Bashing-omQuenz: Best we see what the " System program problem detected " issue is .00:00
QuenzBashing-om Alright, well it gives me "Cancel" or "Report problem..." Maybe there's a log somewhere, but idk where it is00:00
tatertotsQuenz: those are just new "crashes"...no need to "look into"...we know what it was00:00
QuenzYou sure?00:01
QuenzI'm happy to look into it if you want Bashing-om, but tatertots says they know what it is00:01
tatertotsQuenz: are you curious to compare to http://termbin.com/jggj   i kinda sorta am curious...but honestly i could pass on finding out...but its your call at the end of the day buddy :)00:02
Quenztatertots All I really care about is fixing up this installation. If another paste or something would help, I'd be happy to give it00:03
Bashing-omQuenz: tatertots's call, then he has the lead once more .00:03
Quenztatertots But I'm not fussed00:03
Quenztatertots I can just reboot now if that's more reasonable00:03
Bashing-omQuenz: One can remove quiet splash from /etc/default/grub file and watch the boot messages :)00:05
QuenzBashing-om How do I do that?00:06
tatertotsQuenz: go ahead and do your rebooting....the "data" will just be even more "fresh" when you return :)00:06
QuenzRebooting now00:07
tatertotsQuenz: let me know when you're back00:09
tatertotsQuenz: let me know when done00:09
Quenztatertots Bashing-om flashing log on boot again00:09
tatertotsQuenz: good i will reveal00:09
Bashing-omQuenz: Can you activate a terminal at this time ?00:10
QuenzBashing-om Actually yes00:11
QuenzThis wasn't the case last time (unless I was hitting the wrong keys)00:11
QuenzIt might go away00:12
QuenzIt went away for a second. I brought it back. I think it's staying now00:12
QuenzI logged into the user account via terminal00:12
QuenzSo, what should I do from here?00:12
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Bashing-omQuenz: Presently I want to know that "you" are authorized to access your desktop . what shows ' ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority ' ?00:15
QuenzBashing-om '-rw------- 1 baz baz 2800 Jan 21 10:49 .ICEauthority'00:16
V7tomreyn, Just wanted to say thank you one more time out there. Have a good daytime there )00:17
Bashing-omQuenz: No .Xauthority file ?00:17
QuenzBashing-om I Typed the command you gave me, and gave you the output00:18
QuenzBashing-om I don't know. Where is the .Xauthority file?00:18
QuenzBashing-om I don't see one in ~/00:20
Bashing-omQuenz: Just do not know what to make of it that there is no .Xauthority file; We can make it up .00:20
QuenzBashing-om .ICEauthority, but no .Xauthority00:20
QuenzBashing-om Next steps?00:21
QuenzBashing-om Reinstall? lol, or..?00:21
Bashing-omQuenz: The expected result; mine: http://termbin.com/5rlw .00:22
QuenzOh sorry I missed a line00:22
QuenzIt was 'ls: cannot access '.Xauthority': No such file or directory' Bashing-om00:22
QuenzThen '-rw------- 1 baz baz 2800 Jan 21 10:49 .ICEauthority' is the next line for that command you told me to type in00:23
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Bashing-omQuenz: That file missing could be an issue, but it is above my skill level to know what generates that file to start with . Have you ever been able to access the desktop in this install ?00:26
tatertotsQuenz: did you get your rebooting completed?00:28
QuenzBashing-om Yes, last boot00:28
Quenztatertots sorry, yes I've booted00:29
Quenztatertots I got a flashing log00:29
Bashing-omtatertots: Quenz is missing the .Xauthority file .. thoughts ?00:29
tatertotsBashing-om: ouch00:29
Quenztatertots No login screen. ctr+alt+f1 logged in via terminal00:29
QuenzGuest22715 What's the matter?00:29
tatertotsQuenz: cool...i'm assuming you have network connectivity and all that good jazz...00:30
tatertotsQuenz: you could ping something but ..00:31
QuenzWell I can't see the indicator from terminal, but I'm assuming it stills works :P00:31
QuenzYep, just pinged google, it works fine tatertots00:31
tatertotsQuenz: let's just assume (as much as i loath assuming) you have connectivity00:31
tatertotsQuenz: ls -lh /var/log|pastebinit00:32
Quenztatertots https://paste.ubuntu.com/26426796/00:33
tatertotswhy does that look like that?00:34
tomreynV7: thanks man00:35
blackflowsomething's seriously broken there.00:35
tatertotsQuenz: could you try that one more time please....make sure the arguments are being used and no typographical errors00:35
Quenztatertots oops https://paste.ubuntu.com/26426805/00:36
Bashing-omQuenz: While we are stewing. pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log - uppercase 'X' .00:41
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QuenzBashing-om I'm not sure how to do that from raw terminal Bashing-om00:44
QuenzBashing-om Hang on00:45
Bashing-omQuenz: ' /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .00:45
Bashing-omQuenz: ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .00:45
QuenzBashing-om ^00:45
QuenzThe command was pastebinit, not pastebin, that's why00:45
Bashing-omQuenz: I be awhile ., back soonest .00:45
Bashing-omQuenz: "253.448] (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module." yukkie ! and we have " (WW) Unresolved symbol: fbGetGCPrivateKey " is encryption a factor here ?00:56
ZombieSomething didn't build right.00:57
QuenzBashing-om I didn't encrypt anything if that's what you're asking00:57
Bashing-omZombie: Quenz :: this is the 3ed rime to purge and install a proprietary driver with no joy .01:00
Bashing-om3rd time*01:00
ZombieYou are missing a Dependancy.01:00
Bashing-omZombie: updated and full upgraded, OP did not report any error . else ?01:01
ZombieSomething is not installed that should be, it uses to build.01:02
Bashing-omZombie: Had that thought - headers - but they are installed .01:02
ZombieThere may be other things./01:03
Zombielook and see what provides that symbol.01:03
QuenzJust let me know when you need me to type something01:03
tatertotsQuenz: journalctl -p 3|pastebinit01:06
tatertotsQuenz: ouch01:08
tatertotswhy you hurt me :(01:08
tatertotsQuenz: this is critical so i thought maybe i should tell you "Jan 21 11:10:37 baz-MacBookPro gnome-session-binary[2087]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry...."01:10
QuenzThat's funny01:11
QuenzIn any case, I don't really know what it means. Where do we go from here?01:11
tatertotsQuenz: that road leads directly into "opinion" territory, and i can only share what I would do, if i were a human in your "shoes" (i think that is the phrase)01:12
tatertotsQuenz: this implies there exists "other" / "alternative" opinions01:14
Quenztatertots Zombie said it was a build issue. Does that mean the installayion might have been broken?01:17
ZombieIt is.01:17
ZombieEither something isn't installed, or something is too old.01:17
QuenzCan we find out what that might be?01:18
tatertotsQuenz: i do see some good news ...01:18
tatertotsQuenz: standby ...need to whip up a pstebin01:19
tatertotsQuenz: i need to ask you a few preliminary questions if you don't mind.01:28
Quenztatertots That's fine01:28
tatertotsQuenz: using the information here as a reference https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201300 , do you see your serial number "anywhere" in the information shown here https://paste.ubuntu.com/26426023/ ? yes or no01:30
tatertotsjust yes or no please :)01:30
QuenzSorry, distracted01:32
tatertotsno worries...happens to me all the time01:32
Quenztatertots This one https://support.apple.com/kb/SP541?locale=en_US01:35
QuenzI don't see the serial number, I just know it's a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009)01:36
QuenzSorry I didn't read your message properly01:36
QuenzJust a sec01:36
hl521Hi, I've got a desktop with intel HD for the GPU (using the i915 driver) and she has two monitors, yet only one is turning on. The second monitor appears to be recognized, however states it has `no signal`. We have ensured that it has been updated, and we restarted it so all of the new drivers and daemons can fire up properly. We then checked the connections and swapped cables to see if that was the issue, but did not fix. Is there currently a bug for this?01:38
hl521Also, this is a System76 meercat01:38
tatertotsQuenz: if you know your serial#, you can skip this step by saying "i know my serial"01:38
tatertotsQuenz: let me see if i can help reveal01:40
Quenztatertots W892953S66D01:41
tatertotsQuenz: pick one please :) http://termbin.com/f57f01:41
tatertotsthank you :)01:41
tatertotsQuenz: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT20151801:45
tatertotsQuenz: disclaimer....no longer supported.......now that that's out of the way (but you already knew that right ;)01:46
tatertots2009 and all01:46
tatertotsQuenz: you currently have MBP55.88Z.00AC.B03.090615170801:47
tatertotsQuenz: so my question for you is......is there a newer EFI / SMC? yes or no01:48
tatertotsI'll wait01:49
Quenztatertots I'm not sure what specific piece of info you want01:50
QuenzSMC version?01:50
tatertotsQuenz: is your apple firmware up to date?01:55
Quenztatertots I'm not sure01:55
QuenzTrying to figure it out01:56
tatertotsQuenz: it's possible it is not01:56
Quenztatertots Is "EFI Boot ROM version" the firmware?01:57
QuenzI think I know what to do01:58
tatertotsQuenz: and if it isn't...that's something you need to put on the "table" so to speak01:58
Quenztatertots I have to download this https://support.apple.com/kb/DL853?locale=en_US if it isn't already there01:58
tatertotsQuenz: you do not have this 1.7 firmware01:59
tatertotsQuenz: you are not up to date02:00
tatertotsQuenz: Jan 21 11:07:46 baz-MacBookPro kernel: MODSIGN: Couldn't get UEFI db list02:00
QuenzI'll try updating02:01
QuenzThanks for enlightening me on this02:01
tatertotsQuenz: and I personally think it would be in your best interests to be up to date.02:01
tatertotsQuenz: that's just my "opinion" on this whole Jan 21 11:09:01 baz-MacBookPro gnome-session-binary[1362]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry.... matter02:01
tatertotsQuenz: there exists other opinions...02:01
Quenztatertots It can't hurt to update02:02
Quenztatertots So I'll do that02:02
QuenzI'll report back when done02:02
tatertotsQuenz: you could file a bug report but it's be shut down and gain no traction as soon as someone like minded as me got to it.02:04
Quenztatertots I'll try updating this, if that doesn't work, I'll decide what to do then02:05
tatertotsQuenz: good luck my friend :)02:09
QuenzThank you02:09
Quenztatertots Did you mean file a bug report with the ubuntu gnome tracker, or?02:09
tatertotsno worries02:09
tatertotsit wouldn't matter where you filed it....it'd never budge02:10
QuenzSo there's no reason to file it at all02:19
tatertotsQuenz: you will update to 1.7 firmware, and consult with me if your symptom(s) persist.02:19
Quenztatertots Will do02:21
QuenzUpdating now02:21
tatertotsQuenz: if the firmware does not change versions......i will know02:23
Quenztatertots Magic?02:24
tatertotsQuenz: no silly...you're going to tell me :)02:25
Quenztatertots Ahh02:25
that_lurker1:O someone actually answered lul02:27
tatertotsQuenz: your macbooks never actually EVER been updated at all.02:28
tatertotsQuenz: like as in "zero" patches/updates02:29
Quenztatertots I updated it from Snow Leopard to El Capitan. Haven't done any updates since installing El Capitan02:29
tatertotsQuenz: lol...oh your brain is at the "OS" level in the context of "updates/patches"......i was thinking a little closer to the "tree" where the "apple" fell from02:30
tatertotsi made a pun :) my first time02:31
QuenzIt sounds very poetic, but I don't fully understand02:31
QuenzI didn't bother with further updates because I thought there was a good chance I would have to do a few fresh installs02:31
QuenzI was having trouble with partitions last week02:31
Quenztatertots I opened the update package and it says "This computer does not need this update"02:32
tatertotsQuenz: you are currently using firmware 1.7 right now? yes or no02:33
tatertotsQuenz: I believe that from "their" perspective.....totally02:34
Quenztatertots SMC versions is 1.47f2, MBP55.00AC.B0302:34
tatertotsQuenz: i also have a guess as to why that may be02:35
tatertotsQuenz: did you cross reference the SMC versions with the table i linked earlier?02:36
peterrhello, anyone can help with display settings?  my display is listing incorrect display size02:36
Quenztatertots it doesn't list an SMC version for my Mac in that table02:38
tatertotspeterr: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no02:38
peterrI have a guess what is going on but don't know how to fix02:38
Quenztatertots MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) | MacBookPro5,5 | MBP55.00AC.B03 (EFI 1.7) | <nothing under SMC version>02:38
peterrI had a 22" monitor that died and was using a 32" tv which I use as the display now02:39
tatertotsQuenz: yeah i believe that....apple put big red note on some KB's that indicates they dropped firmware /patch on several "levels" years ago02:39
peterrthe tv is listed as 7" display.... how can I reset or reconfigure it properly?02:39
tatertotspeterr: open terminal02:39
peterrokay, opened02:40
tatertotspeterr: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit02:40
tatertotspeterr: let me know when done02:40
peterrbtw, my browser and program windows are huge02:40
tatertotspeterr: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit02:40
peterrp.s i am using ubuntu 17.10 (recently upgraded02:40
Quenztatertots I'm not sure where to go from here02:40
tatertotspeterr: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link..say so02:40
Quenztatertots Dead end?02:41
peterrhold on, it was not installed - have to install pastebinit02:41
tatertotsQuenz: some of the stuff is N/A under newer OS environments .......just a guess/hypothesis02:41
tatertotsor maybe some executive just said...hey..it's not supported dude..buy the newer model...idk02:42
tatertotsQuenz: i can only tell you what i would do if i were a human in your shoes02:43
peterri have the link02:43
Quenztatertots And what would you at this point?02:43
tatertotsQuenz: standby...compiling historical data on the overall health of your computer.02:45
QuenzThanks so much for you assistance so far02:46
tatertotspeterr: in terminal>    xrandr|pastebinit02:47
tatertotspeterr: have you attempted to use any of the other display resolutions available to you, to determine if an alternative resolution is more visually pleasing or visually appealing to your human eye? yes or no02:50
tatertotsQuenz: i have some preliminary questions if thats okay.02:51
Quenztatertots Of course, go right ahead02:52
Quenztatertots No need to ask to ask02:52
tatertotsQuenz: how many other linux distributions and or versions of ubuntu have you installed on this computer?02:53
tatertotspeterr: are you okay?02:54
* tatertots checks peterr's pulse02:54
* tatertots searches for smelling salts02:54
peterrtatertots, no, I haven't... I suspect the others won't be visually pleasing - including 1920x1080i02:54
peterrbut, I'm willing to try - did you want me to test another one?02:54
tatertotspeterr: ls -lh /var/log|pastebinit02:55
Quenztatertots two installations of the same Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS02:56
Quenztatertots on two different partitions02:56
Quenztatertots one of them I've barely touched or used02:56
tatertotsQuenz: that's it??..just U 16.04?02:56
Quenztatertots but it's a very small partition and has no swap partition02:56
tatertotsQuenz: okay standby...processing02:57
Quenztatertots actually I think I installed the normal (non LTS) version before, then Ubuntu MATE02:57
Quenztatertots But they're gone now02:57
tatertotspeterr: you okay?02:57
peterryes, so far :)02:58
causativehow can I achieve the effect of unplugging and re-plugging my keyboard, through software?  my keyboard periodically stops working, fixed when I unplug and replug, but it's annoying to reach down and physically dot hat02:59
tatertotspeterr: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:59
tatertotsQuenz: since you've accepted the road of "opinions" long ago...i must tell you my opinion on repeating the same thing(s) while expecting different results.03:01
causativein dmesg I periodically see "USB disconnect" on the keyboard, it would be nice if, whenever it runs into that error, it runs whatever software runs when I unplug and replug03:01
tatertotsQuenz: standby03:01
tatertotspeterr: DPI set to (49, 50); computed from "UseEdidDpi" X config03:03
peterrtatertots, do I enter that in CLI?03:03
tatertotspeterr: no.no..no...sorry03:04
peterrokay?  is that an observation then?  I am not sure I understand03:04
tatertotspeterr: i was just informing you..(i'm not sure why i do that when i know the person may not be able to interpret)03:04
tatertotspeterr: i think it's a bug in my programing03:04
peterrokay, I think I understand you... the dpi is set to 49/50?03:05
tatertotspeterr: i believe it would be in your best interest to try 1920x108003:07
peterri can try03:08
tatertotsplease do03:08
peterrI think the pixel density @ 49 /50 is pretty low?  meaning bad?03:08
peterrit's no good... just tried 1080i03:10
peterrtried 1080 also03:11
peterrtext becames very unclear and icons on left margin are only shown partly (only half)03:11
saegeoffhad to install 17.10.1 today because 17.04 dropped support... not a wide window with all the issues with 17.10!03:13
electricguitar17.10 having gnome always lags on my laptop03:13
saegeoffyeah, there are some issues03:14
electricguitari missed unity03:14
saegeoffbut I think it will be ironed out by 18.04... at least I hope03:14
saegeoffunity wasn't bad but I think it was a wasted effort03:14
saegeoffwe have so many windowing environments on linux and limited resources on all... I wish a few would merge so we could move faster.03:15
saegeoffbut people can choose what they like I guess03:15
tatertotspeterr: would you say things got better or worse?   bigger or smaller?03:15
electricguitari prefer some other lightwieght desktop environments03:15
