donofrioEEK!!! "Errors were encountered while processing: /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-wETfEC/111-ebtables_2.0.10.4-3.5ubuntu2_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)04:45
donofriowas going from 17.04 to 18.04 using the sources.list change then dist-upgrading04:45
valorieoh my05:00
valoriedonofrio: have you tried sudo apt install -f ?05:01
valorieand sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a05:03
donofrioNo I'll try that now05:03
valoriesometimes one, then the other05:03
valorieespecially install -f05:03
valorieI made a jump like that that I knew might /maybe wouldn't work05:05
donofrioits doing the "sudo apt install -f" now05:05
donofrioI'll report when complete05:05
valorieand made it work after multiple use of those05:05
CoJaBoAny other ideas for at least getting a taskbar on a 32-bit install? <_<05:06
donofriok taking my daily driver work desktops to 18.04 (http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk)05:06
donofriostalled'ish at 70% on the man page database.....05:09
donofrioand now its going lol05:09
donofriohelp stuck - https://apaste.info/xc8m05:14
valoriedonofrio: wow05:30
valorieI guess you could just copy paste that list of "held back" and hope for the best05:30
valorieI don't use apt-get anymore05:31
valoriejust apt05:31
valoriealso, I would remove those PPAs05:31
valoriewith ppa-purge probably05:31
valorieonce you are up and running, you can see if they have bionic versions available05:32
valoriethat would have saved you quite a bit of trouble I'm thinking05:32
donofrioI'm ok I have a backup sorta (untested) 05:36
donofriowould love to run some command to try to heal it, apt/dpkg I'm ready try anything to "help out"05:37
lotuspsychjedonofrio: best way to help testing is on a vanilla bionic05:42
donofrioI'll set one up do you have the powerpc iso ;)05:46
valoriewell, the way I healed mine was apt install -f and dpkg-reconfigure -a in a cycle05:47
donofriovalorie, I'm getting this one second pass - https://apaste.info/N7tk06:00
valorieugh, I guess i'd use --force06:01
valorieor.... try --all06:02
valoriethat's what a used to do06:02
donofrioI must e doing some wrongcause the force asks for a package and the all seems to be invalid?06:04
donofrioI believe its this "dpkg: warning: old ebtables package pre-removal script subprocess returned error exit status 1"06:06
valoriewell then, how about dpkg-reconfigure ebtables ?06:10
valorieI know it's fun to fix a bad install, but it's good to know you have a backup06:11
valorieat some point you will probably want to do a fresh install06:11
williamlin_Will the gnome in ubuntu 18.04 have the global menu?06:34
donofriotrying that now..06:34
lotuspsychjewilliamlin_: gnome3 has activities & the icon start button with all programs06:35
donofriomoreover how do I put that package in blacklist (or to inhibit it's installation?)06:35
williamlin_I talk about that global App menu which will always be in the top bar, like designed in unity7 or mac osx.06:39
williamlin_Because the global menu will save vertical space in screen, which is a good design especially for laptop.06:43
donofrioI'm back robocopy saved the day and got my build working again, keep in context I'm a WSL user (http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk) and this was a test on my right side desktop, it almost worked except it got upset that last package06:53
valoriegood to hear, donofrio06:54
donofriosorta was told 17.04 is going out of support so I'll need to get to 18.04 soon'ish06:54
valorieit is eol right now, yes06:55
valorie17.10 is supported for another 6 months or so06:55
donofrioso what can I do to see if I can blacklist that package from upgrade or what?06:55
valoriewhat package?06:55
valorieyou can pin06:56
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:56
valoriepretty fiddly06:56
donofriowell if you can think of I'm thing I'm all ears and will try anything to get to 18.04 within WSL ;)06:59
donofriois there a core server uimage of bionic as of yet (can we have powerpc back please)07:00
donofriocause I'm stuck currently at 4.4.0-109-powerpc64-smp ppc64 on my powerpc boxes07:01
valoriewhat is WSL?07:02
donofrioWindows Subsystem for Linux07:02
donofrioits in my powerpoint ;)07:03
donofriostuff about pico drivers and the like07:03
valoriethe less I have to do with windows, the happier I am07:03
