michaelh_hi, anyone can hemp me find out why I Cannot install libsdl2-dev https://gist.github.com/MichaelHabib/4f13c994232799d09e477b41660d35a805:51
michaelh_when trying to install I get  E: Unable to locate package libsdl2-dev   this is on kubuntu 17.0405:52
valoriemichaelh_: you are on a no-longer-supported version06:04
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:04
valoriesee the second link there06:04
michaelh_@valorie so with eol  I can't even download existing software !06:25
valorieprobably not06:26
valorieI mean, that's a major part of support06:26
valorieeol means no support06:26
valoriethat's why *buntu has an LTS every other year06:26
valoriefor those who don't want to upgrade all the time06:27
valorieany reason you don't want Artful/17.10?06:28
valoriei've been running it for nearly a year, and it's great06:28
valoriemichaelh_: ^^06:33
michaelh_@valorie I just started the upgrade, but I always thought I would still be able to access/download software that was available.06:35
valoriethe point of eol is that it is no longer available06:35
valoriethey waited a few extra days as it was06:35
valoriethere is more work to putting out an LTS, which the next one is06:36
valoriethe resources and time go there, not to an eol version06:36
lordievaderGood morning07:13
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BluesKajHi folks11:20
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dimi344Hi, updated to nvidia 387. On boot "press ctrl-C to cancel" flashes and then it only displays the splash screen. Did the following:11:49
dimi344Tried nomodeset, same. Safe mode and fschk, system hangs. Boot from a live usb mounted some partitions seemed fine11:50
BluesKajdimi344, which update method, system setings>driver manager?11:54
dimi344No, I first removed the older driver and then install cuda which included 38711:55
dimi344I'm thinking of commenting out of fstab every other disk other than swap / and home. Currently checking these partitions just in case. Is there any way to disable the disk check on startup?11:57
dimi344Removed 387 and can boot. Any help regarding cuda and nvidia-387?12:10
BluesKajdimi344, cuda can be enabled in systemsettings>dribver manager nvidia-3XX12:17
userRGasuseeepcHow to install KUBUNTU 16.0.4 Desktop using a Windows type installer of on Windows 7 without partition the disk, for example WUBI ?, but can not find Wubi now12:38
Borw3wubi got deprecated :(12:39
Borw3but use virtual box12:40
lordievaderThank god Wubi is deprecated.12:41
lordievaderuserRGasuseeepc: Apart from running Ubuntu as a VM there are no options of running it inside Windows.12:42
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userRGasuseeepcok thanks , I will try virtual box13:21
titoui'm using a 2-in-2 laptop and i installed gnome on it. it well recognized its touchscreen and adapted the desktop unfortunately i have big troubles with caribou virtual keyboard...13:45
titouthe virtual keyboard always appears on the screen when I touch it (this could be interesting when the laptop is in tablet mode (ie. without physical keyboard)). Moreover I cannot configure caribou (its layout), meta keys don't work etc. so is it possible to use another virtual keyboard? I didn't succeed to replace it with another one (for instance onboard)13:45
titouand is there a solution to temporaly disable virtual kyeboard when a physical keyboard is plugged or maybe throuh a button in the task bar?13:46
BluesKajtitou, ask in #ubuntu about gnome, this is kubuntu/kde/plasma support13:48
titousorry.. I missed the "k"13:48
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TBotNikAll: Cannot get the "recently used" and "recently installed" to show on my laptop machine. I used a HOWTO that let me edit the options in a config file, but can no longer find that HOWTO. I'm running Kubuntu 14.04 LTS14:40
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newhow does this os work on older hardware19:12
user|72633would this work on a dell precision m4800?19:15
user|72633would this work on a dell precision m4800?19:18
user|72633new to linux19:18
IrcsomeBotbittin was added by: bittin19:35
