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jrwrenGood morning.15:05
jrwrenI woke up and thought it was still the weekend. Not a great way to start a Monday.15:05
jrwrenHas anyone Tried out PopOS, the ubuntu variant from System76?15:06
cmaloneynot yet15:13
Scary_GuyIt looked pretty.  I hate pretty.  It usually means something else suffers to make it pretty.15:22
cmaloneyShow me on the GUI where it hurt you15:26
Scary_Guyeither it eats up more memory or it's proprietary software.  I'm running Debian with MATE but using i3 instead of Marco which uses far less resources15:33
jrwrenI just wanted to see how different it was. I guess I should be more familiar with ubuntu 17.10 desktop to really know.16:15
Scary_Guywell, there are some great demo videos on youtube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_4T8l5ZuaY16:17
jrwreni hate demo videos. :)16:46
jrwrenyea. this not a good video16:49
Scary_Guysorry, I tried.  there are others.  I figured it was at least good enough to show how it looked20:08
waldo323oh man this video22:56
Scary_Guyhey, I could have posted this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFrn3ef-n7Q23:10
Scary_GuyI'm not sure how good or bad it is as I couldn't get past the accent.  sounds like a slack-jawed yokel23:11

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