electricguitarone that doesn't eat too much ram03:16
saegeoffi like the gnome setup in 17.10... at least it looks almost like unity :)03:16
tatertotsQuenz: do you have the same symptom(s) when using other DE's?03:16
saegeoffright now I am only using ~3 gigs of ram with 17.10.. I have an IDE open as well03:17
Quenztatertots Haven't tried using other desktop environments. Do you suggest I try regular Ubuntu?03:17
tatertotsQuenz: what's regular ubuntu?03:17
tatertotsQuenz: what's regular ubuntu? compared to what i see here https://paste.ubuntu.com/26426023/03:18
electricguitari recently observed that ubuntu's 17.10 gnome uses increased ram over time03:18
Quenztatertots I mean Ubuntu rather than Ubuntu Gnome03:20
tatertotsQuenz: personally that's too "similar" for my tastes03:20
electricguitarwhat ubuntu version are you talking about?03:20
electricguitarubuntu 17.10 has gnome as its DE03:20
Quenztatertots What do you suggest?03:21
tatertotsQuenz: how fast is your internet? take long to obtain a Linux ISO?03:21
bumblefuzzhey, I'm having a little trouble installing ubuntu03:21
bumblefuzzI've made the USB install disk using dd03:21
saegeoffwhat is up03:22
bumblefuzzthe machine will boot the GRUB menu03:22
saegeoffbumble, did it install03:22
bumblefuzzbut when I go past that, all I get is a black screen03:22
saegeoffthen you reboot and it is GRUB?03:22
QuenzBout 12 Mbps, maybe a bit faster with wire03:22
bumblefuzzwhether I go straight to install or try it first03:22
tatertotsQuenz: if it takes 5 hours to get a ISO then nevermind...i don't have that kinda time..i have a SMITE match that will begin soon.03:22
bumblefuzzyeah, grub loads fine03:22
bumblefuzzjust a black screen after that03:23
Quenztatertots Not 5 hours03:23
Quenztatertots Maybe 1 or less (I think)03:23
saegeoffbumble do you have a UEFI03:23
electricguitarits okay if you leave it open for 5 hours03:23
electricguitardo house chores while waiting...03:23
bumblefuzzsaegeoff: I think03:24
bumblefuzzhow do I check?03:24
saegeoffwhen you boot from the USB stick, make sure to check.. When I boot mine and press F12, I get two options to boot from my USB stick. Regular and UEFI03:25
saegeoffI have noticed GRUB issues if I don't select UEFI03:25
saegeoffnot sure if that is your issue but something similar happened to me03:25
tatertotspeterr: you okay?03:26
bumblefuzzok, both options give me a black screen03:30
bumblefuzzgrub comes up fine03:30
bumblefuzzbut nothing that comes after that03:31
saegeoffbumble, perhaps try to rebuild your usb stick03:31
saegeoffdo a hash on your iso, as well, to see if it is good03:31
electricguitarshould've hashed the iso before imaging it in a usb stick03:32
bumblefuzzI did that already03:32
bumblefuzzI've tried ubuntu 16.04 14.04 and ubuntu mate 16.0403:32
bumblefuzzthat was the first thing I did03:32
bumblefuzzgrub comes up fine03:32
peterrtatertots, it got worse....smaller - not readable...03:33
electricguitarhave you tried to boot it in another computer?03:33
electricguitarsee if it continues?03:33
Bashing-om!nomodeset | bumblefuzz03:33
ubottubumblefuzz: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:33
saegeoffhopefully you didn't run 17.10 and brick your machine :D03:33
tatertotspeterr: okay i see whats going on with ya03:35
tatertotspeterr: i need you to perform some action(s) for me.03:35
Neo4what does this mean? "The mydestination parameter specifies what domains this machine will deliver locally, ..."03:36
bumblefuzzok how do I do nomodeset?03:36
Svetasee the forums link for instructions03:37
Neo4mydestination = gmail.com and what will it mean?03:37
Svetacontext missing03:37
Neo4all mails from gmail.com will deliver on my local machine?03:37
Neo4Sveta: ;)03:38
tatertotspeterr: brb...they have come to refuel me03:38
Neo4Sveta: where there is a burn that is going be a flame...03:38
bumblefuzznomodeset doesn't work03:40
bumblefuzzstill a black screen03:40
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la_putincan UPX pack dynamic executables04:34
banisterfiendhi is anyone here familiar with dbus and busctl for systemd ?04:36
ghostnik11hey so ubuntu automatically added a proprietary driver for my cpu processor and now my battery life is significantly reduced while in my android partition i still get 9 hours and more04:42
ghostnik11how can i have it reverted. i just went to additional drivers and selected not to use the propriateray driver04:42
ghostnik11will it stay like that automatically?04:42
tatertotsghostnik11: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no04:59
twistedblizzardHi all, I've used a live disk and dd to make a partition of my full disk on my macOS laptop which has 3 partitions (4 including EFI) and I now need to split them into their respective partitions. Is there any quick way to do this? All of the suggestions I have found online use kpartx but I don't want to mount the partitions, just split them.04:59
ghostnik11tatertots, yeah but i might not be on for much longer b/c the hotel i am at using internet is about to close the spot that i am04:59
tatertotsghostnik11: maybe the internet is fast...open terminal05:00
tatertotsghostnik11: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit05:00
tatertotsghostnik11: let me know when done05:00
ghostnik11tatertots, but yeah i was getting like 9 hours and more and all of a sudden it downloaded an additional driver and now its like damn, i get 4 hours but when i open up in my android x86 partition i get 9 hours and more05:00
tatertotsghostnik11: let me know when done05:00
ghostnik11tatertots, i am downloaded the mate desktop real quick so once that is done i will run that inxi pastebinit05:01
dbbhi all -- ubuntu 1604, is there any reason to have a libssl-gnutls installed?   is this a conflict with (assumed more common) libssl-openssl ??05:02
tatertotsghostnik11: its highly likely you will not have time to download both05:02
ghostnik11tatertots,  at current internet speeds here it will be another 4 mins b/4 mate download is done, please bear with me05:02
ghostnik11tatertots, how big is it?05:02
dbblibcurl4-gnutls-dev  <- including this..05:02
tatertotsdbb: what logical reason would a end user have in removing it if it already existed?...logical reason05:04
dbbwell - I am asking if the two flavors conflict05:04
dbbopenssl and gnutls05:04
Bashing-om!info libssl-gnutls xenial | dbb05:05
tatertotsdbb: are you having any related symptom(s)?05:05
ubottudbb: Package libssl-gnutls does not exist in xenial05:05
tatertotsso a "human" did it05:05
dbbthe long version of the question is.. installing python 2.7 packages with OS supplied python-xxx, or selectively with python native pip.  Look before you leap -- so I run apt install python-xxx -s   and look05:06
dbbwhen apt install libnetcdf-dev   I see that  libcurl4-gnutls-dev  would have been installed.. I suspect that 99% of setups use openssl05:08
ZythyrWhat channel would be appropriate to ask question about apache virtual host configuration after installing LAMP server on Ubuntu?05:08
dbbso.. before using apt install libnetcdf-dev, I wanted to know if that gnutls would actually make some kind of policy decision or something05:08
dbblibnetcdf4 is part of the base of python-netcdf and netcdf-bin .. the libs have to work05:09
dbbso the question still stands.. do gnutls something packages conflict with an openssl one05:10
ghostnik11tatertots, hey pastbin is already the newest version05:10
ghostnik11tatertots, i don't think i will have time to do it. but when i am done with finals i will come back to hotel to use internet and get stuff done05:12
almoxarife[m]Zythyr (IRC): apache has a help channel dont it? #apache maybe?05:12
Zythyralmoxarife[m] okay thanks05:13
almoxarife[m]Zythyr (IRC): good luck05:13
dbbok - new info. I installed the openssl version of libcurl4 dev, and next tried   apt install libnetcdf-dev.  AND in fact, no libcurl4 dev would be installed. So I claim that is sufficient proof that the libcurl4 dev slot is now filled.05:16
dbbthe gnutls wont get installed anymore, is the side-effect05:17
lornei want to use qq to chat but no install05:25
Neo4why know what is it mean? http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1516512124.png05:25
Neo4in real example?05:25
peterrtatertots, still here?  I might not be here for much longer....did you refuel? :)  is there any tasks you want me to run? :)05:26
Neo4if I put on my VPS there mydestination on my domain assume it will (mydestination = kselax.ru ) What will happen then?05:26
peterrp.s. sorry about disappearing :)05:26
Neo4lets Postfix know which domains your server will accept mail from There it is written...05:27
tatertotspeterr: you need to power off completely, disconnect the monitor cable, switch video interface cables if possible, power the computer back on and consult with me.05:27
peterrtatertots, switch to what?05:27
Neo4it means my server will accept all mails where anyname + @ + kselax.ru ?05:27
peterrI'm using hdmi right now05:28
Neo4seems yes,05:28
Neo4Now I set that empty05:28
Neo4it means my server not accept any domain?05:28
Neo4in video lesson said if it empty it means postfix can send message, and on that articles said that it can deliver not send, who is right?05:29
Neo4how to check it on practice?05:29
ZombieIs there a way I can get libuser_ldap on Ubuntu 16.04?05:30
tatertotspeterr: use what ever other video interface cable you have in your inventory.05:30
Zombiedefault libuser does not build with it.05:30
tatertotspeterr: if you have no others...simply follow all other steps05:30
Neo4I did redirect from root@kselax.ru to my mail neovichnn@gmail.com05:32
Neo4echo "body" | mail -s "theme" root@kselax.ru05:32
Neo4all message from root@kselax.ru or postmaster@kselax.ru will redirect to neovichnn@gmail.com05:33
Neo4if I put it mydestination = kselax.ru I won't send mails?05:34
peterrtatertots, ok05:36
=== himcesjf_ is now known as him-cesjf
xs2since when is #ubuntu a help channel for configuring mail accounts?05:37
hanasakiHow can I connect to a remote machine and get the gdm/kde/etc greeter so I can login?05:42
tatertotshanasaki: you would need to configure the remote machine to be access remotely.05:44
tatertotshanasaki: and or ask the remote system administrator/engineer to perform the task.05:44
hanasakiI just need the info to do so myself05:45
hanasakialso want it to be over ssl/tls so its all encrypted05:45
tatertotshanasaki: have you put forth any system administrative efforts, or are you still at the "wanting" / "pipe dreaming" stage?05:49
hanasakihave done research.   care to share some tips on what you know works well05:50
Neo4what does it mean "What clients to relay mail from"?05:59
Neo4relay mail from? it means transfer mail somewhere?05:59
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tatertotsNeo4: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no06:17
Neo4tatertots: yes?06:17
Neo4tatertots: why are you asking?06:17
tatertotsNeo4: sorry for asking..carry on06:18
Neo4what is postmaster?06:22
Neo4tatertots: do you know? it is administrator for mail server06:23
Neo4In computers and technology, postmaster is a term used to identify the administrator of a mail server. Nearly every domain should have the e-mail address postmaster@example.com where errors in e-mail processing are directed06:23
Neo4it means my domain kselax.ru has postmaster@kselax.ru?06:24
Neo4if my server has error it will send to this mail?06:24
Neo4why need this postmaster?06:24
Neo4what is differ FQDN and URL ?06:25
Neo4postmaster@kselax.ru is FQDN or URL?06:25
Neo4FQDN (full qualified domain name) URL(uniform resource locator)06:27
Neo4FQDN is just notion, kselax.ru is FQDN and URL both?06:29
Neo4can we call any domain like FQDN?06:29
Neo4What is differ between PQDN (partially qualified domain name) and FQDN (fully qualified domain name)?06:31
redcar[1]+  Stopped vim test.asm <=—— how can i go back?06:33
redcarhelp me :(06:33
redcarthanks what fg means?06:36
redcaroh thanks :)06:36
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Neo4all domains are FQDN07:16
Neo4PQDN it's domain without trailing dot07:16
Neo4all or URLs are FQDN07:17
Neo4just on root mail it's PQDN name because it amply root@hostname mail07:18
Neo4and etc07:18
Neo4and whatnot...07:18
oerhekstake a read, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fully_qualified_domain_name07:18
Neo4oerheks: bring examples better what is FQDN and what is not07:26
Neo4oerheks: mail.google.ru is FQDN? google.com is or not?07:26
oerheksgoogle.com is not, mail.google.com is07:31
anddamoerheks: why is not google.com. FQDN?07:53
anddamor better why would google.com not be while mail.google.com would?07:53
anddamgoogle.com should be a perfectly valid FQDN07:55
Neo4anddam: probably08:02
Neo4I badly understand this notions08:02
Neo4com is TLD (top level domain)08:02
Neo4google.com is  probably FQDN and google is PQDN without .com08:03
ducassethis isn't really an ubuntu question, why don't you take it to #ubuntu-offtopic or ##networking?08:04
Neo4just google is PQDN, and google.ru google.com google.ua are FQDN. may be08:05
Neo4difficult understand what is what08:05
ikoniait's not really for this channel though08:05
Neo4in postfix FQDN is full mail08:05
streakypartial doesn't get you to . - hence partial08:07
ircfani run artful with mate and i expanded the workspace panel from 4 to 9 and added keyboard shortcuts for each number in combination with "meta". but when i use that key combination the programs are shuffled and placed into another box like a puzzle game08:29
ircfando you know what i mean?08:29
ircfanfirefox was in box 2 of the workspace panel and then its on box 508:30
ircfanof the gnome-terminal from box 4 is in box 108:30
Grorcoircfan, mine gets all messed up with just the 408:34
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ircfanGrorco: thats strange, right?08:34
Grorcoircfan, correction I always forget about the 5th08:34
=== phils is now known as ThinkTeamwork
ircfanlike if some "move" command would be part of the game08:36
=== ThinkTeamwork is now known as PhilS
=== PhilS is now known as PhilStahlschmidt
Grorcoircfan, I think it's just a bug with the window switcher applet08:40
=== PhilStahlschmidt is now known as PhilS_
=== PhilS_ is now known as Phil
Grorcoircfan, I see this https://github.com/mate-desktop/marco/issues/251 but his description seems a little off lol08:42
=== Phil is now known as PhilStahlschmidt
=== PhilStahlschmidt is now known as ThinkTeamwork
ircfaninteresting read, thank you Grorco08:44
Grorcoircfan, hopefully no no compsite will fix it08:46
DanteviosIs there any documentation that can tell me about the kernel modules in Ubuntu and what they do? I noticed they are separated into categories in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel such as crypto, net, sound etc08:54
ikoniathe kernel documentation08:54
Danteviosthanks ikonia08:56
ircfanah, it moves the program from the current box to the destination09:00
ircfanand disabling the compositor does not help09:00
Grorcohmmm any suggestions on how to get to the bottom of a window that wont let you resize it?09:25
lotuspsychjeGrorco: is your window outside your resolution perhaps?09:26
=== addictedTS_ is now known as addictedTS
Grorcolotuspsychje, I just tried lowering my resolution still goes off the screen09:28
lotuspsychjeGrorco: whats your native resolution on wich ubuntu version are you?09:28
lotuspsychjeGrorco: xrandr might help you09:29
Grorcolotuspsychje, nvm I'm an idiot I needed to raise it lol09:29
lotuspsychjeGrorco: yes, but sometimes on small screen laptops that might occur09:30
Quetzal2Grorco: Is it too big for the screen (thus hiding part of it)? Or is it just too small for it's content (thus not everything's shown)?09:32
Grorcolotuspsychje, 17" screen09:33
GrorcoQuetzal2, it was too tall for the screen when not at max resolution09:33
Grorcothe hex chat preferences screen09:34
Quetzal2ah, ok.09:34
Quetzal2Grorco: To reach the bottom, you can always «Alt+Left Click drag» the window.09:34
GrorcoI might have to go for an old school hack for this problem, make an eye doctor appointment... XD09:37
Quetzal2:D Wait, is it really a 17" screen? ;)09:39
GrorcoQuetzal2, yeah and I'm still to blind to run at full resolution lol09:42
horkanMoin Moin09:59
baba_mouthy guy10:00
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Brian001__Hi all! Rddit sends me here...10:36
gopalhow to install amd gfx drivers for ubuntu 6.04lts ,10:37
Brian001__Any idea how I can install: 'sudo apt-get install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev'?10:37
Brian001__I get back 'The following packages have unmet dependencies'?10:37
EriC^^Brian001__: are you using a ppa to install it?10:37
Brian001__I am running the command from above 'sudo apt-get install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev'10:38
Brian001__Do I need a PPA?10:38
gopalhow to install amd/intel hybrid gfx drivers for ubuntu 16.04  ?10:39
Brian001__I am quite sure I did not install a PPA for this.10:40
lotuspsychje!amd | gopal10:40
ubottugopal: Open driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD10:40
lotuspsychjeBrian001__: unmet dependecys occur when a system gets scrambled by adding other external ppa's10:40
gopalwhich one should i choose ?10:41
lotuspsychje!sources | Brian001__10:41
ubottuBrian001__: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.10:41
lotuspsychjealpha_Aquila: can we help you?10:41
Brian001__I think I found the following: 'https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/zesty/main/security/libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev'10:42
lotuspsychjeBrian001__: zesty is end of life10:42
alpha_Aquilayes, but irssi support it's #irssi?10:42
Brian001__How do I find the same PPA for '17.10'?10:43
alpha_Aquilalotuspsychje: yes, but irssi support it's #irssi?10:43
gopal@lotuspsychje plz tell me which one should i choose https://paste.ubuntu.com/26429365/10:43
EriC^^Brian001__: can you type "apt-cache policy libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev" and pastebin the results?10:44
