Neo4read this "The mydestination parameter specifies what domains this machine will deliver locally, instead of forwarding to another machine." and let's break down this together05:20
Neo4what will mean if I do (mydestination = kselax.ru)??? I read here and don't understand anything https://rudd-o.com/linux-and-free-software/setting-up-a-mail-server-using-postfix-in-5-minutes05:21
Neo4let's postfix know which domail will delivered?05:22
Neo4don't know how in practice test it05:23
Neo4I have real domain kselax.ru05:23
Neo4if I put it there it will mean postfix will delivered my message from this domain? And what is it on practice, Who can bring a real examples?05:24
Neo4Just simple examples who he/she consider it must be?05:24
Neo4what does mean deliver mail direct and indirect?06:12
Neo4indirect we use relay-host? What is it?06:13
Neo4What is relay-host?06:13
Neo4Can we call any domain like FQDN?06:30
Neo4blabla@gmail.com is it FQDN?06:30
Neo4What is USE ?06:48
Neo4USE ( unsolicited commercial email )06:48
Neo4SPAM in other words06:48
Neo4send USE )06:49
Neo490% of mails are USE (unsolicited commercial email)s06:49
Neo4exists UCE policy restriction06:51
Neo4my postmaster is admin on my mailserver?06:51
Neo4he must accept all server errors06:52
Neo4might be in ubuntu many apps inform or log errors on root + @ + hostname and post server only postmaster + @ + hostname06:57
Neo4hostname and domainname is differ notions06:57
Neo4domain server name DNS06:58
Neo4and hostname is name of your computer06:58
Neo4what is localhost? is it hostname?06:58
Neo4what is this ip
Neo1horde vs squirrelmail vs roundcube?09:29
Neo1this is equal software?09:29
Neo1What is we called "webmail"?09:29
Neo1Webmail is any email client implemented as a web application running on a web server.09:30
Neo1is it real mail term?09:30
Neo1webmail any software that is running on mail server09:30
Neo1I'm wrong09:34
Neo1webmail is email client running on web server09:35
Neo1php client09:35
Neo1webmail apps are squirrelmail, hord and roundcube09:42
Neo1the most popular is roundcube09:43
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rostamHello I am using ubuntu server version 16.04, I have set up a static ip address in /etc/network/interface and have set up the gateway, netmask, broad case, dns server addresses. I can ssh in and out of the system. But some one address resolution fails, I have to hard code ipaddress. Not sure what or where else I should check. I have set up another system eaclty the same way with no issue.  Please help, many thanks in advance.23:48

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