didrocksgood morning07:19
dufluMorning didrocks07:20
didrockshey duflu!07:28
jibelgood morning07:38
dufluHi jibel07:39
jibelHi duflu didrocks07:39
didrockssalut jibel07:50
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:53
dufluMorning oSoMoN07:55
oSoMoNhey duflu08:01
didrockshello oSoMoN08:20
oSoMoNsalut didrocks08:21
=== maclin1 is now known as maclin
willcookemorning all08:36
didrockshey willcooke08:37
willcookeHad a report that Bionic isn't rendering the Ubuntu Light and Ubuntu Thin font correctly.  Anyone else seen that?08:37
oSoMoNgood morning willcooke08:40
didrocksI need to upgrade to it first, still on artful to quietly hack the Shell :p (but planned to upgrade just after FOSDEM)08:41
willcookeI wonder if duflu  has noticed, likely if anyone did he did :)08:42
oSoMoNsame here, haven't upgraded yet, although I was planning on doing so this week08:42
dufluwillcooke, if it's not the default theme then I haven't looked in a very long time08:43
dufluwillcooke, where's the report?08:52
willcookeduflu, in my email from sabdfl :)  I'll open a bug08:56
willcookeduflu, any ideas which project I should open it against?  The font itself?08:56
willcookeGNOME Shell?08:56
dufluwillcooke, depends /how/ it looks wrong08:56
willcookeduflu, ack. I'll fire up a VM and take a look08:56
* willcooke also hasn't upgraded to B08:56
willcookeI've got it in a VM though08:56
dufluIt's what all the cool people are doing08:57
duflu"libinput-test-suite-runner must be run as root"08:59
* duflu runs it as root08:59
* duflu sees machine turn off08:59
seb128good morning desktopers09:02
willcookewoah, keyboard is messed up in my VM all of a sudden09:02
willcookehey seb12809:02
didrockssalut seb128, bien rentré ?09:02
willcooke(oh, maybe I had a key stuck down)09:02
seb128hey willcooke didrocks09:02
seb128didrocks, oui, merci09:02
seb128hey Laney09:02
didrockshey Laney09:03
duflusup Laney09:04
Laneyhey seb128 didrocks duflu09:05
seb128hey duflu09:05
Laneygood weekends???09:05
Laneyseb128: good travel back?09:05
oSoMoNmorning seb128, Laney09:05
seb128lut oSoMoN09:05
seb128Laney, yeah, much better than on the way there :) I managed to sleep for a good part of the flight and to watch one movie09:06
didrocksrainy week-end, but good09:06
seb128not rainy here, but cold!09:09
seb128didn't do much, time to get back/unpack/etc it was already 3pm on saturday09:10
seb128we walked a bit around yesterday and played some games later on, that's about it09:10
Laneynothing stressful, good!09:12
Laneywe went to the indoor snowsports place not too far away09:12
Laneyhad a snowboarding lesson09:12
* Laney fell over about 1000 times09:12
Laneyhey oSoMoN!09:12
oSoMoNhey Laney09:14
flexiondotorgMorning desktopers09:25
seb128hey flexiondotorg09:25
dufluMorning flexiondotorg09:28
duflutjaalton, I got impatient :) - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libinput/+bug/1696929/comments/2409:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1696929 in libinput (Ubuntu Bionic) "Touchpads are unresponsive and laggy for small finger movements" [High,In progress]09:28
tjaaltonduflu: heh, very well09:40
frechdachs69Q: is someone here who has successfully automated 16.04 desktop installation using preseed?09:41
willcookeduflu, I expect its this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+bug/151211109:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1512111 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu) ""Ubuntu Light" font has heavier weight than "Ubuntu"" [Medium,In progress]09:46
willcookeLaney, any ideas what the bug number was for the previous time we fixed that? ^10:01
Laneydo you mean https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-font-family-sources/+bug/1048600 ?10:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1048600 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu Quantal) "[FFe] Restore "Ubuntu Medium" weights in Ubuntu's binary .deb" [High,Fix released]10:05
LaneyThe font itself hasn't changed since xenial10:07
Laneyso if there's a problem it's probably in the stack somewhere10:07
willcookeack, thanks Laney10:07
LaneyI can't tell a difference in that that correct / wrong file (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/344539285/test.html) :(10:10
willcookeThis is what I see on A10:11
willcookeLaney, Are you using Firefox?10:12
willcookeah ah10:13
willcookeyeah, looks fine in Firefox, wrong in Cr.*10:13
Laneythe bug said it was wrong everywhere fonts are rendered10:13
willcookeSo Cr. specific then?10:18
willcookeI can make stuff light in Libre Office ok10:18
Laneythat's the only place that I can see it being wrong10:18
Laneyepiphany looks ok too10:18
Laneymaybe could try an older version of chromium or something10:18
