tgBot1<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, You have that instint to be rude00:00
tgBot1<dohbee> Is not rude. Is fact00:00
tgBot1<jsalatas> @dohbee, So why don't you take over both ubports and yunit? I guess you can do better. Right?00:01
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, Is not the first time that your reposnses, you view of things is agrressive with others.00:01
tgBot1<Jyoti> I understand tha Rodney did not whanted to be rude. Everything is ok, guys, just lets be kind and do not complicate simply things00:01
tgBot1<dohbee> Changing strings and building qt 5.9 in a ppa, is not a whole lot. Especially when nobody is really using it.00:02
tgBot1<delijati> its still valuable and could be merged .... so diff, create a branch and done and let yunit die00:03
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> I really dont care who you are, what you do, or what you mean to any project, i think you should be more soft with people.00:03
tgBot1<dohbee> I have no idea what you are talking about.00:04
tgBot1<Jyoti> I like the open source work cause i realise that this is a more human place and with more human people. Please, everybody, avoid spoiling this that is the best characteristic of the open souce world00:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> He is talking more in a factual sense, rather than any instinct to be rude to you. I think perhaps you are finding it hard to read his tone as you don't seem to be a native English speaker. Please do not take offence.00:05
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> Once you have done the same to me, with agressive responses. You need to calm down00:05
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @dohbee, Big agree00:07
tgBot1<dohbee> No, you were being rude in here, and I called you on it, Ruben. You are the one who needs to relax.00:07
tgBot1<Jyoti> Everybody, lets calm down. The opensource world thanks you00:07
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> Im calm man, but dont walk or piss on others works.00:08
tgBot1<dohbee> I don't00:09
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @dohbee, People buy iPhones.....00:09
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> ok you all have a good night00:09
tgBot1<dohbee> I wish I could help we an iPhone, @wayneoutthere00:09
tgBot1<dohbee> Mí noches están muy bien00:10
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> im not spanish00:10
tgBot1<dohbee> Not am i00:10
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> im portuguese00:10
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> and my nights are good also00:11
tgBot1<dohbee> But, it's hard to have a bad night in Buenos Aires00:11
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, nice00:11
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> hope you enjoy00:11
tgBot1<dohbee> I almost got robbed the other day, and it was still a good night00:12
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> it happens not just there00:12
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> got to sleep now is 00:12 here00:13
tgBot1<malditobastardo> @dohbee, Turism??00:13
tgBot1<dohbee> Yes. Las Ramblas in Barcelona is a notorious spot as well00:13
tgBot1<malditobastardo> bs as is fucking dangerious lately00:13
tgBot1<Jyoti> Salatas had a very good will and worked in the basis of this good will. I do not know him very well but i think that we must thak the people like him, not attac or ofend. From me, a very grateful thank to Salatas.00:13
tgBot1<malditobastardo> lately = last couple of years...00:14
tgBot1<dohbee> @malditobastardo, Nah, it's fine, despite the idiot president00:14
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> @dohbee, como to porto, night is dangerous beutifull city but sometimes dangerous00:14
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @malditobastardo, Watch your language please00:14
tgBot1<dohbee> @wayneoutthere, Seriously?00:14
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> Yes00:14
tgBot1<rubencarneiro> see you all tomorrow00:15
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> Serious00:15
tgBot1<dohbee> I could understand if it was something offensive, but that?00:15
tgBot1<jsalatas> @Jyoti, You are talking like I'm dead :p00:15
tgBot1<malditobastardo> Wayne, its the truth. Sorry but I dont have any word to describe better the reality of my country (whole continent also)00:16
tgBot1<dohbee> @jsalatas, Braaaaaiiiinnnnsssss00:16
tgBot1<dohbee> @malditobastardo, Jaja. South America does have a penchant for dictators00:17
tgBot1<Jyoti> You are very alive, Salatas. We must  say "afraristos" not only to the dead :-)00:17
tgBot1<malditobastardo> @dohbee, 😿😿😿00:18
tgBot1<dohbee> It's ok, we elected one too, up north00:18
tgBot1<malditobastardo> its a hard topic. I just came from a meeting with friend, we discussed about this00:18
tgBot1<malditobastardo> Yeah00:18
tgBot1<dohbee> Where are you?00:19
tgBot1<malditobastardo> Yours one and Macri... same s**00:19
tgBot1<malditobastardo> Prague, CZ00:19
tgBot1<malditobastardo> But I am from Buenos Aires00:19
tgBot1<dohbee> Ah ok00:19
tgBot1<dohbee> Too bad, thought we could get a cerveza :)00:20
tgBot1<malditobastardo> OT: just enjoy the city, the night, the heat, asado, terere/mate, music... be careful, use your common sense, be careful and everything will be good00:21
tgBot1<dohbee> Yeah. Not my first rodeo. :)00:21
tgBot1<malditobastardo> @dohbee, Indeed! Maybe someday, who knows! :) (try the homemade ones, are the best, quilmes is only good when you get draft one with good pizza)00:22
tgBot1<dohbee> Yeah. Drinking Antares now.00:22
tgBot1<AresMinos> @dohbee, Lol, so many ppl pickpocketing there and Lloret de Mar00:38
tgBot1<dohbee> Yes00:39
tgBot1<dohbee> My friend had his phone stolen on las ramblas00:39
tgBot1<AresMinos> Not surprising, if you pay attention you can literally spot ten of them in one spot.00:42
tgBot1<AresMinos> Have you been asked for a donation for a kids hospital, kindergarden or something along those lines?00:43
tgBot1<AresMinos> usually a bunch of women will come up to you for that, it's fake, just a bunch of scamers00:44
