daftykinshmm, uniquorn... must be a fungi01:29
* daftykins exits before his uppance will come01:29
zmoylan-piso you can eat one and still be vegan...01:34
fujisanpopey: good morning i found chatlogs if us chatting 10 years ago08:14
fujisanso i'm here now to continue that chat08:15
fujisanhow have you been these last 10 years?08:16
fujisan2008-2010 i was severely depressed my dad died in 2007, had a lot of mental issues, got help in 2011, dropped back in school, graduated in 2012, worked several jobs now i have a somewhat decent job08:18
fujisandid you get all that ubuntulog08:19
fujisanthanks :)08:19
fujisani also chatted with Myrtti here 10 years ago and sorry for the trolling back then08:20
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:19
daftykinswell that was a weird drop in visit14:36

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