Brian001__Eric: yes, one sec10:45
lotuspsychjegopal: check sudo lshw -C video first, to see what drivers are installed?10:45
Brian001__Also, does 'lsb_release -a' report if I use '17.10' or '17.10.1'?10:45
Brian001__Because I get back '17.10'. Does it mean I can upgrade to '17.10.1'?10:45
Brian001__EriC^^: https://pastebin.com/8DwzdEmi10:46
Traveagewhatever,who fucking cares what you use10:46
ikoniaTraveage: tone down the language please10:47
gopalhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26429gopal@gopal-HP-Notebook:~$ sudo lshw -C video [sudo] password for gopal: *-display description: VGA compatible controller product: Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] vendor: Intel Corporation physical id: 2 bus info: pci@0000:00:02.0 version: 07 width: 64 bits clock: 33MHz capabilities: pciexpress msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom configuration: driver=i915 latency=0 resources: irq:125 memory:b00010:47
Brian001__if the question was meant seriously, I care.10:47
lotuspsychje!paste | gopal10:47
ubottugopal: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:47
EriC^^Brian001__: type 'sudo apt-get -f install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev' and please pastebin the results10:48
lotuspsychjegopal: thats your intel driver i91510:48
baba_they really frown on EOL around here10:48
Brian001__The i915 driver isn't working in the Kernel currently...10:49
lotuspsychjegopal: seems like your ati card also has loaded radeon driver10:49
lotuspsychjegopal: can you tell us what your issue is exactly?10:49
Brian001__There is a reason i915 is 'alpha only' in 4.15.rc810:49
Brian001__Not sure if there will be i915 support in 4.16.10:50
gopali want to turn off amd gfx to save power , i am getting very less battery backup + battery drain even when off10:50
Brian001__Okay, as lsb_release -a returns '17.10' I have to upgrade. Or better install from scratch.10:51
Brian001__A message that I am running a outdated distro would have worked...10:52
TraveageI don't know what you are talking about but I hava another many questions10:52
Brian001__I just installed that around 3 weeks ago thus wasen't thinking about that...10:52
lotuspsychjegopal: have you checked your bios, perhaps you can disable from there?10:53
Traveageyeah,that is right10:53
gopali'm using hp ay008 tx10:54
lotuspsychjegopal: add this line to grub radeon.modeset=010:55
Traveagemine too10:55
lotuspsychjeTraveage: can you please stop that10:55
lotuspsychjegopal: https://askubuntu.com/questions/771562/16-04-power-off-discrete-graphics-ati-amd10:55
lotuspsychjeBrian001__: always keep your system up to date10:56
gopalonly i957 is used , how to improve battery backup ?10:57
lotuspsychjegopal: battery backup?10:57
=== Judy is now known as Guest81498
gopali am getting very less battery backup and battery drains even when laptop is off10:58
gopalKernel driver in use: i91510:58
lotuspsychje!info laptop-mode-tools | gopal try this10:59
gopaland laptop takes too much time to start10:59
ubottugopal try this: laptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.71-2ubuntu1 (artful), package size 83 kB, installed size 378 kB10:59
EriC^^Brian001__: your distro isn't outdated..10:59
EriC^^Brian001__: type 'sudo apt-get -f install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev' and please pastebin the results10:59
Brian001__(Kernel driver i915 is non-functional in Linux.)11:00
gopalhow to install it ?11:01
Brian001__gopal: You have to wait till 4.16. Kernel is out and it is unclear if the i915 driver will be working11:01
Brian001__You can activate alpha support with the kernel parameter: 'i915.alpha_support=1'11:01
d0b3rm4nnhi everybody11:02
Brian001__That will get you DRM11:02
gopalmy laptop is very old ?11:02
oerheks"Kernel driver i915 is non-functional in Linux." not true ..11:02
Brian001__gopal: It is too new. And Intel can do anything (CPU, Meldown fix, Spectre fix, i915 are all super buggy.)11:02
lotuspsychjegopal: sudo apt install your-package-name11:02
Brian001__(Can't do anything.)11:03
oerheksmaybe latop-mode-tools can tweak your laptop, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/artful/amd64/laptop-mode-tools11:03
Brian001__oerheks: Do you have an idea why i915 is 'alpha' only?11:04
Brian001__I guess some people would say i915 is not working 100%11:05
oerheksBrian001__, that kernel you mentioned is in ~mainline, not supported yet until release .. rc811:05
lotuspsychjeBrian001__: please dont suggest things if your not really sure, to other users11:05
Brian001__oerheks: Not a single Intel product is working as of today for millions. Therefore a newer kernel is required for a working PC11:06
Brian001__I am sure11:06
lotuspsychjeBrian001__: this is also not the right channel to discuss it11:06
ikoniaI'm on an intel graphics card just fine11:06
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds11:06
oerheks"So i915 works but without DRM/hardware acceleration.".. it is a testing kernel, just that11:07
Brian001__lotuspschje: Current times are different. We didn't have such a fuckup since the late 90ies in Linux.11:07
Brian001__oerheks: Have you used Ubuntu without DRM?11:07
Brian001__Is there any distro that works well without DRM?11:08
lotuspsychjeBrian001__: no reason to swear, and join #ubuntu-discuss please..this channel is for support11:08
Brian001__Because I could really need that (i.e., graphical manager without DRM).11:08
gopali dont have kaby lake , i have i5 6th gen11:08
gopalso , i am using wrong drivers ?11:09
Brian001__gopal: Look up your onboard graphics card. Is it 'intel 610'? Such a name...11:10
gopalhow ?11:10
BluesKajHowdy foilks11:10
Brian001__gopal: what is you labtop version/name?11:11
gopalhp ay008 tx11:11
Brian001__Your graphics card is 'HD Graphics 520'11:12
baba_hi, blues11:12
gopalyes , but u said i am using i9 something , which is not supported11:12
Brian001__gopal: You are using the right driver I would guess. That driver is now working 100% under Linux.11:13
Brian001__gopal: I would install 4.16. kernel as soon as it is out.11:13
oerheksBrian001__, bad advise, as we don't support that here11:14
gopalbut Kernel driver in use: i91511:14
misty5can you escape login sessions and thus bypass pam_limits?11:14
Brian001__gopal: It is only working if you don't use graphics. Console is working fine.11:14
oerheksgopal, that driver should work fine11:14
lotuspsychjeBrian001__: stop spreading FUD please11:14
oerheksgopal, maybe latop-mode-tools can tweak your laptop, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/artful/amd64/laptop-mode-tools11:14
Brian001__gopal: The i915 driver that you are using is 'alpha'. This means that Intel doesn't think that it is working even 'beta'11:14
oerheks.. now stop that Brian001__ .. you are not helpfull11:15
Brian001__Where is a link that i915 is out of alpha?11:15
oerheksyou refer to a RC kernel, not a released one11:15
Brian001__Just show me :)11:15
Brian001__I said as soon as 4.16. is out in the future.11:15
gopali am using ubuntu 16.04 lts11:16
dingiri have a radeon 290x i just cant get it working.. anyone familiar with this?11:17
lotuspsychje!amd | dingir11:17
dingirright now its running on "radeon" driver which gives me access to desktop11:17
ubottudingir: Open driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD11:17
dingirit used to work just fine on ubuntu 16.04 with "amdgpu" driver11:17
dingirim lost11:17
dingiramdgpu-pro wont work, i install fglrx?11:18
dingircant find amdgpu11:18
lotuspsychjedingir: wich ubuntu version are you now?11:18
gopalhow to install laptop mode tools ? or i should use tpl ? plz provide cmd11:18
oerheksdingir, if amdgpu-pro does not support your card, you can only work with the open radeon driver, there is no fglrx anymore, see ubottu11:18
oerheksgopal, use softwarecenter ?11:19
dingirbut the open radeon driver doesnt do opencl11:19
dingiri cant do anything11:19
dingirwhat do i need to do, downgrade to 16.04 ?11:19
gopalnot working11:19
ikoniayou can't11:19
dingirseriously im missing something11:20
lotuspsychjegopal: define 'not working'?11:20
gopalit dont install any thing , i tried for many app11:20
lotuspsychjegopal: hastebin.com us the output of sudo apt install laptop-mode-tools please11:21
lotuspsychjedingir: have you tested both xorg session and wayland at login?11:22
dingiron amdgpu-pro its a total fail, wont ever get to login screen11:23
lotuspsychjedingir: what did oerheks just suggested you11:23
dingiri mean i cannot use the open radeon software i need opencl thing to work11:24
tomreyndingir: for amdgpu driven hardware and opencl, there are basically two options that i have heard to be working currently: (1) 16.04 with amdgpu-pro, 16.04 with amdgpu from xorg-edgers11:28
lotuspsychjedingir: also keep in mind 17.10 is non-lts, if you had better support on 16.04 LTS clean install it again11:28
tomreyni don't mean to say it wont work in 17.10, i just don't know.11:28
dingirwell i installed amdgpu-pro 17.50, dont know why i was trying 17.40, now it boots11:28
dingirdriver in use is "amdgpu"11:28
dingirbut now im stuck on 1024x768... no more higher resolution available11:29
dingirok.. might go back to 16.0411:29
tomreynafaik amdgpu-pro is supported on 16.04 (only), but i bet you read up on that before upgrading11:29
lotuspsychjedingir: its the users choice to update to lts or non-lts11:30
dingiri wish i had!11:31
dingiryes ok11:31
misty5can you as a user create your own session (for yourself) without going through some login program and thus bypass the pam_limit (and others) sessions that are executed when you login?11:33
Altairthat works now11:33
Altairalpha_Aquila,  that works now11:34
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:35
baba_are these security updates really so important? this is a real question....not a provocation11:36
alpha_AquilaAltair: yeh nice!11:37
gopalthx laptop mod is installed , but still my laptop take too much time to start, i am using ufei11:39
ikoniadefine too much time to start11:40
ikoniaand what part is taking up the time11:40
dingirwhy can i boot on wayland not xorg?11:49
tomreyndingir: you may need to rephrase this question.11:50
dingirok sorry11:50
dingirwhen i get to login screen, if i select "ubuntu" i can login if i select "ubuntu xorg" it brings me loopback to login screen11:50
secretqwerty10hello. i'm new to this all11:51
tomreynsecretqwerty10: hello there.11:51
tomreyndingir: which ubuntu release are you on now?11:51
jouegHi can someone give me some help with systemd resolved? just recently updated to 17.10 dns stopped working. dig works. but curl does not resolve the domain...11:52
tomreyndingir: oh i was thinking you were going to install 16.0411:52
tomreyndingir: is xorg installed?11:52
blackflowjoueg: my recommendation is to disable systemd-resolved. it's broken.11:52
joueg@blackflow and use?11:53
tomreynblackflow: is there a bug report on that?11:53
dingiryes im going back, sure..11:53
dingirjust trying some last things11:53
dingirhow do i know if xorg is installed?11:53
dingirit is listed as a choice..11:53
blackflowjoueg: whatever resolver your DHCP server is giving you, or set up manually in resolv.conf and/or run something like  unbound.11:53
dingiris there nvidia support for 17.10?11:54
tomreyndpkg -l xserver-xorg-core11:54
dingirok sec.. its rebooting11:54
blackflowsystemd-resolved is NOT a recursive resolver, it's a stub resolver. so you don't need it.11:54
joueg@blackflow so I changed resolv.conf to namserver yet curl still doesn't resolve11:55
jouegseems that hosts file works11:55
joueghow should that look?11:55
blackflowjoueg: you can't just change it. you have to mask systemd-resolved, and then set /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf to desired resolving method, see NetworkManager.conf manpage for dns= entry11:56
dingiryes it returns xserver-xorg-c 2:1.19.5-0ub11:56
=== gms is now known as Guest14102
blackflowjoueg: note also that resolv.conf is a symlink11:56
misty5can you as a user create your own session (for yourself) without going through some login program and thus bypass the pam_limit (and others) sessions that are executed when you login?11:56
blackflowif you want control over it, unlink it and create a file.11:57
dingirthat amdgpu driver almost worked11:59
dingiri have no opencl shared libraries apparently.. im screwed11:59
joueg@blackflow I now have my resolv.conf not symlnked and with nameserver and dns=default on networkmanager.conf12:09
joueghowever no change12:09
jouegetc/hosts works if i place a domain directly there12:10
jouegwhat should my nsswitch look like?12:10
oerheksdon't edit resolv.conf, put a file in resolv.conf.d for static dns12:11
oerheksor better, use netplan12:11
jouegyeah I have no dns right now so before I can set up anything I need some basic dns12:12
jouegohh ok managed! default set my namserver to by network manager12:15
jouegI'm starting to hate systemd12:15
joueg2ok so now this is better12:16
joueg2at least I can use my laptop should be easier to fix this mess now than using my phone12:16
joueg2@blackflow thanks12:16
blackflowjoueg: I recommend you install unbound and have a local, proper resolver so you don't depend on ISP/DHCP/systemd12:18
dingirhow do i know if im using wayland or xorg on my current session?12:18
blackflowjoueg: systemd-resolved, despite the name, is not a recursive resolver, it's a stub, so it requires a resolver, given by dhcp, or manually, which defeats its purpse as glibc can resolve with those anyway and does so PROPERLY.12:19
akikdingir: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE12:19
blackflowjoueg: one way is to have it set by dhcp, what you did now manually, but I think that requries using dnsmasq (and dns=dnsmasq for NEtworkManager)12:19
secretqwerty'm back12:19
dingirakik very thanks12:19
secretqwertyi have no idea why i'm even doing this12:20
blackflowjoueg: another to use  unbound (and dns=unbound in NetworkManager.conf), which is what I'd recommend.12:20
blackflowpersonally I use bind, but I have reasons for that.12:20
joueg2@blackflow so what exactly is systemd there for? basically from what you are explaining it just adds an extra hop12:20
joueg2systemd-resolved (not all of systemd)12:20
blackflowjoueg: it's worse than that, it uses XML over dbus to resolve names..... I have no idea why it was added to the provject, or even why ubuntu is using it. 17.04 was a particular mess with it. it's unable to use DNSSEC properly so the canonical "solution" was to disable dnssec.... :/12:21
blackflowit also does NOT follow the standards of resolve.conf which demand every entry be tried IN ORDER. it "remembers" last one valid, which easily breaks vpn and LAN resolvers.12:21
joueg2I remember tinkering with this on the upgrade to 17.04 because again it was not working at the time the solution was to revert back to dnsmasq12:21
joueg2but I think now they removed it12:21
blackflowyeah it's a mess.12:22
joueg2ohh well I thought they were going for a user friendly works out of the box os...12:22
joueg2thanks for the help12:22
sebo_Hello. Can someone help with with a blank purple screen when booting ubuntu 16.04, due to some nvidia driver problems? I get it after every dist-upgrade, and I never found a durable solution12:23
blackflowuser friendly works out of the box has been the case for many years. dhcp/glic are perfectly capable of doint it on their own.12:23
joueg2but it seems they have broken that12:24
BValedoes someone have a macpro 6,1 and was able to get 3d acceleration to run ?12:24
blackflowjoueg: yup.12:25
blackflowjoueg: but the good thing is one can remove and disable unwanted components. as long as tath's possible, all is good. when it stops being possible, well....12:25
joueg2yeah I get that my point is just a normal will user will just say it's broken and move on12:26
=== joueg2 is now known as joueg
jouegblackflow any reason I should use unbound over say (google) ?12:27
jouegor even opens dns?12:27
blackflowjoueg: full control over your DNS stack. if you need it, that is. For example, it's easy to clear DNS caches by having a local resolver, if you're a web developer and/or deal with changing domains and their zones.12:27
blackflowbut you're of course free to use google's if privacy is not that much of a concern to you :)12:28
jouegohh that makes perfect sense and indeed would be useful12:28
brainwashBVale: I don't have one, but what did you try so far?12:28
misty5what's a "positional parameter"?12:30
misty5btw, nproc isn't stopping a user from starting unlimited processes? All I have to do is to start a new session and get another set of nproc limit to fill up12:30
da7nielwhen I type 'cd' by itself into terminal it takes me to my home directory including desktop, documents, etc. If I want to navitage to root directory, I have to type "cd ../../../.....". Is there a way to navitage to root directory quickly so that I don't need to use ../../ a bunch of times?12:44
oerhekscd /  # would do12:45
da7nieloerheks: ahh! that did the trick. Thank you12:45
JoniiHello. I got new SSD, and I formatted it. However, it seems that it's set so that I cannot modify contents of that drive at all12:54
JoniiI haven't ever used multiple drives before, so... Basically, I'm actually unsure what things should look like when I get it to work12:55
akikJonii: it should work just as your hdd12:57
oerheksJonii chown that disk, tons of examples to find, like https://itsfoss.com/set-write-permission-ext4-partition-ubuntu-linux/12:57
JoniiI can mount it to /media/<UUID> where I don't have rights to modify it at all12:57
oerheksif you would do sudo + copy, it would work12:57
auronandaceJonii: you say you formatted it. What filesystem did you format it with?12:58
JoniiI used all the default settings of gparted12:59
auronandaceJonii: if you want it mounted automatically you'll need to add it to fstab and assign a mount point13:00
auronandace!fstab | Jonii13:00
ubottuJonii: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions13:00
oerheksauronandace, still the owner would be root, no?13:00