tgBot1<AresMinos> scameresses?00:44
tgBot1<dohbee> Probably. My Spanish was not great when I was there, so I just "no tengo" and keep walking00:45
tgBot1<AresMinos> Probably the best thing you could have done.00:46
tgBot1<dohbee> Heh, no different than in DC, Boston, or NYC00:47
tgBot1<RenanPrastaJenie> @wayneoutthere, Entered.01:49
tgBot1<RenanPrastaJenie> (Sticker, 512x467) https://irc.ubports.com/x0We0i8u/file_386601:49
CatbirbyHiya. If anyone by any chance could answer my question. I recently installed the latest version of ubuntu touch to my nexus 7 2013 (15.04 OTA-15) but I'm entirely lost where I may be able to find and install applications, as the ubunto store that is built in will not load anything.01:52
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @Catbirby, It looks like you have the Canonical version of UT.01:57
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> You will want to switch over to UBports.01:57
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> and all apps will be found in the OpenStore app01:57
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> or  … https://open.uappexplorer.com/01:58
CatbirbyHmm, okay. Thank you. Is there a simple way to swap to the ubports version from directly inside of my current version? t took an arm and a leg to try to get this to install on my tablet.01:59
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> do you have the N7 hooked up? is `adb devices` working?02:01
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> is ubuntu-device-flash installed?02:01
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> `sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com`02:01
Catbirbyhmm, seems when I run that command it is asking for me to choose either "core, personal, query or touch"02:05
CatbirbyI'm assuming I would use touch02:05
tgBot1mak was added by: mak02:08
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> `sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com --channel=15.04/stable` … try with the channel specified02:08
Catbirbychannel is an unknown flag02:10
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Hello mak and Welcome.  Let us know if you have any questions and be sure to check out https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome02:11
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @Catbirby, can you confirm the double dashes?  please see bottom of this page for example  … https://devices.ubports.com/#/hammerhead02:13
Catbirbyyep, I am using double dashes02:13
tgBot1Catbirby was added by: Catbirby02:15
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> lets try the whole command: … `sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --device=flo --channel=15.04/stable`02:16
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> if not... we can go back to first one and select `touch`02:17
tgBot1<Catbirby> Awesome. That's semming to do the trick02:17
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> it will perform an OTA update... to UBports version 2 it appears.02:18
tgBot1<Catbirby> Okay. Seems to be currently downloading and pushing the files.02:19
tgBot1<Catbirby> A part of me feels that taking the route to install ubports in the first place would have been smart, since I ended up having to scour the internet for a special boot file and recovery file to use the Canonical branch  😅02:25
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Well..you did it right. First step is to get adb enabled recovery installed02:26
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> You did the hard part 😂02:26
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Congrats02:26
tgBot1<Catbirby> Hah. Only took a month.  … Looks like something borked when it tried to restart recovery to flash.02:27
tgBot1<Catbirby> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/KM8o7KOS/file_3868.jpg02:28
tgBot1<Catbirby> I'll try a fresh install, flashing those boot and recovery images I guess02:29
tgBot1<Catbirby> Hmm. Issue seems to be consistent no matter what I do. Any ideas?03:24
tgBot1<Kieran> @Catbirby, is /cache full?03:47
tgBot1<Catbirby> We're talking the device cache? I'm not sure since I have no working OS, and am not able to view the files on the device03:49
tgBot1<Kieran> can you get an adb shell in the recovery?03:49
tgBot1<Catbirby> i can03:49
tgBot1<Kieran> what's the output of `df -h`03:49
tgBot1<Catbirby> just my desktop devices it looks03:51
tgBot1<Kieran> sorry, `df -h`I mean in the adb shell03:51
tgBot1<Catbirby> Oh duh. Lol … i'm only using 9.8mb out of 551.7mb03:53
tgBot1<Catbirby> the rest of my  mount poins are sitting at 0% usage03:54
tgBot1<Kieran> most probably aren't mounted03:54
tgBot1<Kieran> `mount -a` should mount everything03:55
tgBot1<Kieran> As I understand it, the entire ubports image should be in /cache during the install. It should be using a few hundred MB03:55
tgBot1<Catbirby> I think everyhting was already dumped into /system at this point, which is at 99% usage03:56
tgBot1<Kieran> If it's failing after extracting things, maybe /system is full?04:00
tgBot1<Catbirby> I'm unsure of _what_ the exact step it is failing at, but I do know that it gets to > `rebooting into recovery to flash`, which reboots the device then leads to the error I posted in the picture above04:03
tgBot1<Catbirby> I just tried another install, and it seems to be populating the cache like it should.04:04
tgBot1<Kieran> Basically what happens in the recovery is the .tar.xz archives in /cache are extracted into /system. Pretty much any error there will look like the one you have04:05
tgBot1<Kieran> can I see the full output of `mount -a; df -h` after a failed install?04:05
tgBot1<Catbirby> Yep, give me a second to login to telegram on the desktop I'm installing on04:06
tgBot1<Catbirby> `Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on … tmpfs                   902.4M    128.0K    902.2M   0% /dev … tmpfs                   902.4M         0    902.4M   0% /storage … tmpfs                   902.4M         0    902.4M   0% /mnt/secure … tmpfs                   902.4M         0    902.4M   0% /mnt/fuse … /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/cache …                         551.7M    442.4M    109.3M  8004:08
