doomsi got a problem on ubuntu 18.0416:05
doomseverytime i try to sudo nemo, nautilus, or gedit, i got this message gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:016:06
doomsEither in french or english, i try to find if a lib was KO, but it seems to be OK, i reinstall & purge few of thems16:08
doomsanyone can help me ?16:08
doomseven xhost + (for a try, i know its not secure) say the same or near 16:09
dooms"unable to open display :O"16:09
doomsi'm back. so does anyone can help me ?16:44
TJ-dooms: sounds like the common Wayland issue16:58
doomsTJ- and what should i do so ?17:12
TJ-dooms: I thought the "xhost..." command was the fix for that but you may need alternative options17:16
doomsOk TJ- but the xhost gave me the same answer. that's why i'm in the blur. i dont find any commandes after that one that can work17:51
TJ-dooms: the alternative is at the greeter screen to change the session via the cog icon to "Ubuntu on Xorg"17:52
doomsTJ-: i will give a try and gave u info about in few minutes17:53
CoJaBokubuntu bionic is pretty decently broken on this 32-bit system. got firefox to start on it tho =D20:51
CoJaBoplasma doesn't start at all, and systemsettings app dumps a unch of shader errors and a blank window20:52
tsimonq2I'll look into it when I have the chance unless acheronuk (hi) feels inclined)20:54
acheronukI can't test 32 bit sadly. Also though it should not break things as it's just bugfix update, but plasma 5.11.5 is/was only half done build when the archive went into semi-freeze for meltdown fixes. There are still builds yet to complete20:56
acheronuk*can't test outside a VM20:57
tsimonq2grrrr irssi20:58
acheronukCoJaBo: also, is this with the Plasma beta PPA, or just straight bionic?20:58
CoJaBoacheronuk: I haven't tried the ppa yet21:07
CoJaBoShould I?21:08
acheronukCoJaBo: ok. not necessarily. just trying to clarify the stae of the install that does not work for you21:08
CoJaBoacheronuk: The version in the beta is the one that'll actually ship tho isn't it? So would it be a better idea to test with that?21:11
acheronukCoJaBo: our intention is to ship the final 18.04 release with Plasma 5.12.4, yes.  21:13
CoJaBoacheronuk: what was the link tothe install for that then?21:31
acheronukCoJaBo: https://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-12-lts-beta-available-ppa-for-testing-on-artful-bionic/21:31
CoJaBowow my connection is slow :/21:37
CoJaBoGonna restart to see if it works.. This is the only working system I have at the moment, so if I'm not back in a few mins, it broke everything =D22:09
CoJaBoacheronuk: No change at all, still segfaults :/22:16
acheronukwith what message?22:17
CoJaBo..actually, maybe not; it's still showing the same thing (black screen with working mouse cursor), but the segfault in dmesg is gone..22:19
CoJaBoacheronuk: KCrash: Application Name = plasmashell path = /usr/bin pid = 124022:20
CoJaBotHATS THE MESSAGE I GET WHEN TRYING TO START `plasmashell` from konsole22:20
CoJaBoHeres the full log of that attempt: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26433608/22:23
acheronukmaybe remove contents of ~/.cache and /var/tmp/kdecache-'yourloginname'22:24
CoJaBodo i have to reboot after that?22:25
acheronukrestart X/display manager would be enough I think, but a reboot would make sure22:26
CoJaBono change :/22:32
CoJaBosystemsettings fails too with this error repeating several times "QOpenGLShader: could not create shader" it opens a window with all black content22:34
CoJaBoFirefox starts and runs fine tho22:35
CoJaBoI get an error about "Intel audio falling back to default" several minutes after reboot, tho its too quick to read all of what it says. Audio seems to work fine nonetheless22:37
acheronukwhat versions of plasma have worked on this machine before?22:38
CoJaBoThis is my first Kubuntu install attempt on a 32-bit machine in many years22:39
CoJaBoIts a Dell Dimension 4600i; Pentium 4, 3GB RAM, with NVIDIA Corporation NV11 [GeForce2 MX/MX 400] (rev b2) video card22:41
acheronukcould be that the graphics is simply too old to support running current plasma release. it does happen22:41
CoJaBoIt has onboard Intelgrated graphics too, but it did the same thing22:42
CoJaBoIs there a work-around possible, or should I try another distro?22:43
acheronukCoJaBo: quick google lands me on stuff like this: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/kde@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/Z2F7HCA7Z3HGPLSLJHDJT6CPOXLKCU6R/22:45
acheronukfiguring out a working solution on hardware that old can be very tricky22:45
CoJaBoIs there a way I can install something other than plasma to get a taskbar, but keep the rest of KDE? Or is that likely to be too much work lol..22:47
TJ-CoJaBo: the issue is likely that plasma defaults to requiring hardware GPU acceleration and /a LOT/ of video RAM for all it's effects22:47
CoJaBoTJ-: Is there a way to disable it, or is there no logner a fallback?22:48
TJ-CoJaBo: I've got laptops with nvidia 256MB and although it'll start plasma, as soon as it is running applications I see windows that are not rendered correctly or are black, icons go black as they get uncached, and there are warnings in the logs that show it ran out of video RAM22:49
acheronukdoesn't use that much ram nowadays, and it should fall back to lower requirements where they are compatible22:49
acheronukCoJaBo: you can mess around like that, but may be easier just do do a lxqt session, and install run KDE stuff you want on top of that?22:51
acheronuktsimonq2: ^^^ ?22:51
CoJaBoacheronuk: If I can just install something to replace plasma for the taskbar, that'll likely be enough22:51
acheronuklxqt-panel I assume22:53
tsimonq2What you need me for? :P22:54
acheronuktsimonq2: cherry pick some lxqt stuff to get a working session? or just go with it fully?22:55
acheronukthough I can guess what you'd prefer :P22:55
tsimonq2acheronuk: LXQt was made modular with 0.12, you can mix and match however you'd like :D22:57
CoJaBoIs that the Lubuntu shell?23:00
tsimonq2CoJaBo: Not by default, no.23:01
CoJaBoWhat is the one used in Lubuntu?23:01
tsimonq2Although we're in the process of moving to LXQt23:01
CoJaBoI'll try lxqt first then..23:01
CoJaBoOnly other AGP card i have is a V3800M, which is even suckier lol23:09
CoJaBoanother reboot.. :/23:15
CoJaBotsimonq2: installing lxqt-panel didn't change anything, and trying to manually start `lxqt-panel` just hangs after this message:  (0xbf9f999c) Warning: "Icon Theme not set. Fallbacking to Oxygen, if installed"23:21
tsimonq2Hm :/23:24
CoJaBothat's probably not a good sign :/23:25
CoJaBoIt's almost a shame Firefox works great, because that'd be the main use of this thing lol..23:26

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