zach_So, i have Ubuntu mate, is it safe to remove the mate-desktop?00:00
zach_i plan on using openbox00:00
tatertotszach_: are you chatting from the computer right now ? yes or no00:05
tatertotszach_: open terminal00:05
tatertotszach_: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit00:06
tatertotszach_: let me know when done.00:06
tatertotszach_: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit00:06
tatertotszach_: share url/link here00:07
tatertotszach_: apt list --installed|grep mate|pastebinit00:07
tatertotszach_: share url/link here00:07
dirbyBashing-om you still there? here's my cat https://pastebin.com/2QNE6C0v00:08
tatertotszach_: apt show mate-desktop|pastebinit00:09
tatertotszach_: share url/link here00:09
tatertotszach_: Depends: hicolor-icon-theme, libmate-desktop-2-17 (>= 1.10.0), mate-desktop-common (= 1.12.1-1), mate-user-guide, libc6 (>= 2.4), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.28.0), libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.14.0), python00:10
tatertotszach_: Breaks: mate-desktop-gnome00:10
tatertotszach_: Replaces: mate-desktop-gnome00:10
zach_im confused00:10
dirbyBashing-om woops wrong paste00:10
Bashing-omdirby: yeah, I wandered back . look'n .00:10
dirbyBashing-om here you go https://pastebin.com/ginj3FTZ00:11
tatertotszach_: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26434206/00:12
azizLIGHTWell when I do nomodeset on grub I get black screen and no boot on live USB of 16.04.300:12
Bashing-omdirby: wih " ro recovery nomodeset " will not have a GUI driver loaded . Can you boot up normally ?00:12
zach_tatertots, uh... sorta newbish, and i am running a 10gb VM and i need the space so i can expiriment with a tutoriel i found that will let me have a FULL ubuntu2go installation00:13
zach_i am just wondering if its safe to remove mate-desktop and replace it with Openbox00:14
tatertotszach_: ah you need space...i understand00:14
dirbyBashing-om no I can't :(00:14
dirbyBashing-om it's boot looping00:15
tatertotszach_: Drives:    HDD Total Size: 10.7GB (63.4% used)00:15
tatertotszach_: standby00:15
Bashing-omdirby: What results when at the login screen with key combo ctl+alt+F1 ? Can you log into the system via the console interface ?00:17
tatertotszach_: sudo du -mh --max-depth=1 /|pastebinit00:18
zach_one sec00:18
dirbyBashing-om okay I'll be a while, if you don't mind though :)00:18
Bashing-omdigilord: I be here . We work to find out the why .00:19
zach_I ran it with Sudo, but it says permission denied on some things, heres what it gave me00:19
tatertotszach_: hmm you didn't capacity plan the virtual machine deployment with enough disk space for any real usage with a mere 10GB..but the link shows where the "fat" is, if you were so inclined to want to trim "fat".00:21
tatertotsrather skinny but none the less..you want to trim "fat" don't you?00:22
zach_okay? what programs to "apt purge"?00:22
zach_And yes,00:22
zach_i want to be as barebones as possible, yet still have a desktop enviroment, even if it is the tricky Openbox,00:23
tatertotszach_: well judging by the data in the link00:25
tatertotszach_: there's only 2x/two places that occupy "GB's" of space00:26
tatertotszach_: appears everything else is ....."drop in the bucket" so to speak00:27
tatertotszach_: would you agree?00:27
zach_im actually still quite newbish with this stuff00:27
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tatertotszach_: o00:28
zach_if only TreeSize was for Linux, than i could see it better00:28
tatertotszach_: i'm not too sure how to interpret that.....i am also "newbie".00:28
zach_As in, i suck at alot of stuff, but can find workarounds00:28
zach_if need be, i can let you ssh, and maybe join a discord server of mine so we can chat better00:29
tatertotszach_: i understand00:30
tatertotszach_: If you will allow me to ask you a few preliminary questions and provide honest answers remote access may not be needed. I've gotten rather good at asking questions.00:31
zach_okay, ask away00:32
zach_also if need be, i can resetup the vm for an added 4gb00:32
tatertotszach_: your vm is ubuntu mate, this is a fact already known....what is the host OS?00:33
dirbyBashing-om I'm back, it looks as though I can't get into the console through ctrl alt and F1 but I can get to the # root from a gui menu on boot00:33
zach_and that is the (improperly named) Windows Subsytem for Linux00:33
zach_so it contains a ubuntu bash shell00:34
tatertotszach_: It maybe possible to "extend" the 10GB of space you "initially" allocated to the vm. This would be done in the hypervisor software aka virtualbox.00:34
Bashing-omdirby: Ouch - UNgood, as that implies the issue is greater than a driver problem .00:35
ZombieAnyone Else? I am attempting to Authenticate DoveCot IMAP to a Samba 4 Active Directory Server running Ubuntu 16.0400:36
pavloszach_: here's how to resize a VM under windows http://derekmolloy.ie/resize-a-virtualbox-disk/00:36
tatertotszach_: once you have "extended" at the hypervisor level...you will still need to perform more actions to "truly" realize the newly added space...but don't worry about that now...just try to find me again if you manage to get that far.00:36
ZombieI also need to know if its possible to get libuser-ldap00:36
Zombieon Ubuntu 16.0400:36
zach_okay, uh...00:36
zach_try bitchat.im before i logout please?00:37
tatertotszach_: i'm all too familiar with most methods of network communication(s)...this medium is sufficient for the task that you have been assigned.00:38
Bashing-omdirby: Let's take a poke at it . in this root shell run ' mount -o remount,rw / (Note there is no space after the comma.) ; apt update ; apt full-upgrade ; apt 0f install ' . Any errors reported ?00:38
dirbyBashing-om Yikes! It worked really well with 15.10 until I upgraded yesterday00:39
zach_tatertots, alright00:40
dirbyBashing-om : I'll be Bach00:40
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zach_shuting the vbox down now00:43
donofriok what am I doing wrong? https://apaste.info/shYd00:50
nicomachusdonofrio: using sudo su00:52
donofriohumm I'l check...00:53
nicomachusdonofrio: that's way too long to even read through. You're going to have to consisely summarize the problem for us, not show a couple thousand line pastes that even includes missed commands because of spelling. no thanks.00:53
donofrionicomachus,  sudo cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DWITH_SSE2=ON -DWITH_CUPS=on -DWITH_WAYLAND=off -DWITH_PULSE=on -DWITH_LIBSYSTEMD=OFF -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/opt/remmina_devel/freerdp does work as well00:56
nicomachusno idea what you're talking about00:57
donofrionicomachus, you asked "using sudo" and that was my output (have you compiled on ubuntu?)00:58
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Ben64donofrio: compiling stuff is beyond the scope of this channel, you should contact the developer for help with their software00:59
Zachgood news, i have used WSL to get hexchat01:00
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donofrioGuest3453, so do I - I mean even right now (http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk01:01
Guest3453tatertots, im here, using the windows subsystemforlinux01:01
donofriotatertots, I'm 17.04 in wsl ;) w/xfce401:02
Guest3453how do i register my Nick?01:02
Guest3453and is is i, zach_01:02
Ben64!register | Guest345301:03
ubottuGuest3453: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.01:03
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.01:04
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ZachDthere we go01:05
donofrioZachD, I've been using WSL for over 10 months now.....daily at work ;)01:05
ZachDIts very useful, ive been using it for personal stuff01:06
donofrioZachD, I basically use windows 10 as a 15 gb bootloader into ubuntu goodness ;)01:06
ZachDi combine it with Xming Server for windows01:06
donofrioxming doesn't do thing right I though and so i'm using VcXsrv01:06
donofrioZachD, my whole build is outlined in the powerpoint ppt file at tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk01:07
TJ-It's a superb pyschological technique by Microsoft; get folks to pay the Windows licensing to  use F/OSS01:07
ZachDi even have an alias programmed to start at boot, Dlocalhost_0, what this does is it basically runs this "export DISPLAY=localhost:0"01:07
ZachDi havent ONCE payed for windows, i just used the media creation tool01:08
donofrio(I run on two desktop - HP G2 600's - using microsoft's "Mouses without Boarders" to bridge the shared HID to both desktop with shared clipboard01:08
donofrioTJ-, no vmware airwatch client yet so had to use windows 1001:08
donofriothis is at work desktop my - daily driver01:09
ZachDtatertots, hello? tatertots?01:09
TJ-donofrio: I've watched MS for so long I find it humorous now. They started out claiming Linux would eat your work, then that it infringed on several unspecified Microsoft patents, and now they integrate as a sub-system now it's become possible to do without Windows entirely. It's what bug #1 is about01:11
ubottubug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101:11
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donofrioTJ-, it's a great method of introduing the world to linux allowing them to cutover in a few years not needing m$ as much...01:13
TJ-donofrio: if that happens, yes, but I don't think that's the intention or expectation :)01:14
donofrioso as well get sccm to manage ubuntu in wsl like spacewalk would then well be in businness for a nice managed linux desktop for business ;)01:15
picardaI must install Bind to host a subdomain?01:16
TJ-picarda: bind or another DNS server, to host the DNS *zone* file for the sub-domain01:18
tertle-if i install Tails, will people still be able to see me?01:19
picardaI control my dns at my provider...and I use Digital Ocean...I did the record A at my registrar but I need to do it at DO also?01:20
donofriotatertots, ZachD  join up over at #ubuntu-on-windows I lurk here and there always01:20
capellasighs ... my hp omen just doesn't want to have a dual-boot Win / *nix 17.10 ... :-(     My 17.04 ran like a champ since June .... upgrade -> 17.10 ? fail ...01:21
tatertotsZachD: hi01:22
tertle-i stopped upgrading at Ubuntu 1001:22
tatertotsZachD: are you the zach from before?01:22
tertle-still running like a dream here01:22
capellaclean install and upgrade 16.04 -> 17.10 fail, clean install 17.10 into unallocated partition ? fail ... Im confused01:22
capellaBut back on 17.04 so meh maybe :-/01:23
tatertotsdonofrio: are you a user i've recently assisted using a different screen name?01:23
donofrioI use same nickname01:24
ZachDtatertots, yep, using my WSL instalation01:24
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ZachDi figured it would be eauer to simply reset the VM, (delete and make a new one)01:25
tatertotsZachD: i understand, you are no longer using the virtual machine shown here https://paste.ubuntu.com/26434197/01:25
ZachDcorrect, but basicaaly gonna have the EXACT SAME stuff, exapt the size is 4gb bigger01:25
TJ-capella: why not stick with 16.04 LTS until 18.04 is out?01:25
ZachDalso, i can barely see my text01:26
TJ-capella: 17.04 is no longer supported so you won't get any security updates01:26
tatertotsZachD: hmmm okay, are you chatting from this "environment" you speak of right now? yes or no01:26
ZachDi chatting from the HOST OS01:26
ZachDwaiting for the installer to finnnish on the VM01:27
tatertotsZachD: well any instructions i give you will be "realtime"01:27
capellaNo particular reason tj- ... hmmmm01:27
tatertotsaka "live" or "hot"01:27
capellaheh ooops01:28
tatertotsZachD: let me know when you have successfully completed deploying this new "environment"01:28
TJ-ZachD: is this using VirtualBox?01:29
ZachDTJ-, yes01:29