tgBot1/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/userdata …                          12.2G    160.9M     12.0G   1% /data … /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system …                         827.8M    823.4M      4.3M  99% /system`04:08
tgBot1<Kieran> try completely wiping /system and /cache with rm -fr, then installing again04:09
tgBot1<Kieran> I'm not sure your /system partition is even big enough though, mine's using 1.7G04:10
tgBot1<Catbirby> That's interesting...04:11
tgBot1<Kieran> that's on a pro5 though04:11
tgBot1<Catbirby> I won't see why the image would be bigger than /system if it's made for the tablet04:12
tgBot1<Kieran> I doubt it would be, but I do have a few other things installed. I've been playing with some stuff in xenial, but I don't think it's all that much04:13
tgBot1<Catbirby> But I guess at the same time I can't figure out why the offical ubuntu image is borked. Lol04:14
tgBot1<Catbirby> Nope same error04:14
tgBot1<Catbirby> Just checked the mount points again and it seems to be the same story04:16
tgBot1<Catbirby> 99% on system and 80% on cache04:16
tgBot1<Kieran> A fresh install of xenial on the pro5 uses 1.7G in /system. Assuming vivid is a similar size, I'm guessing your /system partition is too small04:18
tgBot1<Kieran> also this issue might be related: https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/30004:19
tgBot1<Catbirby> Yeah, it's seeming so. I wonder if it'd mess anything up to expand it04:19
tgBot1<Catbirby> Ah, yes. This was my inital issue, and I had found a fix to it04:19
tgBot1<Kieran> I had to expand /cache to get xenial to install. Aside from wiping everything, nothing's broken04:20
tgBot1<Catbirby> Yeah, I'm not too concerned about stuff being wiped04:20
tgBot1<Catbirby> I wonder what the process is of expanding on android04:23
tgBot1<Kieran> I roughly did this https://geekpeek.net/resize-filesystem-fdisk-resize2fs/ from twrp04:25
tgBot1<Kieran> I think I had to use sfdisk, but in general things were the same04:25
tgBot1<Catbirby> hmm, okay04:26
tgBot1<Kieran> fair warning though, it probably wouldn't be too hard to break something important04:26
tgBot1<Catbirby> Okay. I mean I imagine shrinking, like 2gbs from /data shouldn't hurt anything, since that jsut stores userfiles.04:28
tgBot1<Kieran> yeah, shrinking /data is safe04:29
tgBot1<Kieran> for reference, my /system is 2.4G04:30
tgBot1<Kieran> total04:30
tgBot1<Catbirby> I planned on making ti at least 2GBs04:30
tgBot1<Kieran> that should be enough:`/dev/block/platform/15570000.ufs/by-name/system …                           2.4G      1.7G    742.1M  70% /system`04:31
tgBot1<Catbirby> so I'm assuming to "shrink" data I'd have to delete the partition entirely04:36
tgBot1<Catbirby> since fdisk can't do it due to it being read only04:36
tgBot1<Catbirby> even after umounting04:36
tgBot1<Kieran> resize the filesystem, then delete and recreate the partition04:41
tgBot1<Kieran> In the quite likely event something goes wrong, you can just delete and recreate the partition, the format it04:41
tgBot1<Catbirby> I'm not sure if I'm missing something or not, but the normal commands that would be used to delete a partiton using fdisk aren't working. and with how oyu were saying that you used sfdisk, that's showing as a not valid command.04:51
tgBot1<Kieran> sorry, it was sgdisk04:53
tgBot1<Kieran> http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/sgdisk-walkthrough.html04:53
tgBot1<Catbirby> I am so lost right now on this...05:31
tgBot1<Catbirby> I am trying to create a new partiton that is ~10 GBs, yet I am unsure of where to insert the size value.05:33
tgBot1<Kieran> sgdisk doesn't use sizes, you need to give it a start and end sector number05:35
tgBot1<Catbirby> ye[, been trying that05:35
tgBot1<Kieran> can I see sgdisk -p /dev/whatever05:35
tgBot1<Catbirby> ```~ # sgdisk --print /dev/block/mmcblk0p30 … Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0p30: 26058719 sectors, 12.4 GiB … Logical sector size: 512 bytes … Disk identifier (GUID): 2BA98B92-1E1E-4594-879B-1C56C9734FA6 … Partition table holds up to 128 entries … First usable sector is 34, last usable sector is 26058685 … Partitions will be aligned on 2048-sector boundaries … Total free space is 2014 sectors (1007.0 KiB) … Number  Start (sector)    End (05:36
tgBot1Name …   10            2048        26058685   12.4 GiB    8300   … ~ # sgdisk --new 2048:2100000 /dev/block/mmcblk0p30 … Could not create partition 2048 from 2100000 to 2047 … Error encountered; not saving changes.```05:36
tgBot1<Catbirby> the two commands I was trying05:36
tgBot1<Kieran> `sgdisk -p /dev/block/mmcblk0`?05:36
tgBot1<Kieran> mmcblk0p30 is a partition itself, not the disk05:36
tgBot1<Kieran> at the moment you have a parition on mmcblk0, and the partnum is 30, hence mmcblk0p3005:38
tgBot1<Catbirby> ```~ # sgdisk --print /dev/block/mmcblk0 … Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 30777344 sectors, 14.7 GiB … Logical sector size: 512 bytes … Disk identifier (GUID): 98101B32-BBE2-4BF2-A06E-2BB33D000C20 … Partition table holds up to 32 entries … First usable sector is 34, last usable sector is 30777310 … Partitions will be aligned on 2-sector boundaries … Total free space is 1526010 sectors (745.1 MiB) … Number  Start (sector)    End (sector) 05:38
tgBot1  1          131072          306143   85.5 MiB    0700  radio …    2          393216          399359   3.0 MiB     FFFF  modemst1 …    3          399360          405503   3.0 MiB     FFFF  modemst2 …    4          524288          554287   14.6 MiB    8300  persist …    5          655360          656919   780.0 KiB   FFFF  m9kefs1 …    6          656920          658479   780.0 KiB   FFFF  m9kefs2 …    7          786432          787991   780.0 KiB 05:38
tgBot1    787992          794135   3.0 MiB     FFFF  fsg …    9          917504          920503   1.5 MiB     FFFF  sbl1 …   10          920504          923503   1.5 MiB     FFFF  sbl2 …   11          923504          927599   2.0 MiB     FFFF  sbl3 …   12          927600          937839   5.0 MiB     FFFF  aboot …   13          937840          938863   512.0 KiB   FFFF  rpm …   14         1048576         1081343   16.0 MiB    FFFF  boot …   15       05:38
