tgBot1<dohbee> I would not do that. Shipping a statement as such, will not have good results. Especially from the legal side.00:01
tgBot1<dohbee> And especially since anbox is also, which is free software, while the00:01
tgBot1<dohbee> Any such messaging should be more general, and should warn more about how the experience may be incomplete for some apps00:09
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I could absolutely weep with the problems I've been having with adb devices to connect to my MX4. Is anyone a guru with adb?00:27
tgBot1<dohbee> Mx4 Is known to have problems with its USB00:32
tgBot1<dohbee> Try shorter and different cables and ports until it works. You can switch channels directly on the phone though, without USB00:33
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Indeed. But I wonder if the host computer is the one throwing hissy fits. I can't waste any more time tinkering on this tonight, but I'll get back to it tomorrow with you guys. Will Atwood has also agreed to help.00:33
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> It's not about changing channels for Vivid, but rather to flash to Xenial.00:33
tgBot1<dohbee> Yes, same. It's just a different channel00:34
tgBot1<dohbee> You can switch with `system-image-cli`00:35
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> What, natively on the phone?00:37
tgBot1<dohbee> Yes00:38
tgBot1<stuiterveer> @TartanSpartan, Some USB cables only make charging possible when combining it with my OPO. Try different cables, preferably from different manufacturers00:38
tgBot1<dohbee> In terminal or via ssh00:38
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Oh thank god. If only I had known five hours earlier!00:38
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Can I choose a revision number for Xenial?00:39
tgBot1<dohbee> Yes, but why would you flash anything but the latest?00:39
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Another MX4 user mentioned upthread that Unity 8 tanks and chugs on the latest.00:40
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Let's talk syntax please, will it be sudo system-image-cli --switch 16.04/devel ?00:48
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> And how to specify the revision number?00:48
tgBot1<dohbee> I don't recall exact command. See --help00:50
tgBot1<dohbee> Channel would be`ubports-touch/16.04/devel` I guess00:51
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Thanks, I'll try it out.00:52
tgBot1<David_Gamiz_Jimenez> Someone have twitter issues? I can not load the page. In browser or app, since yesterday...07:03
tgBot1<lduboeuf> @David_Gamiz_Jimenez, have the same on my device ( BQ 4.5 OTA 3 )08:13
tgBot1<David_Gamiz_Jimenez> Yes08:14
tgBot1<lduboeuf> tried in private windows, worked only once and then stuck on the logo page. Also clear the cache, same pb08:14
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> Hi, getting my Nexus 5 soon and going to install ubuntu touch on it. Are there any known issues using the phone without a sim-card? I intend to have two phones, my ”backup” iphone that i will setup a wifi hotspot from and the ”main phone” to be the nexus. I dont really see a point in having a sim card for my setup. Unless there are known issues running ubuntu touch on the nexus without a sim card in it08:15
tgBot1<David_Gamiz_Jimenez> Okyyy. I try08:33
tgBot1<Flohack> @Jimmie Johnsson, No issues :)08:45
tgBot1<Jimmie Johnsson> @Flohack ok, great! Thanks :)08:47
tgBot1Marco was added by: Marco09:35
tgBot1<shen feng> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/0Ma0Nbg8/file_388509:38
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> Hi Marco09:40
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> Awesomeeeee!!!!09:41
tgBot1<Marco> Hi, I bought a second hand OPO. Waiting for delivery.09:41
tgBot1<Marco> Actually i use a BQ 5 Ubuntu Edition but 1 GB RAM is no more enough for me...09:44
tgBot1<Stereofont> Hello Marco. Welcome! Check https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome … Not-a-bot™ Ask, chat, explore!09:54
tgBot1<Stereofont> @Marco, If you need install help, you can find us in the install room09:55
tgBot1<Marco> Thanks. I've just joined the Ubports News Channel10:02
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Can anyone help me with the syntax for system-image-cli? I want to know the flags to let me specify a revision of Xenial, and to ensure it definitely does NOT wipe the phone during the flash.10:39
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> A post on the forum or somewhere said to use it like this :10:41