donofrioits how windows can run native ELF64 execuctables07:03
valoriewe have wine, "they" have WSL07:04
donofrioif I had a v,ware mdm/airwatch client I'd be able to stay with native ubuntu07:04
valorieI guess07:04
donofriovmware I meant07:04
donofrioright now as far as I know one doesn't exist yet07:04
donofrioso I'm using windows 10 as a 15gb bootloader07:04
donofrioit's been a great ride so far (check out the 1drv links (ignore login jazz) and you can see how I use it daily to get to ubuntu goodness07:05
valorieis this just a lark, or is there some reason not to just dual boot07:09
donofriono I cannot faul boot with corp work desktop ther is no vmware mdm/client/agent for linux only windows and android/iphone07:09
donofrioso i'm stuck with windows 01 and wsk to get ubuntu 17.04/18/04 running for daily middleware work07:10
valoriehmmm, I think I would run win then and use vmware or whatever to run kubuntu I mean ubuntu07:13
valoriebut you know your own situation best07:13
donofrioI'm still here for when someone thinks of what I can do to get dist upgrade past the ebtables issue, it worked this way fine when I went from 16.04 to 17.04 on my left and right desktops but now right gets broken on that package, but I lurk and let me know I'm here ;)07:17
valoriedid you try pinning it?07:20
valorieand honestly, apt full-upgrade seems better than dist-upgrade was07:20
valoriebut maybe I just prefer the minimal simple APT07:21
donofriovalorie, the file exists https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/ebtables (http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/e/ebtables/ebtables_2.0.10.4-3.5ubuntu2_amd64.deb) just do not know why this one package would have an issue with 500+ upgraded fine to bionic13:32
donofrioanyone else want powerpc64 arch back (I know I do)13:32
donofriolooks like my left machine took bionic upgrade well...checking now...(starting xfce4 on my wsl windows10 install ;)14:43
donofriostill says its 17.04??14:45
donofrioso what'd I do wrong? https://apaste.info/yQHl14:46
donofrioanyone got time to help guide me in an upgrade to 18.04 (bionic) I tried but its not working? https://apaste.info/yQHl15:09
albert23donofrio: I don't think you can upgrade directly from 17.04 to 18.04. You need to go via 17.1015:13
SwedeMikeubuntu only supports upgrading one version at a time, or between LTS versions.15:14
donofrioI went from 16.04 to 17.04 safely this way, done many like perhaps 50 install/upgrades like this......only had issues with ebtables and now this weird done updating but no packages new seen issue today....15:28
donofrioI'm here to try anything you good folks think of....I know this process works just do not know why it hung on my right desktop at ebtables was upset and now I do not know why left desktop seems to be in the middle of 17.04 and 18.04 after upgraded finished it's still 17.04 (my setup fwiw - http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk - skip any onedrive logins)15:41
CoJaBoDoesn't look like Kubuntu has any hope of running on 32-bit :/  wonder what my odds are for trying Lubuntu15:43
donofrioCoJaBo, 32 bit is dead (at least for me it is)15:44
CoJaBoFirefox still supports it, which is the main thing I need. Just wish I could find an OS that'll remain supported for a while to go with it <_<15:44
CoJaBoNot even Lxqt runs15:45
hggdhdonofrio: the *ONLY* way to upgrade from 17.04 to 18.04 is 17.04->17.10, 17.10->18.0416:49
hggdhif you change your repositories by hand, you are on your own16:49
daxand, to be clear, it will usually work. and when it doesn't work, you get to keep both pieces.16:54
dax(which is why "but i always do this" is not a particularly good response to us pointing out that it isn't supported)16:55
hggdhand, to be even clearer, it is like walking across a road with your eyes closed. It will work. But, if a car hits you, things go bad.16:56
TJ-Are we sure about that? I'd swear I read about support for it being added/planned on the -devel  mailing-list or in -devel channel some time ago17:07
daxnot that i know of. would be nice if so, though, i've always found the idea of do-release-upgrade to be a bit silly17:08
daxwhat with Grandpa Debian not needing it and all17:08
naccTJ-: support for which?17:10