tgBot1512.0 KiB   FFFF  tz …   16         1180672         1180673   1024 bytes  FFFF  pad …   17         1180674         1183673   1.5 MiB     FFFF  sbl2b …   18         1183674         1187769   2.0 MiB     FFFF  sbl3b …   19         1187770         1198009   5.0 MiB     FFFF  abootb …   20         1198010         1199033   512.0 KiB   FFFF  rpmb …   21         1199034         1200057   512.0 KiB   FFFF  tzb …   22         1310720         3031039   05:38
tgBot123         3031040         4177919   560.0 MiB   8300  cache …   24         4194304         4196351   1024.0 KiB  FFFF  misc …   25         4325376         4345855   10.0 MiB    FFFF  recovery …   26         4456448         4456463   8.0 KiB     FFFF  DDR …   27         4456464         4456479   8.0 KiB     FFFF  ssd …   28         4456480         4456481   1024 bytes  FFFF  m9kefsc …   29         4587520         4587583   32.0 KiB    FFFF  metad05:38
tgBot1      30777310   12.4 GiB    8300  userdata```05:38
tgBot1<Catbirby> oh wow that's spammy, my bad05:38
tgBot1<Catbirby> https://gist.github.com/anonymous/2a02412887d7ff1fad36e504828528bd05:39
tgBot1<Kieran> I don't know what the partitions between cache and userdata are for, they don't look very safe to move05:41
tgBot1<Kieran> you might be able to get away with merging system and cache, and making a new cache out of userdata05:42
tgBot1<Kieran> I think as long as the names and partition numbers match, it won't matter where they are, but I haven't really tested that05:42
tgBot1<Catbirby> Oh, I see what you mean. Okay05:43
tgBot1<Catbirby> oh great, since I'm using twrp via fastboot cache hold my sgdisk commands and stuff05:47
tgBot1<Catbirby> Yeah, I'm not able to delete cache05:53
tgBot1<Kieran> when you say you can't delete cache, what exactly happens?06:20
tgBot1<Catbirby> It tells me `can't remove '/cache': Device or resource busy`06:22
tgBot1<Kieran> can you unmount it?06:23
tgBot1<Kieran> oh, that is unmounting it06:23
tgBot1<Kieran> this is with twrp installed?06:23
tgBot1<Catbirby> Yes06:26
tgBot1<Catbirby> Honestly, I think for now I'm just going to try to install openstore on the stable version of ubuntu touch and see how that works out.06:26
tgBot1<Kieran> fair enough, I couldn't find the beginning of the conversation to figure out what the actual goal was here :)06:27
tgBot1<Catbirby> Oh, yeah. What I was trying to do was to install applications onto ubuntu touch https://t.me/ubports/9741106:29
tgBot1<Catbirby> Thank you for taking your time to try to help me tho 😅06:32
tgBot1<Kieran> no worries06:32
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Ok broheims, I'm going to move my MX4 to Xenial dev branch to give him some purpose now that he's been outmoded by my MP5. Help me get him through his midlife crisis!08:54
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Where are scopes stored? Is it possible to copy them from one device to another? Is it just one file per scope or several/a directory? I would like to get those of the limited Venn Diagram intersection between the categories "came from Canonical's store" and "still works" ^_^08:56
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> And hell, I guess it would be good to archive the non-functional ones, just in case a dev gets them working again.08:59
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I'll ditto that question for clicks. I think someone said it's possible to compile a click if you have the app but can't access the Canonical store- essentially pure reverse engineering? Any advice/documentation about that please?09:09
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Kind of overriding those questions is: if I go to Xenial, am I at risk of either clicks or scopes just uninstalling/deleting? I'm fine with them being non-functional, but I don't want to lose them. If the answer is no risk, then I can pretty much go ahead with the upgrade right this minute.09:31
tgBot1<Sören> Can anyone tell me the difference between the stable and the devil channel? I found no good answer online and in the documentation. :(09:36
tgBot1Ricardo was added by: Ricardo09:38
tgBot1<Ricardo> Good morning: I installed ubuntu in nexus 5 and in stable, rc and development I can not detect any pendrive.ha someone else has happened.is a bug?09:38
tgBot1<gab11010> @Sören, As I understand, the stable version is the one supposed to be used as a daily driver (the one you can use normally).  … The dev channel is used by developers and testers for improving the next release of ubports.09:40
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Yes, if you have a secondary phone or tablet, you can try out devel on it. But for example, I wouldn't recommend doing it on your phone which makes calls on a regular basis, has the primary SIM card, etc.09:42
tgBot1<Sören> @gab11010 @TartanSpartan , thank for the answer!09:47
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> @flohack @neothethird @mariogrip @Stereofont just tagging you to nudge about my questions.09:48
tgBot1<Stereofont> @gab11010, Now that we are approaching 16.04, that is themes cutting edge and development channel on 15.04 has a diminished relevance09:48
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> (Sticker, 360x512) https://irc.ubports.com/QlDBOE1e/file_386909:48
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> And because as Europeans you are most likely to be awake just now :P09:49
tgBot1<Ricardo> (Photo, 1080x1920) https://irc.ubports.com/k8TqiPdR/file_3871.jpg09:50
tgBot1<Stereofont> https://www.npmjs.com/package/click-parser09:50
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Interesting! This runs natively on the phone?09:51
tgBot1<peternerlich> @Ricardo, Welcome Ricardo! To get up to speed, please read https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome. I canot say much about that issue. Have you already made sure the card sits firmly in its slot?09:56
