LeoNerdmarioxcc: No. I usually do that by creating new sibling directories with  .BRANCHNAME  suffixed on their names02:33
LeoNerdYou can easily create one with e.g.  bzr push ../This-Thing.BRANCH02:34
marioxccLeoNerd: Ok.02:34
marioxccLeoNerd: In the time before you reply I found a “bzr-col” for “co-located” branches. This seems to be what I want, except that it seems to be dead (last release is from 2012 I think).02:34
marioxccAre you aware of something like it?02:35
LeoNerdNope. Though I don't really use anything like that02:35
LeoNerdI prefer to have different working trees, because I tend to have lots of derived tempories (i,e. compiled code and the like), so I like to keep them in different places too02:35
marioxccLeoNerd: Ok, thanks.02:47
Walexmarioxcc: LeoNerd: checkouts can approximate that, as in http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.7/en/user-reference/checkouts-help.html11:07
Walexthere is: "Another possible use for a checkout is to use it with a treeless repository containing your branches, where you maintain only one working tree by switching the master branch that the checkout points to when you want to work on a different branch."11:08
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jelmerLeoNerd: colocated branches in the git/mercurial style are supported by default in bzr >= 2.5, but the syntax for addressing them is still a bit annoying ("file://blah,branch=foo")23:59

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