TJ-ZachD: ahh, was it you earlier saying you were trying to remove the VB guest extensions to fix an issue?01:30
capellatj- I did enjoy the opportunity to hack around / get dangerous .... first time I've backed out kernels :-) and modified grub2 files, also learned grub-repair needs legacy settings off and etc...01:30
capellaAnd Cinnamon is a fun desktop but 17.10 hates it and insists on removing01:31
TJ-ZachD: hmmm,  there was someone earlier having issues and I thought their nickname was zack too01:31
capellaJust prepping Win for dual boot is a pita in the first place .... VMware might be a decent alternative on this laptop01:34
ZachDtatertots, its loaded now01:34
tatertotsZachD: we're live/hot?01:35
ZachDyep, fully installed into the VM and logged in01:35
tatertotsZachD: i'll need to see, open terminal01:35
tatertotsZachD: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit01:36
ZachDgonna go into the VM for clipboard access01:37
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tatertotslet me know when done01:38
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Zach-dalright, in the VM, sorry if my name is jumping, it dont like me using the name this fast01:39
Zach-dthose are done noe01:39
tatertotsZach-d: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit01:39
tatertotsZach-d: gave yourself about 5GB more i see Drives:    HDD Total Size: 15.0GB (44.6% used)01:42
Zach-d? i set the drive for 14gb because the usb im gonna write this to is maxed at 14.5gb01:42
tatertotsZach-d: i understand01:42
Zach-dhmm..i guess its time to get a 32 or 64 off amazon01:43
Zach-dtatertots, which packages are the largest?01:43
tatertotsZach-d: i agree, 44.6% used after a fresh install...not sure what the "role" or use of the machine is..but it won't be doing much besides being "idle" with that amount of space. (i'm exaggerating of course, it could be a router/firewall for all i know)01:44
Zach-dim trying to use it to set up a VM inside it so i can have a Win2go Vm01:45
easycreamI've installed 17.10 as a guest and was able to connect via virt-viewer, however, after changing the resolution, I now get a blank purple screen after logging in.  THe guest has been updated.  I'm not sure what is causing this error.  Anybody experience the same issue?01:45
Zach-dthat should be what im trying to do01:47
tatertotsZach-d: personally if i were you, instead of trying to trim "fat" from an already base/skinny ubuntu desktop installation, you would engineer/architect your own linux that only contains things that meet "your requirements".01:47
tatertotswould be path of much less resistance01:47
Zach-d....uh....highschool student here.01:47
tatertotsZach-d: i understand01:49
Zach-dso, the tutoriel shows that i simply set up the VM, commit VMception, and then tell the autostart programs to not do their thing01:50
Zach-dtatertots, thats what im trying to do01:51
tatertotswow are tech instructors really that bored in their careers/jobs to give students such tasks?01:51
Zach-dnah, i am doing this formyself01:52
Zach-dand the tech instructor in my school, literally tell us to SSH into FREAKING EV3 units that run a custom linux01:52
donofrio-g5anyone got time to help me out getting this (https://apaste.info/aB1l) compiled?01:57
Zach-dtatertots, uh..hello?01:57
donofrio-g5hw-setup - https://apaste.info/Gz7n01:59
Zach-dimma try something stupid, if i break MateBuntu, oh well02:02
mostdefWould you recommend using 18.04 for daily desktop, in its current state?02:03
donofrio-g5mostdef, what is your sources list in 18.04 I need to try an upgrade on my 17.04 install02:04
mostdefdonofrio-g5: I'm still on 16.0402:05
donofrio-g5oh ok well if anyone else knows I'm all ears ;(02:05
donofrio-g5I meant02:05
mostdefdonofrio-g5: could you perhaps just backup your home, do a clean install, then restore?02:06
mostdefI never do "upgrades". Whether it's Windows, Linux, or Android. Factory reset + restore.02:08
donofrio-g5I upgraded from 16.04 to 17.04 on work desktop's (that are in wsl)02:09
mostdefis that Linux-on-Windows-10?02:09
donofrio-g5I heard 17.04 support is over so I figure I need to goto 18.04 soon02:10
donofrio-g5mostdef, my writeup is at http://tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk in the ppt file02:10
mostdefdonofrio-g5: I can't expand the photos because I need a Live account. Are you running terminal only, or did you manage to get a GUI running?02:13
mostdefah nevermind, it was just super slow (I'm in a cafe) after discarding the login window.02:14
donofrio-g5mostdef, skip past that unneededd login soory02:14
ChetManlyis /etc/cron.daily still a thing in ubuntu?02:14
donofrio-g5ChetManly, man cron and you'll see it listed02:15
mostdefdonofrio-g5: that looks nice. What's the UI performance like? I use Ubuntu inside a Virtualbox VM on a Windows 10 host. I'm intrigued, I suspect performance and battery life would be much better using WSL.02:15
ChetManlydonofrio-g5: arent things handled like services now or something02:16
donofrio-g5mostdef, you see two desktop's running windows (yes I use windows 10 as a 15 gb bootloader) then you see desktop's running WSL inside windows 10 no vm at all02:17
donofrio-g5ChetManly, cron is cron02:17
donofrio-g5mostdef, performance is great......02:17
ChetManlyso are service, daemon and cron interchangable?02:17
donofrio-g5ChetManly, no02:18
mostdefChetManly: systemd timers you mean? Probably easier to write and manage than cron jobs. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd/Timers02:18
donofrio-g5mostdef, archlinux link in here - lol02:18
mostdefdonofrio-g5: I just retutrned the 1st google result02:18
mostdeftbh although I've never used Arch, their wiki has been super useful to me as a Ubuntu user02:19
mostdefthey go into details and great examples for many things02:19
Zach_you still here?02:19
mostdefmostdef: what do you do if you don't mind me asking?02:21
mostdefprogrammer like me?02:21
donofriomostdef, my WSL inxi output @ https://apaste.info/qkcv ;)02:27
mostdefOK, readinh your powerpoint now02:27
mostdefFYI, instead of Putty, check out MoxaXterm. WAY superior UI. Tabs, no auto-closing.02:27
mostdefit's not FOSS but it's free as in beer02:28
mostdefoh snap, I just realized I need Ubuntu 32-bit for my work02:30
mostdefstill...not all of it. I could use 64-bit WSL for my web dev, and a 32-bit VBox VM for my embedded work02:30
capellaooooh, ah, mmmmmm ......   http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/02:31
capellableeding edge baby ;)02:31
donofriomostdef, why do you *need* 32 bit?02:34
ChetManlyan operating system that hasnt changed in years02:34
mostdefdonofrio: the tools I use are 32-bit. I got errors I couldn't get past when I first built a 64-bit VM.02:36
mostdefit's tools to develop for an ARM board02:36
donofrioask here when you get the erors again02:37
mostdefhmm, OK, thanks02:38
mostdefChetManly: NEON is pretty now, what do you mean hasn't changed in years? Wasn't it released in 2016?02:39
mostdefChetManly: you linked Neon saying it hasn't changed in years, or did I misunderstand02:40
mostdef*pretty new02:40
ChetManlyno ubuntu02:40
ChetManlysame ol02:41
ChetManlybut that is probably for the best,, this channel used to scroll outta control and now it calm and that probably thanks to staying the same02:42
donofriomostdef, still think you should just have to install 32 bit libraies you'd think and still run 64 bit?02:43
john_ramboWhile trying to do apt-get upgrade I am getting this >>> https://paste2.org/e7WnWytd02:51
john_ramboUsing 18.0402:51
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mostdef_whatever happened to application packages (snap or flatpack?). Did that stuff never catch on?02:57
donofriothats what I'm trying to upgrade to03:13
donofriojust need to know what to put in my sources.list03:14
Bashing-omdonofrio: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/  .03:16
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ubantoohello, how do i see all the hardware attached to this ubuntu computer? in windows i would go to deviice manager to see everything03:52
Ben64lspci, lsusb, lshw03:53
ftawolfgot little problem with hp-systray.  Trying get it in panel & not having much luck, hp-toolbox will load from cli..04:00
ftawolfwell i take that back it finally loaded.  sorry about that04:02
almoxarife[m]ftawolf (IRC): did you install hplip-gui?04:02
ftawolfits all good now its finally loadded04:03
ubantooif i install ubuntu alongside windows boot manager (sda already has windows 10 on it), will ubuntu 17.10 generate seperate partitions for /home and / ?04:07
ubantooor do i have to do 'something else' in the setup process to set up the partitions myself04:08
tatertotsubantoo: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no04:09
ubantootatertots: yes i am on it in the live usb04:10
ubantooi see this: https://i.imgur.com/d7puYVr.png04:10
ubantooand i am not sure why the security and lvm options are disabled04:10
tatertotsubantoo: you want to dual boot? yes or no04:11
ubantooyes i want to dual boot. sorry i forgot to say taht04:11
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tatertotsubantoo: then you're going to click "continue" that's all you're going to do...any other options are for the advanced user....as in someone who could do it on their own without ever coming here or looking at any forums.04:12
ubantoook my question is, if i click continue, and choose the first option. will the installer make seperate partitions for my /home and /04:13
ubantoodoes it do that by default?04:13
tatertotsubantoo: it will not "conveniently" do anything with /home...that's a technique for the system administrator to decide to deploy04:14
ubantooso, in the first option, it basically makes 1 partition for /home /04:15
ubantoowhat about encryption of /home04:15
tatertotsclick "continue"04:15
tatertotsand keep "proceeding"...but please do "read"04:16
donofrioBashing-om, I'm going to Bionic now on my 17.04 wsl install ;) 701 packages upgrading04:18
donofrio718 packages I meant04:19
ubantooits isntalling now04:22
donofriobacked up using robocopy %localappdata%\lxss c:\backup\. now 3.9 gb backed up ;)04:22
ubantoocan i easily convert 17.10 to 18.04 when it comes out04:22
Ben64ubantoo: you can upgrade, yes04:24
ubantoois it a risky operatoin to do that04:25
Ben64not usually04:25
ubantooi see. well i aim installed now i am going to reboot. bye04:25
donofrioyah me so far its still trucking along "npacking ubuntu-mono (16.10+18.04.20171224.1-0ubuntu1) over (16.10+17.04.20170406-0ubuntu1)" :)04:25
donofrioEEK!!! "Errors were encountered while processing: /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-wETfEC/111-ebtables_2.0.10.4-3.5ubuntu2_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)04:36
donofrioanyone know how to resolve this?  dpkg -a?04:38
donofrioas I said this is an existing and working 17.04 install that i was told is old so I needed to get current to 18.04 so here I am trying but dang04:39
Ben64donofrio: 17.04 -> 18.04 is not supported, not sure how you're doing that04:39
Ben6418.04 isn't even released yet04:40
donofriojust updated sources.list to bionic and dist upgraded04:41
donofriowas going so smoothly....04:41
ubantoohi again. i have installed ubuntu. how can i get the nvidia propriatery drivers? on older ubuntu i remember using graphics-drivers ppa. is this still the case on 17.10?04:41
nicomachusdonofrio: that's a great way to break your system, pal04:41
donofrioI used to do this all the time I've done 'a few' installs in my days.....lol04:42
Ben64ubantoo: they're in the ubuntu repositories, you shouldn't have to do anything if you installed with network connected, otherwise open up the software center, and go to hardware drivers or whatever it's called to get it.04:43
Howie69Wow.. never seen that before.  Most all of the zesty repos vanished recently04:44