tgBot1<Flohack> @TartanSpartan, Hmm maybe you want to start a forum post about this? Your questions get lost here and might be interesting for others09:56
tgBot1<Stereofont> Never tried this tool but I think it runs only on PC. You may need Clickable installed too, to utilise for UT09:56
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I'll do that soon Flo, I just hope the topic doesn't get ignored and orphaned.09:57
tgBot1<Flohack> For the scopes I cant answer your questions, but for the clicks its easy: You need the source code, which is neither in Canonical store nor in Openstore. Not all developers put their code on Github. So some apps might be lost forever09:57
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> But what about the click-parser?09:57
tgBot1<peternerlich> And hi @Catbirby! You haven't officially been welcome yet, either. So, here you go! ✋️ https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome09:58
tgBot1<Flohack> @TartanSpartan, What you mean?09:58
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> And @Stereofont does that mean it's possible to copy directories pertaining to a click on a UT device, import those to a PC and then build the click from there?09:59
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Flo, see the click-parser app Lionel linked to.09:59
tgBot1<Stereofont> @TartanSpartan, Brian will know the detail about that but he is fast asleep10:00
tgBot1<Flohack> @TartanSpartan, Hmm that just extracts infos from the click file.  Its metadata10:00
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> North American?10:00
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> OIC.10:00
tgBot1<Flohack> A click is a packaging format, not a binary format to be executed. Inside the package are binaries from the compilation. Or the link to a webpage. Or such stuff10:01
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Granted, not many or perhaps even any of these clicks are red line must haves I need to import or else, but still, it would be nice.10:01
tgBot1<Flohack> Stefano made a backup copy of the Canonical store for emergencies ,)10:03
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Haha perhaps I shall contact him about that then! If he made an easy way to parse it e.g. by stars, heart ratings etc then that would be absolutely perfect. But not critical for now.10:04
tgBot1<Flohack> I think its just a plain dump ^^10:04
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> But it has all clicks they ever released?10:05
tgBot1<Flohack> maybe, you have to ask him10:05
tgBot1Lugnadash was added by: Lugnadash10:06
tgBot1<Lugnadash> hi all10:06
tgBot1<Lugnadash> my name is denis10:06
tgBot1<Lugnadash> i new this goup10:06
tgBot1<Lugnadash> buy i learn inglesh10:06
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hi @Lugnadash! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. To get started, please read https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!10:06
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Ok, cheers Flo.10:06
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Let's just take it back to my most crucial query:10:07
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> If I go to Xenial, am I at risk of either clicks or scopes just uninstalling/deleting? I'm fine with them being non-functional, but I don't want to lose them. If the answer is no risk, then I can pretty much go ahead with the upgrade right this minute.10:08
tgBot1<Lugnadash> when they put app whatsaap10:08
tgBot1<Lugnadash> ?10:08
tgBot1<Lugnadash> in this system10:08
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Denis when Anbox works10:08
tgBot1<Lugnadash> ok10:08
tgBot1<Lugnadash> what is ANBOX?10:08
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Android app compatability layer.10:09
tgBot1<peternerlich> @Lugnadash, https://ubports.com/blog/latest-news-1/post/android-apps-on-ubuntu-touch-with-anbox-10710:09
tgBot1<Lugnadash> aaa10:09
tgBot1<Lugnadash> ok tnks =)10:09
tgBot1<Flohack> @TartanSpartan, Well nothing gets uninstalled or deleted by the flash tool. But of course who knows what happens? I would not go to Xenial atm, tbh, except you are a developer. Not even Openstore works 😆10:10
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> It's cool man. Just want to try it out. And especially see how the updated packages in Libertine play. And to try out Anbox as soon you get it working for Qualcomm/arale.10:11
tgBot1<peternerlich> @Lugnadash We won't see any native Whatsapp version because they do their best to shut down such attempts (probably because they want the control over which data they gather), but don't benefit from making an app for UT by themselfes.10:12
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> As I said, my MX4 is now my tertiary device, certainly not a daily driver, and shifting it to Xenial is the best way I can make use of it before selling it.10:12
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Also, I take it I can revert to Vivid at any time, and knocking on wood for luck, nothing should break/get lost?10:13
tgBot1<Ricardo> Yes, I put it in a bq e4.5 and if I detect it and I can see its contents10:13
tgBot1<Lugnadash> @peternerlich, will not have this sistem Whatsaap?10:14
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> No not directly on Ubports, only via Anbox.10:14
tgBot1<DanChapman> @TartanSpartan, there's no guarantee's that nothing will break or get lost right now swtiching between vivid/xenial. For instance i can't flash back to vivid from xenial on my bq right now.10:15
tgBot1<peternerlich> @Lugnadash, Anbox will make Android apps run on UT without needing to make a new version10:15
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Well, I'll risk it, all valuable app and file data has been shunted to my MP5.10:16
tgBot1<Lugnadash> @peternerlich, ok , i whait the new version =)10:19
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Lugnadash, What is your main language Denis?10:36
tgBot1<Lugnadash> i know spain or russian10:36
tgBot1<Lugnadash> but i interesting learn inglesh because i think this lenguage is beatiful10:37
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Lugnadash, Which one is the language you usually speak each day?10:38