Joniiauronandace, yeah I was wondering about that. What's the default way? Like, I could literally mount it wherever, right? But I suppose there are some standard  ways to do it13:01
auronandaceoerheks: wouldn't that depend on the options you use to mount it?13:01
oerhekssudo chown -R jonii:jonii /media/<uuid>13:02
sebo_hm, I am getting out of ideas. Nothing helps me fix the purple screen this time..13:02
auronandaceoerheks: sorry, yes. I'm so used to using the uid option for mounting ntfs partitions. never had to manually add an ext4 partition to fstab13:04
auronandaceJonii: I create a directory under /mnt/ and usually name it after the partition I'm mounting (like /mnt/sda5). Depends where you want it really. /media is usually used to dynamically detect drives to mount as far as I remember13:16
oerheksauronandace +1, /media for removable media,  and /mnt for fstab entries13:17
Borw3_I use gnome-disk-utility to set my drives to mount where I want on boot. :)13:18
BlackDalekhi. How do I fix "Cannot open /dev/dsp (No such file or directory)"?13:32
skinuxNeed help with this https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b13:32
blackflowBlackDalek: that's OSS, I don't think there's support for it in Ubuntu, where ALSA is the primary audio kernel interface13:33
tomreynBlackDalek: check padsp13:35
tomreynpulseaudio-utils: /usr/bin/padsp13:36
tomreynpadsp -h | head -n113:37
tomreyn/usr/bin/padsp - redirect OSS audio devices to PulseAudio13:37
tomreynskinux: whenever you paste (unless told differently) provide the full commands you ran and the full output they generated13:39
tomreynalso provide context, such as ubuntu release version ('lsb_release -ds' or cat /etc/issue) and what you tried to do, expected to see happen, and how the result differs from your point of view.13:40
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
BlackDalektomreyn, how do I make use of padsp if the program is launched by ./filename? I'm getting the same error about dev/dsp missing if I type padsp ./filename13:42
PapaJoe245Any experience with the following error: "libGL error: unable to load driver: swrast_dri.so" ?13:43
tomreynBlackDalek: padsp interpreteroffilename ./filename13:44
tomreynBlackDalek: or just: padsp interpreteroffilename filename13:44
tomreynrun: file './filename'   # to determine the correct interpreter13:45
BlackDalekok thanks13:45
BlackDalektomreyn, it outputs: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, for GNU/Linux 2.0.0, stripped, too many notes (256)13:47
BlackDalektomreyn, so what do I enter for interpreter?13:47
dingiranyone knows if there is an interface like the windows one for amd gpu ?13:47
tomreynPapaJoe245: more details needed, see what i wrote for skinux above.13:47
dingirlike a place to set the fan threshold and stuff like that...13:48
tomreynBlackDalek: it's bytecode, so if you have a system which mates this (32-bit) architecture you can run it directly.13:48
pabed___Hi guys , please help me  I wanted to install ubuntu along side windowa 10 , I disable secure boot and fast boot , and i created 500 mb fat32 and 40 G ext413:49
pabed___Unfortunatly during instalation grub it gave error13:50
pabed___And i cannot boot windows 10 not ubuntu13:50
=== gms is now known as Guest76855
pabed___What should i do i have important date on windows13:51
BlackDalektomreyn, sorry... you've lost me. My system is 64-bit. I'm still no closer to discovering what I type for padsp ?interpreter??? filename13:51
brainwashdingir: I think there isn't13:52
skinuxtomreyn: It started with trying to start mysql service. Let me add that info13:52
skinuxOkay, it's on the gist13:53
skinuxI'm not being able to find solution info online.13:54
tomreynBlackDalek: you'd only need an interpreter if ./filename was a skript, so an interpretered language. but it is already compiled code which can be run directly. however, it's a 32-bit application and since you have a 64-bit system you will n3eed to solve the resulting compatibility issues. i don't know how to make padsp work with 32-bit applications but maybe searching the web will help you.13:54
brainwashdingir: have a look at https://github.com/marazmista/radeon-profile13:55
neilduganhi I need some help setting up the some dkim dns records.  can anyone here help?13:56
dingirok thjanks13:56
brainwashdingir: if you don't want to build it yourself, try https://launchpad.net/~trebelnik-stefina/+archive/ubuntu/radeon-profile13:58
dingirtanks again13:58
EriC^^pabed___: what happens exactly?14:00
EriC^^when you boot windows and ubuntu from grub14:00
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tomreynBlackDalek: try this: sudo apt update && sudo apt install libpulsedsp:i386; LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pulseaudio/libpulsedsp.so ./filename14:02
DexterF4G usb modem on 16.04 laptop: plug in, activte, apn/credentials, tadaa, 4G active. nm-tui on ubuntu-server: shows wwan0, but that's it then. what does the desktop variant do different?14:04
akikDexterF: is wwan0 the wireless interface that you want to connect to your wireless network?14:05
TJ-DexterF: do you need to install usb_modeswitch, modemmanager and/or ofono ?14:05
ggzi just installed lxde but i don't see it in the list in the login screen14:09
DexterFTJ-, modemmanager and ofono are unknown to me. will check.14:09
TJ-!info lxsession | ggz: did you install14:11
ubottuggz: did you install: lxsession (source: lxsession): LXDE default session manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3-2 (artful), package size 112 kB, installed size 435 kB14:11
ggzTJ-: thank you, it was missing14:12
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misty5pam.d/su-l  any idea what that is? I don't have a su-l command14:31
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yeatsmisty5: http://www.man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/su.1.html14:52
=== rjk is now known as Guest88198
misty5yeats: why are there two different?14:54
yeatsmisty5: read the "Files" section of what I just linked to14:58
justJanneSo long, and thanks for all the fish! It’s been a long time with Ubuntu (and a nice time), but in light of the way EOL is handled, I’ve now moved on. Thanks everyone that helped me with issues here over the years :)15:01
transhumananyone know where the wine Home directory is I know its in drive_c but is it under users/username/Downloads for instance is there a quick way as a user to change to the correct path?15:06
ikoniayou set it in the wine config15:07
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kaiserhello, im coming from freebsd land and i need to compile something that requires gcc6.1 at least15:08
kaiseri downloaded the newest ubuntu and it only has gcc 5.4? and no other gcc is in the repos?15:09
ikoniawhat is the exact version of ubuntu you installed15:09
brainwashnewest ubuntu is 17.10 with gcc 7.1 I think15:09
ikoniahence my interest what version15:09
kaiserLinux beans 4.4.0-87-generic #110-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 18 12:55:35 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:10
kaiseri just downloaded it15:10
ikoniawhat version of ubuntu15:10
ikonianot what kernel15:10
brainwash7.2 even15:10
ikoniawhat version of ubuntu did you install15:10
kaiserin freebsd uname -a tells everything15:10
kaiser1 sec15:10
kaiserubunut 16.0415:10
ikoniaso thats not the latest15:11
ikoniathats the current LTS15:11
ikoniaas such LTS is supposed to be "static" for the duration of it's lifespan, which was 201615:11
ikoniahence why you have GCC 515:11
kaiseruh okay15:11
kaiseris it still possible to install gcc7 or 6?15:12
ikoniaif you find a repo that contains it15:12
ikoniabe aware though if it's not in the official ubuntu repo the quality/support of that package will not be supported here15:12
nukemanyone know why upgrading LTS (after a fresh installation) fails to boot.  Please see https://imgur.com/61yeBqO15:13
ikoniaupgrading LTS ?15:14
ikoniafrom what to what15:14
nukemjust a regular update15:14
nukeminstalled 16.04.3.  Had networking running during install so it'd supposedly install the latest packages.  Ran apt update/upgrade afterwards and rebooted, and it comes to that15:14
ikoniaso not an upgrade, just applying updates15:14
nukemright sorry.  meant apt upgrade15:14
ikonianot a problem, just clarifying15:15
nukemsystem had been running fine.  previously had 16.04.3, installed 17.10 on top of it, went back to 16.04.315:15
ikoniainteresting that kworker is hung,15:15
nukemand then after install > reboot > update > reboot = hang15:15
ikoniathats reasonably harsh15:15
nukemi assumed so15:15
nukemtrying the older (4.10) kernel doesn't make a difference, so i don't think it's a kernel issue15:16
ikoniawhat network card do you have15:16
ikoniabroadcom by any chance ?15:16
nukemi also did not have the intel microcode selected, so that maybe rules out an Intel snafu15:16
nukembelieve so15:16
ikoniaHmmm, can you boot into recovery mode ?15:16
nukemthis is the machine http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np6872-clevo-n870hk1.html15:16
nukemI can but cannot get Networking to work in recovery mode15:16
ikoniathats ok15:16
nukemthink it says it can't find /etc/resolv.conf15:16
nukemtried running a live USB, chroot, to try to check packages and such, and after chroot, it can't resolve networks or ping google or anything15:17
ikoniaboot into reovery mode, and as a test disable networking from systemd, then reboot into normal mode15:17
ikoniaI'm curious if it's the network module thats hanging it15:17
nukem(i'm new to trying that approach, so maybe that's not how it works)15:17
ikonianot sure what chrooting would prove at this time ?15:17
nukemikonia: ok, mind explaining how to do that once in recovery?15:17
ikoniasystemctl disable $network-service-name15:17
ikonianetworking I think15:17
nukemi dunno, wanted to run apt to see if all latest packages installed properly15:18
nukemok lemme try that15:18
ikoniasystemctl list-unit-files --type=service should show you15:18
nukemhave to mount the filesystem as rw first?15:18
arun007Hi I am using Ubuntu 16.04. I want to set DNS. I am using usb tethering for connection. The problem is when I restart my computer after setting dns a new network is created like Wired connection 2, Wired connection 3 etc. So I can't use dns15:19
nukemnetwork-manager.service and networking.service15:19
ikonianukem: yes, you'll need to mount the file system rw, sorry15:19
ikoniaget rid of both network-manager and networking as a test15:19
nukemikonia: and a few others:  NetworkManager-dispatcher.service, NetworkManager-wait-online.service (this one seems to be having issues), NetworkManager.service15:19
ikonianukem: so that wait service is the error you are seeing15:20
ikoniahowever I suspect thats because the network service isn't coming up15:20
nukemok after that then go back to recovery menu and try to resume boot?15:22
nukemwell that worked..15:23
nukemi think last night i was able to go through recovery to get it to boot but i didn't disable anything like that15:23
nukemwas late, not sure what i did15:23
nukemikonia: and strangely, my networking seems to be working15:24
nukemi disabled networking, network-manager, and networkmanager-wait-online.service15:24
ikonianukem: when you login network manager will start15:24
ikoniathat networking is "pre-login"15:24
nukemi see15:25
nukemso what do you suggest i do to make this a permanent fix?15:25
nukemand presumably there might be a reason i'd want networking to be running before having to physically logging in15:25
ikoniaI suggest now that your machine is booting, you can work through the proble15:25
nukemremote desktop for example15:25
misty5yeats: yes, that's what I said (exactly what the Files section says), but why is it so?15:26
kk4ewtnukem,  services like ssh and httpd do not need login15:28
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pedrocranyone know why the spectre fix kernels have only gone into -proposed?15:28
nukemikonia: any tips on where to look to start investigating the root cause?  journalctl doesn't seem to be very helpful here.  are previous failed boots logged somewhere else?15:28
ikonianukem: should be details in the syslog15:29
nukemkk4ewt: but if i disable pre-login networking, won't my network interface be deactivated until logging in?15:29
=== james_ is now known as Guest66723
nukemikonia: how far back does syslog usually go? not very far, i presume15:30
ikoniashould go back quite a way, syslog doesn't get rotated hourly or anything like that15:30
kk4ewtnope if you totally disable networking you will have no networking even after loggin on15:30
steve_wyenick barabas-A25015:31
nukemkk4ewt: I booted into recovery, mounted the fs, went to root prompt, disabled a few networking-related services, and resumed boot. that got me through, and networking seemed to be working fine15:31
nukemikonia: would lvmetad have anything to do with this?15:31
ikoniadoubtful, but possible I guess15:32
ikoniadepends on the error/problem15:32
nukemi do have a message on tty7 when shutting down about lvmetad15:32
nukemread that i should go into some lvm conf file and disable it15:32
ikoniaare you using lvm ?15:32
kk4ewtrecovery is runlevel 1 when you boot in you are login with gui you are logging in on runlevel 515:32
nukemikonia: i am15:33
nukembut read that lvm doesn't use it by default, even if it's running15:33
ikonianukem: so understanding the error would be key then15:33
kk4ewtnukem,  can you say why you dont want any networking15:33
kk_hi. I am having a problem where ubuntu desktop doesn't show after login.15:33
nukemkk4ewt: I do want networking.  But it seems to be hanging my system upon boot (after fresh LTS installation followed by update/reboot).  See here: https://imgur.com/61yeBqO15:33
kk_I am able to access bash by doing ctrl+alt+f115:34
kk_but nothing on the gui. I just get a blank blueish screen.15:34
kk_any ideas on how i can resolve this problem?15:34
soogywhy does Python IDLE have a ugly Windows 98 like theme ?15:35
soogyi'm using paper gtk15:35
brainwashsoogy: is python idle a gtk application?15:47
soogybrainwash, no idea but i think it is15:47
soogyunlikely its qt15:47
Gizmo_Romick<Gizmo_Romick> When I go to Google in Firefox, I get  SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER.  When I searched the issue on Bing, none of the answers seems to apply to me.  Does anyone know why this would happen on a home computer?15:48
brainwashsoogy: "coded in 100% pure Python, using the Tkinter GUI toolkit"15:48
ggzsoogy: IDLE is Tk, not Gtk, that's why15:49
ikoniaGizmo_Romick: the certificate you have does not match the certificate google is offering15:49
soogyggz, is there a fix for the theming ?15:50
brainwashI would ask in the python channel15:50
ggzsoogy: i don't know sorry15:50
Gizmo_Romickikonia: I guess I should try resetting the certficate store in Firefox?  Maybe something got corrupted with google's certs.  I think that is more likely than a man in the middle attack.15:51
ikoniaGizmo_Romick: I don't think thats likley15:51
ikoniaGizmo_Romick: have you actually LOOKED at the certificates to see where the missmatch is ?15:52
Gizmo_Romickikonia: I just need to figure out how to do that15:55
ikoniaopen the cert - the browser will also expand what it's offering15:55
misty5I'm not getting it (read a bunch of articles and stackexchanges now). What's the difference between DAC and MAC? Is it that DAC allows users to control access rights while MAC isn't?15:57
nukemikonia: well... tried booting normally, except with `nomodeset`, and it seems to work...15:59
ikonianomode set is for graphics config16:00
nukemikonia: had tried to reboot after getting in through recovery, and it was hanging on something to do with finding GPU changes16:00
nukemI know...16:00
Gizmo_Romickikonia: I click on the "i" next to the website name, click on the right arrow and then more information.  It takes me to the page info, where it says that "Verified by" is "not specified".  Could that be the problem?16:00
nukemIt's an nvidia card..figured it wouldn't hurt to see if that had any impact.. and sure enough. makes no sense16:00
ikonianukem: I don't understand how that is impacting your network...unless that is red herring and the network is hanging because nvidia is hanging16:01
TheWildwhy "what should be already there" doesn't come with Ubuntu? http://www.webupd8.org/2016/05/customize-notifyosd-notification.html16:01
ikoniaGizmo_Romick: no idea, you'll need to look at the certs to understand it16:01
nukemikonia: I suspect that could be it... and I'm not even using the nvidia driver; still using nouveau I believe16:02
ikonianukem: thats ok nomode set is not only for the nvidia module16:02
nukemikonia: no wait... i see now that my network isn't running16:02
=== gaurav__ is now known as gouravkandoria
Gizmo_Romickikonia: are you talking about the certificate store?  It looks like google's cert should be signed by GlobalSign16:02
nukemso disabling the service in recovery as before - that survives reboots?16:02
ikonianukem: thats ok also, that means network manager just isn't starting as you login16:02
ikoniaGizmo_Romick: googles cert is16:03
ikonianukem: yes, recovery is  your "real" system16:03
nukemikonia: yeah, which is prob why it booted successfully (i.e. me setting nomodeset was just coincidence to successful boot).. but not sure I want it this way.16:03
ikonianukem: that would make sense16:03
nukemikonia: rebooted and now it comes up to tty, not GUI Login16:05
nukemikonia: trying startx, think it'll fail16:06
ikoniadon't run startx16:06
ikoniayou've messed with your graphics settings (I dont know why - I don't know what problem you where trying to fix)16:06
ikoniayou asked for help with your machine hanging - it's suddenly changed to messing with graphics config16:06
ikoniaI'm missing context here16:07
nukembooting  temporarily with nomodeset shouldn't have a permanent impact on it, to my knowledge16:07
ikonianukem: how did you do it temporary ?16:07
nukemikonia: 'e' at grub menu16:08
