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UtkingI'm having a hard time with juju13:49
UtkingGetting an error : current model for controller not found13:49
Utkingany fix for it? i've tried google already ^^13:50
pmatulisUtking, can you provide more info? like how you created the controller and any models. also what command is giving that error?14:07
Utkingjuju status Openstackmaas14:09
Utkinggives the error14:09
UtkingOpenstackmaas is the name of the controller :)14:09
Utkingalso stuff like juju sync-tools gives the same error14:39
Utkingjuju status --model admin/default works though14:40
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Stormmoreso I am back to architecting environments, woot! Trying to determine how I want to build my build env20:55
Stormmoreno to figure out how to get it to actually give me a string and not a list of ascii codes!21:02
kwmonroeCynerva: you were the last objector to https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-filebeat/pull/32.  with the decorator swizzle, any objection to me merging that?21:37
Cynervakwmonroe: no objection here, +1 to merge. thanks for following up on that21:38
StormmoreMy odd question of the day, does anyone know how CDK would handle workers between stopped / started depending on load?21:59
jose-phillipshi anyone know how to setup manually the lxc network with juju?22:34
jose-phillipsim just want to assing manually the ip address of each container22:34
jose-phillipshow i can do that?22:34
knobbyStormmore: I don't understand your question. Are you asking about automatic scaling of machines in CDK?22:56
Stormmoreknobby, short answer - yes and no22:57
Stormmoreknobby, long answer, I want to build a dynamic build environment where the underlying machine can be "powered off" during quiet periods and spun up when needed22:58
StormmoreI am thinking of using jenkins which can handle it appropriately but I want my build slaves to be containers not machines23:00
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knobbyStormmore: you can certainly instruct juju to add and remove workers whenever you want, but I'm not sure about any sort to automatic scaling. It might be a good idea to have the jenkins slave run as a daemonset with some tag on the kubernetes cluster and then create machines via juju and add that tag via kubectl whenever you want to grow. Jenkins would then have to be cool with slaves coming and going.23:23

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