tgBot1<Lugnadash> spain10:38
tgBot1<Lugnadash> spanich10:39
tgBot1<Stereofont> https://t.me/UBPorts_ES10:39
tgBot1<Lugnadash> ok=)10:39
tgBot1<Stereofont> You are very welcome here but it is a good idea to join the Spanish group also10:39
tgBot1<Lugnadash> thnks =)10:40
tgBot1<Stereofont> Maybe you can find a 2013 Nexus 7 tablet at a low price, so that you can experiment with Ubuntu Touch10:40
tgBot1<Javacookies> just a comment though, there's still no 16.04 builds for Nexus 7 so I'm not sure if it's future-proof10:42
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Javacookies, If it is like €40-50 it might be fun. A phone later…10:44
tgBot1<Javacookies> well, yeah it depends on his intentions and of course budget :D10:46
tgBot1<Stereofont> Exactly. I can afford to play. Not everyone can11:08
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Ok guys, time for arale to level up using EXP points to 16.04! Wish me luck :)11:21
tgBot1<Cesar_Herrera> @TartanSpartan, It is very interesting that there are differences of appreciation depending on the language of each one.11:36
tgBot1<Gabriele> Goodmorning, a quick question: what Android version will bring anbox? Will be easy to update it? Thanks :)11:44
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Cesar_Herrera, My native language is English, so I don't think this is a matter of language at all. Having said that, this group is used by people with many different languages and we should respect that, in the way we choose to express ourselves11:54
tgBot1<Gabriele> What's the difference between that way of running android apps compared to other ways like Jolla or blackberry?11:54
tgBot1Rremmyy was added by: Rremmyy11:56
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Gabriele, Anbox will be a 'plugin' in Ubuntu Touch 16.04. I don't know whether apk that require Android Nougat as a minimum will run or whether Marshmallow apk will be supported?11:56
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Rremmyy, Welcome Remy! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪11:57
tgBot1<Rremmyy> Thanks. 😁11:58
tgBot1<gab11010> @Stereofont, Not just language, also social and cultural background. Do we have a "picture" (age, gender, country...) of ubports community?11:58
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Gabriele, Step forward, experts on Jolla and BlackBerry 😎11:58
tgBot1<Stereofont> @gab11010, On gender, it seems 99% male. Which I find very disturbing. Recent unfortunate comments do nothing to improve that situation 😐11:59
tgBot1<Stereofont> @gab11010, On country,  we can get some idea from downloads ISPs. UK, Germany and France by far the biggest12:01
tgBot1<gab11010> survey is coming?12:01
tgBot1<Stereofont> @gab11010, No survey is planned. Probably those with the most used languages would be more likely to fill it in - so not very scientific12:03
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Is it common for the Ubports Installer GUI program to hang? Or does it just take quite a while? The log says the whole recovery.img for arale has been downloaded.12:04
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> This is the 0.1.8 AppImage12:04
tgBot1<gab11010> @Stereofont, Atrue12:09
tgBot1@kim was added by: @kim12:26
tgBot1<RoyNL> (Photo, 800x105) https://irc.ubports.com/0E3HKF5T/file_3873.jpg12:42
tgBot1<RoyNL> Trying to install anbox on m10fhd but get error. What to do?12:42
tgBot1<Gabriele> @Stereofont, Thanks you :) I know blackberry 10 since many years, when it was still the only os of blackberry. I bought the first jolla to try it out.12:44
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hi @kim! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please take a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!12:53
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Having trouble upgrading to Xenial on my arale with sudo ubuntu-device-flash —server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch —device=arale —channel=ubports-touch/16.04/devel —verbose —bootstrap.13:00
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> The text on the device's screen in fastboot mode said "is not a boot image" or words along those lines.13:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I also tried to use ubports-installer in the terminal for verbose output, but the instructions for doing that on github don't seem to work.13:09
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> @neothethird your insight here would be appreciated.13:10
tgBot1<neothethird> the installer doesn't work?13:11
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I triedit in GUI, but it seemed to hang so I want the CLI version.13:12
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> $ ./cli.js … Is meaningless to my desktop, Ubuntu 16.04. Back in half an hour or so.13:13
tgBot1<neothethird> @TartanSpartan, is the file there?13:13
tgBot1<neothethird> wait, did you paste the command with the $ sign? you need to ommit that13:17
tgBot1<neothethird> but i'd still recommend the gui, since with the cli version you need to specify the correct settings for everything yourself13:18
tgBot1<neothethird> just run `./setup-dev.sh` and start the gui from the terminal with `npm start`, then you'll have verbose output on stdout and stderr13:19
tgBot1<neothethird> or just look into `~/.cache/ubports/ubports-installer.log`13:22
tgBot1<neothethird> for the log of the last run13:22
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I think I neglected the dollar, but will check. Currently doing a grocery shop so not home quite yet. Thanks for the tips!13:48
tgBot1Caliner was added by: Caliner14:10
tgBot1<Stereofont> Hello Michael. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!14:27
tgBot1<Caliner> Thank you, hello everyone :) … I'm happy to see that so many people are here14:38
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Caliner, So many plus 1 more 🤗14:41
tgBot1<Stereofont> Anything we can help with? Do you know that we have a German group?14:41
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Stereofont, Though you could be from US or Canada … 😀14:44
