thelinuxboxhi, i'm messing around with the ubuntu iso contents, i was wondering if this screen can be disabled https://i.stack.imgur.com/GtEi5.png so instead of the iso booting to that blank screen it boots to the hidden menu behind it, the menu that looks like this > https://i.stack.imgur.com/FfEwE.png08:42
thelinuxboxi'm guessing "Hidden 10" must be somewhere, but I'm just not sure where08:43
diploMorning all09:18
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:35
thelinuxboxGood morning brobostigon :)09:37
thelinuxboxGood morning everyone :)09:39
czajkowskianyone here managed to get Netflix to download on a browser on Ubuntu12:40
czajkowskiI can do it on the app on my phone12:40
czajkowskibut can't find an app on Ubuntu12:40
brobostigonnetflix to download what in a browser?12:41
SuperMattNetflix runs in a browser12:41
SuperMattincluding firefox in linux12:41
brobostigonand chrome.12:42
SuperMattwhich came as a surprise to us all12:42
diploI guess she means offline viewing guys12:50
diploI've never tried though12:50
brobostigoni have never seen the option to do that.12:58
SuperMattYou can't do offline viewing, I believe13:00
czajkowskihmm I think you can on windows13:03
diploThey have a windows 'app'13:03
diploWindows 1013:03
brobostigoni see, useless for some of us, :)13:06
diploI like netflix, don't like win10 so deal with streaming for now, guess I could use my sons Android tabket13:08
brobostigonis the tabket the north korean tablet? lol.13:09
AzelphurIs anyone here familiar with ebook readers, which ones are good, which ones are not good, etc?21:34
AzelphurPondering buying one, but don't really know what I should look for21:34
daftykinsprice of books and how evil the ecosystem provider is would be top i'd imagine :D21:36
zmoylan-pii've been using ereaders since i first downloaded etexts for my then palm iiix. i've had 4-5 e-ink ereaders.  they work well, have great battery life, work fine outdoors in direct sunlight, it's like reading paper.  and i kept going back to using my cheap tiny phone screens for reading ebooks. less hassle21:38
AzelphurI'm only really concerned with my ability to place ebooks on the device that were downloaded elsewhere, I have no interest in an ecosystem/store21:38
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: that's amusing, I do actually have my mobile and have read ebooks on a mobile before21:38
zmoylan-piit works fine on dumb phones but whe you have a smart phone a part of your brain is constantly reminding you that you are draining the battery reading a book...21:39
daftykinsi had a feeling that might be the case :)21:39
Azelphureh, that wouldn't bother me too much, I never go anywhere without a portable battery21:40
AzelphurI just feel like e-ink might be easier on the eyes, especially when reading before bed21:40
zmoylan-pie-ink is definitely more easy on the eyes than smart phones.  also better when outdoors in direct sun light. but it's another device to charge/carry/care for which irked me21:42
Azelphursuppose so, for me I'm only really one for before-bed reading anyway, so it'd probably be right next to a cable always anyway21:42
Azelphurbut yea, think you're right, I'll just stick to my phone21:43
Azelphurno point burning money21:43
zmoylan-piand you can always try green text on black background to see if that makes phone screen easier to read which i find21:43
Azelphurwhat app do you use?21:44
daftykinsi used to use that HP Touchpad tablet but the low screen res was irritating21:44
zmoylan-piwell on my dumb nokia asha 302 i use albite a java app that works very well... on android which i use as a media player, pod catcher i use cool reader21:45
daftykinsi prefer dead tree to have some off screen time :)21:45
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: cool ;) will give it a go21:46
zmoylan-piwhen i was in hospital last year for 7 weeks the dumb nokia was dead handy as ereader as it only needed charging once a week21:46
Azelphurzmoylan-pi: eh, gotta get on my level, I carry 25600mAh with me21:47
zmoylan-piand if i dropped the phone when i fell asleep it was a nokia and there was little risk of damaging it21:47
zmoylan-piyes but by using the nokia i can last a week with mp3s for music and audio books and comedies, fm radio, web, email, irc, rss, java games21:50
zmoylan-pioh... and ereader... :-)21:51

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