dufluwillcooke, bug updated10:19
oSoMoNwillcooke, so the font is rendered incorrectly in chromium only?10:21
willcookeoSoMoN, starting to look that way10:21
willcookethanks duflu10:21
dufluAFAIK the bug is invalid10:21
Laneyyeah I'm not sure local('Ubuntu Light') is a thing10:22
Laneyfirefox doesn't actually render it 'lighter' AFAICS10:22
dufluYeah "Ubuntu Light" doesn't exist. You want "Ubuntu" and then select Style=Light, which CSS can't do10:22
dufluExit stage left10:26
willcookewoo, first proper lock up in Artful11:09
willcookeJan 22 11:07:11 farnsworth kernel: [10943.367760] gnome-shell[1929]: segfault at 80 ip 00007f781fed83dc sp 00007ffe6f613e88 error 4 in libmutter-cogl-1.so[7f781fe97000+a5000]11:10
willcookesorry, pasted too much11:10
Trevinhowillcooke: mhmh, interesting... any core file?11:12
willcookeTrevinho, I've got a .crash - you want that somewhere?11:13
Trevinhowillcooke: yeah please11:13
Trevinho(snap install transfer, transfer /var/crash/fooo.crash) :)11:13
willcookeTrevinho, transfer not working, how about worm hole?11:16
willcookeoh wiaty11:16
willcookeit's a problem reading the file11:16
willcookebecause its a crash file I assume11:17
willcookeTrevinho, k, fixed11:17
willcookeTrevinho, done11:18
andyrockhey all11:26
czajkowskiandyrock: morning11:28
seb128hey andyrock! how are you? had a good w.e?11:28
seb128hey czajkowski11:28
andyrockhey seb12811:28
andyrockgood enough11:28
andyrockwhat about you?11:28
seb128I'm good thanks :)11:30
Trevinhoseb128: we did some cooking challenge, Pasta e fagioli (his work) vs Lampredotto (my "baby" ) :-D11:36
Trevinho(again we're in the same city, Torino)11:37
seb128who won?11:37
andyrockseb128: do you need to ask to know that? :D11:39
seb128andyrock, congrats! :)11:39
seb128not surprising, Trevinho doesn't even know Carbonara has cream11:40
Trevinhothe belly won for sure!11:40
Laneylet's hire a kitchen at the next sprint11:44
* Laney wants to watch this magic in person11:45
Laneyhey Trevinho e andyrock11:45
Trevinhohi Laney11:45
TrevinhoI was actually thinking the same... :-D11:45
LaneyI got a pasta maker for christmas11:46
Laneyneed teaching by an expert :-)11:46
Laneyend up making a mess everywhere with the super long pasta on the smaller settings11:47
TrevinhoLaney: oh, I got one too... The philips one or a manual one?12:02
czajkowskiI'm getting hungry now thinking of spaghatti carbonara12:02
LaneyTrevinho: one of those normal manual ones12:03
Trevinhospaghetti *alla* carbonara... :)12:03
TrevinhoLaney: ahhh.. Ok, so for egg-based pasta recipes I guess12:03
Laneytasty tasty egg12:05
czajkowskiTrevinho: :)12:05
TrevinhoLaney: cool... You can also make Ravioli or Lasagne with that... The classic recipe here is just 1egg every 100grams of flour, but it can vary if more people are coming might add an extra egg every 400, 500g12:06
TrevinhoAnd speaking of pasta, it's time for that here... see you :)12:07
seb128Trevinho, enjoy!12:09
willcookeandyrock, do you have a link to your work on disks hiding loop devices?  I want to mention it in the newsletter.12:13
andyrockI'm trying to understand right now why there is this failing test that looks unreleated but it's blocking the work12:14
willcookethanks andyrock12:15
andyrockthey said they're going to do that but it has been 12 days already12:15
jbichagood morning12:22
seb128hey jbicha, how are you?12:24
jbichacould you subscribe the bugs team to dconf (being renamed from d-conf) and orca (in bionic NEW, renaming from gnome-orca)?12:24
seb128andyrock, did you try to ping them?12:24
andyrocknope, I'll do if I'm not able to reproduce the problem locally slowing down the system12:24
seb128jbicha, done12:27
jbichaseb128: thanks, do you think we should reassign all the d-conf bugs to dconf?12:28
andyrockwhy in ubuntu the file /etc/os-release  does not have a CPE_NAME entry?12:28
jbichadconf already has a dozen bugs that were initially misfiled there since the d-conf name wasn't intuitive12:29
seb128jbicha, I wouldn't bother, but maybe it you triage/look which ones are still current12:29
seb128jbicha, also the old name is what needs to be used still for < bionic issues12:29
jbichayes, there needs to be a d-conf task if anyone wants to do an SRU there12:30
jbichaseb128: could you accept orca from the bionic new queue? (it was uploaded in December)12:31
seb128jbicha, I can add to my review queue yes12:31
seb128is that blocking other work?12:32
jbichano, it just would be nice to finish up the rename12:32
Laneybah, ctrl-enter posts on discourse12:38
* Laney thought it might insert a new bullet12:38
seb128Laney, unsure what you consider "making any perfect-enemy-of-good type of mistake?" in the text you quoted, my point was basically that any workflow/infra change at this point of the cycle would be a distraction by its nature12:50