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> system-image-cli -b 0 -f delta -v ubports10:41
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> But the wording was ambiguous as to whether to include or to *remove* some of those flags, so as to prevent a wipe. Can anyone clarify on that?10:42
tgBot1<DanChapman> it won't wipe anything unless you pass it `--factory-reset` Not sure if you will need `-f full` though10:43
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Right thanks that's helpful. What's the -f full flag for?10:44
tgBot1<DanChapman> http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/zesty/man1/system-image-cli.1.html10:44
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Sweet!11:18
rahW: Failed to fetch http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/binary-armhf/Packages  404  Not Found12:01
rahapt-get update doesn't appear to work12:02
rahwhich means apt-get doesn't appear to work12:02
rahI am saddened :-/12:07
tgBot1<turanmahmudov> Hello :)12:27
tgBot1<turanmahmudov> What is the right build target to build app for bq e4.5?12:27
tgBot1<turanmahmudov> the choices are: … ubuntu vivid i686 (sdk-armhf) … ubuntu vivid x86_64 (sdk-armhf) … ubuntu vivid i686 (sdk-i386)12:27
tgBot1<mimecar> Armhf12:28
tgBot1<mimecar> If your pc is 64b, x86_6412:28
tgBot1<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, -b 0 is the same as not passing -b when switching channels. so iirc, would be `system-image-cli -b N --switch ubports-touch/16.04/devel` to switch to build N of xenial devel13:04
tgBot1<turanmahmudov> thanks a lot :)13:08
tgBot1<dohbee> or i guess -b N needs to come after --switch, to override the -b 0 it implies13:23
tgBot1<tleppiniemi> Um, is there a way to install additional apps to anbox?13:28
tgBot1<YougoChats> Connect to it with adb and sideload them I think14:08
tgBot1<YougoChats> Adb on your phone. We need yo go deeper!14:09
tgBot1<andreasimonetti> testing unav right now.. seems to work fine on n5.. not working on E5..14:12
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> It takes time to get signal on E514:16
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> Sometimes times out14:16
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> And the app doesn't deal well with that for some reason14:16
tgBot1<dohbee> the gps in the bq e4.5/e5 is not very good, so it can be very slow14:23
tgBot1<YougoChats> Maybe go to system settings>gps and choose different antenna settings (with. Or without wife assist etc)14:23
tgBot1<delijati> @Stereofont, hmm it never worked for me on my aquaris bq e4.5 since here was removed ... i live in berlin so it should find me ... how can i see if its trying is there a log or so ?14:23
tgBot1<andreasimonetti> wanted just to report.. i know about the E5 limitations..14:38
tgBot1✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ was added by: ✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ15:13
tgBot1<✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ> Hi15:13
tgBot1<developerfect> Hello And Welcome!15:18
tgBot1<milkor73> @✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ, Hello Financier and welcome!  I'm part of the UBports welcoming team.    … To help you get started, please take a look right away at our newcomers welcome page (https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome) and thanks again for joining us! :)15:23
tgBot1<✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ> Hello15:45
tgBot1<✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ> I am going to learn english15:45
tgBot1<✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ> Can you help me15:46
tgBot1<stuiterveer> Haha awesome, zalgo text in a username :D15:46
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> @✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ, yes.  As you read everything here your English will get better :)  Also you can meet lots of new people as we build Ubuntu Touch15:48
tgBot1<DC7IA> @✮ٍٍٍٍٍٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜٜۘۘۘۘۘFinancierـٍٍٍٜ٘ٗـًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًٍٍٜٓ, How does this text work? What unicode characters..?15:57
ZeroPointEnergyUnicode superscript. This is something like char^char^char^char... etc I think16:02
tgBot1<stuiterveer> Yeah exactly, stacking some characters on top of eachother seemingly. Just never thought someone would use it in a telegram username ^^16:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> So, I did the Xenial flash via system-image-cli and using @TronFortyTwo 's iperdrive tool to run it on the phone rather than connecting via a PC and running the command there. The flash itself looked smooth and good, but now it has rebooted, I see the startup splashs screen and NORMAL BOOT at the bottom, but it just seems to be staying there...16:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Can any other MX4 users on Xenial (revision 12 if it matters) confiirm a long bootup time, or have I borked it? Really hope not!16:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> *splash16:14