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donofrioso I should goto ubuntu-next?04:44
nicomachus!bionic | donofrio04:44
ubottudonofrio: Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) will be the 28th release of Ubuntu - Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1518 - Discussion in #ubuntu+104:44
ubantooBen64: i see a choice for nvidia properitatyay drivers in the 'addtiontla drivers' tab on software updates program. i have chosen it and now applying it. it is takign long time04:46
stan7do you have solution for nvidia geforce drivers? i have problems with my 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 930M]04:54
stan7it brings me resolution problems04:56
Bashing-omstan7: Show in a pastebin what is presently installed for the driver ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .05:02
azizLIGHTBen64: i selected the proprietary drivers from the 'addtional drivers' for nvidia and restarted but now i cannot boot up anymore. it gets stuck at loading intial ramdisk, i tried both kernel options, and their recovery mode options in grub05:06
tatertotsstan7: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no05:11
azizLIGHTanyone have any ideas about what i should do? i just installed 17.10, changed gpu drivers from open source to propertiary, rebooted, and now it doesnt boot past loading initial ramdisk (tried all kernels listed and their recovery modes in grub to no avail)05:19
=== william is now known as Guest50128
gnomethrowerhttps://design.ubuntu.com/brand/ubuntu-logo/ <- How do we change this page?05:45
gnomethrowerah, never mind. just thought a word was spelled weird, turns out I'm wrong05:46
stan7sorry i was not on the computer05:49
QuenzBashing-om tatertots either of you around?05:49
marcosferminHello guys. I just installed Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro and configured the GRUB. Has anyone done it as well? Let’s share some thoughts05:51
Bashing-omQuenz: Yes ?05:51
QuenzI still have the same issue as last time. I've only just gotten around to looking at it again.05:52
QuenzI'm not sure if we reached a complete dead end last time Bashing-om..05:52
stan7i have resolution problems, i have nvidia geforce card, do you have some solution? please, this is what i get when i lspci in console 09:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 930M] (rev a2)05:52
lotuspsychje!discuss | marcosfermin05:53
ubottumarcosfermin: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!05:53
tatertotsQuenz: hello05:53
hanetzerhey folks. So, I'm using ubuntu 16.04 on a laptop I'm porting coreboot for, and I'd like to disable sleep/hibernate/etc, because I think its doing that right from the getgo due to me having acpi/etc not done yet, so I've booted gentoo from usb and chrooted in.05:54
QuenzI can't drop to shell this time.05:54
Bashing-omQuenz: I have a short attention span . remind what the issue is .05:54
Quenztatertots should I install mint xfce now?05:55
tatertotsQuenz: you haven't said what the "present" problem you are attempting to address is05:55
QuenzBashing-om That's fine. I changed my driver from open source (which works, but is slow) to a proprietary one (which should be faster, but has issue)05:55
=== BrAsS_mOnKeY is now known as william
Quenztatertots Curren issue is proprietary drivers not working properly. Booting produces flashing text05:56
marcosferminubottu: Actually yes. Sorry for my approach, but I have a concern with a red light coming out of the headphone jack in the MacBook. I don’t know why that happens. I verified the Mac OS and it only does it on Ubuntu05:57
ubottumarcosfermin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:57
tatertotsQuenz: that's odd...you had the proprietary driver "previously" http://termbin.com/8yya05:57
tatertotsQuenz: i wonder if that might suggest something else is root cause.05:58
Bashing-omQuenz: pastebin us a new ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' . see if we got any hints .05:59
tatertotsmarcosfermin: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no06:00
Quenztatertots I haven't changed the driver since last time06:01
marcosfermintatertots: no06:01
QuenzI'm gonna have to go with recovery mode or whatever it's called because it's too hard to drop to shell with this flashing screen, keep resetting06:01
tatertotsmarcosfermin: do you have physical access to the computer?06:02
Bashing-omQuenz: Whatever, I still want to start at this log file .06:02
marcosferminYes, I do06:02
marcosfermintatertots: yes06:02
tatertotsmarcosfermin: is it connected to the internet? yes or no06:02
tatertotsmarcosfermin: allow me to rephrase a previous question for clarity.06:03
tatertotsmarcosfermin: do you have physical access to the computer right now ?06:03
marcosfermintatertots: yes06:04
tatertotsmarcosfermin: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit sosreport06:04
tatertotsmarcosfermin: let me know when done06:05
QuenzNow I'm stuck at a frozen screen. I tried to turn it off with the "halt" command, but it didn't work. Any way to turn it off from here without using the power button?06:05
tatertotsmarcosfermin: or wait on someone else to help you06:05
tatertotsmarcosfermin: you have to open terminal first06:06
tatertotsmarcosfermin: ctrl+alt+t06:06
marcosfermintatertots: wait a sec. I’m reaching the laptop06:06
marcosfermintatertots: all installed06:07
marcosfermintatertots: what should I do next?06:08
tatertotsmarcoscosmos: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit06:11
tatertotsmarcoscosmos: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so06:12
Neo4after I got this error after I had tried to install git using this command06:12
Neo4sudo apt-get install git-all06:12
Neo4not don't work anything06:12
Neo4I tried do ' sudo apt-get install -f ' and error06:12
Neo4sudo apt-get upgrade  also error06:12
Bashing-om!sysrq | Quenz06:13
ubottuQuenz: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key06:13
QuenzBashing-om Yes, I think you may have suggested this last time, but I don't have a printscreen key06:13
marcosfermintatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26435572/06:14
Neo4package ruint is not configure yet06:14
Bashing-omQuenz: try crl+alt+del .06:14
QuenzBashing-om Tried, did not work06:15
tatertotsmarcosfermin: infrared, toggled without your human intervention in OS X, enabled by default so as it's ready for use in Linux. Nothing to be concerned about...don't believe me?...want me to prove it to you in front of your face?06:15
Bashing-omQuenz: Activate another TTY ? ctl+alt+F4 /06:16
tatertotsmarcosfermin: trust me06:16
QuenzBashing-om Doesn't seem to do anything either06:16
marcosfermintatertots: no need to prove anything bro lol06:16
marcosfermintatertots: Thank you very much06:17
Neo4this helped https://askubuntu.com/questions/765565/how-to-fix-processing-with-runit-and-git-daemon-run06:17
tatertotsmarcosfermin: no problem06:17
marcosfermintatertots: do you have a post where it06:18
marcosferminWhere it explains how to use the packages I installed to generate the report?06:18
tatertotsmarcosfermin: a post? lol no..a post is "debatable"....i don't want to debate with you06:18
Bashing-omQuenz: Not looking good for the home team . I have no othr suggestions . Best be running a file system check from a liveUSB .. Got it on hand ?06:18
marcosfermintatertots: no. What I want is a tutorial on how to use inxi, pastebinit and sosreport06:20
tatertotsmarcosfermin: oh....yeah they all have built in documentation06:20
segersjerrymarcosfermin, try the command "man <program name>" it'll tell you how to work those programs.06:20
tatertotsmarcosfermin: man inxi06:20
QuenzBashing-om Not Ubuntu, but yes06:21
Bashing-omQuenz: same kernel version as the install ?06:22
Bashing-omQuenz: Naw .. if it is not ububntu .. let's not chance it .. to much is different in the file systems .06:23
QuenzBashing-om I will need to use the power button at this point though, right?06:24
QuenzI have some USB drives handy, one of them may have ubuntu, I'm not sure06:24
nwecan I force pxelinux to load pxelinux.cfg/default first instead of it trying to load mac-address prefix..?06:25
Bashing-omQuenz: I have no other suggestion than the [pwer bitton . and as messed up as the system is .. we need to run that file system check/repair .06:25
QuenzI'll check these USB drives now06:26
williamlin_Will the gnome in ubuntu 18.04 have the global menu.06:28
williamlin_Will the gnome in ubuntu 18.04 have the global menu?06:28
QuenzBashing-om I have current Ubuntu Gnome LTS live boot disk, booting now06:28
Bashing-om!18.04 | williamlin_06:28
ubottuwilliamlin_: Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) will be the 28th release of Ubuntu - Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1518 - Discussion in #ubuntu+106:28
iratedis there any way to manually upgrade ubuntu 16.10 to ubuntu  17.04 then 17.10?06:29
iratedit looks like going directly to 17.10 is not supported06:29
QuenzBashing-om 'cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log' in terminal?06:29
Bashing-om!eol | irated06:30
ubottuirated: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:30
iratedBashing-om: I know :)06:31
iratedthus the need for upgrading.06:31
iratedDoh  the response just came through..06:32
iratedThanks lag06:32
marcosferminQuestion: can we continue using an Ubuntu version after End-Of-Life? You know, like using newer repos and stuff06:32
Bashing-omirated: Doablem the link jas the onstruction as 17.04 is EOL .06:32
iratedshould I go directly to 17.10?06:33
lotuspsychje!eolupgrade | marcosfermin06:34
ubottumarcosfermin: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:34
lotuspsychjemarcosfermin: we reccomend to upgrade ubuntu 'before' its going eol06:34
marcosferminlotuspsychje: yes, but I was asking in the case of having a *.04 that is already EOL06:36
Bashing-omQuenz: I see nothing alarming at this point . file system check ?06:36
lotuspsychje!usn | marcosfermin why its not good to keep using eol06:36
ubottumarcosfermin why its not good to keep using eol: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.06:36
_kmh_i was wondering is there any  (default) software in a kubuntu 16.04 installation that send larger amounts of data (as crash reports or for other reasons)?06:39
_kmh_other than apport actually06:40
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Bashing-omQualityAddict: pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu ' for assistance to run that check .06:45
aienaI was experimenting with phpvirtualbox. Because I want to setup a bunch of vm's for testing and start them from a web interface. The installation works. But when I start the vboxweb.service with systemctl it launches the vboxwebservice with the user as root. But virtualbox config is set to have another user start the process. As a result the authentication with the vboxweb daemon works but the other users vms dont show. How to fix this?06:51
tatertotsaiena: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no06:54
gartralhello all, I have a slight issue, I missed the upgrade window on 17.04 and not I can't can't install update-manager-core on my host too initiate the upgrade, what an I do to get around this that doesn't require a complete reinstall?06:58
Bashing-om!eol | gartral07:04
ubottugartral: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:04
TheMesswhats up07:04
user_deathWHAT up boys and girls07:06
marcosferminuser_death: What's up?07:08
TheMessAny of u into Pentesting or Exploit Researching ?07:11
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
marcosferminTheMess: What are you looking for in particular?07:15
TheMessI just wanna know peoples skill sets and what they can do and really can't do because if we all worked together it would basically just be a over powered team basically07:16