Laneyhi seb12812:50
seb128there is no quality/solution being ready aspect in that comment12:51
Laneynothing in your comment, don't worry12:51
seb128hey Laney :)12:51
LaneyI can forsee a situation where we don't switch away from bzr though until the new thing is super great12:51
seb128which is already the case today from what has been said, so all good :)12:52
Laneynot sure if trolling12:53
seb128I think it's more that the people who are familiar with the solution and its advantage haven't really done any effort to onboard others/the team12:53
seb128out of telling them how great it is and how much they miss out by not having it12:53
Laneyok, I thought that we were being asked to list advantages12:53
Laneythat's what I got from your message anyway12:54
Laneyplease tell me why this is good12:54
seb128well, it's good to tell us why it's so great12:54
Laneyso I tried to do that...12:54
seb128no, I think it's good that we know about the pro/advantages12:54
seb128I think that's part of the issues, those who are familiar with the workflow assume that others are as well or will see the value by themselve12:54
seb128which might be true for some, but I think there is also value by summarizing what we find good and motivates the choices, for those less involved in the tools choices12:55
seb128or who don't find things to be that obvious12:55
seb128so thanks for doing that summary :)12:55
jbichaseb128 or anyone: feel free to do a Debian update and we can help you with Salsa12:57
jbichagnome-calendar and gnome-photos have new 3.26 versions that need packaging12:57
seb128jbicha, that feels backward12:59
seb128I'm not asking for any change, if you want me to switch you should be one doing the job of convincing and documenting why12:59
jbichatake a look at https://wiki.debian.org/Gnome/Git for more information about how to do the update12:59
seb128I'm not interested, Ive enough to do13:00
seb128but thanks13:00
seb128again, if you expect people to switch you need to be the one doing the convincing13:00
jbichayou're not interested in packaging GNOME updates any more??13:00
seb128I am, but I've a perfectly working workflow for those13:00
jbichathe proper way to update gnome-photos since it's synced is with the Debian workflow13:00
seb128I'm not interested in gnoime-photos13:01
seb128we are not using it13:01
jbichaunless there was a particular need to be in a hurry (like an impending freeze or something), this upload was wrong IMO because it wasn't proposed to Debian13:01
seb128come on13:02
jbicha(I did notice a bit later and pushed it to Debian so that it's in sync now)13:02
jbichait's not like you don't have Debian upload rights…13:02
seb128unsure if you are trying to convince me of changing my workflow, but you are going to wrong way about it13:03
seb128you are making me want to argue back rather than agree with you there13:03
seb128anyway I agree with you than in ideal world our packages would be in sync with Debian and changes go to Debian first13:04
seb128in practice people are busy and not familiar with the team/toosl/flow involved13:04
seb128which sure we can work on fixing13:04
seb128but you are not going people over by telling them off13:05
jbichaI created a wiki page and I and others in #debian-gnome are volunteering to help you learn the workflow13:05
seb128good to know13:06
seb128let's see who in our contributors use the option13:06
seb128we can maybe see at the end of the cycle how many people went that way and learnt the new workflow/contributed back on the gnome channel rather than on launchpad13:07
Laneyyou think it should just be an organic thing?13:07
seb128I doubt the current onboarding approach is going to bring many people over13:08
seb128by nature most people just focus on what they are doing and don't get out of their way to learn new tools/ways until they feel the need imho13:09
seb128and I'm not sure most of us feel that need13:09
seb128that's all I'm saying13:09
Laneyok, I'll not bother spending much energy on pushing for this then13:10
seb128now we are way to transition13:10
seb128including forcing people to swallow it even if they don't want to13:10
seb128or helping them onboard13:10
seb128I'm not sure what would be the best way though13:10
seb128Laney, don't let my comment stop you, others might be interested13:13
LaneyI think it'd have to be a "we are using this new workflow" now kind of thing to work properly13:14
* didrocks still thinks that doing a git-upstream based workflow is the right thing to do. Unsure we should investigate ubuntu-git/debian-git before this cycle feature freeze though (I for sure won't have time for this at least)13:14