sevahoHello, today i succesfully installed ubuntu touch on oneplus one, I see there is a terminal and wanted to install some packages however updating the repo is not working16:53
sevahoWhat am I missing?16:53
tgBot1<dohbee> @TartanSpartan, switching from vivid to xenial or reverse (flashing a full image of either) will tend to have a longer first boot time16:56
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> But we'd be measuring that in seconds to a few minutes, rather than many minutes, right? I left it going for about 25 mins and no results.16:57
tgBot1<mateosalta> woah, check this out: https://www.behance.net/gallery/51037029/Ubuntu-Application-menus17:14
tgBot1<jakko> @mateosalta, That's very Nice..17:16
tgBot1<mateosalta> he has a lot of cool stuff17:16
tgBot1<Javacookies> https://www.bit-tech.net/news/wine-30-brings-direct3d-11-android-support/1/17:27
tgBot1<Javacookies> I know Anbox has just been announced but we might see Wine as well in UT in the next 10 years? LOL17:27
tgBot1<JBBgameich> wine shouldn't even be that difficult. I don't think it needs special kernel features like Anbox17:28
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I'm not sure if it's as capable with ARMHF/ARM64 as with Intel and AMD though.17:37
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> The Android Wine is meant to still be in very early days.17:38
tgBot1<mattbel10> @Javacookies, Wine is a reality on Ubuntu Desktop. It shouldn't be much effort to make it work on UT mobile also....17:39
tgBot1<Stereofont> Sevaho. Use OpenStore app to get apps17:45
tgBot1<Flohack> @sevaho, Well this does not work like a usual Ubuntu or debian distro17:46
tgBot1<David_Gamiz_Jimenez> @lduboeuf, Yes, work in private window. Because not in a normal? Is possible fix?17:51
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> My woes with the MX4 seem to be over, it seems the scientific result is that as good as the PS4 Micro USB cables seem to be for most applications, they suck for ADB :)17:59
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> With a better cable, I'm back to stable Vivid now, and even have been able to authorise it over ADB, which I thought would never happen again.18:00
tgBot1<dohbee> @mattbel10, Well, emulating x86 on ARM is not a fun endeavor18:06
tgBot1<Javacookies> so now I18:07
tgBot1<mateosalta> wanted to try this at one point:https://eltechs.com/product/exagear-desktop/18:07
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> @Javacookies, Yes, now you18:08
tgBot1<Javacookies> *so now I'm searching for ways to make WINE work on arm...so I searched for raspberry support...it lead me to exagear desktop (x86 emulation) but it's a paid software....as much as I want to experiment with it...I'll stop there :D18:08
tgBot1<Javacookies> sorry pressed enter accidentally :D18:09
tgBot1<mateosalta> might be intresting, I got the general arm one, but I think the libertine container was missing important dependancies18:09
tgBot1<Javacookies> I've been messing around with my Nexus 5 these past days...treating it like a raspberry pi 😜18:09
tgBot1<Javacookies> @mateosalta, I guess because vivid is too old?18:10
tgBot1<mateosalta> yeah... might be worth a revisit on the tablet on 16.0418:10
tgBot1<jonny> mka systemimage scheitert: ninja: error: 'device/sony/taoshan/rootdir/twrp.fstab', needed by '/home/jonatan/.Programmieren/UbuntuTouch/Halium/Sony_Xperia_L/halium/out/target/product/taoshan/recovery/root/etc/twrp.fstab', missing and no known rule to make it18:14
tgBot1<jonny> 😂18:14
tgBot1<jonny> Und jetzt?18:14
tgBot1<Mattia990> @Javacookies, So there isn't an x86 emulator for arm?18:23
tgBot1<Javacookies> so you have a license for it? I want to try the free trial but it's for raspberry pi and only 3 days...that's not enought for playtime :P18:23
tgBot1<Javacookies> @Mattia990, not sure but exagear seems to be the fastest....it'll be resource hungry for sure...hmm...I"ll try to look for an alternative18:24
tgBot1<Mattia990> @Javacookies, If you can try, thx18:25
tgBot1<Flohack> Hmm anyone here how had a successful call to system-image-cli —switch lately?18:26
tgBot1<Javacookies> I need to install another UT for it 😅 … one's my main UT, the other one for developments, other one is 16.04 LOL … hopefully it'll still fit :D18:27
