lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:20
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: :)05:23
lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om05:41
marcosferminHello guys. I just installed Ubuntu MATE on a MacBook Pro and configured GRUB. Has any of you done it? I would like to share some thoughts about the experience07:04
EriC^^morning all07:05
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: You going to be on for a bit ?07:06
Bashing-omlotuspsychje_: You going to be on for a bit ?07:09
lordievaderGood morning07:13
EriC^^morning lordievader07:13
EriC^^how are you?07:13
lordievaderHey EriC^^07:13
lordievaderDoing good here, how are you?07:13
EriC^^good thanks07:13
ducassegood morning, all07:39
lordievaderHey ducasse07:40
ducassehi lordievader - all well?07:43
lordievaderDoing good here, how are you?07:43
lotuspsychje_bbl work07:50
ducasseall good, thanks07:50
EriC^^hey ducasse07:51
ducassehi EriC^^, how are you today?07:56
EriC^^good thanks, you?07:58
ducasseall good here, just having a relaxing morning.08:00
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oerheksHi girls :-D09:53
oerhekshello sir :-)09:53
jinkThat's so sexist, assuming gender. :P09:54
oerhekstrue .. but i like the confusing some have about mine09:54
jinkMaar goed, goedemorgen! :D09:54
oerheksoh, jij weer09:54
jink"heks" kinda gives it away, no? :o09:54
oerhekswikipedia heeft het goed.09:54
jinkAh, ok.09:55
jinkI can't be bothered either way, tbh. :P09:55
oerheksi am waiting for a core 2 duo laptop ..09:56
oerheksi love freebies, well i have to wash windows for it.09:56
jinkOr more?09:58
oerheksmaybe 5, all ground floor. he does not want money for it, so we do it like this, closed wallets09:59
jinkAight. :)09:59
oerheks*if* it has just 2 gb ddr2, i have 4 gb sodimm here eating dust10:00
lordievader > i am waiting for a core 2 duo laptop ..10:03
lordievaderAs in the machine physically, or virtually?10:03
lordievaderAny plans for the machine?10:07
oerheksjups, 17.10 KDE10:07
oerheksI really like a 2nd machine, neighbour had no desktop spare, justan old core 2 dus..10:08
BluesKajHi folks11:20
jinkWhat do you guys use to run Ubuntu on Windows 7?11:23
oerhekswindows 7 is EOL, no?11:23
jinkNot my call, company machine, but sure.11:23
jinkAt some point, in some future, we'll get upgraded to 10.  But today is not that day.11:24
oerheksi *would* use vmware11:25
marcoscosmosIn windows 10 there's bash on ubuntu on windows which isn't bad. Dunno about 711:25
jinkmarcoscosmos: Yes, obviously.  See above. :P11:25
marcoscosmosBut basically it's a WM or bust if you want to use more than quick access stuff11:26
jinkFor quick access stuff, I use cygwin, but I need Ubuntu for some other things.11:27
jinkoerheks: But?11:27
marcoscosmosLike, it was easier to use bash-on-windows to run tensorflow-tensorboard than whatever bs I'd need to do naively but that's probably like the upper limit11:27
marcoscosmosyeah bash-for-windows is probably proximal to cygwin. Bit more reliable, less featured11:28
jinkMore reliable, how?  I have hardly any issues with cygwin.11:29
marcoscosmoswell, as a student at university in first year the ability to get cygwin running on the university systems was like, 50/5011:29
marcoscosmosthe probability of*11:29
marcoscosmosit was awful11:30
marcoscosmosalso I think cygwin does some magic to be slightly more windows esque than a proper wm11:30
jinkYes, it does.11:31
marcoscosmosBut TBH ATM I only use windows if I must11:31
marcoscosmosWhich reminds me I still need to go return my damn laptop ugh11:32
jinkIt supports //server/share and such by default.  And it somehow translates paths.11:32
marcoscosmosyeah, that11:32
jinkEverything is Windows, here, and it's fine, really.11:32
jinkWell, mostly, anyway.11:32
marcoscosmosstupid goddamn hexchat11:43
marcoscosmosWhat IRC client do you guys use?11:43
oerhekswelcome to irc, dropping connections is so much more fun11:44
marcoscosmosI'm using it atm but it's kind of so-so. Also it crashes whenever my task tray dies (i.e. when I reboot my panel to update the config)11:44
marcoscosmoswhich, atm, is /a lot/11:44
