tony-smlrAbout to go live with  SMLR E262 (1/21/2018) Video: http://youtu.be/SWaU2AVSehM12:33
cmaloneyrick_h: Congrats on the house appraisal. :)16:28
cmaloney(was re: Twitter)16:28
cmaloney(JoDee is my Twitter feed now)16:28
rick_hcmaloney: heh, yea yay!17:05
rick_hcmaloney: when I was in my teens my aunt/uncle moved and in the 10 years they lived there they sold it for 2x what they bought it for17:05
rick_hcmaloney: my 10 years almost has me break even heh17:05
cmaloneywelcome to the 2000s18:41
* cmaloney just finished grocery shopping.18:41
cmaloneynoticed a lot more shipt folks there18:42
jrwrenrick_h: mi sucks, right?21:00
jrwrenrick_h: if it makes you feel better, I still can't sell my Milan condo for what I paid for it in 2004.21:00
cmaloneygreg-g: Shipt is a service that partnered with Meijer21:12
cmaloneythey grocery shop for you21:12
cmaloneygig economy stuff21:12

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