TJ-I was right, there's an email from Brian (Murray) dated 19/07/17 "Changes to do-release-upgrade and meta-release files" ... in which he says "...One change implemented some time ago was for the release upgrade process to skip unsupported releases if you are running a supported release." He goes on to give an example of 16.04 > 17.04 if 16.10 had EOLed, and 16.04 > 17.10 when 17.04 had EOLed17:13
naccthat will work17:13
naccbut 17.04 is eol :)17:13
TJ-but if you run d-r-u on 17.04 it'll fetch the upgrader files for 17.10 won't it?17:14
daxoh, that's different from what i thought. oh well.17:14
TJ-sorry, 17.10/18.04 (once 18.04 is released)17:15
dax(i already knew about skipping EOL releases)17:15
naccTJ-: right, it *might*; but the supported path is only starting at a supported release17:15
naccso i'm not sure if it's ever tested :)17:16
daxand it isn't using sources.list and dist-upgrade17:16
hggdhoh, the plot thickens17:16
daxand the current situation doesn't skip any unsupported releases17:16
naccfun :)17:17
TJ-nacc: Seeing as d-r-u actually downloads the updater code *from a supported release* which does the upgrade, it's arguable the upgrade from an EOL /should/ be supported17:18
naccTJ-: right, I agree it could be; but it'd add to the test matrix17:18
naccwhich is already arguably not 100% covered :)17:19
TJ-Well, the only assumption d-r-u makes is that the /currently running/ release has all packages up-to-date. So it could automically change sources.list to use old-releases to assure that state, before kicking off the actual d-r-u, which would be identical state if the /currently running/ release were not EOL. Otherwise the argument is only about a time - 1 minute before midnight = not EOL = works/supported,17:21
TJ-1 minute after midnight = EOL - not supported17:21
donofriohggdh, so how do I upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10 then 17.10 to 18.04?17:33
nacc!eolupgrade | donofrio 17:39
ubottudonofrio: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:39
naccfirst part; then d-r-u -d presuambly17:39
donofrioyes 17.04 is EOL17:39
naccdonofrio: do-release-upgrade -d17:39
naccdonofrio: so you EOL upgrade then devel release upgrade17:39
donofriodo-release-upgrade doesn't seem to work all the time that is why I went for the sources.list all the time17:40
naccdonofrio: did you read what i wrote?17:40
donofriobut I'll try it now and see17:40
donofrioyes I read it17:40
donofrionacc, it returned "Upgrades to the development release are only available from the latest supported release."17:41
naccdonofrio: what release are you on?17:41
naccdonofrio: right17:42
naccdonofrio: so... you didn't read what i wrote?17:42
naccdonofrio: first, upgrade to 17.1017:42
donofrioI read that17:42
naccdonofrio: then d-r-u to 18.0417:42
donofrioI'm asking how17:42
naccdonofrio: follow the eol upgrade wiki page17:42
naccdo you see why i might think you didn't read what i wrote?17:43
donofriothis is ubuntu+1 so I fiogured you folks would be able to help get me to the next version17:43
naccalright, good luck to you donofrio; we have helped, afaict.17:43
donofrionacc, it's intresting you say I've not read "and good luck to me" and that I shouldn't edit sources list when the send step in the EOL guide you linked states "update your sources.list with "CODENAME: reupdate your sources.list with "CODENAME: release" and that is what I've been doing all along....17:45
donofrionacc, and the EOL guide states most recent version is 12.04 lol17:45
donofrioyou see now why I ask for help.....the info is not even currenty17:46
naccdonofrio: edit it *to* old-releases17:46
naccdonofrio: not edit it to the next release17:46
naccdonofrio: so ... when i mean read, i mean read correctly?17:46
naccdonofrio: and i see one mention of 12.04 on the page, which does not say 'most recent version'17:47
naccdonofrio: it has specific upgrade guidance, but since 12.04, the steps work without specific guidance.17:47
donofrioI'm just wondering why do I need to go from TLS to non-tls when I'm already out of TLS and want to jump one build to 18.04....17:48
donofriowhat do I do with security.ubuuntu do I change it to "http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" as well?17:50
donofrioin the sources.list17:50
donofrioI put it back to zesty17:50
naccdonofrio: zesty-security17:55
naccdonofrio: what? (to your question)17:55
donofrioyah already edited it...hope this all works17:55
