sadmin_I have video issue with ubuntu mate on my Pi300:24
sadmin_someone can help me ?00:24
ircfani want to thank all those people who helped to make ubuntu mate to something special07:15
ircfani tried quite a few distros in the past and ubuntu mate is closest to what i like and need07:16
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mate|47871Οταν μπαινω στο ιντερνετ απο το mozilla μου βγαζει αερχικη σελιδα το ubudu.Θελω να μου βγαζει το google.gr . Το εχω προσπαθησει απο τις προτημισεις και δεν γινετε τιποτα.Γιατι ?10:26
mate|piterkeWitam czy jest mozliwosc by  spod linuxa zrotowac telefon12:51
diogenes_mate|piterke, czyli jak?12:52
mate|piterkemam telefon samsunga a wszystkie programy do rotowania sa pisane pod windowsa12:53
diogenes_co to rotowanie robi?12:54
mate|piterkenp moge ybedne apki systemowe pousuwac no i nstalowac programy na karcie pamieci12:55
diogenes_nie wiem czy to mozlywie ale mozesz poszukac w synaptic package manager12:57
diogenes_wpisz tam android12:57
mate|piterkehm zerkne i tam13:01
ircfanis english not the prefered language of this channel?14:19
diogenes_ircfan, yes but if I happen to know the client's language, I try not to redirect him anywhere else14:22
ircfanknowing that as reason does not help me14:23
diogenes_help you with what?14:24
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mate|piterkeKoledzy czy virtual box tylko moge  uruchomic z terminala zainstalowalem go ale nie ma zadnej ikony z ktorej  moge go odpalic18:29
diogenes_mate|piterke, resetuj18:30
swift110hey all19:12
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Guest20601I have a question regarding writing files to cd or dvd in Ubuntu Mate20:09
Guest20601There is no "write to disc" anyplace in the CD/DVD creator.  I have tried both of my external usb burner drives with no luck.20:11
jojoeuse brasero to burn on cd dvd20:11
Guest20601so I cant just burn files to a disc from within the file manager?20:12
jojoeyou could do "open with" and choose your app there I guess20:14
Guest20601hmm ok  thx20:14

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