LaneyIMO though - having people using different things all over the place wouldn't be optimally productive13:14
LaneyI thought that we had broad agreement on switching to a git-based thing, but I was mistaken there13:14
didrocksbut just for the sake of gbp pq, I'm in favor of this :)13:14
seb128Laney, I  don't think anyone ever did the work to try to figure out what are the needs and want or people in ubuntu-desktop13:15
didrocksthen, once we are done in feature-land rush, we can properly try the different approach, evaluate pros and cons and take a decision which can be effective in the LTS+1 dev cycle13:15
didrocksI guess that comes with some examples:13:16
didrocks1. merging from debian13:16
didrocks2. updating to a new upstream version13:16
didrocks3. editing an existing patch and sending it upstream13:16
didrocks4. creating a new patch13:16
didrocksjust showing examples and documented commands so that people have a feeling13:16
seb128Laney, things got discussed in Debian and people went ahead assuming it would do it for us as well, which might be true or not be ....13:16
seb128we have no data to work from13:17
jbichaseb128: are you unconvinced about a git workflow too?13:17
LaneyI think I'm actually arguing for this approach rather than forcing it upon anyone13:17
didrocks(ah, and 5. how a contributor can propose a change)13:17
didrocksLaney: well, what you tell is right, the day we take a decision, everyone will have to comply, we can't have one part in bzr, the other in git, the last one in-no-vcs…13:18
LaneyBut I'm not saying "we should do this"13:18
seb128jbicha, I don't know, I've no pre-made idea, I know that I find git hard to use as an user and I found full-source checkouts heavy in the past, so I would have to play with a suggested solution to see how it feels13:18
didrocksoh, correct (I think we should do it, but just not "now" ;))13:19
jbichadidrocks: I think the status quo right now is "part in bzr, part in git, part in no-vcs"13:19
LaneyI don't really understand what the big misstep was - to me this was the start of a discussion13:19
didrocksjbicha: yeah, and and I agree that's not sustainable in the long term13:20
seb128Laney, I don't think there is any misstep, the only thing we are pushing back on is the "let's switch today" that jbicha suggested13:20
seb128it just feel the timing is wrong and that we lack of onboarding/preparation for that13:21
seb128+1 on what didrocks said, let's wait for at least ff of this cycle, not get distracted of the work we are focussing on13:22
seb128and we need to create content/examples and win people over by doing a proper job at showing them why they want it13:22
jbichaI haven't been doing as many merges in the past couple weeks because of it being unclear which VCS I should push the Ubuntu changes to13:22
seb128it's clear though13:22
seb128the one in debian/control13:22
seb128which atm are either bzr branches or no vcs usually13:23
seb128you can even create a branch on salsa for your use if you want, just don't make it our official vcs yet13:23
jbichawhat about for a no-vcs, non-main package like gnome-builder?13:25
seb128do what you want13:26
didrocksthe thing is that it may become out of sync, the "post-ff" thing is that people won't have the time to learn the new workflow at this stage of the cycle13:26
seb128worth things people who disagree just dput without commiting to the vcs you self decided on13:26
seb128which is likely what I would do if I had to land something in a package where you decided that one needs a salsa account to commit his changes13:27
LaneyTake me up on my offer to do some tutorials at ++$sprint13:27
Laneyif didrocks knows gbp-pq already maybe he can do one too ;-)13:27
jbichait takes a few seconds to create a Salsa account at https://signup.salsa.debian.org/13:27
didrocksand I think we just write a wiki page with some typical day-by-day use case13:28
jbichaas for permissions, you just have to ask the right person :)13:28
didrocksas (I?) think I did when we moved to debian/ only branch13:28
seb128jbicha, that's where you loose people over13:28
didrocksjbicha: learning a new workflow isn't a few seconds13:28
didrockslet's be honest on that :)13:28
seb128I would have no idea who would be the "right person"13:28
seb128and contributors shouldn't have to figure that out13:29
jbichathe "right person" is log in to Salsa, visit the repo or the group and click Request Access13:29
seb128Laney, but yeah, let's have some team sessions/walkthrough and gather feedback in budapest13:29
jbichaor you can ping someone in IRC if you prefer13:30
willcookedidrocks, do you have a link to the upstream PR for #1716432?13:47
willcooke(window titles not centered)13:47