tgBot1<debb1046> no landscape mode for xenial on frieza?14:44
tgBot1<Stereofont> @debb1046, Probably nobody on who has tried. Your question may get buried in other messages so you may have to ask again later14:49
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> It's a bug. Default is portrait and rotation doesn't work.15:18
tgBot1<gab11010> @UniversalSuperBox, Do you have the link to the issue to follow it up?15:50
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> No, but I could search for it15:51
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/39315:51
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> there you go15:51
tgBot1<gab11010> thanks 👏👏👏15:51
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Dalton, I was thinking about Anbox and something hit me. You're aware of the fragmentation between phone and tablet apps there, right? Some developers are shortsighted and don't make one app with a scalable (convergent if you will) UI which works equally well on a phone or a tablet. These people develop specifically and seperately for phones and tablets in some cases.15:53
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> I suppose that's a problem you accept if you're running an Android app15:54
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> But then, what happens if we try to run a phone apk on an M10? Or conversely, a tablet apk on a Pro 5?15:55
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> It won't look good15:55
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> So is there a way in Fdroid and whatever other distribution platforms to check whether the apk is phone, tablet or convergence-optimised before we go to install it and test?15:56
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Within Anbox I mean.15:56
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> I don't think any store except Google Play has that type of granularity15:57
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> And there it's magic15:57
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Might it be possible to tell from file size?15:57
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> Unlikely15:57
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Have the team discussed this issue before during planning?15:58
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> I don't think there's actually an issue here. It's the same experience as you get on Android. If you install a tablet app on a phone, it looks bad. If an app is really only designed for one or the other, it'll usually say in its description.15:59
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I guess, but I mean, wouldn't Fdroid kind of be obliged to offer whatever version for whatever device Android (and now Anbox) users own?15:59
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/AWNZ0kYL/file_3876.jpg16:01
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> Those are the filters available in f-droid16:01
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> It does not separate tablet and phone apps.16:02
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Interesting. This is all new to me as I didn't use Fdroid when I had Android devices as my daily drivers.16:02
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> I don't think this is an issue16:02
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I trust you, and in any event, we can see for ourselves when Anbox moves out of alpha.16:05
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> Do you ever miss important updates in the UBports Community?  You can stop missing things by subscribing to our Telegram News Channel.  It's just one click here:  https://t.me/ubports_news16:10
tgBot1<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, the same thing that happens when you do it on android16:17
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Thing is, I think Google Play Store prevented you from installing the wrong kind of form factor in an apk, so it never really became a consideration there.16:19
tgBot1<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, play store has a thing where an app can say it only works on phones, and on a tablet you can't install it, but i have no idea how that actually works.16:19
tgBot1<dohbee> and it would surely be easy to hack around, if you run AOSP instead of stock Android16:19
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Si si senor.16:21
tgBot1<DanChapman> @dohbee, You do it from the "Play Console" UI where you can either pick all devices or selected and exclude individual devices. So it's tied to your playstore account and not in the actual apk metadata.16:23
tgBot1<dohbee> No. It's tied to the app. Publisher specifies I guess.16:25
tgBot1<DanChapman> And it's only for devices that are in google's device catalog so it doesn't cover everything16:25
tgBot1<DanChapman> @dohbee, sure that's what i meant. You do it per app in your play store console.16:27
tgBot1<dohbee> Ok16:28
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Is Fdroid's repository of apps available to view from a web browser?16:43
tgBot1<DanChapman> https://f-droid.org/en/packages/16:44
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Boom!16:47
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> And how keen are we on the prospect of allowing Amazon services, such as Audible and Kindle?16:49
tgBot1<dohbee> I don't understand why that's a problem?16:50
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Um I wasn't proposing a problem? I was asking if it's feasible for us to do.16:51
tgBot1<dohbee> Oh. I don't see why they wouldn't work in anbox16:52
tgBot1<dohbee> Unless the require play services16:52
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Provided the user is ok with getting their apks independently from Google Play Store?16:52
tgBot1<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, Sorry, your wording read more like "do we want to allow it?"16:53
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Well I guess yeah, there was the implication of, are these apps too closely tied in to Google to prevent people from wanting to permit their use in Ubuntu Touch's Anbox.16:55
