greg-grandom question if anyone is still around: what music player both syncs with mp3 players and is something you'd choose to have someone use who you're supporting (family)?00:12
Scary_GuyPersonally I like audacious00:17
Scary_Guyit will also use winamp skins00:17
Scary_Guywait, not sure about the syncing00:17
Scary_Guyyou mean like iPods00:18
greg-gor this random cheapo player thing my wife found...00:19
greg-gI'm about to tell her I'll just get her an sdcard for her phone and put all her music on there00:19
Scary_Guypretty much every player has plugin capability and I'm sure someone has written something.  anyway bbs, food00:20
greg-gyeah, neither banshee nor rhythmbox were having this thing show up00:20
greg-gI'm going with plan B00:20
greg-g(it's such a cheapo feeling thing in your hand too, uses the old mini (not micro!) usb cable)00:21
jrwrenwhat is the make and model?00:36
greg-gwho the hell knows00:39
greg-gthis thing: https://itouch2.com/lonve-blue-16gb-mp4mp3-player-music-1-81-screen-mp4/00:40
greg-g(not blue)00:41
jrwrenoh man! awesome. is the UI like it is in the pic?00:41
jrwrencan you just mount it like a USB storage drive?00:42
greg-gyeah, I can drag/drop files, but I'd rather my wife be able to not have to do that. Her music collection is... not well organized00:42
jrwrenah! i see.00:45
greg-gmaybe I can have something tidy it up for her...00:46
Scary_Guydoes she have a smartphone?  I'd say just stick it on android in /storage/emulated/0/Music02:30
Scary_Guybetter than some iPod knockoff, which is probably still better than an actual iPod02:30
Scary_Guythere are some really great music players for Android as well.  Don't like one UI?  Install another02:32
Scary_Guyoh yeah, set up a dropbox/google drive/next cloud/rsync/whatever to keep the files in sync too02:33
greg-gPhone is too big for her04:53
Scary_Guyboo, what about a phone + a watch for control?  Or even better, a Bluetooth headset04:56
Scary_Guyor, get her a watch with a cell radio and a headset, won't even need a phone then04:57
cmaloneyGood morning14:43

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