nacc"why do i need to go from LTS (sic) to non-lts (sic)"17:55
donofrionothing right now cause I'm following the steps...as outlined17:55
naccyou are not starting at a LTS, so I'm not sure what you're asking17:55
donofrioit's ok I'm just doing what you wanted me to do....I'll let you know if/where I trip up...17:57
donofrionacc, well my forehead hit the floor just now (aka I tripped) https://apaste.info/I5qJ18:04
naccdonofrio: are you on a server or desktop?18:05
donofrioworkstation (http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk - on the left desktop now)18:12
naccdonofrio: no, i mean are you running ubuntu server or desktop?18:12
donofriooh the base is ubuntu cloud server that I added 600+ packages to get my current desktop18:13
naccdonofrio: do you have a GUI?18:13
donofrioyes, you've not seen any of the photo's i'm guessing.....turn your graphics back on....lol18:14
naccdonofrio: you can just answer my questions18:14
nacci don't really care about the photots18:14
donofriothat is the point, I mean if I did the inverse and said I do not care about words just photo's you'd still be telling me to follow the guide and good day, here I'm giving all the details on how my box is built and your like I don't care about photo's...so yah weird...18:15
naccin theory, you can resolve the apt issue above with `sudo apt-get install update-manager-core update-manager python3-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets gir1.2-gtk-3.0 ubuntu-release-upgrade-gtk update-notifier` but are you running gnome?18:15
donofriotrying upgrade without -d18:16
naccdonofrio: the physical layout of your box is irrelevant18:16
donofrioit's working on artful updates now18:16
donofrioit shows that yes I run xfce418:16
naccdonofrio: ah that's the issue, i think18:16
naccdonofrio: probably gtk itself isn't installed, and so it is missing the deps18:16
naccnot 100%18:16
naccTJ-: dax: not sure here, but i think in post-16.04, update-manager itself my not be required nymore (update-manager-core might be sufficient)18:17
donofrionot looking for quick answers to things just answers to how do I get to 18.04 without much issues...even now I don't think its working but I cannot snip it for you cause update-manager doesn't allow scroolback?18:18
naccdonofrio: well the simplest answer is reinstall; if you want to upgrade, then don't let your release go EOL; if you already did, then you have to follow the above guide, which works for most people18:20
TJ-nacc: u-m-c - yes, I think that's the but that talks to changelogs.u.c. 18:22
naccTJ-: yeah that's my recollection too18:22
donofrionacc, you folks say that I waited too long and the #ubuntu folks are like 18.04 is not even out your fine at 17.04 lol18:24
naccdonofrio: who said that in #ubuntu?18:24
donofriouh I'll see ifI can find it....18:24
naccdonofrio: also, don't rely on anyone on IRC; read the release notes, know your support timmelines, read the EOL announcements, etc.18:24
naccall of the above is public and well-established (even if the dates aren't specific, the month is pretty consistent)18:26
TJ-nacc: I reported a bug for changelogs.u.c last week; no GPG signing of meta-release, no HTTPS. Was talking to mdeslaur about EOLs too and we wondered if adding a new field to meta-release stanzas could help here. "EOLdate: YYYY-MM-DD" and then update-manager could be taught to warn users early (say starting a month before, then weekly, then last 7 days)18:30
naccTJ-: seems worthwhile18:30
TJ-bug #174431818:31
ubottubug 1744318 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "changelogs.ubuntu.com should be using HTTPS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/174431818:31
donofrionacc, ok I put back my backup into place then started again on the guide provided, I'm getting ok once I apt-get update but when I try to apt-get install update-manager it selects like 94 packages to be installed as well then I got this error after like 10 min of installing "Unpacking libc6-dbg:amd64 (2.24-9ubuntu2.2) ...Errors were encountered while processing:  /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-1NE9EU/69-packagekit_1.1.5-2ubuntu1_amd64.deb 19:19
donofrioE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)root@WSAL0013:~#"19:19
naccit didn't emit the error code, donofrio19:21
donofrioit did error code (1)19:22
donofrioas root19:22