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Flo, mine screwed up, but I tried it natively using iperdrive, perhaps it would have been preferable to do it over ADB or SSH from a host PC (and I say that with no disrespect meant towards Mr. Sorce)18:28
tgBot1<Flohack> @TartanSpartan, I just get an error message.18:29
tgBot1<Flohack> We need to review if this piece of software is still usable18:29
tgBot1<Flohack> The log says: AssertionError: Missing destination files: ['/var/lib/system-image/keyring.tar.xz', '/var/lib/system-image/keyring.tar.xz.asc']18:30
tgBot1<Flohack> damn whats wrong 😆18:30
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I believe I remember that error, might be syntax related?18:30
tgBot1<padraic7a> I can try a command now on the M10 if you want it tested...18:31
tgBot1<maharudra108> If you guys don't mind then can i ask if any one built or ported to mtk6582 device?18:31
tgBot1<Flohack> @padraic7a, Found the problem: … [systemimage] Jan 22 19:23:00 2018 (7420) [0xb5dbcfb0] Requesting group download: …   https://system-image.ubports.com/gpg/blacklist.tar.xz -> /var/lib/system-image/keyring.tar.xz …   https://system-image.ubports.com/gpg/blacklist.tar.xz.asc -> /var/lib/system-image/keyring.tar.xz.asc18:33
tgBot1<Flohack> It cannot write to that folder probably18:33
tgBot1<padraic7a> Hmmm. So did everyone who switched to 16.04 install and wipe?18:35
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I preferred not to wipe the device.18:35
tgBot1<FardaleM> @Flohack For uNav did you evaluate the possibility to do rooting localy like OSMand~ on android ?18:46
tgBot1<Flohack> No because first we need to solve a possibility to store maps offline. I think that makes no sense otherwise.18:47
tgBot1<FardaleM> Oh ok18:48
tgBot1<Jo_Led> ZZZ i just realized 2 days ago was a day that honored penguins ;P go linux!18:49
tgBot1<Cesar_Herrera> I say another time OSMScout is very good but it needs updating app and maps.18:52
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> How much have country maps changed since 2015, when most of the current maps were uploaded?18:53
tgBot1<wayneoutthere> A news item about the most recent Community Update has just been dropped in the UBports News Channel. Did you miss the Community Update?  To learn more about this news be sure to subscribe to the News Channel here: https://t.me/ubports_news18:56
tgBot1<Cesar_Herrera> @TartanSpartan, You can make the map from OpenStreetMap, but I don't know.18:56
tgBot1<KingJamez> @FardaleM, Would it be possible to use google maps as the base. I know in USA its the best out there.  even the fruit company gave up theirs and brought in google maps.19:16
tgBot1<dohbee> @KingJamez, it is not free, no19:24
tgBot1<dohbee> and i suspect google is not interested in building native apps for ubports19:24
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> I would never use it19:25
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> google == big brother19:25
tgBot1<FardaleM> I don't think we could find a free solution19:25
tgBot1<Gabriele> Can anyone open this site? I can't it says denied https://stats.ubports.com/ it is to look at stats of ubuntu touch :)19:25
tgBot1<DiogoConstantino> service is unavailable19:26
tgBot1<FardaleM> same here19:26
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> The amazing thing about open source map solutions is that you can edit it as a wiki. Flag up your favourite locations and edit their metadata to your heart's content.19:26
tgBot1<Stereofont> @maharudra108, The general answer is that Mediatek processors are very closed source proprietary, so are unlikely candidates. BQ had commercial access to drivers, which is how they managed19:46
tgBot1<Stereofont> @FardaleM, www.graphhopper.com have low usage access to their api for free19:49
tgBot1<FardaleM> I know, but we will reach the limit some day19:51
tgBot1<Stereofont> If it is user subscribed it would not be a problem? Similar to Dark Sky19:52
tgBot1<FardaleM> And if one goal is to not use GAFA then, I think it is good to stop thinking that we can have free solution19:53
tgBot1<FardaleM> but this is just my personnal point of view19:53
tgBot1<Stereofont> Business users pay for their service19:54
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> I for one would be happy to donate via Patreon or the alternative (I really should have already by now!) and if that went towards funding for a cost effective, yet ideally open source compatible solution, all the better.19:54
tgBot1<FardaleM> Yes I know, but it is a more general remark. I think what poison internet services actually is that people think that there is no cost for the services they get19:55