ikonianukem: so look at the xorg log and see what fatal error it's complaining about16:09
Gizmo_Romickikonia: I notice now that there is no "view certificate" button when I visit google's site, but there is when I visit other secure sites16:09
ikoniaGizmo_Romick: I can see the google cert just fine16:10
oerheksGizmo_Romick, did you try to reset firefox, by removing ~/.mozilla/  folder ?16:11
oerheksand restart firefox after that16:11
nukemikonia: it's been trying to reboot for a while and still getting those task kworker messages apparently16:11
nukemikonia: even though seemingly the networking services weren't even running16:12
ikoniawhat have you changed ?16:12
ikoniawhat is the service failing before kworker complaining16:12
EmeryI'm having some trouble installing ubuntu, I have the USB plugged into my keyboard but it won't install16:12
Gizmo_Romickoerheks: I'll try it, but it seems the problem has synced between multiple computers.  I'm afraid that the problem will just come back16:12
nukemikonia: so far i only disabled those few networking services via recovery console, and rebooted with nomodeset, then now trying to reboot from that session and it's hung on shutting down.  there are no failure messages.. that's what's weird. lemme paste a pic16:13
ikoniadid you look in the xorg log as I suggested ?16:13
nukemhaven't gotten to that point yet b/c the system isn't accessible yet16:14
nukemit's still in the shutdown/reboot sequence16:14
TheWild"dpkg -l" listed "notify-osd", but not "ps aux", not even "sudo service --status-all". So what freaking thing actually displays the notifications?16:15
Gizmo_Romickoerherks: that immediately fixed the issue.  I'll see what happens when connected to firefox sync16:16
oerheksGizmo_Romick, before you do that, look for the plugins you have installed, there might be one that is faulty16:17
d0b3rm4nnhi every16:17
oerheksand set them back one by one, to see which one16:17
Warren_Hi all, looking for some help with a login loop... forums have been a dead end for me.16:17
crandonHi! I created an l2 openvpn connection from my laptop (ubuntu 17.04) to an openvpn server. Interestingly once the vpn is up I'm unable to edit the route table with ip route add/delete (ie: I'd like to add a default gw for the laptop via a gw on the server side network (and yes, the gw on the remote network is in the same subnet as the client)16:19
crandonAny ideas? ip route gives no error, not is there anything in syslog16:19
TJ-Warren_: do you mean GUI login? Does a console log-in work (Ctrl+Alt+F2) ?16:20
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Gizmo_Romickoerherks: as soon as I enable firefox sync, even if I don't sync plugins, the problem comes back16:21
Warren_TJ-: yes, the GUI login is looping, but I can log in from the console.16:22
TJ-Warren_: check for files not owned by your user in it's $HOME directory: "find $HOME -maxdepth 2 \! -user $UID -ls"16:22
Warren_ok brb16:22
TJ-Warren_: This is usually caused by $HOME/.Xauthority being owend by root due to using sudo startx or similar16:22
TJ-Warren_: if that's what you see do "sudo chown $USER:$USER $HOME/*" and the retry the GUI log-in16:23
Warren_ 19792049      4 drwx------   2 root     root         4096 Aug 15 16:14 /home/warren/.cache/dconf  19800241      4 drwx------   3 root     root         4096 Aug 15 16:12 /home/warren/.dbus find: ‘/home/warren/.dbus’: Permission denied16:23
ikoniaroot in your homedir....16:23
oerheksGizmo_Romick, oke, not sure what to look for in your sync'd data ..16:23
Warren_Xauthority was something I already checked, but it's owned by me16:24
Gizmo_Romickoerheks: I'm enabling syncing on each of the options.  I think it may be "preferences".  I'm not sure which preference it couldbe16:25
crandonWarren: I'd chown those directories above....16:25
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
TJ-Warren_: ./dbus and others could lead to the same problem. Also check contents of $HOME/.xsession-errors16:25
Warren_ok, I'll give that a try, reboot to test, and I'll be back.16:26
TJ-Warren_: reboots aren't required16:27
TJ-Warren_: once the fixes are done Alt+F7 to return to the greeter log-in screen16:27
Gizmo_Romickoerheks: is there any way to reset the certificate store?  would that potentially solve my issue?16:30
tomreyncrandon: 17.04 is !eol16:32
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d0b3rm4nni need help with netflix and firefox. I have ubuntu 16.04. I can see nothing and when i try to install the extensions for firefox, it doesn’t work. Thx16:36
crandontomreyn: I know, do-release-upgrade is running in the background :)16:38
crandontomreyn: Question is still valid though.16:39
Warren__Back - without success16:39
crandonI've never seen the route table being 'immutable' unless the command you issued was syntactically or semantically (ie: gw was not available on a directly connected network)16:39
Warren__GUI login still looping, nothing in my home dir is not owned by me16:40
crandonWarren__: Can you run the above find command once again?16:40
crandonWarren__: Ah ok.16:40
Warren__yeah, it returns nothing now16:40
crandonDo you have a ~/.xsession-errors file in you home?16:41
crandonWarren__: Do you have a ~/.xsession-errors file in you home?16:41
crandonWarren__: Please let us know it's content16:42
nukemikonia: well, the Failed to start Network Manager Wait Online issue is also happneing on a 17.10 VM...16:46
gopalW: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/   https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431369/ , how to install  it ?16:49
TJ-Warren__: how are you starting the GUI?16:50
TJ-Warren__: using "/usr/bin/startx" ?16:50
Warren__After I log in on the console? just "startx"16:50
ikoniawhy do people still use startx16:51
TJ-Warren__: ahhh, that's why. Use "sudo systemctl restart lightdm" (or gdm3 on 17.10+)16:51
TJ-ikonia: because it's all over the web for the last 20 years? :)16:51
Warren__ok... brb16:51
ikoniaI know but it's randomly typing commands16:52
gopalW: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/   https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431369/ , how to install  it ? line number 239016:52
brainwashgopal: do you need that firmware?16:52
gopalyes i think so16:52
brainwashso, you do have that AMD hardware?16:53
crandonWarren__: Which ubuntu version are you running?16:54
brainwashgopal: https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/tree/amdgpu16:54
gopalhow to install it ?16:54
brainwashgopal: in later ubuntu releases those firmware files will be included in the linux-firmware package16:54
TJ-gopal: as brainwash points out, you'll need to grab it from upstream because it's not in the Ubuntu linux-firmware packages as yet16:55
gopalhow ? i'm using ubuntu 16.04 lts16:55
brainwashgopal: you download the files and move them accordingly16:55
gopalcan i do it using a cmd ?16:55
TJ-gopal: easiest way is "git clone  https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git"16:56
brainwashcloning? that will take some time, won't it?16:57
gopaltyped it and it is done ?16:57
TJ-gopal: once it's pulled in "sudo rsync -av linux-firmware/amdgpu/ /lib/firmware/amdgpu/"16:57
tomreyngopal: which cpu doe you have there? you may not actually need this16:59
gopali'm using amd r5 m 43016:59
Warren_back - still looping16:59
brainwashtomreyn: that's for gpu16:59
tomreynbrainwash: yes, and the intel gpu is defined by the cpu16:59
gopaland laptop modal hp ay008tx17:00
nukemikonia: very strange... I've got a 17.10 VM on a different (Windows) machine and it's exhibiting very similar behavior17:01
tomreyngopal: so intel hd grpahics 520.  and which amd graphics card?17:01
gopalamd r5 m 43017:01
Warren_Also, you were suggesting usr/bin/startx instead of just startx? that failed outright, but I might be misremembering what you said (I'm on the webchat, so I don't have a history)17:02
nukemikonia: I believe I ran apt update/upgrade on it at some point yesterday and rebooted after.  just lookd at it and it was halted at Network Manager Wait Online17:02
ikonianukem: most odd17:02
nukemikonia: surely it must be some update they pushed in the last couple days but I can't find anything on reddit or the forums17:02
ikonianukem: seems unlikley17:02
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TJ-Warren__: Don't use startx, use "sudo systemctl restart lightdm" (or gdm3 on 17.10+)17:05
TJ-Warren_: but now you need to check /var/log/Xorg.0.log  and possibly /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log for clues17:06
Warren_OH! ok.17:06
gopalhow much time git clone is going to take ?17:06
TJ-gopal: it's having to fetch all the firmware binaries so a little while first time, subsequent "cd linux-firmware; git pull"  will be fast since they'd only fetch changes17:07
TJ-gopal: you shouldn't need to do a 'git pull' though unless there are newer firmwares you /need/17:08
lotuspsychje!fr | ArtMia17:08
ubottuArtMia: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:08
gopalin system monitor it is not using any brandwidth and i'm having 8Mbps brandwidth17:08
Warren_TJ-: Xorg.0.log here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431566/   but gdm3 log folder is empty17:10
Warren_lightdm.log exists, but is blank17:12
Warren_and time waits for no one... I'm going to have to come back tonight - work calls.17:13
nukemikonia: reinstalled fresh...and didn't connect to network so that it would use the default packages from the ISO... kernel 4.10 etc... and yet it's doing it... it has never done this before17:13
nukemikonia: and the fact that the VM on this other machine is doing it, using a completely different image... and it's a VM... wtf17:14
TJ-Warren_: I /think/ the issue is you're using a DE that requires a compositor with hardware acceleration support but the VESA driver is being used which doesn't have that17:15
TJ-Warren_: solution: ensure you're not using "nomodeset" and/or the correct DRM GPU driver is installed and working17:16
Warren_Not familiar with nomodeset17:17
TJ-Warren_: Desktop Environment - session - Gnome, Plasma, LXDE, XFCE, etc.17:17
TJ-Warren_: check "cat /proc/cmdline" see if there's a modeset option specified17:17
Warren_cat /proc/cmdline returns BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-25-generic root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root ro quiet splash vt.handoff=717:18
TJ-Warren_: default Unity/Gnome/KDE-Plasma require hardware accelerated support for the compositor, so I suspect that is the issue due to Xorg using the VESA software driver17:18
TJ-Warren_: cmdline is ok then; no "nomodeset" option; need to identify and install the correct driver for the GPU17:19
TJ-Warren_: start with "ubuntu-drivers list"17:19
jjzI want to register a Google Voice number, but failed. If anyone in U.S. or in cannada could help me?17:20
Warren_TJ-: that just returns "intel-microcode"17:20
StephenLynxcan a mobo just die? :|17:21
StephenLynxmy offboard sound card wasn't getting detected, so I rebooted a few times.17:21
StephenLynxI moved it to another slot17:21
StephenLynxand then the mobo stopped giving any sign of life17:21
StephenLynxnot even leds.17:21
TJ-Warren_: OK, so now "lspci -nn -d::0300"17:21
StephenLynxthat mobo is a little old and its onboard audio has been dead for a while now17:21
StephenLynx5 to 7 years old17:21
Warren_TJ-: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller [8086:0166] (rev 09)17:22
TJ-StephenLynx: they sounds like pretty big clues it was dying17:22
StephenLynxso yes, they just go belly up one day?17:22
TJ-Warren_: OK, so now do "pastebinit <( lspci -nnvk )"17:22
Warren_TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26431735/17:24
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
StephenLynxmaybe the PSU was what died?17:24
StephenLynxfuck i guess ill just get a new machine17:24
StephenLynxeverything but the GPU is old17:24
TJ-Warren_: well that looks OK, "Kernel modules: i915" for the Intel GPU17:25
aayankm player not working prperly?17:26
aayanin ubuntu mate 1617:26
TJ-StephenLynx: wooa! the Xorg.0.log you showed me WAS USING 'nomodeset': "[   116.596] Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-25-generic root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root ro recovery nomodeset"17:26
aayaninstalled using wine317:26
StephenLynxTJ-, did you get the right guy? :v17:27
TJ-StephenLynx: but you've just shown a /proc/cmdline without "nomodeset" so "sudo systemctl restart lightdm.service" should work17:27
Warren_TJ-: I gotta go and come back tonight, I'm late for a meeting. But Kernel modules: i915 returned Kernel: command not found17:27
TJ-StephenLynx: gah!17:27
TJ-Warren_: : but you've just shown a /proc/cmdline without "nomodeset" so "sudo systemctl restart lightdm.service" should work17:27
aayananyone for help?17:28
TJ-StephenLynx: not sure how I got your's to tab-complete there!17:28
Warren_ok, i'll try that and come back later. thank you for yourr help!17:28
ressectedis there a PPA available in order to get a hard real-time kernel17:28
TJ-ressected: I've not seen one17:28
ressectedTJ-, thank you17:30
TJ-ressected: -lolatency images are pretty good17:31
ressectedTJ-, they are but I have a special application :)17:32
TJ-ressected: I guess you have to apply the -rt patches and build17:34
TJ-ressected: you could do that in a PPA to make the packages available17:35
ressectedTJ-, that's looking like what I need to do17:35
ressectedTJ-, trying to avoid that if I can17:35
akikressected: it was pretty easy. i followed this guide https://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/system_configuration#build_your_own_real-time_kernel17:36
TJ-ressected: should be pretty easy to build on the linux-stable-rt repos with added Ubuntu sauce in a PPA17:37
ressectedakik, TJ-, looks great, thanks17:38
akikTJ-: what's linux-stable-rt?17:38
TJ-akik: the mainline repo https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rt/linux-stable-rt.git/17:39
TJ-akik: there's also the devel repo at https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rt/linux-rt-devel.git/17:39
akikTJ-: the patches have been included in there already? (instead of manual patching)17:43
TJ-akik: that's where the patches come from17:43
akikTJ-: i used this source https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/rt/17:43
akikprobably the same thing17:44
TJ-akik: yes, those are the patchsets rather than the repo, makes it harder to work with if you need to track commits, cherry-pick, id regressions, etc17:45
BadegakkHi, i have problems. My computer wont shutdown. Try to do sudo halt and it hans at power: halted. So it looks like it does all the shutdown procedure, but it hangs when it acutaly gonna turn of the computer17:53
gopalafter doing this "sudo rsync -av linux-firmware/amdgpu/ /lib/firmware/amdgpu/" how to launch amdgpu?17:54
TJ-ressected: akik I'm seeing if we can get the -rt mainline kernels built in the kernel-ppa17:54
TJ-gopal: reboot, or "sudo modprobe amdgpu" if it isn't already loaded17:55
ressectedTJ-, that would be fantastic.  I understand it's a comparatively small segment of users but it would save people a lot of time17:55
aayanhow to find particular installed program in terminal?17:56
gopaland after sudo modprobe amdgpu ?17:56
ressectedaayan, aptcache search program17:56
rypervencheBadegakk: I would use the magic sysrq key. One second.17:57
lotuspsychjeBadegakk: when you press F1 for text shutdown, any errors?17:57
ressectedaayan, sorry it's apt-cache17:57
TJ-ressected: yeah, it ought to be as simple as pointing the build scripts to a different URI17:57
aayanaptcache in terminal?17:57
aayanor its a program?17:58
BadegakkI remove the quite splash in grub, so i can see the whole thing, and theres no errerors17:59
rypervencheBadegakk: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key Scroll down to "Uses" and use REISUB to try to reboot the machine. Or use REISUO if you want to shutdown instead of reboot.17:59
ressectedaayan, example to search for sendmail do "apt-cache search sendmail" or a partial string17:59
ressectedaayan, nm that searches all available packages18:00
Badegakkreboot works, only suspend and shutdown that dont work. But i will look at the link18:01
gopaland after sudo modprobe amdgpu , what should i do to launch it ?18:01
TJ-gopal: that's all you need, it auto-loads if it matches the hardware18:03
gopalbut it didnt18:03
gopalwhat should i do ?18:03
TJ-gopal: what "didn't" happen?18:04
gopali cant see amdgpu icon18:04
gopali want to setup hybrid gfx18:04
TJ-gopal: what does "lspci -nnvk -d:0300" report?18:05
Badegakksysrq is disabled, how do i enable it18:05
TJ-gopal: OK, try "lspci -nnv | grep VGA"18:05
akikBadegakk: you could try to add the reboot= kernel parameter (https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/Documentation/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.txt) or the acpi kernel parameters18:06
gopal00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] [8086:1916] (rev 07) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])18:06
TJ-Badegakk: what sysrq specifically? it's controlled via sysctl18:06
TJ-gopal: OK, that's the Intel, can you see the AMD with "lspci -nn" ?18:06
rypervencheBadegakk: That solution is only if your machine won't shutdown properly and you need it to. If this is something where your shutdown button doesn't work, then you will want to find a different solution.18:06
TJ-gopal: ok now show us "pastebinit <( lspci -nnvvk -d ::0380 )"18:08
BadegakkI found out how to enable it, il reboot and see it that will work18:09
skinuxI wasn't able to stick around a few hours ago. I'm having issues starting MySQL server, it seems I'm missing mysql-server-core, but attempting to install it I have issues. https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b18:09
TJ-gopal: ok, so another driver has it: "Kernel driver in use: radeon"18:10
TJ-gopal: show us "pastebinit <( lsmod | grep radeon )"18:10
aayankm player dont work in ubuntu 1618:10