tatertotsTheMess: are you having an Ubuntu issue technical in nature? yes or no07:16
TheMessNo I run BlackArch and Kali Linux07:16
tatertotsTheMess: looks more like opinion fishing07:16
tatertotsTheMess: wow...yet you're here needing help with something simple yet beyond your skillset07:18
tatertotsTheMess: #linux is real active "opinion" wise...but then again there is no shortage of opinions anywhere online07:18
TheMessWell I already had Ubuntu and I really didn't like it lol07:19
marcosferminTheMess: The distribution does not matter, as long as you learn how to tweak it and make it yours07:20
TheMessI am more into finding vulnerability's and programming and making viruses and etc. and finding bugs07:20
QuenzSorry I disconnected before. Did Bashing-Om say anything before I did? What were you going to suggest I do with this computer tatertots with mint xfce?07:25
tatertotsQuenz: all my advise is "realtime" aka live/hot...it has an expiration date07:26
tatertotsif you failed to execute when after our little consultation "session"....i cannot be held liable or responsible for that failure to execute07:26
Harishello al07:32
tatertotsQuenz: I went as far as to write "do you understand?" and you responded YES07:33
Harisis there a way to find out current available or number of updates for 14.04 that's not installed yet ? plus if they can be easily installed or if there's unsatisfied deps ?07:33
d0b3rm4nngood morning07:36
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QuenzI'm not trying to hold you liable to anything tatertots, I'm just trying to get help to fix my issue. Doesn't have to be from you, open to suggestions from anyone really.07:47
QuenzI don't exactly remember that last part though07:48
tatertotsQuenz: are you chatting from the effected computer right now? yes or no07:52
Quenztatertots no07:52
tatertotsQuenz: do you have physical access to the effected computer right now? yes or no07:52
Quenztatertots yes07:52
tatertotsQuenz: does the effected computer have an active internet connection? yes or no07:53
Quenztatertots yes07:53
tatertotsQuenz: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit07:53
QuenzWill do so in recovery mode (or whatever it's called)07:54
Quenztatertots Actually, is it okay to do it from a live boot?07:54
tatertotsQuenz: no07:54
Quenzokie dokie07:54
vltHello. How can I create a clickable icon on the desktop that will run /my/shell_script.sh on Ubuntu 16.04 MATE?07:54
Quenztatertots recovery mode is fine though, right?07:55
tatertotsQuenz: anything is fine...except not answering my questions %100 honestly and accurately, fail at that....you will fail ultimately07:56
Quenztatertots I'm not trying to be difficult. I apologize if I am.07:57
tatertotsQuenz: i don't believe humans are every "trying" to be difficult my friend :) Its just that i can only process certain logic07:58
Quenztatertots I do try to be as honest as I can. Anyway, I thought I had an internet connection, but I'm getting  a "Failed to contact the server ..." error with that command08:01
tatertotsQuenz: no worries08:01
tatertotsQuenz: you'll either have to attempt disaster recovery or reinstall linux..and before any user I consult with considers disaster recovery I always ask them to ask themselves a question first.08:03
tatertotsQuenz: Do you have disaster recovery experience?, how successful have you been in the past at disaster recovery?.08:04
tatertotsQuenz: those are important questions to answer in order to have "realistic" expectations08:04
Quenztatertots I'm not sure what exactly is meant by "disaster recovery", so probably not. I wouldn't mind reinstalling Ubuntu, it doesn't take very long.08:04
tatertotsQuenz: is this the effected computer http://termbin.com/8yya ? yes or no08:10
Quenztatertots yes08:13
tatertotsQuenz: are you installing the exact same version and edition of Ubuntu shown here http://termbin.com/8yya? yes or no08:15
Quenztatertots I haven't changed anything, so it should be, but I can double check if you like.08:17
tatertotsQuenz: ok this is where we left off in previous sessions of my advice, my programming will not allow me to repeat the same things while expecting different result(s). My maker embedded this into my programing intentionally.08:18
tatertotsQuenz: i can only help you up unto the point at which you decide to repeat past historical failures while clinging to some hope of success08:19
tatertotsat that point the session will conclude08:20
QuenzI don't follow 100%, but it sounds like you don't want to help me, which is fine.08:20
QuenzAnyone else?08:20
tatertotsQuenz: you are in the process of reinstalling? true or false08:21
Quenztatertots False. Would you like me to try that?08:22
tatertotsQuenz: yes08:23
QuenzIn the process now08:30
da7nielI want to search for keywords inside a manual entry, how do I do this?08:37
bunnypuncherman thepageyouwnat | grep keyword08:39
bunnypuncheror if you just run man program.  Then you will be able you do /keyword.  and that would do a search08:41
da7nielty man08:41
house_question, I think I just witnessed something amazing I have an soc mini itx duelcore atom mb that has been abused for years. this year its acting as a HTPC anyways I was copying a file and watching a movie, suddenly pc froze with pc speaker on. Right before this happened being as I was paying close attention in this movie I cought what looked like a few frames of the colliding files as the SOC melted down.08:41
tatertotsQuenz: hopefully this time around you can avoid any of this stuff maybe http://termbin.com/wrnz08:42
house_possible on ubuntu 16 i38608:43
tatertotsplease share what you have with me08:44
EriC^^da7niel: man <something> then type "/<keyword>"08:44
EriC^^'n' goes to the next entry N to previous08:44
QuenzI wasn't paying attention to the installer, that's why it's taking long08:48
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aienahouse_, hmm I am n ot sure if ubuntu caused it08:51
aienamaybe it was the chips time08:52
aienaWhich kernel were you using?08:52
Quenztatertots Installation done and booted. Everything seems to be fine. Should I try switching the drivers over again?09:01
goyalkya haal09:01
mezodhello, someone using ubuntu 17 and firefox 57 who could give me 5 minutes of their time? :P09:05
Quenz_Apologies for disconnect.09:06
=== Quenz_ is now known as Quenz
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
tatertotsQuenz: sure09:18
tatertotsmezod: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no09:19
lonecode16anyone here??09:19
mezodtatertots: yes (?)09:19
tatertotsmezod: open terminal09:20
bazhanglonecode16, here is ubuntu support, for chats try #ubuntu-offtopic09:20
tatertotsmezod: or what for someone else to help you. :)09:20
tatertotsmezod: wait09:20
QuenzI was going to choose nvidia-340 which is labeled "proprietary, tested", but there's also nvidia-304. Is nvidia-340 fine tatertots?09:20
mezodtatertots: I'm not sure if you are asking me to just install ubuntu :P I just wanted to ask someone with ubuntu 17/ff 57 to check if they see a css bug in a site, or it's just a user who might have zoomed in/out from the browser mistakenly09:22
tatertotsQuenz: according to http://termbin.com/8yya i can say for a fact that previously you had used NVIDIA 304.xx09:23
Quenztatertots I previously used both. Each had different issues. 304 is legacy, so I'm gonna assume 340.09:23
tatertotsQuenz: select the driver you prefer09:24
=== anders is now known as Guest92518
tatertotsQuenz: also hope you can avoid any crashes like these http://termbin.com/yidn this time around09:30
Quenztatertots I got a "System program problem detected" after applying the driver in Additional Drivers, is there any log you would like to read because of this?09:32
tatertotsQuenz: yes, but i would like you to accumulate more symptom(s) data first if possible09:34
tatertotsQuenz: just keep playing around with it09:34
tatertotsQuenz: you've just completed a "fresh" install? true or false09:35
gt8ost4ldoes anybody know how to put the clementine indicator on the top panel?09:37
Quenztatertots true. Like I said, a "System program problem detected" came up when applying changes to Additional Drivers after changing to nvidia-340. Would you like me to type something in terminal to see what this problem detected was?09:38
thelinuxboxhi, i was wondering, when the ubuntu iso is first run the screen looks like this, https://i.stack.imgur.com/GtEi5.png, but if the end user presses the enter button the menu is displayed https://i.stack.imgur.com/FfEwE.png, where abouts in the iso is this controlled please?09:39
tatertotsQuenz: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit09:39
oerheksthelinuxbox, the 'installer' on the live iso is called ubiquity09:40
oerheks!info ubiquity09:40
ubottuubiquity (source: ubiquity): Ubuntu live CD installer. In component main, is optional. Version 17.10.10 (artful), package size 5437 kB, installed size 17157 kB09:40
thelinuxboxoerheks, where can i find what cfg files are controlled by it please?09:42
oerheksthelinuxbox, what do you mean with config files?? if you want to run an unattended setup, there is preseed09:44
stvndo i download the iso to make a usb stick?09:44
thelinuxboxoerheks, i would like the menu to auto show without having to press enter to show it09:45
oerhekstheoh that i don't know, that menu can be activated with F6 iirc09:45
thelinuxboxok thanks09:46
oerheksstvn, yes, the iso is a hybrid image for dvd/usb09:47
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:48
mjaykHaya all I install Hiri via snap install, can launch from terminal but it has not added itself to the unity launcher (doesnt come up in search) 16.0409:49
gt8ost4ldoes anybody know how to fix the idicator isons on ubuntu 17.10?09:49
mezodcould anyone with ubuntu 17 + ff 57 check a site for me just to see if certain styles are broken? pretty please :D09:49
samuyiubuntu boots to a black screen and retstarts on my pc. what can i do to fix this09:50
Quenztatertots done09:51
EriC^samuyi: try removing 'quiet splash' from grub and see if anything shows up09:52
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mjaykHaya all I install Hiri via snap install, can launch from terminal but it has not added itself to the unity launcher (doesnt come up in search) 16.0410:05
kostkonmjayk, did you logout?10:07
kostkongoyal, hi10:08
goyalwhats up?10:08
=== shannara_ is now known as shannara
tatertotsQuenz: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit10:15
mjaykkostkon: no should I have to logout and in after installing snaps ?10:15
kostkonmjayk, generally, no. Sometimes the desktop entry does not get added right away for one reason or another.10:17
Quenztatertots apologies, but I have to start getting ready to bed10:20
QuenzThanks very much for all your help so far, again.10:20
tatertotsQuenz: no problem..take care10:20
QuenzI was helping my dad at the same time, so I didn't realize you sent me something else. Apologies again.10:21
QuenzTake care10:21
DarsVaedahow can I ensure a port is open to public? I checkt with netstat and the port is listed but from a foreign machine I get connection refused10:31
oerheksDarsVaeda, check the router/modem, if that port is forwarded, or check online https://portchecker.co/10:34
DarsVaedait's a local setup10:34
DarsVaedahost is a mac and I try to communicate between two ubuntu virtual machines10:35
DarsVaedaneither the host nor one of the virtual machines can communicate with each other10:35
DarsVaedabut I'm not really sure the port is actually open to the public10:35
DarsVaedaI can access port 22 without problems10:36
aienaDarsVaeda, it is most like ufw10:36
=== menace is now known as Deknos
aienaDarsVaeda, what is the output of "sudo ufw status" on the vms?10:37
aienadoes it say "active" ?10:37
aienainactive on both10:38
aienaWhat network mode is the vm using?10:38