naccdonofrio: oh sorry, it was wrapped here, i didn't notice19:23
nacccan you pastebin the full log? it should be in /var/log/dpkg.log and /var/log/apt/term.log19:23
donofriosure thing19:24
donofriodpkg log http://paste.ubuntu.com/26439436/19:26
donofrioterl-log at http://paste.ubuntu.com/26439441/19:27
naccdpkg: error processing archive /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-1NE9EU/69-packagekit_1.1.5-2ubuntu1_amd64.deb (--unpack):19:27
nacc unable to stat './var/lib/polkit-1' (which I was about to install): Input/output error19:27
nacci don't know why it was doing a relative path19:27
nacccan you run `apt-get -f install` ?19:28
donofriosure thing19:28
donofrio;( https://apaste.info/m0WA19:29
hggdhsounds like the package is hosed19:31
naccyeah that's a weird error (unfamiliar to me)19:31
donofriohow do redo?19:32
donofriohggdh, I'm pulling from "old-releases" fwiw19:32
TJ-did the system run out of space?19:35
donofrioTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/26439526/19:36
hggdhdonofrio: that's OK. But dpkg could not stat a file that *should* be in the package. A chance is download failure (what whatever reason)19:42
TJ-donofrio: what the hell!?!?! 19:42
TJ-nacc: seen that df !!?19:43
donofriohow do I restart the download process?19:43
naccTJ-: yeah, i assume it's a container or vm19:43
naccwith one disk bind mounted all over19:43
TJ-donofrio: is this bare-metal, VM, or container?19:43
donofrioits windows 10 w/WSL (www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk - it outlines my setup and steps I used to build it)19:43
donofriocurrently at 17.04 with xfce19:43
naccdonofrio: you do this every time19:43
naccdonofrio: WSL is *not* ubuntu19:43
donofrioI know that it's the pico drivers that allow ubuntu to run as a userspace setup19:44
nacc(by every, i mean in #ubuntu)19:44
donofrioyes I use windows 10 as a 15gb bootloader to get to ubuntu for my daily use)19:44
donofriobeen this way for over 9 months now ;)19:44
donofriofigured itover 9 months now ;)19:44
naccdonofrio: and did you upgrade from 16.10 to 17.04?19:45
donofriof'igured its time to upgrade...now I'm way lost lol19:45
donofrio16.10 is tls and that is what M$ supports19:45
nacc16.04 is lts.19:45
naccnot 16.1019:45
donofrioyah my bad19:45
naccand again, lts19:45
nacctls is somethig altogether differnt19:46
hggdhoh this is WSL, not a real install19:46
naccdonofrio: right, so neither ubuntu (because WSL) or Microsoft (because not supported) support you19:46
naccplease stop using up volunteers time to support unsupported (as you well know) installations19:46
naccsuper annoying19:46
donofrio16.04 to 17.04 using sources.list method it was like butter 700+ packages downloaded and poof it all works great) now that I'm trying to go from 17.04 to 18.04 I'm being told to goto 17.10 first then to 18.04 so nI'm trying that but do not know how to recover/restart the update process19:46
donofrionacc is in the creators (sp2) update so its supported (just not the GUI work that I use daily)19:47
naccdonofrio: *by microsoft*19:47
naccnot by ubuntu19:47
hggdhI only used WSL once, when released -- I had, at the time, a Windows machine available.19:48
hggdhBut at the time we had Ubuntu *core* on WSL, not a full Ubuntu DE 19:48
donofriothe only reason (well there are a few others like dynamic domain name updates and the like) I went to windows10 was because ubuntu doesn't have a vmware airwatch client19:48
donofrioso I'm stuck with windows....19:49
naccdonofrio: the reason you are on windows is irrelevant. You know what is supported where and by whom.19:49
hggdhWhat I mean is I am not even sure if this is doable. Perhaps the best change would be #windows? What are the channels for WSL?19:49
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide19:50
donofriohu?  yes I goto #ubuntu-on-windows when I have to...#windows says goto ubuntu or ubuntu-on-windows channels19:50
donofriothat is what I typed lol19:50
nacchggdh: i've said this to donofrio many times, so i know they know19:50
donofrio'faster than a macro' lol19:50
naccdonofrio: right, so you know not to ask in #ubuntu19:50
donofriono I ask there too19:50
donofriomany people are using WSL these days (abet bash only) but they are growing each day - cannot stick head in sand forever folks....19:51
donofrioI'm just trying to get 17.04 install to 18.04 and I guess I need to rerun update to forcde it to redownload?19:52
