HaelpmeDoes  anyone know why my MIDI controller keyboard would not be recognised by anything?03:09
HaelpmeI would assume that |I just plug it in and pulse/jack would see it03:09
HaelpmeBut they do not03:09
OvenWerksHaelpme: are you running a2jmidid?03:12
Haelpmeerr, it's a fresh install03:12
HaelpmeDo I need to start that03:12
Haelpme(Sorry total noob)03:12
OvenWerksActually which program are you trying to use with midi03:13
HaelpmeI've tried several of the default instrument programs that US comes with03:13
HaelpmeThe MIDI monitor program shows no messages03:14
Haelpmelsusb shows the keyboard03:14
OvenWerksThere are two ways of accessing midi, dirrect from alsa and as a aprt of jack03:14
OvenWerksif you need to see your jack ports in jack you need to open a terminal and run a2jmidi -e &03:15
studio-user212i am using a hp 2540p laptop with ubuntu studio. is there way to install specific graphic drivers for my computer? i am attempting to power a dual link 2560x1440 display via displayport and suspect having drivers may allow me to use the laptops maximum specs (2560x1600)18:08
studio-user212i suspect i will need to use the xrandr utility to create a mode and resolution configuration. anyone have a good link on how to do this? my ubuntu setup is telling me it recognizes the monitor at hdmi2 but the device has no modes18:10
studio-user212hi kryt*18:13
wachinDo you see how to install proprietary drivers18:16
wachinIn UbuntuStudio are a tool for do that18:16
wachinDo you open this18:17
wachinHow do I install additional drivers? - Ask Ubuntu https://askubuntu.com/questions/47506/how-do-i-install-additional-drivers18:19

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