elsHey everyone! I am new with using Kubuntu and have just noticed a problem with my headphone jack. Namely that vocals are strongly reduced while background sound plays normally. Built-in stereo is fine. I work on a macbook air from 2011. Anyone any suggestions?19:46
BluesKajels, crank up the volume in alsamixer in the terminal19:54
elsblueskaj, it did not help sadly :(19:56
EvilRoeyBluesKaj: hola! good day, long time no see!19:57
BluesKajok, now  try the volume ctrl on your KB , els19:58
BluesKajHey EvilRoey19:58
BluesKajels, or install pavucontrol19:59
IrcsomeBot<Uncle Adjei> i wish i can have the operating system19:59
elsBLuesKaj volume ctrl did not work, will now try installing pavucontrol20:01
elsBluesKaj, pavucontrol seems to already be installed. Vocals are a little bit louder but still very faint20:03
BluesKajels, there are are more than one vol ctrl in alsamixer , for example line and master and pcm20:03
elsBluesKaj, I have tried all of them, nothing helped20:04
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BluesKajthe n  pavucontrol is tyour last resort unless the player you are using has it's volume turned down20:07
elsBluesKaj, pavucontrol was the key. It works now, thank you!20:12
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Guest23058I've just upgraded Ubuntu to 17.10 and I'm having this issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ki3RJLQyE4&feature=youtu.be20:19
Guest23058I already had this problem with 17.04; after an update it disappeared and now it's back20:20
BluesKajGuest23058, just describe your issue as simpy as possible...posting youtube videos takes too long20:23
Ab3Lhello. how do i set default values for guest users in kubuntu 16.04 ? for example, i need to set swiss keyboard layout, wifi setting (included password) and printer. but each time i reboot every setting is erased.20:23
Guest23058BluesKaj: nevermind, I've just found a workaround: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/69827/bug-with-blender-the-ui-to-be-more-specific-weird-stuttering-and-glitches20:27
Guest23058however, what do you mean by "posting youtube videos takes too long"?20:27
BluesKajto view20:29
BluesKajGuest23058, some of us are helping in several chat simultaneously20:30
LAGonautaI am on Kubuntu 17.10 with the backports ppa enabled... I had to install VirtualBox and now my login is very slow after SDDM when using Plasma (50 seconds stuck on the SDDM screen with my * password), but is very fast with Plasma (Wayland), as it should be. I am not sure if my VirtualBox install is the reason, but seems to have started just after installing it.20:30
LAGonautaAnyone else saw that problem before?20:30
BluesKajLAGonauta, waylnd was slow and ponderouswith nvidia nouveau here, and no vm installed so it's hard to know20:36
memphistoLAGonauta: create another account a log into KDE; check the difference20:42
LAGonautamemphisto: already did that, same problem :/20:54
LAGonautaBluesKaj: I am actually using my Intel iGPU as for some reason nvidia's proprietary does not load with my kernel, and nouveau vsync is not as good as Intel's.20:55
memphistoLAGonauta: since it's not your user settings it has to be something with KDE X11; but what...20:58
LAGonautaJust found out the problem... In a way it was a problem with VirtualBox, and my ignorance. I had mistakenly installed VirtualBox's guest dkms packages. I just had to uninstall them and now everything is working fine again. Thanks for the help :)21:00
LAGonautaNow I need to find out why I cannot see the user that I just created on the user manager panel, but is shown on SDDM... :P21:02
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mparilloCould it be this? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33699423:16
ubottuKDE bug 336994 in kcontrol module "User Manager does not show one particular user in the list unless I login as that user" [Normal,Unconfirmed]23:16
valoriemparillo: that is an interesting read23:22
mparillovalorie: I suspect that the most recent post (migrated user below 1000) is an edge case. Too many people have experienced this and many times more (including me) have created bugs around user administration and SDDM avatars that have been marked as duplicates of this.23:47
valorieoh, I think so too23:52
valoriethe devels seem a bit baffled23:52

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