DarsVaedayes both vm inactive10:38
aienaIs it a host only network10:39
aienaor are the vm's in bridged mode?10:39
aienawhat virtualisation technology are you using?10:39
aienaCan you ping one vm from the other?10:40
DarsVaedavirtualbox, I'm trying to check the config what mode is used10:40
DarsVaedaI can ping and access other ports like 2210:40
aienaDarsVaeda, ok for virtualbox go to the vm's settings. Choose "Network"10:40
aienathere there is an "Attached to" drop down it will be greyed out for a running vm. WHat is written in it?10:41
DarsVaedathinking, or maybe just 22 I never checked other ports...10:41
DarsVaedaah it's host only10:42
aienaNo wonder10:42
aienamake both "bridged"10:42
aienaso that they are on your LAN network/subnet instead og host only10:42
aienayou need to shutdown both vm's first10:42
DarsVaedaah okay, thanks for clearing that up10:42
tatertotsDarsVaeda: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no10:42
tatertotsDarsVaeda: nvm10:43
aienaDarsVaeda, if you still have issues after that let me know.10:45
DarsVaedathanks :)10:45
aienaif both the vm's are host only10:46
aienathen they most likely wont be able to reach each other on any port to start with10:46
DarsVaedaexcept 22 it seems10:47
aiena22 is a low port10:47
aienawhat are you running?10:47
DarsVaedaalso forwarded10:47
DarsVaedavagrant configured through puphpet10:47
tatertotsDarsVaeda: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no10:47
DarsVaedaneed to check how to change config to bridged10:47
DarsVaedatatertots: why do you ask?10:48
aienaDarsVaeda, that is tatertots long methodology of helping :)10:48
aienait is less error porne but more tedious10:48
DarsVaedaa like a help bot kinda thing :)10:49
* DarsVaeda pressed 210:49
tatertots2 is an invalid number, only 1 and 0 exist10:51
aienatatertots, true but you asked "yes" or "no" not "true" or "false" or "0" or "one"10:52
aienaguest-8khhsy, have an ubuntu question?10:54
JjcnfjfjfjfjfnHelp kepler planet   cam   msg ...if online11:02
oerheksJjcnfjfjfjfjfn, ??11:04
aienaoerheks, just ignore the trolls11:04
aienaIf there is a real ubuntu question let them ask it11:05
oerheksthat is why i put a double ??11:06
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BluesKajHi folks11:20
cfhowlettgreetings BluesKaj11:20
BluesKajHi cfhowlett11:21
dingir_how do i see what desktop session im on already.. if xorg or wayland11:43
dingir_echo $something11:43
Exterminadorby default it's Wayland, unless you choose Xorg in the login screen11:44
dingir_i dont have the settings icon when i login..11:44
Exterminadorand afaik it's the purple background11:45
dingir_yes purple background..11:45
dingir_cause i try to set autologin to enable but it doesnt auto login11:45
dingir_not sure whats going on11:45
dingir_ /etc/gdm3/custom.conf  is AutomaticLoginEnabled=true11:46
Exterminadorthat's something that the experts can tell.11:46
tatertotsdingir_: are you chatting from the computer right now? yes or no11:46
cuddlesquidis anyone familiar with tmux? im trying to launch a script with tmux from command line, like "tmux script.sh"11:46
oerheksdingir_, type 'env' or  env | grep XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP11:47
tatertotsdingir_: open terminal11:48
dingir_am i on wayland?11:48
tatertotsdingir_: open terminal11:48
cuddlesquidoops must dc, but i think ive figured that part out :) tx guys!11:48
pawieckiHi, how can I make application run at startup on ubuntu server 16.04?11:48
dingir_go ahead11:48
tatertotsdingir_: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit11:49
tatertotsdingir_: let me know when done.11:49
dingir_hrm what you want me to paste?11:49
tatertotsdingir_: or wait for someone else to help you11:49
dingir_i just go to pastebin no problem11:49
tatertotsdingir_: i'm telling you "verbatim" almost what to do11:49
tatertotsdingir_: let me know when done.11:50
tatertotsdingir_: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit11:51
tatertotsdingir_: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so11:51
=== sr10 is now known as hjhi
tatertotsdingir_: NO you are NOT on wayland11:52
tatertotsdingir_:            Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.5 )11:52
tatertotsdingir_: any other questions?11:53
dingir_yes, why am i not on wayland11:53
dingir_why wont autologin work11:53
tatertotsdingir_: because you are using            Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.19.5 )11:53
dingir_i mean, why dont i have the choice11:54
EriC^^pawiecki: startup applications11:54
tatertotsdingir_: would you like a more detailed analysis?11:54
EriC^^pawiecki: go to the dash and type 'startup'11:54
pawieckiEriC^^: "ubuntu server 16.04"11:54
tatertotsdingir_: would you like a more detailed analysis? yes or no11:54
dingir_when im on the purple login screen, i cannot click a cogwheel to choose for ubuntu-xorg or ubuntu11:54
dingir_yes please, im looking for help11:54
tatertotsdingir_: open terminal again11:55
azizLIGHTi just installed 17.10, booted into it, changed gpu drivers from open source to propertiary in the software/updates program (additional drivers tab), rebooted, and now it doesnt boot past loading initial ramdisk after grub (tried all kernels listed and their recovery modes in grub to no avail)11:55
tatertotsdingir_: journalctl -p 4|pastebinit11:55
tatertotsdingir_: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so11:56
EriC^^pawiecki: ~/.config/autostart make a .desktop file11:56
EriC^^pawiecki: hold that thought, add it to crontab of the user you want it to run as11:57
EriC^^@reboot /path/to/application   it'll start when the pc boots up even if the user doesn't log in11:57
dingir_a quick google search returns someone saying wayland not supported by nvidia11:57
tatertotsdingir_: there is something in the link i should bring to your attention.11:58
tatertotsdingir_: but not now11:58
tatertotsdingir_: journalctl -p 3|pastebinit11:59
tatertotsdingir_: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so11:59
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tatertotsdingir_: would you mind if i asked you a few simple yes or no questions?12:01
rgrundstromHello everyone12:02
nms_hi to all12:03
tatertotsis "hrm" an acronym for something?12:03
dingir_tatertots, ok brb12:03
dingir_2 min12:03
nms_Yup when youre dissatisfied12:04
nms_Or hr management12:04
tatertotsacronym = an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g., ASCII, NASA ).12:05
nms_I know what an acronym is12:06
dingir_tatertots, back12:08
dingir_please go ahead12:09
tatertotsdingir_: it was on or near Jan 22 06:40:45 when you observed symptom(s) with your computer? true or false12:10
SimonNL_Afkyes or no you said !12:11
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
dingir_yes, this morning of course12:11
tatertotsdingir_: open terminal12:11
SimonNLhrm would that be true or false ?12:11
* SimonNL shuts up now12:12
deemis tatertots some sort of selflearning bot like cleverbot? oO12:12
tatertotsdingir_: pastebinit var/log/apport.log12:14
tatertotsdingir_: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link....say so12:14
dingir_Unable to read from: var/log/apport.log12:15
tatertotsdingir_: standby12:15
tatertotsdingir_: ls -lh /var/log|pastebinit12:15
tatertotsdingir_: share url/link here...if you do not get a url/link....say so12:15
jtfidjeHey. I'm having some trouble with two external monitors connected to my laptop through a thunderbolt --> DisplayPort splitter (1:2). When I lock my screen, all monitors (including my laptop) go black, but then my laptop screen flikkers on (and you can see the open programs on my desktop) before both the external screens turn on again and I only see the password prompt. Then all screens go black, wait a few seconds and repeat. Whaaaat?12:17
tatertotsdingir_: cat var/log/apport.log12:19
tatertotsdingir_: results?12:19
R1cochetHello, is it possible to install a livecd to a flash drive and then add other packages to it and still have them installed on the next boot?12:20
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence12:21
R1cochetThank you cfhowlett12:21
tatertotsdingir_: are you okay?12:21
cfhowlettalso see installing to USB R1cochet --- NOT the same as a live boot USB12:21
* tatertots checks dingir_'s pulse12:22
* tatertots looks for smelling salts12:22
cfhowlettaman_, this is ubuntu support.  ask your question12:23
R1cochetIf i install to usb will it still be as portable? Meaning i can jump from one pc to another just the same?12:23
oerheksR1cochet, sure12:23
oerheks* with live persistence12:23
R1cochetWell hot damn. Even if one is amd and other is intel cpu12:24
oerheksyou won't actually install packages, unless they are functional unzipped or something like that12:24
R1cochetOh with live persitence.12:24
* tatertots uses smelling salts on dingir_ 12:27
tatertotsdingir_: there has been a problem12:28
tatertotsdingir_: you probably already knew that though12:29
dingir_i think its because nvidia driver not supporting wayland, i see on forum12:29
dingir_im stuck to xorg thats fine with me, but i want autologin12:29
tatertotsdingir_: have you attempted to configure autologin? yes or no12:29
dingir_my problem is autologin switch going back to off after reboot12:30
R1cochetThank you12:30
tatertotsdingir_: would you mind if i look to find out why?12:30
john_ramboThe audio equalizer in Smplayer is grayed out ...How to enable it ?12:32
azizLIGHThelp? i just installed 17.10, booted into it, changed gpu drivers from open source to propertiary in the software/updates program (additional drivers tab), rebooted, and now it doesnt boot past loading initial ramdisk after grub (tried all kernels listed and their recovery modes in grub to no avail)12:33
blackflowazizLIGHT: nvidia?12:35
dingir_got it12:36
tatertotsdingir_: good deal :)12:36
=== dingir_ is now known as dingir
blackflowazizLIGHT: anyway, remove "splash" from the kernel command line in grub menu to get through, then edit /etc/default/grub   and remove splash from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, run `update-grub`12:36
azizLIGHTblackflow: yes, nvidia12:37
jtfidjeHey sorry - I'm gonna try just once more :-) ( Ubuntu 17.10) I'm having some trouble with two external monitors connected to my laptop through a thunderbolt --> DisplayPort splitter (1:2). When I lock my screen, all monitors (including my laptop) go black, but then my laptop screen flikkers on (and you can see the open programs on my desktop) before both the external screens turn on again and I only see the password prompt. Then all screens go black,12:37
jtfidjewait a few seconds and repeat. What can be causing this and how can I prevent the other people in the office to get seizures when I go afk?12:37
azizLIGHTblackflow: i already removed quiet and splash. i had also tried adding nomodeset. and like i said. it hangs at loading inital ramdisk12:37
blackflowazizLIGHT: then I don't know, sorry.12:37
azizLIGHTit still responds to ctrl-alt-del and reboots if i hold it12:38
azizLIGHTwonder what that means12:38
azizLIGHTnot completely hung i guess?12:38
oerheksazizLIGHT, that resticted drivers, nvidia and you run a wayland session?12:39
tatertotsjtfidje: a screen saver is configured for use? true or false12:39
dingiri had to uncomment12:39
azizLIGHToerheks: i use whatever is default in 17.10 desktop. im not sure if thats wayland. and yes i used the restricted nvidia proprietary drivers in the addtional drivers tab in the software/updates program. i believe hte version was 384 something12:40
tatertotsjtfidje: the symptom occurs even if you only have 1of2 external monitors in use? true or false12:40
jtfidjedo not know. Testing right away.12:40
oerheksazizLIGHT, then logout, change wayland to xorg and try again: nvidia does not work ( yet) with wayland12:40
oerhekssee the releasenotes12:41