tgBot1<Sebastian R.> True story19:59
tgBot1<Sebastian R.> People should concentrate more on free services in the sense of freedome rather than in the sense of free beer20:00
tgBot1<dohbee> @Stereofont, I don't know of any map APIs where you can have them pay the service provider directly, and log in, rather than the service provider charging you for using the API in your app20:05
tgBot1<dohbee> @Sebastian R., the former oft requires the latter20:05
tgBot1<Stereofont> @dohbee, Perhaps worth approaching Graphhopper directly to see if something can be worked out20:06
tgBot1<dohbee> well i don't know exactly what the problems are with unav20:07
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Can anyone advise/link to a way to wipe the device cache either via fastboot or by recovery, please?20:07
tgBot1<Stereofont> @dohbee, The service provider is shutting down their api20:07
tgBot1<Stereofont> @TartanSpartan, Why not UTtweaktool?20:08
tgBot1<dohbee> @Stereofont, yes, but i don't know exactly OSM or whatever can't be used20:08
tgBot1<Stereofont> @dohbee, If that is the case, it is no go as that is what they use20:09
tgBot1<dohbee> ?20:09
tgBot1<Stereofont> Graphhopper is a front end for OSM20:11
doniksdoes someone know a way to get ubuntu-device-flash on 17.10?20:12
tgBot1<JBBgameich> Maybe compile the version from 16.04 or if it's only a script, install it from there20:16
doniksI tried building it from source, but it doesn't seem to work20:17
doniks./obj-x86_64-linux-gnu/bin/ubuntu-device-flash query --help20:18
doniksUnknown command `./obj-x86_64-linux-gnu/bin/ubuntu-device-flash'. Please specify one command of: core, personal, query or touch20:18
doniksso even though I entered "query" it complains about the absence of it20:18
tgBot1<mateosalta> @Javacookies, Yep, they do have general processor based builds too20:19
tgBot1<mateosalta> Couldn't get it to work because libertine/mir/xmir or something...20:21
tgBot1<dohbee> @Stereofont, yes, but i was talking about unav. mapbox also uses OSM under their API i think20:22
tgBot1<padraic7a> IIRC the problem isn't the maps, it's the turn by turn navigation. (that's just what I remember the dev saying here. I could be mistaken)20:23
tgBot1<dohbee> right, i guess one wants an all inclusive API to use for that20:58
tgBot1<dohbee> and without having to host an instance of the OSM bits yourself20:58
tgBot1<delijati> how can i test manually if the gsm location service is working21:00
tgBot1<NotKit> do UBPorts have arm64 builds?21:01
tgBot1<delijati> when i try it on my desktop i get quick result with https://github.com/ways/wifindme21:01
tgBot1Martin was added by: Martin21:10
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> @NotKit, Not yet, unfortunately. It's on the to-do list21:19
tgBot1<UniversalSuperBox> https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/39021:19
tgBot1<dohbee> @NotKit, not of the rootfs, no21:19
tgBot1<petya230> so ub touch not boot on arm64?21:25
tgBot1<dohbee> Yes it boots21:29
tgBot1<dohbee> the pro 5 and m10 devices are arm64 chips. they're running arm64 kernels, and armhf (32-bit) user spacae21:37
tgBot1<dohbee> space21:37
tgBot1<peternerlich> Hi Martin! I'm part of the Welcoming Team. Please take a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome to get up to speed and feel free to ask any question, especially in the Newcomers Room!21:38
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> @Stereofont because the install got borked again, and I can't get into normal boot to clear the cache, but I need the cache clear to be able to reflash.21:39
tgBot1crazyvonzipper was added by: crazyvonzipper21:49
tgBot1<crazyvonzipper> Hello fellow lovers of ubuntu touch. Nils told me to join here.21:49
tgBot1<popescu_sorin> hi Paul21:50
tgBot1<crazyvonzipper> (Sticker, 450x512) https://irc.ubports.com/s6fITv0X/file_389221:51
tgBot1<crazyvonzipper> Hello hello hellooooo21:51
tgBot1<crazyvonzipper> Guys I want to thank you all for being a part of this. I was so sad when Ubuntu phone died. And when I saw it was picked up again I had to jump in and help code. I hear there is a lot of c++ going on here. I guess there is no other way?21:53
tgBot1<peternerlich> Aaaand hi @crazyvonzipper! You too, have a look at https://ubports.com/page/telegram-welcome. We're glad to have You here!21:54
tgBot1<crazyvonzipper> Thanks Peter. I will have a look21:55
tgBot1<jonny> @crazyvonzipper, QML also. And you can develop Apps with QML only or other languages, if you want. And there are many other ways to contribute...21:58
