__maben__is there any sort of computer janitor in xubuntu14:35
thelinuxboxhi, does anyone know if ubuntu/xubuntu 18.04 will have a fix for screen tearing?15:55
thelinuxboxi'm currently on 16.04 and the screen tearing can get really bad at times15:55
knomethere are many reasons for screen tearing and many existing workarounds to fix it in many situtations15:55
knomegenerally, no, not all screen tearing can be fixed for everyone with the same "fixes"15:56
knomeotoh you might be able to fix the tearing for yourself even with 16.0415:56
thelinuxboxwhat would you recommend please?15:57
knomewhat graphics card do you have?15:57
thelinuxboxafaik it's intel15:58
thelinuxboxlshw says "intel corporation"15:59
knometry googling "intel ubuntu screen tearing"15:59
knome(i'm on my phone atm so no quick googling, but there are loads of tutorials around)15:59
thelinuxboxok thanks!, ill give it a try15:59
thelinuxboxhi, i followed this guide https://askubuntu.com/a/469653 to try to fix my screen tearing issue, it fixed the tearing but caused a new issue, different open windows kept going black, so did the taskbar, menus were flashing terribly :(17:14
thelinuxboxis their any other solution please?17:14
thelinuxboxi was forced to delete the conf file and restart just to have a normal enviroment again, so i'm back with the screen tearing issue but no issue with the black open windows or the taskbar going wild17:16
thelinuxboxscreen tearing is making me want to throw up :(17:20
sudolinux1i am switching to xubuntu. How would you guys rate it as a pentium D user?17:22
well_laid_lawnthelinuxbox:  there is uxa for the accel method instead of sna - tried that ?17:23
thelinuxboxwell_laid_lawn, i didn't know of that, i'll give it a try, thanks!17:24
well_laid_lawnsee  man intel17:24
thelinuxboxthanks, brb quick reboot to try this out17:25
thelinuxboxwell_laid_lawn, so far so good, thank you very much!17:27
thelinuxboxreally appreciate it!17:27
sudolinux1iguess i need to login17:27
sudolinuxi am switching to xubuntu. How would you guys rate it as a pentium D user?17:29
well_laid_lawnsudolinux:  all distros will work ok on that hardware17:32
well_laid_lawnif that's the question17:32
sudolinuxok cool17:32
fruitvalleyHey, active channel?20:15
krytarikDepends on the messages put here..20:16
pjotterHi everyone. The listening report of gufw seems to be stuck. It won't show current connections anymore and instead keeps displaying a static list of connections. Does anyone know how I can fix this?21:28
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