naccdonofrio: ... yes we can19:52
naccdonofrio: becuase it is not supported by ubuntu!19:52
hggdhdonofrio: what you are trying to do is new, (at least for me) unexpected, and potentially dangerous19:52
hggdhWSL *may* need specific thingies; WSL was supposed to be pure terminal (it used Ubuntu *CORE*, which has no DE)19:53
donofriohggdh, I install about 700+ packages xfce* and all dependencies and it's been working great for over 9 months now, I was late to the start when I found about this last june others have been using it for over a year tback then....19:55
CoJaBoWhat do I need to install to get just the Lubuntu taskbar/panel? Trying to get, ideally, some of Kubuntu Bionic running on an old (32-bit) machine19:55
* CoJaBo might just reinstall to fully Lubuntu anyway, but I want to make sure the taskbar actually works first >_>19:56
donofrioanyways nacc or others when your ubuntu does that error "Errors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/packagekit_1.1.5-2ubuntu1_amd64.deb" but I do not know how to restart the download (do I clear a package prestage directory?)19:56
hggdhdonofrio: as I said, I do not use WSL anymore (no WIndows available). I cannot answer if this is kosher or not.19:56
donofriohggdh, proceed as that this WSL and a physical install are they same19:56
hggdhdonofrio: your option now is to delete the downloaded offending package, and retry.19:56
hggdhdonofrio: ... no, it is not. But, anyways.19:56
donofriothatis what I'm wondering what directory are they all stored in?19:57
hggdhusually packages are downloaded under /var/apt/archive19:57
naccdonofrio: ... it gives you the path?19:57
donofriohggdh, no apt under /var as root ;(19:58
naccdonofrio: read the message from the error19:58
naccdonofrio: it gives you the exact path19:58
donofrio;( http://paste.ubuntu.com/26439656/19:58
donofriocache ok thanks you I canread after all lol19:59
naccdonofrio: ... not sure what that paste was for?19:59
donofriojust shows that a directory was missed it's in /var/cache/apt is all20:01
hggdhyes,my bad, sorry, gave you the wrong directory20:02
donofriohggdh, it's cool, just threw me....20:03
donofriorerunning do-release-upgrade again20:07
donofrioseems to be fetching the files now...20:07
donofriodo any of you good folks run debian-noroot from playstore on android note 5 (or equalablity to run userspace on android would rock)20:09
naccdonofrio: that seems rather offtopic20:10
donofriosorta, I mean ubuntu came from debian, but yes somewhat OT just didn't know if anyone here kept ubuntu running in there pocket (on the node 5 orother devices)20:12
naccdonofrio: this isn't the ubuntu support channel, this is the pre-release support channel for ubuntu (e.g, 18.04 only)20:15
naccdonofrio: but further, phone is not supported here20:15
donofriook so lets see how the upgrade is going (after all I'm only here cause #ubuntu wouldn't talk about 18.04 and that is what I believe I need) can we please get back powerpc (just sayin)20:20
naccdonofrio: uh, what?20:20
donofrioyah powerpc some of us still have imac's and G5's and G4 TiBooks and the like....now they all anguish at 16.04 ;(20:21
naccdonofrio: how is that ontopic?20:22
donofriolooking for 18.04 for powerpc I guess.....20:22
naccdonofrio: also you have support on 16.04 until 202120:22
hggdhnot here, please20:22
naccdonofrio: so ... no, not ontopic20:22
donofrionacc, oh reall kewl20:22
naccdonofrio: really? i honestly cannot tell if you're trying to troll the channel or not20:23
donofriono not trolling at all.....20:23
donofriojust have a lot of thoughts in my head....20:23
hggdhthen please -- please -- stay on topic20:23
donofrioguess I'll just stay 16.04 :( https://apaste.info/W3yr20:27
hggdhdonofrio: or,perhaps, check with the real sources of WSL?20:29
donofrioreal sources?20:29
donofriouservoice would say talk to you folks....20:29
hggdh"Linux" runs under Windows because Microsoft programmed an interface. It woul stand to reason that Microsoft would be the best bet on what can be done20:30
naccdonofrio: for the last time, WSL is not ubuntu, and is not supported here or in #ubuntu20:30
donofriohggdh, nah they would just defferr because this is a program/script issue and not anything related to pico or it's drivers20:31

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