tgBot1<crazyvonzipper> Man. In my heart I would want to write the whole OS. BUT sknce thats not feasible, Ill do anything. Let me just read through alk the stuff and get clued up, then we can take it from there.22:00
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Is it something like fastboot --wipe=cache?22:05
tgBot1<TartanSpartan> Or fastboot erase cache.22:07
tgBot1<DC7IA> Too much going on for me. I'll leave for a while. 🖐22:15
tgBot1cominif was added by: cominif22:24
tgBot1<cominif> good evening, tonno for the model M10FHD, I go crazy. both with ubports-installer, with MDT and with ubuntu-device-flash the procedure stops with the device on usb transferring22:27
tgBot1<cominif> good evening, I go back to the M10FHD model, I get crazy. both with ubports-installer, with MDT and with ubuntu-device-flash the procedure stops with the device on usb transferring22:27
tgBot1<cominif> my distro is lubuntu 16.0422:28
tgBot1<cominif> yesterday lubuntu 14.04 (advanced today at 16.04) installed on the bq aquaris e4.5 with ubports-installer (after several attempts); M10FHD frieza instead drives you crazy22:29
tgBot1<crazyvonzipper> @cominif, Maybe you are targeting the wrong chipset?22:30
tgBot1<cominif> I do not know. I always select frieza22:31
tgBot1<cominif> frieza from the ubports site results in the image for M10FHD22:32
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Canonical M10?22:37
tgBot1<cominif> yes22:37
tgBot1<Cesar_Herrera> @cominif, E4.5 is Krilling.22:40
tgBot1<malditobastardo> device: frieza: This issue affects the Bq M10 FHD tablet. … device: hammerhead: This issue affects the Nexus 5. … device: krillin: This issue affects the Bq E4.5.22:42
tgBot1<cominif> I know. e4.5 today has krillin from ubports-installer. my problem is now with Canonical M10 FHD22:42
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> As long as cache is clear..its no problem22:42
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Just run udf command22:42
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> While attached to pc22:43
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Grsb freiza-recovery.img22:43
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> And add that option to udf command22:43
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> (Photo, 1280x719) https://irc.ubports.com/BFdohOiZ/file_3894.jpg Here's what it looks like on terminal22:44
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Shown here22:44
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Migratedmy M10 last night22:44
tgBot1<cominif> i start your 17.54.4522:46
tgBot1<cominif> never your 17.54.5222:46
tgBot1<cominif> yesterday with the distro 14.04 it was blocked to the push phase22:48
tgBot1<cominif> what is Grsb freiza-recovery.img?22:50
tgBot1<cominif> sorry but i do not speak english and i need reverso for understand22:51
tgBot1<cominif> I can not understand the command you indicated to me22:58
tgBot1<cominif> (Photo, 1280x1024) https://irc.ubports.com/jcOPmlat/file_3896.jpg23:02
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @cominif, Command is written out in the photo above. Sorry, on phone and hard to type23:02
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> mkdir failure of home folder. Something else is going on.23:05
tgBot1<cominif> from root i do not have this error23:05
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Do you have the recovery image in the directory you run command?23:15
tgBot1<cominif> in the home directory, yes23:16
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> Try wiping the ubuntuimages directory and try again23:17
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @TartanSpartan Didnt we have this mkdir issue with your install? Trying to remember the fix.23:19
tgBot1<cominif> where is the ubuntuimages directory?23:19
tgBot1<fulvius999> @cominif, Hi. I have flashed my M10 FHD some time ago with UBPorts Installer and everything was ok (with ubuntu 16.04). I have used Ubport Installer version 0.1.8 Which version are you using ? maybe there is a bug23:21
tgBot1<cominif> 0.1.923:22
tgBot1<cominif> last version23:22
tgBot1<cominif> I believe it is the latest version23:22
tgBot1<fulvius999> i could try with the 0.18 for me works https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/releases23:22
tgBot1<cominif> yesterday 0.1.9 worked with canonical e4.523:23
tgBot1<fulvius999> there  0.18 on the web site23:23
tgBot1<fulvius999> maybe with a different hardware.. image..23:24
tgBot1<Crash_Burn> @cominif, Its shown in the photo you posted23:29
tgBot1<cominif> ok23:30
tgBot1<cominif> @Crash_Burn, nothing has changed23:40

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