marcoscosmosAlso I need the mouse to change channels, or just don't know the irc commands well yet11:45
lordievadermarcoscosmos: Riot11:47
lordievaderOnly downside is that is it is written in node.js 😭11:47
marcoscosmosI'll try it11:48
jinkirssi \o/11:48
marcoscosmosI'm too tired to get weechat working atm11:48
lordievadermarcoscosmos: Do note that Riot is a Matrix client. (Matrix can be bridged into IRC, hence it is my IRC client)11:50
marcoscosmosultimately I'll probably opt for an ncurses client but11:50
marcoscosmosEh does it require config at this moment, lordievader ?11:50
lordievaderWell you need an account at some homeserver (matrix.org hosts a public homeserver). Then you can follow https://gist.github.com/fstab/ce805d3001600ac147b79d413668770d11:51
marcoscosmosEhk tomorrow then. I've literally burnt the last three days trying to configure my system, I'm all out of energy11:53
marcoscosmosjink can you help me be real lazy and post to me the command for joining freenode in irssi, with all params?11:53
marcoscosmosPlease? :p11:54
oerheksif you are *real* lazy, you won't copy it11:54
marcoscosmoswell I tried /sconnect irc.freenode.net but, it returns "not connected to server"11:55
marcoscosmosif I was really lazy, I wouldn't have tried first11:55
BluesKaj /server chat.freenode.net , I think11:56
oerheks /connect irc.freenode.net without s11:56
marcoscosmosoerheks, ty11:56
marcoscosmosnow, sec11:57
oerheksnow all hide11:58
lordievadermarcoscosmos: https://irssi.org/documentation/startup/11:58
marcoscosmoslordievader: ty as well11:59
lordievader^ also explains how to do auto connect, etc.11:59
BluesKaj /server doers work11:59
marcoscosmosWhich key is meta? alt?12:00
marcoscosmosyes, alt, kgood12:00
kajirssi is great for getting out of jams without a desktop12:02
marcoscosmosyeah that makes a lot of sense12:02
kajit's helped me numerous times12:03
marcoscosmosI'm gradually using more and more console stuff over GUI like. I always preffered bash commands over menus so I like rofi but12:03
marcoscosmosI'm still not sold on like, vim12:03
marcoscosmosmainly due to scrolling tbh12:04
kajI still prefer the gui since I'm in several chats simultaneously12:04
marcoscosmosthe modes are fine but, I'm still significantly slower with vim because I usually just scroll12:04
marcoscosmoswell yeah but then i have to use my muose to switch chats kaj, I'd rather either uses split windows in an ncurses clients or, open multiple terminals myself, since I'm using a TWM12:05
marcoscosmosAh he left -_-12:06
lordievaderVim is awesome \o/12:07
BluesKajmarcoscosmos, that was me on irssi12:07
marcoscosmosYeah it looks promising but.12:07
marcoscosmostakes time to adapt12:07
marcoscosmoscurrently I like atom12:07
marcoscosmosuse vim a bit12:07
marcoscosmosBluesKaj: Ah.12:08
marcoscosmosokay how do I make a right-split in irrsi12:08
BluesKajor more tabs?12:09
marcoscosmosI have more tabs, I want to split12:09
lordievadermarcoscosmos: You know you can type multiline sentences on IRC?12:09
marcoscosmosI'm just gunna open a new window. Sorry, this is my natural typing pattern. My fingers move faster than my thoughts. I'll re-learn to bunch sentances if I'm reminded enough, lordievader12:10
marcoscosmosI'm not splitting up messages over lines, just, hitting enter as I finish a thought?12:11
BluesKajmarcoscosmos, I use yakuake , it splits, forget the gtk name for it tho12:12
BluesKajahh yes, guake12:13
marcoscosmosalright, I'll try it12:13
marcoscosmosI'll need to remember to uninstall the leftovers in the morning I guess12:14
marcoscosmosanyway, brb12:14
marcoscosmoswait, I know this12:14
marcoscosmosWait what do mean by it splits?12:14
BluesKajsplits left right, or top to bottom12:20
marcoscosmosquake, the terminal?12:21
marcoscosmosor like, irrsi /in/ quake?12:21
BluesKaja right click on the "shell" in the bottom left gives a dialog/context menu with options12:21
marcoscosmosbecause I can just just make new windows12:22
marcoscosmosI use a tiling window manager12:22
BluesKaji3 would work I guess12:22
marcoscosmosBSPWM in my case12:22
marcoscosmosI should probably give i3 a proper go eventually12:23
BluesKajoh forgot you're on windows12:23