blackflowoerheks: the computer doesn't even boot past loading initramfs, it has nothing to do with gnome session, that's not even reached yet12:41
azizLIGHToerheks: i cannot boot at all to be able to do that. i get stuck at loading initial ramdisk after grub12:41
azizLIGHToerheks: how does one change to xorg from wayland?12:41
azizLIGHTi think i will try a reinstall12:41
blackflowazizLIGHT: just to confirm, you DON'T have "quiet" on the kernel command line, and you do NOT see kernel output happening?12:42
blackflowazizLIGHT: did you update the system before enabling nvidia?12:43
azizLIGHTblackflow: i removed quiet and splash from kern command line in grub using 'e' and removing them from the command line and hit f10 to boot. then i see kernel output of like 2 lines, where the last line is loading intial ramdisk. and it is stuck at that point. and hten i rebooted and i tried it for other kernels listed in grub and the recovery mode ones too12:43
jtfidjetatertots: False! Removing one monitor from the splitter also removed the issue12:43
tatertotsjtfidje: open terminal12:43
ylwghstIf I create a script in /etc/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom hwen it will be executed?12:43
azizLIGHTblackflow: i had installed and checked 'download whatever you need' so technically yes. but i did not directly do apt-get upgrade12:43
tatertotsjtfidje: sudo apt install inxi pastebinit12:44
tatertotsjtfidje: let me know when done12:44
blackflowazizLIGHT: no. it doesn't update, ,despite that checkbox. you have to do it manually.12:44
azizLIGHTah ok i didnt realize12:44
azizLIGHTshould i just reinstall12:44
jtfidjedone :-)12:44
tatertotsjtfidje: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit12:44
tatertotsjtfidje: share url/link here12:44
blackflowI don't know, but if this is a fresh installation, then if I were you, yes, I'd do that. and then firs step after installation would be to update the system and reboot, since there are kernel updates. only then, on updated kernel, woudl I install nvidia driver.12:45
blackflowazizLIGHT: it compiles it against current kernel headers, so that's why.12:45
blackflow(it's DKMS)12:45
jtfidjetatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26437040/12:45
azizLIGHTblackflow: what about switching to xorg from wayland like how oerheks said. how does one do that?12:45
blackflowazizLIGHT: you don't have to. it's xorg. wayland won't even be available because nvidia doesn't support it.12:46
blackflow(available in session selector, I mean)12:46
tatertotsjtfidje: if you're happy so am i, however i must say...i don't like what i'm seeing12:46
jtfidjetatertots: Hah please give it to me real12:47
azizLIGHT17.10 ships with wayland? and i dont have to switch to xorg myself because i switched to nvidia proprietary gpu drivers? am i understanding you right12:47
azizLIGHTblackflow: ^^12:47
blackflowazizLIGHT: correct. wayland session will not be available on login screen, when you reboot with nvidia proprietary driver.12:47
tatertotsjtfidje: in terminal>   id|pastebinit12:48
blackflowazizLIGHT: you can confirm that by clicking the cog and seeing there's only "Ubuntu xorg" or what's it called, there.12:48
blackflow(on the login screen, the cog is below the password input field)12:48
azizLIGHTok got it. let me try to reinstall and then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, reboot, and then try the nvidia proprietary drivers12:48
azizLIGHTi see12:48
blackflowazizLIGHT: I'm sure of all this because I installed a couple of 17.10 instances in the past week.12:48
jtfidjetatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26437040/12:49
azizLIGHTah ok nice :)12:49
tatertotsjtfidje: in terminal>   id|pastebinit12:49
tatertotsjtfidje: share url/link here12:49
jtfidjetatertots: Oh sorry wrong link. Here:http://paste.ubuntu.com/26437068/12:50
tatertotsjtfidje: remember how i said "if you're happy so am i"12:51
jtfidjetatertots: yees? *starting to feel nervous*12:51
tatertotsjtfidje: i'd like to show you something, but don't read too much into it...don't worry..you're in good hands12:52
jtfidjetatertots: Okay :-P12:52
tatertotsjtfidje: i'd like to show you a picture of another person i've helped in here...and i want you to compare it to what your link looks like...deal?12:52
jtfidjetatertots:  Officially freaked out. Let's go.....12:53
tatertotsjtfidje: this is a nice gentlemen i helped earlier today https://paste.ubuntu.com/26427404/ and this is you https://paste.ubuntu.com/26436799/12:55
SimonNLjtfidje: run    update-pciids       in terminal that downloads a more resent copy of the pci id database12:55
tatertotsjtfidje: i'd like to now focus your eyes on a particular piece of information.12:56
tatertotsjtfidje: OpenGL renderer12:56
tatertotsjtfidje: yours looks yucky12:56
tatertotsjtfidje: his looks proper12:56
jtfidjetatertots: Right!12:57
tatertotsjtfidje: don't read too much into that...i have a tendency to nit pick12:57
jtfidjetatertots: Has this something to do with me using prime to deactivate the gtx card when I dont need it to save battery?12:57
tatertotsjtfidje: i would say that is plausible12:58
jtfidjetatertots: I've donwloaded the daily snapshot :-) What next? Can this still be fixed even though I use the integrated Intel gfx?12:59
tatertotsjtfidje: but again...if you're happy....12:59
SimonNLhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26427404/      https://paste.ubuntu.com/26436799/      ? which is from jtfidje tatertots ?13:01
jtfidjetatertots: Haha I really don't know what to say xD I guess the best answer I can give is: "I'm happy if you are happy!!"13:01
tatertotsSimonNL: you always ask the hard questions13:01
SimonNLcould be me but I think you got something mixed up13:01
jtfidjeSimonNL: Mine is really https://paste.ubuntu.com/26427404/13:01
jtfidjeNo sry xD13:01
jtfidjeSimonNL: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26437040/13:02
tatertotsSimonNL: it's possible i got my humans mixedd up13:02
tatertotswait i'll try to sort13:02
jtfidjeHaha xD13:02
SimonNL:)   you're welcome13:02
tatertotsSimonNL: this is for sure jtfidje https://paste.ubuntu.com/26437040/13:03
=== JonathanD is now known as JonathanS
SimonNLyeah I missed all the NA N/A  and filters13:03
tatertotsSimonNL: and this is "pete" https://paste.ubuntu.com/26427404/ he's nice13:04
SimonNLjtfidje: anyway the story is the same13:04
SimonNLyep colorful pete13:04
alpha_AquilaArtMia: Hello Art13:05
SimonNL<petttter>  <=   pete   tatertots13:06
jtfidjeSimonNL: Right glad I was the correct human xD What was the conclusion? Switch to nVidia card when using two screens? Or possible to fix this using Intel card? :-D13:06
tatertotsSimonNL: yeah13:06
SimonNLjtfidje: your best of asking tatertots13:06
jtfidjetatertots: Please see four messages up xD13:07
tatertotsjtfidje: this "battery saving" you speak of13:08
tatertotsjtfidje: tell me more about this13:08
tatertotsjtfidje: as in your thought process13:08
V7Hey all13:08
V7Can I ask here question regards hardware ?13:09
cfhowlettask V7 but be aware of #harware13:09
jtfidjetatertots: Well, when I have the nvidia card "on" the laptop dont last for more than two-three hours no matter what i do. But when i disabled it, I've had it last more than five hours on one charge13:09
tatertotsjtfidje: i understand13:09
tatertotsjtfidje: will you put the laptop back into "high performance" or "power sucking" mode temporarily?13:10
V7cfhowlett, #hardware might be quiet right now, but might be here some who could help here13:10
tatertotsjtfidje: i need it to be running full power13:10
jtfidjetatertots: Hah xD Have to reboot then I think13:11
tatertotsjtfidje: do what you must...just stop throttling13:12
jtfidjetatertots:  brb then13:13
tatertotsthrottling just like most things.....is bad if  not done in moderation13:13
jtfidjetatertots: right back.13:16
jtfidjetatertots: "OpenGL: renderer: GeForce GTX 1050/PCIe/SSE2 version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.111 Direct Render: Yes" but the issue stil persists :-(13:17
tatertotsjtfidje: looking better13:18
tatertotsjtfidje: i still see some stuff i don't really like though13:18
tatertotsjtfidje: sorry to nit pick but...13:18
jtfidjetatertots: Oh right - please, nit pick all you want!13:18
jtfidjetatertots: I need to learn all I can13:19
* SimonNL <= and13:19
tatertotsjtfidje: open terminal13:19
tatertotsjtfidje: nvidia-smi|pastebinit13:20
jtfidjetatertots: heh first thing I did after reboot to check if gfx was active xD13:20
jtfidjetatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26437216/13:20
tatertotsjtfidje: oh and don't do that "battery saving" thing anymore....i'll show you a better way to save battery13:21
jtfidjetatertots: Oh! Please do!13:21
tatertotsjtfidje: looking better13:22
tatertotsjtfidje: now turn around for me so i can get a good look at you "inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit"13:22
jtfidjetatertots: What xD http://paste.ubuntu.com/26437230/13:23
tatertotsjtfidje: now that i can live with13:24
tatertotsjtfidje: that mess prior....yucky13:24
jtfidjetatertots: But - after reboot bluetooth stopped working! Does that have anything to do with that update-thing I did?13:25
tatertotsjtfidje: i wouldnt13:26
tatertotsjtfidje: i wouldn't think that would be related..however...i've seen stranger things13:26
jtfidjetatertots: Hmm right. But - you mentioned a better way to save power? :-D13:26
tatertotsjtfidje: oh yes..almost forgot13:27
tatertotsjtfidje: standby13:27
jtfidjetatertots: *standing by*13:27
moussainvest in a donkey and a turning wheel generator13:28
moussasorry wrong channel13:28
SimonNLgood plan13:28
tatertotsjtfidje: in terminal>   nvidia-settings &> ~/nip.pir13:29
tatertotsjtfidje: you may not see anything..just let me know when done13:29
tatertotsjtfidje: well you will see something13:29
jtfidjetatertots: Done - settings popped up13:29
tatertotsjtfidje: look around for a second...click a few tabs..just kinda look around13:30
john_ramboThe audio equalizer in Smplayer is grayed out. How to enable it ?13:30
tatertotsjtfidje: now close it13:30
jtfidjetatertots: Haha xD What?!13:31
tatertotsjtfidje: you may not see anything..just let me know when done13:31
jtfidjetatertots: Done xD13:31
tatertotsjtfidje: pastebinit ~/nip.pir13:31
tatertotsjtfidje: ok so i'm going to tell you the steps but i need to warn you of something13:34
jtfidjetatertots: Listening13:35
tatertotsjtfidje: if you do any of that "battery saving" crap you did before...you will break it..do you understand13:35
jtfidjetatertots: Understood o713:35
ToBeCloudlol battery saving again13:35
ToBeCloudWe once had a funny discussion with a user who installed FreeDOS as their only OS for battery saving13:36
jtfidjeToBeCloud: Well - I'm not that dedicated to the cause xD13:37
tatertotsjtfidje: in terminal>   nvidia-settings &>> ~/nip.pir13:38
tatertotsjtfidje: you may not see anything....(well you will actually but )13:38
jtfidjetatertots: Haha xD And you want me to click around the tabs to get a feel?13:39
tatertotsjtfidje: yes...just look around13:39
ToBeCloudAll I know is that the CPU "battery saving" power setting hurts battery life by reducing CPU clock frequency and making things run slower. Why would that hurt? Because CPU power consumption is near zero when it is completely unused. So you can *save* battery time by running your tasks as quickly as possible to have as much free time as possible13:39
tatertotsjtfidje: check your temps and stuff with that cute little gauge nvidia put in there13:39
jtfidjetatertots: Okay - I've check the temps and stuff13:40
tatertotsjtfidje: close it13:40
jtfidjetatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26437312/13:41
tatertotsjtfidje: cool13:42
tatertotsjtfidje: ok so this is what you're going to do...when you want to have long battery life13:42
tatertotsjtfidje: toggle over to the intel gpu13:43
