flocculantUnit193: where are they hiding ?08:26
Unit193flocculant: Uhh...In the build dir. >_>10:20
flocculantno idea where that is then - all I have is http://unit193.net/xubuntu/core/pending/10:23
Unit193They're now there.10:29
flocculantUnit193: thanks - all checked on hardware - all fail ... 10:42
Unit193That...Doesn't sound good.10:42
flocculantUnit193: nope - same as all the 32 bit iso's I reported10:43
flocculantand same as the other ones - works in a vm10:47
Unit193Still though...And I need to figure out how to get the keyboard working for grub too, would make things possible to boot test at least.10:49
knomeflocculant, fun11:03
slickymasterUnit193, can confirm core working in a VM11:54
slickymasterwill try now on the Asus EeePC11:54
flocculantknome: yup - loads ...12:23
flocculantslickymaster: thanks btw :)12:34
slickymastersure flocculant, np :)12:43
flocculantslickymaster: did core boot on the eepc?12:44
slickymasterhaven't done it yet flocculant 12:52
slickymasteris almost lunch time and I started preparing it12:52
slickymasterwill do it after lunch12:52
flocculantoh right - better option right there :D12:52
slickymastereven because little one is, like always, hungry12:53
slickymasteryeaps, 20-01-2017 core image doesn't boot in hardware, Unit193 16:00
slickymastererror msg -> Failed to load ldlinux.c3216:00
slickymasterflocculant ^^^16:00
slickymasterwell, that's my fault actually16:03
slickymastertrying to boot a 64 bit image in a 32 bit CPU :P16:04
slickymasterno issues with the i386 core image, Unit193 17:22
slickymasterinstalled and booted without any problems17:22
slickymasterinxi output from the Eee PC -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/26424369/17:23
slickymasterflocculant ^^^17:23
flocculantslickymaster: ok cool thanks for that17:33
flocculantso looks like 64 bit machine having trouble booting 32 bit iso17:33
slickymasterI don't have a spare 64bit CPU to test it on17:35
flocculantno problem 17:35
slickymasterin VMware it all went smoothly17:35
flocculantyea - same here17:36
flocculantwell on vbox and kvm/qemu at least17:36
slickymasterwith the 32 bit image all I had to do was to add the nomodeset flag17:36
slickymasterfirst boot went into a black screen but that was expected17:37
slickymasterthe Eee Pc is way old17:37
flocculantif this is some '32 bit iso on some 64 bit machines' issue - then 2 things occur, 1 - I can't test 32 bit (\o/) 2 - not something I'd worry too much about17:40
slickymasterlol in all cases you're off the hook :P17:41
* flocculant leaves this issue now until I see something interesting from infinity :p17:41
flocculantif nothing else tyhe user in #u+1 who's been helping me today can get Xubuntu 32 bit iso to boot on their 64 bit - no idea about other flavours - but not really our problem there17:43
flocculantand none of them have bothered joining in 17:43
flocculantbluesabre might want to be aware of this thing hanging about though17:44
VolKWill this distro let me run a xmr cpu miner?19:36
krytarikVolK: The support channel is #xubuntu, or in fact for this even better #ubuntu.19:37

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