marcoscosmosThat was jink IIRC12:23
marcoscosmosI'm actually on arch-linux xD12:23
BluesKajok, my mistake12:25
* oerheks waiting for i412:25
marcoscosmosoerheks: wait is i3 actually a successor to something?12:40
ducassei3 is the successor to wmii12:43
pauljwhi everyone12:52
ducasse\o pauljw - everything well?12:53
pauljwhi ducasse, all good here, thx.  you?12:54
marcoscosmosO drr ducasse12:54
marcoscosmos... Oh ok*?12:55
BluesKajHi pauljw12:55
BluesKajHi ducasse12:55
lordievaderHey pauljw12:57
pauljwhi BluesKaj, lordievader :)12:58
pauljwhey EriC^^12:58
EriC^^hey pauljw :)12:58
BluesKajHi EriC^^12:59
EriC^^hey BluesKaj13:15
oerhekslolz, that V7 runs debian, but continues asking in ubuntu :-D13:16
oerheksor he fools anybody, and does run a fork like mint13:16
lordievaderThat would be fun. If he runs Mint, claims he runs Debian and asks questions in #ubuntu.13:17
BluesKajoerheks, seems that V7 guy is on his phone atm, according to his "version"13:19
BluesKajlordievader,  his nick isn't listed in #debian13:22
lordievaderBluesKaj: I was talking hypothetical 😉13:23
BluesKajmayne they kicked him from debian, some of the ops are really pedantic and overly strict13:25
oerhekshe is more active in ##linux, with the debian story13:26
BluesKajyeah i see him there13:26
oerhekswait for it...13:27
oerheksno, it should run @ 800 mhz13:27
oerheksyay ...16:26
oerheksChanges for intel-microcode versions:16:26
oerheksInstalled version: 3.20180108.0~ubuntu17.10.116:26
oerheksAvailable version: 3.20180108.0+really20170707ubuntu17.10.116:26
hggdhyes, we are downgrading the microcode16:28
oerheksbut i had no issues, at least i think16:28
hggdhneither did I. But Intel found more and more processors were prone to error16:29
hggdhin other words: Although Intel had much more time to fix the issues, they failed16:30
hggdh(really, as expected, this type of change is not a trivial change)16:30
oerheksand 4.15 gets a rc9 stage16:30
hggdhyep :-)16:30
oerheksoke, i am updated .. now waiting for a laptop with core2duo to be dropped by16:31
oerheksnot sure it is 32 or 64 bit, we'll see16:31
Bashing-omnacc: IRT Docfxit forum post https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2383068&p=13733033#post13733033 refers . OP has no clue what he is doing .. Gentle hands :)19:05
naccBashing-om: ah19:06
tomreyndo you agree that packages.ubuntu.com is stale? the https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/linux-image-generic package is apparently on version since january 10 when https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3522-3/ was released19:10
nacctomreyn: that is the version in -security and -updates19:11
nacctomreyn: what do you think is stale?19:11
tomreynnacc: the version info provided on the website19:12
tomreynon packages.ubuntu.com19:12
nacci'm looking atit19:12
naccit's correct?19:12
nacctomreyn: what *specifically* do you think is wrong?19:12
tomreynfor me https://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/linux-image-generic says the latest pakage version is
nacctomreyn: oh! i totally misread the number :)19:13
naccyeah that's weird19:13
tomreyntook me a while to realise it, too19:13
tomreynthanks for confirming19:14
nacci *think* you can file bugs on it19:14
nacc(p.u.c. itself)19:14
tomreynalejdg is already looking into it in #canonical-sysadmin thankfully19:14
naccah nice19:14
nacci'd assume it's a buggy cronjob19:14
* tomreyn suspects another mechanism broken during meltdown patching19:15
tomreynso many things to monitor ;)19:15
nacci know a lot of infra was disabled for a while, so i'd imagine that, yeah19:16
naccand it's possible this  might be an untested path :)19:16
tomreynit gets out of date regularly19:16
tomreynbut not more than a day or two usually, i think19:17
Bashing-omoerheks: Look'n - I can use a smile about now :)22:25
oerheksnope :-(22:25
Bashing-omoerheks: babies ... Garunteeed to put a smile on the face :)22:29
daftykinsnot for me ;)22:29
Bashing-omdaftykins: Must be running scared ...lol22:30
JanChm, I didn't know this before, but apparently Bednet is based on Ubuntu23:05
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