tatertotsjtfidje: do you know how to "toggle" them?13:43
jtfidjetatertots: prime-select is what I used to do13:43
tatertotsjtfidje: you should have seen the switch while you were looking around the nvidia utility.......there is also prime-select13:44
jtfidjetatertots: Hah yeah  "PRIME Profiles" got it13:44
jtfidjetatertots: But you told me not to do this anymore13:44
tatertotsjtfidje: pause13:45
jtfidjetatertots:  ||13:45
tatertotsjtfidje: show me your command you use to toggle "verbatim".13:46
jtfidjetatertots: What? Sorry - what is verbatim?13:46
cfhowlettan adjective meaning "complete"13:46
jtfidjetatertots: prime-select intel13:47
jtfidjetatertots: prime-select nvidia13:47
jtfidjetatertots: is this what you mean?13:47
tatertotsjtfidje: i want to make some changes to it13:47
tatertotsjtfidje: yes perfect13:47
tatertotsjtfidje: but i want you to do it a little differently13:48
tatertotsjtfidje: try it like this right now13:48
titoui'm using a 2-in-2 laptop and i installed gnome on it. it well recognized its touchscreen and adapted the desktop unfortunately i have big troubles with caribou virtual keyboard...13:48
titouthe virtual keyboard always appears on the screen when I touch it (this could be interesting when the laptop is in tablet mode (ie. without physical keyboard)). Moreover I cannot configure caribou (its layout), meta keys don't work etc. so is it possible to use another virtual keyboard? I didn't succeed to replace it with another one (for instance onboard)13:48
titouand is there a solution to temporaly disable virtual kyeboard when a physical keyboard is plugged or maybe throuh a button in the task bar?13:48
tatertotsjtfidje: prime-select intel &>> ~/zip.pir13:49
tatertotsjtfidje: and then do what you would normally do after doing that13:49
tatertotsjtfidje: i'll wait to hear some feedback13:50
jtfidjetatertots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26437348/13:50
jtfidjetatertots: That is what I normally do13:51
tatertotsjtfidje: sorry try that again but with sudo in the beginning13:51
jtfidjetatertots: It just appended to the file after I did sudo. Never mind the first line xD13:52
tatertotsjtfidje: ok cool13:52
titouthus nobody knows for my problem?13:53
tatertotsjtfidje: glxinfo |grep nGL|pastebin13:54
tatertotsjtfidje: glxinfo |grep nGL|pastebinit13:54
tatertotsjtfidje: you'll need to return here after following this next step...understand?13:55
jtfidjetatertots: ok? :-)13:55
tatertotsjtfidje: press ctrl+alt+backspace13:56
jtfidjetatertots: (Have to leave for buss in 10min :-O )13:56
tatertotsjtfidje: can you hear me?13:56
jtfidjetatertots: Nothing happens?13:56
tatertotsjtfidje: reboot13:56
tatertotsjtfidje: no wait13:56
tatertotsjtfidje: log out13:56
tatertotsjtfidje: just log out13:57
tatertotsjtfidje: log back in13:57
jtfidjetatertots: ok brb13:57
tatertotsjtfidje: you didnt' switch ove13:57
tatertotsjtfidje: you didnt' switch over13:57
jtfidjestill "on" intel13:57
tatertotsjtfidje: it gets stuck sometimes13:57
jtfidjetatertots: oh I see13:58
jtfidjetatertots: Back13:58
tatertotsjtfidje: glxinfo |grep nGL|pastebinit13:59
jtfidjetatertots: Throws an error13:59
tatertotsjtfidje: that's what i want to hear :)14:00
jtfidjetatertots: Okay :P14:00
tatertotsjtfidje: mind telling me what error you saw?14:00
jtfidjetatertots: X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)14:00
tatertotsjtfidje: ah i've seen this before14:01
tatertotsjtfidje: use the nvidia gui utility and attempt to switch to intel gpu14:02
jtfidjetatertots: I am on intel GPU it says14:02
tatertotsjtfidje: oh yeah14:02
tatertotsjtfidje: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit14:03
tatertotsjtfidje: YES!...you are aren't you14:04
jtfidjetatertots: What? xD14:04
titouthus nobody knows about my virtual keyboard problem?! it's impossible to replace caribou??14:04
tatertotsjtfidje: it's ugly but i know why it's ugly now..and i'm okay with it14:04
jtfidjetatertots: Hahaha xD14:04
jtfidjetatertots: so all good then?14:07
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tatertotsjtfidje: all good14:15
cakilada yang dari indonesia ?14:21
jtfidjetatertots: great! I guess I'll just have to live with the screen flickering  xD but hey - thank you so much for the help! You really made my day!!14:22
leftyfbcakil: /join #ubuntu-id14:22
cakillefty : ok thanks14:23
azizLIGHTI'm about to reinstall 17.10 but need help. I have windows 10 installed and want to dual boot, and I installed 17.10 along side it. But there's a problem and I need to reinstall it. Im not sure what option to pick in the live CD installer: 1) Reinstall Ubuntu 17.10, which will keep files/software but system wide settings will be cleared or 2) Erase Ubuntu 17.10 and reinstall, which says it will delete Ubuntu14:29
azizLIGHT17.10 files..... Now my question is what will happen to windows if I choose 1) or 2)14:29
donofrioazizLIGHT, why dual boot when you can just run userspace natively WSL (http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk) am unable to run ubuntu at work so I use win10 as 15gb bootloader to ubuntu goodness ;)14:31
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xtronhi, just wanna clear confusion, if we update a patch (which is previously signed-off by someone) do we keep his signed-off and append ours, or just keep our signature ?14:33
azizLIGHTInteresting donofrio, however I want to boot straight to Ubuntu and have the option to use windows if needed. I will be in Ubuntu 90% of the time14:34
donofrioazizLIGHT, I'm in ubuntu 97% of the time, other time is outlook and visio14:35
azizLIGHTI just want to reinstall Ubuntu without killing my windows dual boot14:37
donofriok just sharing14:37
azizLIGHTIf anyone can help me understand what happens when I pick those choices in the installer I'd appreciate it14:37
azizLIGHTNo problem donofrio just trying to get something done hereb14:38
EriC^^azizLIGHT: i'd use the manual partitioner, in 14.04 i once wiped the whole disk and installed ubuntu by mistake by choosing one of the 'reinstall' options14:38
azizLIGHTWell i have ubuntu on sda5 and I tried to delete the partition, then not sure what to do14:38
azizLIGHTAfter that14:39
EriC^^azizLIGHT: i'd use the manual partitioner, in 14.04 i once wiped the whole disk and installed ubuntu by mistake by choosing one of the 'reinstall' options14:39
azizLIGHTWhat should I do once I delete Ubuntu partition and have free space14:39
azizLIGHTSda1 - sda4 are windows related14:40
EriC^^no need to delete, just select the mount points to be used, and for the ubuntu partition click on format to erase it all14:40
azizLIGHTHere's what I'm looking at14:41
azizLIGHTEriC^^: https://i.imgur.com/pl01wPJ.jpg14:42
azizLIGHTThere is no format button there14:42
azizLIGHTWhoops I put flash on14:43
azizLIGHTWithout camera flash: https://i.imgur.com/qKooQZE.jpg14:43
EriC^^next to /dev/sda5 there's a little box says format at the top14:44
azizLIGHTOh the checkbox14:46
azizLIGHTI didn't see that14:46
azizLIGHTAh I'm not able to select sda5 for format14:47
azizLIGHTI can't check the box14:47
hateballazizLIGHT: make sure you havent mounted the partition in a file manager or something14:49
azizLIGHTNope I haven't mounted it14:51
EriC^^azizLIGHT: double click /dev/sda5 and select '/' under mountpoint too, and double click /dev/sda2 and see if it says efi partition or something14:51
EriC^^azizLIGHT: did you select the mountpoint?14:51
EriC^^maybe that's why14:51
azizLIGHTI deleted sda5 and created a new partition of same size (primary partition, location; beginning of this space, with ext4) and assigned / mount point14:52
azizLIGHTNow I am able to select checkbox for sda5 to format14:53
azizLIGHTWhere sda5 is the ext414:53
azizLIGHTShould I click install now: https://i.imgur.com/3UXLaKE.jpg14:54
azizLIGHTThis will leave my windows partitions Sda1 to sda4 alone right?14:55
azizLIGHTEriC^^: sda2 says efi windows boot manager14:56
skinuxI'm getting really tired of trying to solve this, but here is full output of trying to install MariaDB https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b14:57
skinuxThe real problem is MySQL won't start, MySQL has no config, but MariaDB config files do.14:57
EriC^^azizLIGHT: checking14:59
EriC^^azizLIGHT: that looks good15:00
azizLIGHTOK, about to hit install now15:01
cakilhere is the one from indonesia?15:09
cakilis it just me who is from indonesia?15:10
azizLIGHTWell I'm reinstalled and my windows is still intact and can dual boot15:11
hateball!id | cakil15:11
ubottucakil: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia15:11
azizLIGHTWhere do I pick xorg instead of Wayland?15:11
azizLIGHTI'm on the login screen15:11
cakilubottu : ubuntu-id is very quiet15:12
auronandaceazizLIGHT: choose the session15:12
azizLIGHTHow do I do this auronandace15:13
cakilhateball : yes15:13
auronandaceazizLIGHT: see a little cog/settings icon on the login screen?15:13
oerheksicon next to your name, aziz15:13
azizLIGHTI don't actually auronandace. I clicked my username and I see a password prompt15:13
azizLIGHTBut there's no cog15:14
oerheksazizLIGHT, then nvidia disabled wayland, as planned15:14
azizLIGHTOK so I'm on xorg automatically15:15
oerheksecho $DESKTOP_SESSION # shows gnome or gnome-wayland15:15
oerheksor: env | grep -i wayland # shows nothing ( =xorg ) or wayland15:16
azizLIGHTecho $DESKTOP_SESSION # says Ubuntu15:18
azizLIGHTNothing shows up for the second command15:18
oerheksso, no wayland15:18
lumo_eHello, I have ubuntu 17.04 on my desktop and I postponed upgrading a bit too much I fear, I'm getting a lot of problems in trying to updgrade to 17.1015:20
lumo_esudo apt-get update doesn't even work, because zesty repositories are disabled I suppose15:21
lumo_eI have run update-manager -c (the usual upgrade dialog) and I'm trying with that15:21
auronandace!eol | lumo_e15:21
ubottulumo_e: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:21
oerhekslumo_e, how about just run the update gui, and choose 'newer version available'??15:21
Deknoscan anyone work with git signing commits on ubuntu 16.04 with gnupg2?15:22
lumo_eyeah, I was trying that but the gui hangs at some point15:22
lumo_eI guess I'll change the apt sources15:22
lumo_ethanks auronandace15:22
DarkheroDo you have update-manager-core?15:24
lumo_enow I see the problem15:24
lumo_eI have these lines at the and of the apt sources15:25
lumo_eall the other ones were correctly changed by the upgrade tool, and now have "artful" instead of "zesty"15:25
lumo_ebut those seem wrong15:25
lumo_eand it was one of them the upgrade gui was complaining about15:25
lumo_eI wonder how should I fix them15:26
lumo_ewelp, I'll just put some "artful" here and there15:28
lumo_elet's hope15:28
lumo_ewow, I'm bricking my system yay15:29
nicomachuslumo_e: what are you trying to do??15:32
blackflowthere's a difference between "bricking" and "breaking". Surely you aren't bricking by messing with sources.list.15:34
harovalihi, I'm running VirtualBox in 16.04 LTS, it normally runs fine, a w7 vm inside. Now there was a short blackout. Initially after restart, VB refused to initiate , saying vboxnet kernel module was not loaded, which seemed stange since it is loaded autimatically. After another system restart the module loaded fine, and VB opened. Then I try to open the VM, and it opens the window of the VM, but in black, and the system sort of 15:37
harovaliany kind hint is welcome,15:38
harovaliafter complete hang, only power cycle will do15:38
harovaliit never happened befor15:38
guntbertharovali: my first step: reset the VM15:38
harovaliguntbert: with a special command ?15:39
guntbertharovali: with the vbox shortcut: <host>+R15:39
harovaliguntbert: see, once it starts, it shows nothing, only a black window and the system will be hung , no input accepted15:40