TJ-gopal: OK, that shows some process or other module is using the 'radeon' driver so you cannot unload it and replace it with amdgpu.18:12
gopalhow to remove it ?18:13
TJ-gopal: I think you'll need to blacklist the radeon driver18:13
BadegakkIt didnt work18:15
TJ-gopal: "echo 'blacklist radeon' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-radeon.conf"18:15
TJ-gopal: once you've done that reboot and test18:15
gopalok thx18:16
gopal_still cant see amdgpu icon18:18
gopal_TJ: still cant see amdgpu icon18:20
TJ-gopal_: check which module is in use by the GPU: "lspci -nnvk -d ::380" - look at the "Kernel in use" line18:21
TJ-gopal_: "Driver in use" hehehe18:21
gopal_gopal@gopal-HP-Notebook:~$ lspci -nnvk -d ::380 01:00.0 Display controller [0380]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Sun XT [Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8690M / R5 M330 / M430 / R7 M520] [1002:6660] (rev 83) Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Sun XT [Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8690M / R5 M330] [103c:81ec] Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 126 Memory at 90000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M] Memory at b1300000 (64-bit18:21
gopal_I/O ports at 4000 [size=256] Expansion ROM at b1340000 [disabled] [size=128K] Capabilities: <access denied> Kernel driver in use: radeon Kernel modules: radeon, amdgpu18:22
TJ-gopal_: seems like your blacklist didn't work18:23
ZombieJan 21 00:24:06 auth: Fatal: Unknown userdb driver 'pam'18:23
TJ-gopal_: what does "grep radeon /etc/modprobe.d/*"18:23
ZombieI have an issue with DoveCot.18:23
TJ-gopal_: You rebooted?18:27
TJ-gopal_: You must have something deliberately loading the radeon driver then because tha "blacklist radeon" should prevent it18:27
jerichowasahoaxwhat's the gpu on this system18:28
misty5so many things could be sandboxed. Why aren't they by default in most distros? not talking about sandboxing everything. but some packages clearly could have a sandbox* flag18:28
gopal_can you please take remote access to my pc ?18:28
jerichowasahoaxgopal_: i think your gpu might be too old for amdgpu18:29
TJ-jerichowasahoax: no, the amdgpu module has an alias that matches the GPU18:29
gopal_i am using a new laptop , hp ay008tx , i5 6th gen18:29
TJ-jerichowasahoax: "pci:v00001002d00006660sv*sd*bc*sc*i*"18:29
TJ-jerichowasahoax: "01:00.0 Display controller [0380]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Sun XT [Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8690M / R5 M330 / M430 / R7 M520] [1002:6660]"18:29
suhdoodhow to people normally find repositories for programs they want to install only through terminal? I always have to find repositories from articles and how-to install for ubuntu, but i'd rather know where to look specifically. anyone?18:29
TJ-gopal_: show us "pastebinit <( dmesg )"18:32
nukemis there a way to select the 'additional drivers' from command line instead of the GUI ?18:37
nukeme.g. CPU microcode and GPU drivers18:37
lotuspsychjenukem: ubuntu-drivers list18:38
TJ-gopal_: check if the amdgpu module is in the initial ramdisk file. "lsinitramfs /boot/initrd.img-$(uname -r) | grep amdgpu.ko"18:38
nukemlotuspsychje: it lists a few .. how do you toggle them?18:39
lotuspsychjenukem: nukem depending on wich you need to install ubuntu-drivers autoinstall or sudo apt install your-drivername18:39
=== DrunkHotDog is now known as HappyHotDog
nukemlotuspsychje: so all the ones that are listed are actually being used?18:41
lotuspsychjenukem: no, available18:41
nukemlotuspsychje: in the GUI, there are radio buttons that allow you to select whether to use a proprietary driver or not, or in case of the microcode, use the 'device' or not18:41
nukemlotuspsychje: so how do i toggle just one and not all of them?18:41
lotuspsychjenukem: can you tell us wich are listed?18:42
nukemintel-microcode, nvidia-38418:43
nukembut in GUI i've not selected either of those18:43
lotuspsychjenukem: to check driver: sudo lshw -C video18:43
lotuspsychjenukem: probably your on nouveau if you didnt install 38418:44
DaddyEricanyone know of any older games that will run on a P4 computer and ubuntu?18:44
nukemlotuspsychje: yes I am running nouveau, and even booted into nomodeset right now. but i'm trying to figure out, for future (in case GUI is inaccessible) how I can toggle these drivers the same way that is done via the "Additional Drivers" GUI18:45
gopal_cs 1.618:45
=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
lotuspsychjenukem: well toggle in your case, is installing nvidia-384 or stay on nouveau18:45
gopal_output is :  lib/modules/4.13.0-26-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu.ko18:45
nukemlotuspsychje: how about in case of the intel-microcode?  right now the GUI has selected "do not use this device"18:46
TJ-gopal_: OK, so that's available early. did you rebuild the initrd.img after copying the amdgpu firmware files into place? If not, do "sudo update-initramfs -u" then try another reboot18:46
gopal_ok trying18:47
nukemlotuspsychje: is toggling via the GUI essentially the same as installing 'nvidia-384' and 'intel-microcode' via apt-get ?18:47
lotuspsychjenukem: not sure if autoinstall will do the intel one, perhaps try sudo apt install intel-microcode18:47
lotuspsychjenukem: if you get black screen still on nvidia-384, to go back to nouveau: sudo apt purge nvidia*18:48
lotuspsychjenukem: wich ubuntu version are you on by the way?18:48
nukem16.04.3 but been having some bizarre issues lately... just did a fresh reinstall but still getting same issues i was having before18:49
nukemhard to explain18:49
nukemvarious hangups during boot18:49
nukembut hard to narrow down18:49
TJ-nukem: hardware related?18:49
nukemTJ-: I thought maybe, resulting from some update, but I get the same issues on a VM (on a Windows host) using 17.10.118:50
TJ-nukem: has any Linux install ever worked correctly on the hardware?18:50
gopalwhen my laptop started i saw something amd like that , but still i cant see amdgpu icon18:50
nukemTJ-: this one was working fairly well up until routing update last night.. but i think it may all go back to the damn GPU18:50
TJ-nukem: same issues in a VM ? is that using the same installation media?18:50
nukemTJ-: nope different ISO.. 16.04.3 on this laptop, 17.10.1 on the VM18:50
nukemTJ-: and using `nomodeset` on the VM still won't get me through to the DE, whereas it does work on my laptop18:51
TJ-gopal: check the driver in use by the hardware again: "lspci -nnk -d::0380 | grep 'driver in use'  "18:51
lotuspsychjenukem: can you recall what packages got updated?18:51
nukemlotuspsychje: systemd, perhaps lvm (which I am using), and some other fairly core ones, iirc18:51
TJ-nukem: seems strange you're seeing issues in a VM too18:52
nukemTJ-: I did install the Virtualbox guest additions on this VM so maybe that's causing it.. uninstalling now.. just strange that they're both exhibiting similar behavior18:52
gopalno output18:52
TJ-gopal: I'm at a loss then; you've blacklisted the radeon driver but it is still being loaded rather than the amdgpu driver18:52
TJ-gopal: wooa, "no output" ?18:53
lotuspsychjegopal: did you check sudo lshw -C video behind driver= ?18:53
TJ-gopal: that's not right. show us "pastebinit <( lspci -nnvk -d::380 )"18:53
TJ-lotuspsychje: that's what we're doing18:53
lotuspsychjenukem: when you say bizarre issues, what are we talking about?18:54
TJ-lotuspsychje: lspci shows that both radeon and amdgpu are suitable, we've blacklisted radeon, but something is still loading it very early18:54
nukemlotuspsychje: seemingly network connectivity issues causing boot to hang, and then it pops up saying several messages like INFO:  task kworker blocked for more than 120 seconds18:55
nukemlotuspsychje: both machines have had it18:55
TJ-gopal: OH That's good news in a way, 'radeon' hasn't been loaded :)  ... strange though, amdgpu hasn't loaded instead. Try "sudo modprobe amdgpu"18:55
lotuspsychjenukem: your on plasma?18:56
nukemlotuspsychje: the VM is a 17.10.1 GNOME guest18:56
nukemlotuspsychje: the laptop is 16.04.3 unity18:56
TJ-nukem: I saw your imagur photo earlier; it was task systemd:1 being stuck, which is pretty strange18:56
gopalbut no output18:56
nukemTJ-: yeah I don't think I saw that one again18:56
TJ-gopal: check the driver again: "lspci -nnk -d::0380 | grep 'driver in use'  "18:57
gopalno output18:57
TJ-gopal: so it failed. Let's check the kernel log. "pastebinit <( dmesg | tail -n 150 )"18:57
nukemTJ-: the VM resolution is so small it's too much a PITA to be able to read logs.. tried uninstalling virtualbox-guest-additions-x11 .. maybe that's the issue18:58
nukemit's rebooting18:58
lotuspsychjenukem: wich kernel in use?18:58
nukemlotuspsychje: on laptop i've tried 4.13 and 4.1018:58
nukemlotuspsychje: just reinstalled again, but didn't connect to network, to get base 16.04.3 ... using nomodeset seems to boot ok18:58
nukemlotuspsychje: so now i'm going to attempt updating again.. that's why i was asking earlier about how to toggle the microcode/GPU driver via CLI... since sometimes x11 fails to start18:59
lotuspsychjenukem: relevant? https://askubuntu.com/questions/965856/kworker-blocked-for-more-than-120-seconds-ubuntu-17-1018:59
TJ-nukem: this was the photo I looked at earlier https://imgur.com/61yeBqO18:59
nukemlotuspsychje: was just looking at that actually.  using a network cable shouldn't make a diff since the VM isn't simulating wifi18:59
nukemlotuspsychje: and i tried rebooting w/ network cable plugged in on laptop. didn't do anything19:00
lotuspsychjenukem: did you disable wifi during eth test?19:01
TJ-gopal: there's something wrong with your system I wonder if amdgpu has been blacklisted. I tried loading the module here and I see it reported19:01
nukemlotuspsychje: as far as i know, i was able to disable it19:01
nukemlotuspsychje: but the laptop is presently working (with nomodeset)19:02
nukemlotuspsychje: I think wifi's disabled.. lemme try removing nomodeset and see what happens19:02
gopalbut it works with windows1019:02
TJ-gopal: let's check "pastebinit <( grep amdgpu /etc/modprobe.d/* )"19:02
TJ-gopal: Windows isn't Linux19:02
gopalno output19:02
nukemlotuspsychje: the VM is working now after removing that package... maybe it's just two coincidental video-related issues (on laptop and VM) that appear to exhibit the same symptoms19:02
TJ-gopal: how about "lsmod | grep amdgpu" ?19:03
nukemlotuspsychje: VM is also in nomodeset right now. i'll try taking it away from both VM and laptop19:03
lotuspsychjenukem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/172431719:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724317 in linux (Ubuntu) "Shutdown hangs / no standby - possible Wifi-bug in the kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:03
gopalgopal@gopal-HP-Notebook:~$ lsmod | grep amdgpu amdgpu               2019328  0 ttm                    94208  1 amdgpu i2c_algo_bit           16384  2 amdgpu,i915 drm_kms_helper        167936  2 amdgpu,i915 drm                   356352  10 amdgpu,i915,ttm,drm_kms_helper19:03
TJ-nukem: well, nomodeset will break things since that stops the kernel mode-setting code from working19:03
TJ-gopal: so it's loaded but not used by your hardware? :s yet it claims it supports it. I wonder if you have to do the switchover from Intel to AMD to have it grab the GPU19:04
TJ-Anyone here familiar with working with AMDGPU hybrid ?19:05
gopalcan i switch off amd and use intel only to save power ?19:06
nukemlotuspsychje: saw that.. but that's for a newer kernel than mine, I think, and i've been having this problem without ever using the nvidia driver19:06
nukemlotuspsychje: ok I removed nomodeset but used LAN cable and laptop boots to tty19:06
TJ-gopal: I don't know; it seems like it isn't being used right now anyhow19:06
nukemTJ-:  what does nomodeset do besides for prohibit the GPU driver from loading?19:06
TJ-nukem: it doesn't always prevent the driver loading, it stops the kernel from changing video modes though19:07
nukemTJ-: any harm in using it all the time, though? it just affects video, nothing else right?19:07
gopalbut still i'm getting less battery backup and my laptop takes around 120 sec to load desktop19:07
TJ-nukem: sometimes a bad driver doing a modeswitch leaves you with a blank screen19:07
TJ-gopal: well that's something else entirely19:08
TJ-gopal: is it Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial?19:08
TJ-gopal: did you install xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04 ? check with "apt list --installed xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04 "19:09
gopalxserver-xorg-hwe-16.04/xenial-updates,now 1:7.7+16ubuntu3~16.04.1 amd64 [installed]19:10
TJ-gopal: good, so everything recent is installed19:10
TJ-gopal: You need an AMDGPU expert now; I've checked everything I can think of: driver supports GPU, radeon is blacklisted, amdgpu driver is loaded but isn't managing the GPU19:11
gopaland how i can find him?19:11
TJ-gopal: let's try one last thing: "sudo modprobe -vr amdgpu && sudo modprobe -v amdgpu"19:12
gopalrmmod amdgpu rmmod ttm insmod /lib/modules/4.13.0-26-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/ttm/ttm.ko  insmod /lib/modules/4.13.0-26-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu.ko19:12
TJ-gopal: that is unloaded and reloading the amdgpu module to see if it'll bind to the GPU19:12
TJ-gopal: check the driver again: "lspci -nnk -d::0380 | grep 'driver in use'  "19:13
lotuspsychjenukem: try a few tests, install nvidia driver, try a different kernel?19:13
nukemlotuspsychje TJ- so while I was installing the nvidia driver from tty, started getting the "INFO: task kworker blocked for more than 120 seconds" message...19:13
gopalno output19:13
lotuspsychjenukem: yikes19:13
nukemlotuspsychje: will post a pic19:13
TJ-gopal: OK, so something weird I cannot understand.19:13
TJ-lotuspsychje: this was nukem's photo from earlier: https://imgur.com/61yeBqO19:14
gopalcan you please tell me what should i say to someone ? so he can understand my problem easily19:14
SimonNLTJ-: gopal there is #amdgpu on this server19:16
nukemlotuspsychje TJ- actually I think those kworker messages have popped up at random.  happened a bit earlier after trying to turn off bluetooth19:16
TJ-gopal: "GPU supported by amdgpu driver (confirmed by lspci and the modalias). radeon driver blacklisted. Loading amdgpu it does not bind to the GPU."19:16
nukem2 pics coming19:16
udnhi all19:17
nukemlotuspsychje TJ- https://imgur.com/oSi8N7H https://imgur.com/FeEmN4p19:17
TJ-SimonNL: thank you! check with the folks in that channel gopal19:17
udndo you know where i can found a firefox quantum developer ppa?19:17
udni was tested with umake, but not global menu and icon19:18
nukemlotuspsychje TJ- this is a fresh install.  previous installation was working fine before last night when I ran an update19:18
lotuspsychjeudn: we dont support external ppa adding, but you can try #firefox19:18
lotuspsychje!ppa | udn19:18
ubottuudn: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:18
lotuspsychjeudn: usually we reccomend package versions, meant for the specific ubuntu version19:19
TJ-nukem: is the laptop booting whilst AC is connected and charging?19:19
nukemTJ-: yeah19:19
nukemTJ-: and afaict, Wifi is disabled (per that other bug post) and just have LAN cable connected19:19
TJ-nukem: try booting it with AC out :)19:20
nukemTJ-: well it says reboot is required (since i installed the nvidia driver). gonna try that first19:21
gopalshould i install 17.4?19:21
nukemgopal: no it's no longer supported19:21
SimonNLTJ-: gopal checking on amd.com I don't think the card is compatible with amdgpupro19:21
lotuspsychjegopal: amdgpu is a no-go 17.1019:21
udnthank you19:23
RetromingentAnyone else run into a login loop with ubuntu 17.10 running the latest Nvidia drivers (384)?19:23
lotuspsychjeRetromingent: there are issues with nvidia and wayland19:24
lotuspsychjeRetromingent: have you tested the xorg session?19:24
nukemRetromingent: I think I had actually, before going back to 16.04.319:24
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nukemRetromingent: prob need to boot nomodeset or boot into recovery and replace the drivers19:24
RetromingentIotuspsychje: no I haven't.  Just with Wayland.19:25
lotuspsychjeRetromingent: can you test plz?19:25
gopalhow can i turn off amd and use intel only?19:25
lotuspsychjeRetromingent: nouveau/xorg should work19:25
TJ-gopal: can you "pastebinit  /var/log/gpu-manager.log" please19:25
TJ-gopal: you'd disable AMD in the firmware's setup at boot-time19:26
gopalno folder19:26
Retromingent lotuspsychje: thanks19:27
gopalcant find it19:27
Bashing-omgopal: Watvhing this - no /var/log/gpu-manager.log present will be a 1st for me .. check again ?19:27
TJ-gopal: how about "which gpu-manager"19:28
nukemTJ- lotuspsychje well the laptop works with the nvidia drivers while still running the ISO packages.. running update now..19:32
ZombieJan 21 00:24:06 auth: Fatal: Unknown userdb driver 'pam'19:32
ZombieI have an issue with DoveCot. I need it to authenticate Straight Kerberos.19:32
nukemTJ- lotuspsychje perhaps I had this issue before but wasn't wise enough to delete 'quiet splash' from boot menu so didn't realize that the same thing was going on under the hood.. but ultimately it seems all the problems i've had on this machine so far stem from the nvidia GPU19:32
skinuxWhat package has mysqld_safe?19:34
tomreynskinux: dpkg -S $(which mysqld_safe)19:35
lotuspsychjeSimonNL: did you find anything usefull?19:35
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tomreynskinux: this is assuming you already have it installed19:37
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nolifeboyhey ilfamtomas19:38
skinuxwhich mysqld_safe returns nothing, so dpkg doesn't get enough parameters.19:38
nolifeboyhi seb19:38
TJ-gopal: would you be prepared to install the latest mainline kernel as a test to see if the very latest code works ?19:39
tomreynskinux: do you know where it is, though?19:39
