zmoylan-pijust when you thought australia had run out of ways to try and hurt you... https://cosmosmagazine.com/biology/australian-raptors-start-fires-to-flush-out-prey01:17
penguin42fun isn't it01:19
penguin42apparently the native peoples had known it for centuries01:20
zmoylan-piin 70s humans were top of the heap as we were only tool users...01:20
zmoylan-pican't listen to the natives, they haven't been to college...01:21
CoderEuropeMornin' sorry for trollin' | but wat is the XPS 15 laptop for linux (for a frien).09:50
CoderEurope^ ?09:50
CoderEuropeno answer - so no laptop, then :V09:51
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:54
GargoyleHey all.13:22
GargoyleShould I be worried that my ~/.dbus directory is owned by root?13:22
diddledanGargoyle: I don't have a ~/.dbus directory, so I'd imagine it probably isn't being used?17:13
Gargoylediddledan: Looks that way, actually. Only has one file last modified in november.18:40

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