to 0 and I have sucessfully rebooted a couple times.20:53
nofacetimber_TJ- I would appreciate your help with that easy wifi setup you mentioned :)20:54
TJ-oh, so a video issue, the PCH bug causing the DRM video driver to fail, so disabling mode-setting works around it20:54
nofacetimber_Ahh yeah guess so20:54
TJ-nofacetimber_: does "nmcli" report status ?20:54
nofacetimber_installing network manager right now20:55
nofacetimber_will give it a try20:55
TJ-OK, once it's installed use the ncurses console connection configuration tool to configure it just as you would from the GUI desktop, using "nmtui"20:56
TJ-Tab key moves between fields and buttons20:56
nofacetimber_i'm very new to ubuntu so some of that went over my head but i'll give it a go20:57
TJ-nofacetimber_: OK, quick background. NetworkManager is a system service so is fine on a server. but many Linux GUI desktop users only interact with it through a taskbar icon called nm-applet and thus assume NM is GUI-only. But in a console the "nmtui" tool can do the same job as nm-applet's connection editor does in a GUI20:58
nofacetimber_ahh cool20:58
TJ-nmtui == network-manager TEXT user interface20:58
TJ-so you can configure the Wifi there and it'll sort out wpa_supplicant, dhclient and everything else20:59
nofacetimber_Thank you21:00
TJ-mak sure you configure the connection for "all users" and "start automatically"21:00
nofacetimber_NetworkManager is not running21:00
TJ-"sudo systemctl start network-manager"21:00
nofacetimber_Thanks so I think i'm connected I just entered the password without any errors, i'm still in the user interface21:02
nofacetimber_now about configuring the connection for all users and start automatically21:02
nofacetimber_do I exit out of the user interface now?21:02
TJ-you tab to the Close/Quit 'buttons' and press Enter on them to exit cleanly21:03
nofacetimber_So i'm exactly sure about the "start automatically" and "all users" part?21:04
TJ-have you added "nomodset" permanently to the boot option?s21:04
nofacetimber_I don't think so, the only thing I changed permanently was the vt_handoff21:05
nofacetimber_but I can reboot and double check21:05
TJ-nofacetimber_: in 'nmtui' when you're doing "edit connection" at the bottom of the panel are [x] Automatically Connect and [x] Available to all users - make sure they are both checked21:05
TJ-ok, so we need to set "nomodeset" permanently... hang on a mo ...21:06
nofacetimber_Sweet yes they are checked.21:06
TJ-OK, and finally do "sudo sed -i 's/\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="\)/\1nomodeset /' /etc/default/grub "21:08
nofacetimber_Why is that needed?  Just curious21:08
TJ-then "grep nomodeset /etc/default/grub" to check it was added, if so, do "sudo update-grub" which updates GRUB's /boot/grub/grub.cfg so 'nomodeset' is used at boot time21:09
TJ-/etc/default/grub uses shel variables that "update-grub" takes to write the actual GRUB config file /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:09
nofacetimber_Oddly enough nomodeset caused me boot issues again, nomodeset is for graphics right?21:18
TJ-it's for stopping the kernel doing mode-setting of the GPU.21:18
nofacetimber_I don't have a dedicated GPU maybe that's why21:19
TJ-makes no difference, there's a GPU there and KMS is standard but due to that hardwre PCH bug it's causing issues. Can you reboot into the OS ?21:20
TJ-is it 16.04 Xenial LTS you've installed?21:20
nofacetimber_Pretty sure it's just ubuntu server 16.04.  So if I remove nomodeset I see the ubuntu splash screen loading21:31
nofacetimber_it sits there for a long time, if I hit a key then I see some text.21:32
TJ-nofacetimber_: you can upgrade it to the latest kernel which may solve the PCH bug. "sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04"21:32
nofacetimber_A start job is running for Raise network interfaces21:32
TJ-hwe == HardWare Enablement21:32
nofacetimber_looks like i need to wait about 5 minutes..21:32
nofacetimber_okay i'll try that21:33
TJ-hmmm, that shouldn't happen if NM is setting up the wifi as a system connection21:33
nofacetimber_well once i'm in i'll see if I can do that upgrade without a wired connection..21:33
nofacetimber_*sorry wrong keyboard21:35
nofacetimber_getting the latest kernal now21:37
nofacetimber_and doing it on wifi21:37
nofacetimber_so the wifi seemed to be working once I got in..21:37
TJ-we may need to check why the start-up delayed once you've got the new kernel installed and rebooted into it21:38
nofacetimber_okay it finished21:38
nofacetimber_Appreciate all the help by the way21:38
nofacetimber_want me to do a debug reboot?21:39
TJ-try regular for now, no point debugging unless there's an issue!21:40
nofacetimber_okay so I just tried a regular reboot21:41
nofacetimber_I didn't see the splash screen it was just sitting there all black with a white underscore in the top _21:41
nofacetimber_I waited for about 30 seconds then decided to hook up a direct connection21:42
nofacetimber_eventually I got to the login prompt21:42
nofacetimber_about 20 seconds later21:42
nofacetimber_or less21:42
TJ-sounds like you need to disable graphical boot21:42
nofacetimber_so I'm thinking it might of been that same Raise network interfaces thing I just couldn't see it21:42
TJ-lets' get rid of the splash screen. Are you comfortable using a terminal text editor?21:43
nofacetimber_yeah somewhat confortable21:43
TJ-Do you know/prefer nano or vim ?21:44
nofacetimber_nano works21:44
TJ-OK, "sudo nano /etc/default/grub"21:44
TJ-goto the line "#GRUB_TERMINAL=console" and delete the # (comment) then save the file and do "sudo update-grub"21:45
TJ-that'll tell GRUB to stay in VGA text mode21:45
nofacetimber_try a reboot?21:47
nofacetimber_okay i'm in and everything seemed to load fast.  That said i'm still on wired connection whoops21:49
nofacetimber_Yeah If I don't connect wired then I get that 5 minute delay21:52
TJ-OK, that suggests the system is trying to connect on wired too, which could be down to systemd-networkd - it generally is!21:54
TJ-so, once it's got to login do "sudo apt install pastebinit" then "pastebinit <( systemd-analyze blame )" and give me the URL21:55
TJ-because it's already 'seen' and used the wired it expects to find it and sits around waiting21:56
nofacetimber_makes sense21:57
TJ-you should be able to check and disable it with "systemctl status systemd-networkd" should show "Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)" --- notice the "disabled;" ... if that says "enabled" do "sudo systemctl disable systemd-networkd"21:58
TJ-then at next boot it /should/ be OK21:59
nofacetimber_Okay sorry i'm having trouble with the pastebinit command, failed to contact the server Temporary failure in name solution.  But i'll try the other22:03
nofacetimber_i'm pining just fine on wifi22:03
TJ-hmmm, that suggests DNS may not be working, is the wifi configured for using DHCP?22:04
nofacetimber_In those settings everything looks as you said, so maybe there is something wrong with the wifi, I seem to be able to download things with sudo apt-get just fine.22:11
TJ-nofacetimber_: hmmm, and that needs DNS so not likely to be that22:12
TJ-Try " dig +short paste.ubuntu.com"22:12
nofacetimber_Well I guess I can live with that if I have to lol22:12
nofacetimber_timed out no servers could be reached so must be something on my end..  I'll troubleshoot it a bit22:15
nofacetimber_Appreciate the help TJ- I'm a lot further along then I was before, will take a break and work on it some more later.  Have a good evening!22:41

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