tomreynskinux: how did you run into "mysqld_safe" in the first place?19:40
TJ-gopal: I've a script that will install the Ubuntu kernel-team's builds automically. do "wget http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/wget_kernel_mainline.sh" then "chmod +x wget_kernel_mainline.sh" then "./wget_kernel_mainline.sh"19:41
skinuxWell, I was doing "sudo service mysql start", which apparently tries to start mysqld_safe, which somehow isn't installed.19:41
petttterthis site won't let me enter my name :)19:41
SimonNLlotuspsychje: don't understand the question. did you think I was having the problem ?19:42
lotuspsychjepetttter: this site?19:42
petttterI was here last night but now I have a new problem19:42
petttter'this site' - yeah...or freenode?19:42
lotuspsychjeSimonNL: no, you were checking for gopal amdgpu on amd?19:42
lotuspsychjepetttter: register or identify problems?19:43
pettttermy vpn stopped working - the app....and now I found out it will only work on one session19:43
petttterlotuspsychje, I guess so19:43
SimonNLAh okay. As I said I don't think his card is on the capability list19:43
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SimonNLlotuspsychje: ^19:43
petttterhow do i register?19:44
lotuspsychje!register | petttter19:44
ubottupetttter: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.19:44
petttterI am hoping someone can inform me about the ubuntu sessions in ubuntu 17.1019:44
petttterbecause, they don't make sense to me19:44
lotuspsychjepetttter: ask your question19:44
SimonNL/msg nickserv help register petttter19:45
pettttermy vpn application will only work with 'ubuntu xorg'19:46
petttteri have these choices for login session:  ubuntu xorg, gnome xorg, gnome classic and19:46
Borw3I am on Kubuntu 16.04.3 Kernel 4.13.x, and my wifi is working but signal is low, what can I do?19:46
pettttercinnamon (software rendering), cinnamon - I installed the cinnamon desktop environ. so I have those latter two now?19:47
petttterwhere is ubuntu w/ wayland?  I am confused19:47
Warren_TJ-: I'm back, and the systemctl restart gdm3 seems to have worked. Thank you for your help!19:47
petttteranyway, my vpn app will only work in ubuntu xorg :-/19:47
Warren_Now, to go find an IRC client that doesn't freeze up on me....19:48
lotuspsychje!info hexchat | Warren_19:48
ubottuWarren_: hexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.12.4-5build2 (artful), package size 336 kB, installed size 1009 kB19:48
petttterI'm using hexchat... I like it so far19:49
Warren_HexChat is the one freezing up on me19:49
petttteroh sorry... I haven't had a freeze up yet19:49
petttterwhat computer do you have?  are you sure it's hexchat at fault?19:49
TJ-Warren_: glad we got person sorted out :)19:50
Warren_I'm not sure that it's actually hexchat's fault19:50
Warren_TJ-: me too!19:50
petttterdid anyone understand my session options?  is it the same for everyone?19:50
lotuspsychjepetttter: graphics card chipset?19:50
petttterisn't there supposed to be a wayland server option?19:50
petttternvidia gtx 75019:51
lotuspsychjepetttter: by default ubuntu 17.10 is using wayland by default, unless you have nvidia19:51
Warren_Actually, the login loop and the hexchat freezing started about the same time... I wonder if THOSE are related...19:51
petttterbut, when I log in, I have to choose one of the selections - none indicate using wayland?19:52
lotuspsychjepetttter: thats why you dont have the ubuntu(wayland) in your list19:52
Warren_but I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E531 running 17.1019:52
petttterlotuspsychje, that makes no sense19:52
petttterwayland is the default but you can't use it?19:52
lotuspsychjepetttter: not on nvidia,19:53
lotuspsychjepetttter: xorg/nouveau should work19:53
petttternot on nvidia?19:53
petttterI upgraded the graphics driver - enabled the ppa for that....19:53
petttterthe current driver is nvidia but the higher versions indicate 'open source' which is weird19:54
petttterwould those driver versions allow use of wayland?19:54
lotuspsychjepetttter: if you using and nvidia- driver wayland is a no-go19:54
petttterI'm talking about ver. 387 and 39019:54
akikpetttter: do you have openvpn? i think it requires root access and you need one xhost command before running it19:54
petttterakik, I think so but I am using the vpn's application software19:54
petttterI can connect using openvpn but I would have to enter the password every time manually19:55
hotbobbywith an encrypted home directory, how can i fix my path for ~/bin/19:55
ikonia  what does encryption have to do with your path19:55
petttterlotuspsychje, do you know what I'm talking about? :)19:55
hotbobbyonce i mount my encrypted home directory, ikonia , it doesnt recognize my private bin dir19:56
hotbobbyi need to run that path command after mounting, not before19:56
petttterthat sounds familiar that it doesn't work with the proprietary nvidia driver - is that what you're saying?19:56
lotuspsychjepetttter: correct19:56
petttterI don't know if I should install a newer driver version though....:)19:56
gopaltJ-: Error: exit with code 119:56
ikoniahotbobby: what do you mean doesn't recognise it19:57
petttterlotuspsychje, thanks.... have you heard anything about using version 387?19:57
gopalTJ- : Error: exit with code 119:57
ikoniathe path won't differ unless you tell it to be different19:57
ikoniaand why do you need to mount your home directory, it should auto mount19:57
petttterlotuspsychje, I thought it was weird that it indicated that it was opensource.... in the drivers section of the software updates app19:57
hotbobbyikonia: i ssh into a user with an encrypted home dir. i mount my home dir. in this state i cannot access programs in my private bin folder without typing ~/bin/appname19:58
gopal    sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com <KEYID> how yo solve it ?19:58
ikoniahotbobby: why do you need to mount your home directory19:58
ikoniahotbobby: it should already be mounted19:58
hotbobbyikonia: because it is encrypted19:58
ikoniahotbobby: right, and it should decrypt at boot19:58
gopalTJ ?19:59
hotbobbyikonia: it doesnt decrypt automatically when no local users are logged in, and someone logs in over ssh19:59
ikoniahotbobby: then how do you expect it to parse the bashrc in your home directory19:59
ikoniathis is a fault of your design19:59
hotbobbyikonia: default ubuntu 16.04.3 setup. all i did was make a user and add my key20:00
ikoniagoyal: anyone what ?20:00
ikoniahotbobby: right, you're using it incorrectly for your needs20:00
ikoniahotbobby: if that is your need, then you've selected a bad encyrption method20:01
goyalwhat it is for?20:01
ikoniagoyal: what is what for ?20:01
goyalthis platform?20:01
TJ-gopal: hang on, checking20:01
hotbobbyikonia: can you point me toward a better method for encrypted home directories for remote users20:01
petttteranyway, why doesn't my vpn app work with gnome/xorg session?20:01
petttterhow come it doesn't work at all?20:01
ikoniahotbobby: don't use encrypted home devices that require a manual decrypt20:02
petttterand what's the difference between ubuntu/xorg and gnome/xorg?20:02
_jdHi All, I need to install celery 4 (Python celery) in Ubuntu. I know I can do this using pip, but I was wondering if I can somehow achieve this through package manager?20:02
ikoniahotbobby: use FDE and let the disk decrypt at boot20:02
TJ-gopal: I think it reported to you "ERROR: failed to verify the CHECKSUM signature" is that correct?20:02
hotbobbyikonia: it's so obvious.... thank you20:02
ikoniano problem20:02
TJ-gopal: ok, you just need to install the kernel-team's certificate: "sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com 17C622B0"20:03
TJ-gopal: then re-run the script "./wget_kernel_mainline.sh" and it'll install the downloaded files20:03
hotbobbycan anyone tell me how to ufw allow anything from
Warren_Purged and reinstalled HexChat, still freezing up when I enter a specific room. Wondering if they're running a bot that's messing up something?20:04
petttterWarren_, what else is running when you are using hexchat?20:04
Warren_Chrome, Transmission, and the OS/GUI20:05
petttterno one can answer my question? :(20:05
petttterWarren_, what computer do you have?20:05
tatertotspetttter: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no20:05
Warren_I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E531 running 17.1020:05
lotuspsychjepetttter: ubuntu 17.10 is gnome by default20:05
gopal Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/kbl_guc_ver9_14.bin for module i915 W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/bxt_guc_ver8_7.bin for module i91520:05
petttterWarren_, if you can, I would stop Transmission and reduce the number of tabs on Chrome and see if it makes a difference at all20:06
pettttertatertots, yes20:06
tatertotspetttter: open terminal20:06
lotuspsychjegoyal: please stop that20:06
tatertotspetttter: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit20:06
tatertotspetttter: let me know when done20:06
pettttertatertots, I was here last night :)20:06
pettttertatertots, it's installed :)20:07
tatertotspetttter: is this you? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26427404/20:07
pettttertatertots, yeppers :)20:07
pettttersorry, I need to register a name...but, it's close :)20:08
tatertotspetttter: i remember some from last night...not much...memory utilization is higher than normal these days20:08
pettttertatertots, no problem... just ask me what you would like me to do20:09
TJ-gopal: Oh grrr! That's the  out-of-tree kernel driver you've got for the Broadcom Wifi not building for the latest kernel! hang on again...!20:09
pettttertatertots, is there any difference between the ubuntu on xorg and gnome on xorg sessions for log in?20:10
tatertotspetttter: in terminal> journalctl -p 3|pastebinit20:10
tatertotspetttter: share url/link here20:10
pettttertatertots, https://paste.ubuntu.com/26432859/20:11
TJ-gopal: "sudo dkms remove -m bcmwl -v -k 4.15.0-041500rc8-generic"20:11
gopalError! There is no instance of bcmwl for kernel 4.15.0-041500rc8-generic (x86_64) located in the DKMS tree.20:12
goyali am trying to sniff chat by msgsnarf but its not happening.20:12
tatertotspetttter: in terminal> journalctl -p 4|pastebinit20:13
TJ-gopal: Grrr! show me "pastebinit <( ls /usr/src/ )"20:13
gopalbcmwl-         linux-headers-4.13.0-26-generic linux-headers-4.10.0-28          linux-headers-4.15.0-041500rc8 linux-headers-4.10.0-28-generic  linux-headers-4.15.0-041500rc8-generic linux-headers-4.13.0-2620:14
pettttertatertots:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/26432876/20:14
TJ-gopal: OK, so I got the version for bcmwl correct!20:15
TJ-gopal: let's see if this will sort it out "sudo apt-get -f install"20:16
TJ-gopal: Phew!!! Time for a celebratory drink :D20:17
TJ-gopal: try a reboot into the new kernel, see if amdgpu takes on the GPU20:17
TJ-gopal: correct20:17
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privacy404anybody wanna talk20:19
TJ-everyone is keeping their privacy :p20:19
Warren_Ok, asked people in the particular chatroom (via web based client), and it turns out they've been seeing this problem since Jan 1st, off and on. Some of them suspect ISP shenanigans, but a single IRC chatroom seems like small beans for ISP control freaks.20:19
cortexman /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libserf-1.so.1 is looking for symbols at link time that are defined in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.a instead of libssl.so20:19
compdocI gave up mine long ago20:19
tatertotspetttter: what symptom(s) are you wanting to address at the present time?20:20
gopal_still cant see amd icon20:20
TJ-gopal_: I'm not too bothered about icons, all we want for now is the amdgpu driver!20:21
TJ-gopal_: check "lspci -nnvk -d ::380 | grep 'driver in use'  "20:21
ioriaTJ-, what is an 'amd icon'  ?20:22
TJ-ioria: I presume some hybrid AMD/Intel switcher in GUI20:22
gopal_no output20:22
ioriaTJ-, oh, thanx20:22
tatertotspetttter: this maybe?  Jan 21 12:44:49 pjpnet gnome-session-binary[912]: Unrecoverable failure in required component org.gnome.Shell.desktop20:22
TJ-gopal_: So the amdgpu driver still failed to bind; I'm beginning to think that the PC has the AMD GPU disabled in the PC firmware's setup - reboot and enter firmware setup, and check it's either 'enabled' or 'auto'20:23
tatertotspetttter: I haven't been trained to read minds or be a psychic, but if you tell me..20:23
gopal_no setting in bios20:24
TJ-gopal_: really?20:24
gopal_and my wifi is also not working20:24
tatertotspetttter: and what's with the latency in your communication(s)? i observed that latency last night also20:25
pettttertatertots, latency?20:26
Bashing-omTJ-: gopal_ What AMD card is this - does it support amdgpu ? Maybe need the radeon driver ??20:26
pettttertatertots:  what symptoms?  the vpn application doesn't work when I log in using gnome xorg session20:26
ioriagopal_, yeah, what's your card and kernel ?20:26
gopal_amd r5 m43020:26
tatertotspetttter: i understand20:27
pettttermy other question was, what is the difference of ubuntu xorg and gnome xorg sessions?20:27
TJ-gopal_: If you were using the amdgpu-pro driver I've read /it/ need a command-line switch when in a hybrid system to enable it. I'm wondering if the same is required for the amdgpu driver. Le me check20:27
gopal_and i upgraded my kernel20:27
petttterI don't understand why it would not work at all in one session vs the other one20:27
TJ-ioria: we're on 4.15-rc8 right now, see https://paste.ubuntu.com/26432284/20:27
tatertotspetttter: we would need to look into what happened, is that okay with you?20:27
pettttertatertots:  I understand that there is a lot of 'failures' in those logs... I don't know what that means, though20:27
TJ-ioria: latest linux-firmware from mainline installed earlier with the original 4.13 ubuntu hwe kernel20:28
pettttertatertots, okay?20:28
tatertotspetttter: sudo apt install sosreport20:28
tatertotspetttter: let me know when done20:28
ioriagopal_, TJ-   and what was the problem with radeon  ? (instead of amdgpu)20:29
gopal_i cant switch gfx20:29
gopal_and very less battery backup20:29
gopal_+ it takes a lot of time to start20:30
ZombieI need assistance authenticating DoveCot against a Samba 4 AD on Ubuntu 16.04.20:30
pettttertatertots: it's done20:30
TJ-ioria: hybrid wouldn't switch, amdgpu claims to support the GPU via modalias (confirmed by lspci), amdgpu loads but doesn't bind. gpu-manager: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26432557/20:30
ioriagopal_, i see ... with DRI_PRIME you mean ?20:30
gopal_and after upgrading kernel , wifi is also not working20:30
ioriagopal_,  that is a 'new' kernel .... let me guess,  broadcom ?20:31
TJ-gopal_: broken wifi we know about, the bcmwl module failed to build - remember?20:31
tatertotspetttter: sudo sosreport20:31
tatertotspetttter: use your chat screen name20:32
tatertotspetttter: press enter for all other questions until it begins20:32
ioriagopal_,  you can always boot on the previous kernel ...20:32
tatertotspetttter: let me know when done20:32
ioriagopal_,  from grub i mean ...20:33
TJ-gopal_: as the 4.15-rc8 kernel didn't solve the GPU issues let's remove it so you can reboot into the 4.13 kernel. "sudo apt remove linux-image-4.15.0-041500rc8-generic"20:33
gopal_ok how ? need to do it now ?20:33
TJ-gopal_: don't reboot yet, do the command above ^^^20:33
TJ-gopal_: then reboot and you'll have working wifi with the Ubuntu 4.13 kernel again20:34
ioriaidk if relevant https://bugs.launchpad.net/xorg-server/+bug/172787720:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1727877 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "AMD Radeon 520 graphics card not detected in wayland session when using AMD/Intel hybrid laptop" [Low,Triaged]20:34
gopal_Adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration done The link /vmlinuz is a damaged link Removing symbolic link vmlinuz   you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub] The link /initrd.img is a damaged link Removing symbolic link initrd.img   you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub]20:34
TJ-!cookie ioria20:34
TJ-ioria: nice find!!! we didn't find that earlier20:35
TJ-gopal_: Yes20:35
ioriaTJ-, not sure, to be honest20:35
ioriaTJ-, it's dais to boot with  'radeon.modeset=1'20:36
TJ-ioria: it looks exactly on the button20:36
ioriaoh, ok20:36
TJ-ioria: we blacklisted radeon so that would have no effect right now20:36
ioriaoh, ell20:37
TJ-the weirdness being the amdgpu module declares a modalias that matches the GPU but it doesn't bind to it20:37
ioriaright, not suitable, radeon is20:37
pettttertatertots: it's done20:38
TJ-gopal: wifi OK?20:38
gopalyes :)20:38
TJ-gopal: Let's remove that blacklis file so you're back to relative normality. "sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-radeon.conf"20:39
TJ-gopal: Did you look at the bug report ioria found? It looks to be what you're experiencing20:39
ioriaTJ-, same guy: TJ-,  what you can  do with this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/967806/amd-radeon-520-dedicated-graphics-card-not-working-properly-in-xwayland20:39
ioriasame card20:40
tatertotspetttter: okay20:40
ioriawith radeon.modeset=120:40
gopalno mine is amd r5 m43020:40
skinuxtomreyn: I have tried donig sudo service mysql start, sudo service mysqld start, sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start, none of it worked.20:41
pettttertatertots, so uncompress it and send it in some form?20:41
tatertotspetttter: i'd check pm's first20:42
gopaland my processor is 6th gen i520:42
TJ-ioria: gopal that AskUbuntu article is also the R5 M330/M43020:43
gopalmeans we cant do anything?20:44
ioriagopal, lspci -nnk | grep VGA20:44
TJ-ioria: here https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431984/20:44
skinuxtomreyn: I've discovered mysqld_safe itself isn't installed. However, I cannot find a package to install it with.20:44
TJ-ioria: full lspci -nn : https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431977/20:45