didrockswillcooke: sure, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=79235413:47
ubot5Gnome bug 792354 in general "panel: center date entry with workarea" [Normal,New]13:47
willcookedidrocks, merci!  Also, "new sound options in settings" is that > 100% volume?13:48
didrockswillcooke: Allan seems to have some seconds thoughts on it if you read the threads and may be willing to accept, didn't hear back though despite my last comment13:48
willcookelets see13:50
willcookedidrocks, "sound options in settings" is > 100%?13:51
willcookemaybe we're talking cross purposes13:51
didrockssounds like it13:51
willcookewas your comment "Allan seems to have some second thoughts" re: sound or centering windows?13:51
didrocksyo umention window titles not centered13:51
didrocksah, on centering windows13:52
didrocksthe first answer was "no"13:52
didrocksthen, seeing a screen capture, he finds it weird indeed13:52
willcookegot it13:52
kenvandineoSoMoN, no replies to your g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri topic :/14:32
oSoMoNnope indeed, I guess no one has hit the same issue yet14:33
kenvandinei'm sure firefox isn't the only consumer of that api, so they will eventually14:34
seb128oSoMoN, what topic?14:38
oSoMoNseb128, https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/opening-a-local-file-with-its-default-application/349314:40
seb128oSoMoN, thanks14:40
kenvandinehey seb128!14:40
seb128hey kenvandine14:40
seb128brb, changing location14:42
LaneyoSoMoN: does the OpenFile/OpenURI portal help you there? (once those work)14:44
GunnarHjHi jbicha, can you possibly help to get ibus-libpinyin updated (and with that possible to be MIR'ed).14:46
jbichahappyaron: would you like to help with the ibus-libpinyin update?14:47
oSoMoNLaney, I guess that depends on whether g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri will be rewritten to use those?14:48
oSoMoNbtw I'm not seeing any doc for OpenFile here: https://github.com/flatpak/xdg-desktop-portal/tree/master/data14:48
jbichaGunnarHj: yes, I can help. Please remind me if it looks like I might have forgotten :)14:49
jbichadidrocks: I replied to LP: #1713171 , not sure if you're subscribed there14:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 1713171 in gnome-todo (Ubuntu) "[MIR] gnome-todo" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171317114:51
oSoMoNLaney, https://github.com/flatpak/xdg-desktop-portal/blob/master/README.md says that « the OpenFile portal is working well as a backend for the GtkFileChooserNative API », so it doesn't look like what I'm after14:52
GunnarHjjbicha: In bug #1735362, comment #16 and #17, I explained what I think should be done. Two syncs and one upload with a (temporary) Ubuntu delta.14:53
ubot5bug 1735362 in ibus-libpinyin (Ubuntu) "Replace ibus-sunpinyin with ibus-libpinyin" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173536214:53
Laneywell line 759 specifically14:55
didrocksjbicha: oh, great that changed! I downloaded it on artful without checking the update, thanks! looking14:55
oSoMoNLaney, oh wow, I forgot that more often than not the code is the doc :)14:56
* didrocks reviews directly https://launchpadlibrarian.net/348923851/gnome-todo_3.26.1-0ubuntu4_3.26.2-2.diff.gz thus14:56
oSoMoNall settled then, only have to wait for portals14:56
Laneypoor jamesh14:57
didrocksjbicha: +  * Bump Breaks/Replaces for package split so that Ubuntu can sync now14:58
didrocksbut I don't see any "Replaces"14:58
didrocksonly Breaks:14:58
didrockswhich I think wouldn't work well on upgrade14:58
didrocks(as you splitted the package)14:58
jbichaok, I'll add the Replaces to Debian too15:00
didrocksjbicha: added some more comments as well15:04
jbichajackpot51: hi, I'm updating gnote in Debian. We should add 'pop' here too right? https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnote/commit/?id=74304ee16:16
willcookenight all18:48
s10gopalhttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104737 please help me20:08
ubot5Freedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,New]20:08
s10gopalhttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104737 please help me20:11
ubot5Freedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,Resolved: notabug]20:11
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jackpot51jbicha: Yes, `pop` should be added there as well20:26
jackpot51Thanks very much!20:26
jbichajackpot51: GNOME bug 792796 It will probably get into Ubuntu whenever we get gnote 3.2820:38
ubot5Gnome bug 792796 in main "gschema: Add 'pop' to client-side-decorations default list" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=79279620:38
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