glitchdis there a way to configure thunar to show the dvd drive even when it empty?05:44
alpha_AquilaWho knows why midori is no longer for xubuntu 17.10_64 ?13:51
flocculantalpha_Aquila: two seconds13:58
flocculantalpha_Aquila: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=86495113:59
ubottuDebian bug 864951 in ftp.debian.org "RM: midori -- RoQA/RoM; FTBFS, unmaintained and unsupportable" [Normal,Open]13:59
flocculantit can be built - but given it's seeing no development and thus no security concerns have been addressed - I'd not14:00
alpha_Aquila'k someone knows which web browser have similars performaces like midori : quickness, lightness...14:17
flocculantnot I14:18
alpha_Aquilaflocculant: thanks15:03
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VolKWill this distro let me run a xmr cpu miner?19:38
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ilz0l3nd3Annoying question: xkill won't close this random WINE game running in full-screen that won't let me switch windows, what do?20:01
ilz0l3nd3Haven't done proper research because I would do that on my computer which is stuck on a solid black screen that is allegedly a mass effect demo with a cursor20:02
ilz0l3nd3Alt tab shows me things but when I switch to them mass effect still blocks the whole screen20:03
ilz0l3nd3I should really just reboot...20:04
well_laid_lawnyou could try going to a tty - ctrl+alt+f2 - then kill it20:04
ilz0l3nd3The cursor switches to an x when I use xkill but nothing happens when I click things with the x20:05
ilz0l3nd3OK, I did that, still can't actually see the tty. What precisely should I say?20:05
ilz0l3nd3I think I'll just log out, I'm impatient20:07

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