gopal00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] [8086:1916] (rev 07)20:45
skinuxIs mysqld_safe just a script?20:45
ioriathe subsystem ...mmm20:45
TJ-ioria: dmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26432143/20:45
ioriagopal, TJ- i'd enable radeon  again, and use radeon.modeset=1  ... bohf20:48
gopalok , how to do it?20:48
ioriaskinux, it's in msql-server-x.x afaik20:48
TJ-gopal: in summary, it seems like the 'radeon' driver is OK /but/ the GUI session  doesn't detect hybrid GPUs which is why your "AMD icon" isn't shown.20:49
TJ-gopal: without rebooting for now, you can do "sudo modprobe radeon modeset=1"20:50
ioriaskinux, https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/mysql-server-5.7/filelist20:50
tmogoHello, For an Acer Heliod (16GB RAM, 2x SSD's, i7-7700HQ, and GTX 1060 video ram), which version of Ubuntu would run best for Heavy Audio Production, compatibility with these specs, and while not killing the battery in one hour?20:52
tmogoI meant to say Helios20:52
tmogoI've pretty much only used standard distro's in the past, but I know there's hundreds of them, and you guys probably know more than me in terms of Gnome, Mate, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc.20:54
skinuxioria: I've found what is probably a big problem. The configuration file includes conf.d directory, but the configuration file in conf.d has nothing but '[mysql]' in it.20:54
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Bashing-omtmogo: check out : http://ubuntustudio.org/download/ .20:56
gopalok , how to do it?20:56
gopalok , how to do it?20:56
gopalok , how to do it?20:56
SimonNL^ bad behavior gopal20:56
tmogoThanks @Bashing-om20:57
SimonNLAH ok so thats what lag does didn't know that20:57
TJ-gopal: how to do what?20:58
gopalenable readon , ioria was saing something20:59
TJ-gopal: did you try the command I gave you before rebooting?20:59
gopalwhich one ?20:59
SimonNL<TJ-> gopal: without rebooting for now, you can do "sudo modprobe radeon modeset=1"       missed this one gopal ?20:59
TJ-gopal: do "sudo modprobe radeon modeset=1"20:59
TJ-SimonNL: thanks... feel free to take over, I'm exhausted!20:59
gopalmy net was not working21:00
SimonNLwouldn't be in users best interest21:00
gopalplz tell me the commands again , i think i missed very important thing21:00
SimonNLI'm not that knowledgeable TJ- sorry21:00
TJ-gopal: I think for now we've done all we can, there appears to be a bug somewhere but it's not clear where21:01
gopalKernel driver in use: radeon21:02
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gopalcan we disable amd and use intel only ? it will improve battery backup ?21:02
=== Cobra is now known as Cobraa
gopaland how i can help the community to find the bug?21:03
gopali can give access to my laptop and do whatever you want to do21:04
skinuxI'm at a loss. MySQL configuration files are  pretty much empty. I can see MariaDB is supposed to be there. However, I can't install it because of someting about libcrypto++.1.0.0 not being a symlink and I don't find anything about that in the syslog21:05
void9hello. Trying to install php7.2 from ppa:ondrej/php, but it pulls apache2 with it. And I want to use nginx. what should I do to not get apache 2?  thanks21:11
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pavlosskinux: I have, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2361856 Dec  7 14:09 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.0.021:27
lordlHello guys! I have installed shellinabox on my Ubuntu Server 17.10 (64 bit) by "apt install shellinabox", but I have some problems with it when I put "--service=/:SSH" as argument. It gave me 2 lines "unsupported option", one with "rhostsrsaauthentication" and another with "rsaauthentication". The fix is the removing of two flags and recompile, but I installed it via "apt". What should I do?21:31
pavloslordl: https://www.htpcbeginner.com/install-shellinabox-on-ubuntu/21:33
stan7i have a strange problem, i uploaded a hello world index.html file to my apache server, so i can saw the hello world on the server, but i already deleted it and it still appears, why?21:34
lordlpavlos, thank you, but is this the only way to remove those flags and make it work?21:35
Ben64stan7: the default apache install has one already21:35
stan7i already went into the directory with the command ls -a but it stills appear21:35
pavloslordl: why do you need the flags, apt install brought all files21:35
stan7its empty21:35
stan7Ben64, i didnt understand you sorry, the server is on godaddy21:36
lordlpavlos, I need to remove two flags from a C file.21:36
stan7Ben64, i already access to the directory to look if some file still there with ls -a but its empty and the hello world html still appears i dont know why21:36
stan7i already put another .html, different one, and the hello world appears21:37
stan7Ben64: do you mean i should reinstall apache? its on godaddy21:39
sonowwhatubuntu 17.10 is buggy and screws up your system....and blocks your vpn21:39
banisterfiendhey guys what does "~." mean in DNS parlance and where can i read more about it?21:43
memphisto_Hi, i've install LibreOffice as a snap21:59
memphisto_now i see that LO can't open remote file, file from different hdd21:59
sonowwhatubuntu 17.10 sucks21:59
memphisto_and if i copy it on local hdd22:00
memphisto_then it can open it22:00
memphisto_does someone know a workaround or a fix22:00
sudolinuxsonowwhat, stock ubuntu is pretty trash i use xubuntu22:00
sonowwhatwhy does this server block vpns?22:02
sonowwhatit is absurd22:02
sudolinuxthe other Buntu's are better imho22:02
sonowwhatthey switched to gnome but gnome is getting worse so it's the worst time...they should have switched to xcfe or cinnamon or something22:02
pauljwso install xfce22:02
sonowwhatdoes this server block vpns?22:03
pauljwit's not blocking mine22:03
sonowwhathow come I couldn't connect?22:03
sonowwhatI had to reboot into a different partition22:04
memphisto_does anyone now how to fix issue with LibreOffice(snap) can't access files from remote filesystem22:17
tatertotsmemphisto_: have you done any trouble shooting or analysis at all prior to asking here? yes or no22:17
memphisto_i've copied file from 2nd hdd to home folder and i can open the file22:18
memphisto_apart that  i can't troubleshoot much snaps22:18
tatertotsits totally acceptable to say no22:18
memphisto_i can tell you that LO(snap) sees the symlinks as regular files22:19
memphisto_and i'm trying to open a document that is in a folder on 2nd drive and that folder is symling in my home folder22:20
memphisto_i hope that someone understood me :)22:20
tatertotsmemphisto_: open terminal22:20
tatertotsmemphisto_: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit22:22
tatertotsmemphisto_: let me know when done22:22
tatertotsmemphisto_: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit22:23
tatertotsmemphisto_: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so22:23
tatertotsmemphisto_: the document/files you attempted to open are located in            ID-3: /vujnovid size: 459G used: 327G (75%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/dm-4?? TRUE or FALSE22:25
tatertotsmemphisto_: i'm going to have you share a couple other links/url...however..it's important that you look at them first prior to sharing them with me in here...do you understand?22:27
tatertotsmemphisto_: ls -lh /vujnovid|pastebinit22:28
tatertotsmemphisto_: you see the document/files you have attempted to open in the url/link? TRUE or FALSE22:29
MDTech-us_MAN_I'm developing an fuse filesystem and for debugging I need to track which fs commands get called22:29
MDTech-us_MAN_for example, when copying a file it just says Function not implemented22:29
MDTech-us_MAN_is there a way to check which function returned that?22:30
memphisto_tatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26433645/22:30
memphisto_for convinince i've put a simple ods fajl in the root of vujnovid (thats a mount point for previously mentioned hdd)22:31
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=== Lazybones is now known as Laserallan_
tatertotsmemphisto_: this file? -rw-rw-r--  1 memphisto memphisto  14K нов  6 15:09 ToDoNIS.ods22:34
memphisto_tatertots: TRUE22:34
tatertotsmemphisto_: can you open the .ods file ? yes or no22:39
memphisto_if i copy it first to home folder Yes; If i try opeining from a 2nd drive No22:40
memphisto_and I'm trying to open it with LibreOffice snap
memphisto_Rev 4422:40
tatertotsmemphisto_: are you coping via gui or command line?22:41
memphisto_but that doesn't matter22:41
tatertotsmemphisto_: show me your command that places the file in a "unusable" location on your system.22:42
tatertotsmemphisto_: show me your command that places the file in a "unusable" location on your system. "verbatim"22:42
memphisto_file is already in "unusable" location22:42
memphisto_i'm copying it from there to home folder22:42
memphisto_and opening it with LO snap22:42
tatertotsmemphisto_: if you're smart enough to tell ME what "matters" then you would have figured this out long time ago22:42
tatertotsbut since you believe you are that smart...i'm gonna let YOU figure it out22:43
memphisto_well i figured it out. its a bug cause Libre office can't follow symlinks when in snap22:43
memphisto_i was asking if someone new a workaround or a fix22:43
TJ-memphisto_: makes sense; snaps are containers22:44
memphisto_sure it does, but it limits you22:44
memphisto_this means you probably can't access files from smb share22:44
TJ-memphisto_: That's the downside to containerised applications22:44
memphisto_i don't have one to test22:44
memphisto_i see there are snap interfaces and plugs22:45
memphisto_and i can see libreoffice is using desktop interface and hoem interface22:46
memphisto_but i can see that libreoffice:mount-observe and libreoffice:removable-mida is unliked22:47
azizLIGHTI have ubuntu 16.04 live USB trying to boot machine but I see gibberish colors on the screen (after grub prompt) and no response to ctrl alt delete or ctrl alt f1 or ctrl alt backspace.22:51
azizLIGHTI am currently on grub prompt22:51
azizLIGHTI had to hard power off to get back here22:51
memphisto_TJ-: thanks; tatertots: thanks22:51
azizLIGHTWhat seems to be the problem for boot hang22:51
memphisto_i've found a workaround22:52
memphisto_i can use mount --bind option for the folder containg files22:52
memphisto_and the it would see it as local22:52
memphisto_azizLIGHT: are you on live media now ?22:56
imiHi what does EU GDPR mean to Linux? Will we have databases and/or filesystems capable of proving deletion of certain data without disclosing the data which was supposed to be deleted?22:57
dirbyhey guys, anyone wants to help out an old linux dunce?22:59
dirbyI'm trying to get a driver to work properly on my version23:00
dirbya video driver to be exact.23:00
Bashing-omdirby: All we can do is try .23:00
dirbyI'll be grateful for any attempt, my friend.23:00
dirbyI recently had to update from 15.10 due to EOL23:01
dirby(end of life)23:01
dirbyand now my video card is giving some problems23:01
memphisto_what card do you have and what kernel version23:01
Bashing-omdirby: Pastebin ' lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA ' and ' sudo lshw -C display ' . see what the story here is .23:02
mlrnhi there, just got hit by 17.04 EOL. upgrade not possible next few weeks. what mirrors are available to keep installing software possible?23:02
dirbyokay   Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Richland [Radeon HD 8470D]23:02
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dirbywoops soz23:02
dirbypastebin, my mistake23:02
Bashing-om!eol | mlrn23:03
ubottumlrn: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:03
mlrnBashing-om: those pages give no information on archive mirrors for 17.0423:05
azizLIGHTmemphisto_: im on my phone right now23:05
azizLIGHTmemphisto_: im downloading 16.04.3 and 17.10 now23:05
skinuxI'm so tired of this circle of failures. Don't know how to continue here. https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b23:05
memphisto_i like to stick with LTS version23:06
memphisto_when booting try editing grub and put nomodeset23:07
memphisto_also remove quite splash23:07
memphisto_just so you are able to see boot messages and see the error when it hungs23:07
dirbylol memphisto seems like you could solve my probmlem too because that's exactly how I got my 16.04 to work to this point23:08
memphisto_here is the linkg for chaning grub https://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu23:08
azizLIGHTmemphisto_: i downloaded the isos, how can i burn them to a usb? im on linux23:10
memphisto_dirby: are you using opensource driver ?23:11
dirbyi think I am23:11
memphisto_azizLIGHT: you could use dd command or some GUI tool23:11
dirby@bashing-om @memphisto_ https://pastebin.com/Z0JkG3rP23:11
dirbyoh darn haven't used irc in a while23:12
azizLIGHTis this ok memphisto_ dd if=Downloads/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdc23:12
memphisto_azizLIGHT: be carefull23:12
azizLIGHTassuming sdc is my flash drlive23:12
memphisto_to check if sdc is your usb23:12
azizLIGHTi will check in lsblk yes23:12
memphisto_dirby: can you give me lsmod23:12
azizLIGHTbut is everyting else ok? do i need any extra options23:12
memphisto_not needed, you'll be fine23:13
Bashing-omdirby: Well, no driver loaded. let me see what driver that "should" be .23:13
memphisto_dirby: there was a fuss with ubuntu 16 and amd23:14
memphisto_don't know if its solved23:14
memphisto_but i guess you might need to install propriatery drivers23:14
dirbysome kind person on this irc told me to downgrade to Wiley, that's 15.1023:14
mlrnBashing-om: you know some archive mirrors?23:14
dirbyand it's now reached it's end of life23:14
skinuxThere are errors here I don't even understand. https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b23:14
dirbymemphisto: https://pastebin.com/T5JFP2Ac here's the lsmod if you'd like23:16
memphisto_dirby: this is the list for your card and supported OS  http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/previous/detail?os=Ubuntu%20x86%2064&rev=15.923:16
dirbythanks so much for your help so far23:17
azizLIGHTnow im waiting for dd23:18
wafflejockskinux, try to run, journalctl -xe, to get more of the error details would be good to see what happens before it is shutting down there maybe some details to help track down what failed exactly23:18
wafflejockazizLIGHT, just heads up for the future you can add status=progress to the dd command in newer versions of it to have it show you the progress in GB23:19
memphisto_dirby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver23:20
azizLIGHTwafflejock: im on 14.04 atm so i dont have this option unfortunately23:20
azizLIGHTi am awre of it though :)23:20
Bashing-omdirby: Having some difficulty matching richland to a driver .23:21
dirby:( I may have to downgrade to 12.04 lts. Is it very good?23:21
dirbywafflejock memphisto_ bashing-om you all are great, thanks for doing what you do23:22
wafflejockhaven't been here in a while but the other people are here always helping appreciate it though23:23
skinuxwafflejock: Here is the full output https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b23:24
memphisto_dirby: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:25
memphisto_just to see what its complaing23:25
memphisto_what problems are you facing with your card23:26
Bashing-omdirby: 12.04 is EOL ,, not am option .23:27
dirbyoh nooooo :(23:27
memphisto_14.04 then :)23:27
tatertotsskinux: junior LAMP admin in training?23:27
dirbyokay :)23:28
dirbythanks again guys I really appreciate it! I'm not drunk btw, just really happy for the help!23:28
memphisto_dirby: before you go, can you try installing radeon driver23:29
tatertotsskinux: is possible example.com was just used in the "tutorial" you were following as an ...well example23:29
tatertotsbut i could be wrong..23:30
wafflejockskinux, are you attempting to reinstall mysql?23:30
binarydepthI'm trying to make an SSH key with seahorse and it's asking me for the SSH server address23:30
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wafflejockbelieve this is the relevant error really [ERROR] Can't read from messagefile '/usr/share/mysql/englis not sure about the example.com smtp problems might just be trying to email you an error23:31
jrabebinarydepth: did you select "Create and set up" when generating the key?23:31
skinuxwafflejock: I'm trying to get mysql to WORK!23:31
skinuxI was trying to install MariaDB since it's supposed to be installed and isn't.23:31
binarydepthjrabe Yes23:31
jrabebinarydepth: seahorse asks whether you want to only generate a key or generate it and add it as an authorized key to a remote server. It's asking for the server address because you selected the latter option.23:32
jrabebinarydepth: so either enter the address, or cancel if that's not what you want (you can still keep your key if you cancel the setup)23:33
skinuxWell, that file exists, so I don't understand.23:33
wafflejockskinux, googling the issue it seems related to people trying to install with an existing install in place are you okay with removing any existing mysql/mariadb you have installed? if so you can just purge then install again it seems like... possibly something with file permissions when reinstalling honestly not sure23:34
tatertotsskinux: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no23:35
binarydepthThanks jrabe23:35
jrabebinarydepth: sure!23:35
wafflejockskinux, can see results here https://goo.gl/vks6VL but some are 12.04 some are 14.04 not seeing anything in the newer ubuntu versions but if you use apt-get to purge a package it also removes related configuration/data typically so if you want to just start clean can try that (be sure there's nothing in the DB you need though)23:35
Bashing-omdirby: we want the radeon driver installed .23:50
Bashing-omdirby: show ' cat /proc/cmdline ' see what we have booting .23:57

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