tgBot1<dohbee> If play services can be installed via gapps, then it should be up to each user to decide what they wish to use.16:57
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Gotcha.16:57
tgBot1<dohbee> If gapps can't be installed, then, well, some things just won't work.16:58
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Posted a small tutorial on the UBPorts Forum on how to make a QT project with a C++ plugin with the clickable tool that lets you feed a GUI-list through the C++ plugin. Im a newbie to QT and it was a bit tricky to figure it out myself so I thought I'd share my findings. Can find it at: https://forums.ubports.com/topic/913/tutorial-on-how-to-create-qt-app-with-c-plugin-and-embedd-c-class18:09
tgBot1<per_sonne> There's a lot going on here, but you know how I keep the peace18:09
tgBot1<per_sonne> https://youtu.be/fZv_TARX3lI18:11
tgBot1<debb1046> Is there a way to adb into the anbox container?18:21
tgBot1<unknown> Yes18:31
tgBot1<unknown> I have never tried Anbox on UT - but on Ubuntu desktop … Try to install adb on your mobile device and execute adb on terminal or via ssh or whatever18:33
tgBot1<debb1046> I doubt that would work. There is already the Android container running that holds the drivers and such for UT and that's listeing on the standard port for adb. So the anbox would have to be on a different port?18:39
tgBot1<stuiterveer> @debb1046, If you want to connect to anbox on your pc you can just connect to it using regular adb commands. See if you can find the anbox device with “adb devices”18:46
tgBot1<stuiterveer> The server is running on the computer, the clients can connect to it just fine even if multiple devices are connected18:48
tgBot1<DC7IA> Wow. There's a lot going on in this great. So much that I don't see news. :/18:51
tgBot1<debb1046> Hmm, so I have anbox not on the desktop but on the tablet that is running anbox. If, on the desktop I "adb shell" I get a shell into Ubuntu touch not into the anbox container.18:52
tgBot1<unknown> And if you connect via ssh and then type "adb devices"18:58
tgBot1<debb1046> UT doesn't have adb installed19:00
tgBot1<stuiterveer> @debb1046, Yeah that’s probably the issue. I don’t know if you can adb through an adb device19:00
tgBot1<stuiterveer> What you can try is turning on adb over network in anbox19:02
tgBot1<unknown> @debb1046, Can you install it?19:16
tgBot1<debb1046> Thanks all for the input. I'm giving up for today.19:18
tgBot1<stuiterveer> @debb1046, Aww man, now we’re all waiting in suspense! At least I am...19:21
tgBot1<per_sonne> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/SA7GVfYD/file_388119:22
tgBot1<dohbee> Not cool with the sexist slave Leia, which is totally unrelated to that quote19:26
tgBot1<adriamm> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/qZMh58B6/file_388219:30
tgBot1<per_sonne> @dohbee, I didn't do the stickers, man...19:30
tgBot1<per_sonne> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/yICoKxXe/file_3883.webp19:31
tgBot1<dohbee> You used it though. You made the decision to use an inappropriate sticker in here.19:32
tgBot1<per_sonne> OK. Cool.19:32
tgBot1<unknown> @stuiterveer, Me too 😂🙈19:35
tgBot1<dohbee> @per_sonne, No. Sexism is not cool.19:43
tgBot1CodyMills was added by: CodyMills19:54
tgBot1<Stereofont> @CodyMills, Welcome Codes! Ask questions, join in. Glad to have you in our community. https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome for lots of newcomer information 🚪20:00
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Can anyone who has upgraded their MX4 from VIvid to Xenial, whether by ubports-installer, ubuntu-device-flash or some other method, please say so here?21:06
tgBot1<delijati> is the ubports currently using any gms, wifi locatization service ?21:10
tgBot1<Stereofont> @delijati, As I understand it, UT uses Mozilla location data from wifi initially, then switches to GPS21:23
tgBot1<Stereofont> If Mozilla data is poor in your area you can augment it using Mozilla Stumbler21:25
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I'm also wondering if it's possible, rather than using fastboot, to boot to recovery and flash a Xenial recovery.img to upgrade that way? Does any such image exist?21:27
tgBot1<NikosChat> @TartanSpartan, I used ubuntu-device-flash. But 16.04 is unusable on MX4. Unity 8 stops responding after 2-3 seconds21:34
tgBot1<jonny> The ubports installer does not start due to a segmention fault. Am I the only one?22:49
tgBot1<jonny> And after reinstalling I get an error message once: No schema files found: doing nothing.22:55
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> @jonny, open an issue here https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/issues22:58
tgBot1<mateosalta> anyone know where to find the source for the default background of ubports23:20
tgBot1<nfsprodriver> Default background?23:26
tgBot1<mateosalta> yep, the orange purple one with lines23:27
tgBot1<mateosalta> maybe it was just on the login screen23:29
tgBot1<nfsprodriver> Lately I resized my xenial rootfs on my N5. Now OTAs aren't installed anymore (refound after every reboot). On vivid it worked (using ATU by @KrisJacewicz ). Any idea, how to fix this? Which permissions should /user-data/system.img have? mine is rw-r--r--23:33
tgBot1<dohbee> Designers are notoriously bad at keeping "sources" for such things. Hopefully the shipped file is svg23:34
tgBot1<mateosalta> hopefully23:34
tgBot1<mateosalta> i'm working on alternate gradient colors23:34
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @dohbee, One thing I would like to see when Anbox hits, is this: … A very stern warning that your privacy is being jeopardized each time anything Anbox launches. … I thought something like this: … "Free software is the only software that is open to independent and public review.  Android is not free software and it may be spying on you as well as its apps.  Use at your own risk"   … Something that reminds people that native Ubuntu Tou23:55
tgBot1always the best option.23:55

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