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azizLIGHTI installed 17.10, logged in, did sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade, rebooted, logged in, checked if I'm on xorg with echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE and saw x11, then I changed gpu driver from open source to proprietary nvidia-384 from software&updates additional drivers, rebooted, and now my computer won't boot past "loading initial ramdisk" after grub selection: https://imgur.com/a/aER29 so I tried the15:42
azizLIGHTother kernel options without "quiet splash" and they also do the same thing and hang at loading initial ramdisk. The only one that goes further is 4.13.0-21-generic. It changes something on the screen and then goes black and TV says "no signal". What exactly is going on and what can i do to fix it. Thanks15:42
guntbertharovali: well you could try the following: in vbox enable Remote desktop for this vm, then try to access it via RDP - you can get real vbox support in #vbox - Good luck!15:43
thelinuxboxdoes anyone know which part of the ubuntu iso to modify to prevent a blank screen on bootup of the iso, so once the distro is run it goes straight to the startup menu?15:46
oerheksboot with nomodeset, you can do that on the 1st page, as you posted earlier15:47
thelinuxboxoerheks, hi again :), isn't that for an installed system?15:48
skinuxThe one thing I don't like about Ubuntu...when it does break, it breaks hard.15:49
oerheksno, it is a boot option for the installer iso too15:49
oerheksyou posted that screen with the menu open, check again?15:50
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thelinuxboxoerheks, oh, do you mean that f6 popup menu? please ignore that on the screen shot, i meant15:53
thelinuxboxoerheks, i mean the menu that says "try ubuntu..."15:54
oerheksthat is the place to be15:54
thelinuxboxi found that screenshot on the web for quick reference this morning, sorry for the confusion15:54
thelinuxboxi was that tired this morning when i logged on i didn't notice the f6 menu in the screenshot i linked too, sorry15:55
skinuxIf I'm not mistaken, Ubuntu, without too much real trouble, can be customized to be simliar to almost any Linux distribution out there?15:57
oerheksskinux, this goes offtopic15:59
pavlosskinux: did you fix the mysql issue?16:00
thelinuxboxoerheks, just to clear things up, when the lubuntu iso is run this screen appears http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Q4cVanTOtzQ/U6INJ2WMsBI/AAAAAAAAD5o/hr_jY1Mnob8/s1600/boot2.PNG but in ubuntu you have to press enter to see the ubuntu equivalent16:03
thelinuxboxi'm would like to disable the extra step on my modified ubuntu iso, if possible :)16:04
oerheksthelinuxbox, not true, iirc16:04
oerheksit boot straight up to that same menu16:04
oerheksi have no clue what you wan tto do, add nomodeset automaticly? not sure that can be done, btw how many times would you start the installer? daily?16:05
thelinuxboxit's ok, thanks for your time16:05
skinuxpavios: No, I haven't. Seems another problem every step.16:08
skinuxI don't remember the last error, but here is the latest output https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b16:09
pavlosskinux: so you're trying to install MariaDB ?16:10
skinuxI'm trying to get MySQL to start. I've checked config files to know that MySQL basically has none. MariaDB config files exist, but MariaDB isn't installed (which it was).16:11
skinuxMariaDB config files ARE being included16:12
skinuxDo I needo to paste all Maria configs?16:13
pavlosskinux: can you re-install mysql-server ?16:13
skinuxI already purged it, I don't rember if it did reinstall, I don't think so.16:13
skinuxWell, yes, it must have or I'd get no errors about it not being able to start16:14
pavlosskinux: are you on 16.04?16:14
skinuxYes. I just tried purging MySQL and it said it's not installed.16:14
skinuxOh, yeah..duh..the errors I'm getting are from trying to install MySQL and also get them trying to install mariadb16:15
pavlosskinux: dpkg -l | grep mysql ... can you purge all those?16:16
root____3how can i hide my Ip Address under a Domain Name?16:16
sahil_is any girl is here16:17
oerhekssahil_, sure, but this is ubuntu support, not a dating channel, kiddo16:17
sahil_but we can make16:18
oerheksroot____3, how is that related to ubuntu support?16:18
sahil_lreave that are u girl16:19
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root____3oerheks, i am new to irc16:19
pavlossahil_: use VPN16:19
oerheksroot____3, if you want to hide your ip on irc, ask in #freenode for a cloak16:20
root____3oerheks, lemme try :). thanks dude16:21
Guest76840How can I change my user name here in IRC?16:23
oerheksGuest76840, register a free name16:23
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.16:23
skinuxOKay, I purged everything, then tried installing MariaDB, https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b16:25
pavlosGuest76840: you can type, "/nick bob_here" no quotes16:27
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dokmaI'm getting errors from my 8TB Seagate SMR ST8000AS0002 just bought off of EBay...16:31
dokmaI have another exact same model and even series in that same mining rig which works like a charm...16:32
DocfxitI installed a program called DoubleCmd.  I would like to change the link that launches it and put gksudo in front of the link.  I have installed gksudo.  How can I change the link?16:33
root____3im back16:35
pavlosDocfxit: which Desktop Env? there is a dconf-editor that allows you to modify menu entries16:37
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skinuxpavlos: Did you get my last reply?16:39
oerheksDocfxit, those launchers are in the  in the /usr/share/applications folder16:39
oerheksor ~/.local/share/applications if it is installed for your user only16:40
pavlosskinux: no, I suggested purging mysql from the dpkg -l listing16:40
skinuxI did. And that finished. Then upon trying to install Mariadb, I got https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b16:40
skinuxI don't know why ld even cares if something is a symlink or hardlink16:43
Docfxitoerheks, Do I need to use terminal to find it?16:43
pavlosskinux: I just did the same install, mariadb-server-core-10.0 and it went w/o errors. You need to clean your system make sure an update/upgrade is clean before continuing ... do you have any ppa's?16:44
titoustill nobody for my problem with the virtual keyboard caribou?16:45
oerheksDocfxit, you would need sudo to edit16:46
oerheksls /usr/share/applications  # and edit sudo nano  /usr/share/applications/<name>16:47
mzazaAny one familiar with the problem of Nvidia GEFROCE cards with Ubuntu 17.10?16:52
mzazaI'm using the property drivers and it's not working.16:52
ioriamzaza, afaik, thwere are  issues with the newer kernel and nvidia; so or use another kernel (bad) or try ppa16:55
Docfxitoerheks, I added gksudo to the beginning of the Exec line.  I wrote it out.  I don't think it worked.16:55
oerheksDocfxit, you might need to logout/.llogin to take effect/?16:55
mzazaioria: PPA for latest nvidia driver?16:56
ioriamzaza, yes, https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa   (reported working, but not sure)16:57
ioriamzaza, firts, you need to purge the nvidia packages  you have got16:58
skinuxpavlos: I just completed all upgrades, and installation almost worked. However, it failed installing mariadb-server-core https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b16:58
Docfxitoerheks, I logged out.  I am trying to sign in.  I don't remember creating a password.16:58
mzazaioria: I did16:58
ioriamzaza, ok, maybe you can try also 39016:59
mzazaioria: Same PPA?17:00
pavlosskinux: that mariadb package messed up my install as well so now I'm purging everything and start fresh17:00
naccskinux: read the complete logs, it failed to start mariab17:00
oerheksDocfxit, you *can* reset it, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword17:00
ioriamzaza, sure17:00
oerheksDocfxit,  and i found this, maybe a help > Exec=gnome-terminal -e "bash -c 'sudo -i <name>;'" >>> https://beamtic.com/launch-gui-from-desktop-files17:01
skinuxpavlos: Here is the info in syslog https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b17:04
EriC^^oerheks: dont you mean 'sudo -iu <name>' ?17:04
pavlosnacc: can you take a look at skinux's issue while I'm fixing my system?17:05
naccpavlos: sure17:05
EriC^^oerheks: oh, nevermind17:05
oerheksEriC^^, not sure, never made such launcher17:05
naccpavlos: skinux: oh wit17:06
naccpavlos: skinux: are you migrating from mysql 5.6 to mariadb 10.0?17:06
skinuxnacc: No, mysql has been 5.7 and mariadb 10.0. It was working fine, but something went wrong. I had to reinstall system and it kept my personal files intact. However, mysql/mariadb seems to be borked.17:07
naccskinux: do you have the file '/usr/share/mysql/english/errmsg.sys' ?17:09
skinuxMariaDB is just a drop-in, it runs on front of MySQL doesn't it?17:09
naccskinux: uh, no17:09
naccskinux: well, i mean it's a replacement, i don't know what you mean by 'in front of'17:09
skinuxYes, it is there.17:09
naccskinux: what are the permissions (ls -ahl on it in a pastebin)17:10
skinuxIt's added to the Gist17:11
naccskinux: hrm, line 97 implies that mariadb can't read the file17:12
skinuxHmm. Well, seems to me it is supposed to be root root17:12
Docfxitoerheks, I'm trying to change the password.  I held down the shift key while booting up to get into the rescue mode.  It didn't give me any options.17:13
naccskinux: wait, are you trying to run both mysql and mariadb?17:15
skinuxUmm, maybe so.17:16
naccskinux: yeah that's nonsense17:16
naccskinux: they are both mysql implementations17:16
naccyou run one or the other17:16
naccyour logs are indicating you are trying to run mysql 5.6, fwiw17:16
nacca fresh install of xenial in a container17:16
nacc/usr/sbin/mysqld (mysqld 10.0.33-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1)17:16
nacc(both mariadb and mysql provide the mysqld binary, e.g.)17:17
naccskinux: and in particular, mariadb-server-10.0 conflicts with mysql-server-5.717:18
naccskinux: do you have database data you want to keep?17:19
naccskinux: dpkg -S mysqld17:20
cortexmanhow do I disable / remove / uninstall / burn to ashes the keyring? i never want to see this dialog again.17:21
skinuxGist is updated with that17:22
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skinuxnacc: I updated my gist with the output https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b17:33
rvgatecortexman, you can unlock your keyring on login17:33
studio-user076Hello everyone, can I ask for your kind help for a booting problem? I've searched in forums to no avail...17:34
naccskinux: it would appear you have installed mysqld by hand17:34
naccor have an old version around17:35
RonaldsMazitisdoes rc6 for wine is final version for ubuntu 16.0417:35
RonaldsMazitiswine 3.0 rc617:35
RonaldsMazitiswinecfg says17:35
naccskinux: `ls -ahl /usr/sbin/mysqld`17:35
RonaldsMazitisI upgraded my wine like this tutorial says17:35
skinuxnacc: No such file or directory17:35
naccRonaldsMazitis: i don't believe wine 3.0 is in 16.04?17:35
naccskinux: `which mysqld`17:36
RonaldsMazitisnacc it says wine 3.0 rc6 in winecfg17:36
joshua__open scratch17:36
RonaldsMazitiswhy would not be, it's lts version17:36
skinuxOh FFS! It's a symlink to Ampps.17:36
naccskinux: ...17:36
RonaldsMazitisI'm just curios why it's rc 617:37
naccRonaldsMazitis: in 16.04, only wine 1.6 is present17:37
skinuxI thought I was installing Ampps as a packaged application, not taking over existing mysql17:37
naccskinux: well that's your issue17:37
naccskinux: and presumably that's using 5.6, which is ... well not supported17:37
nacc!who | joshua__17:37
ubottujoshua__: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:37
joshua__are you a scammer17:38
oerheksRonaldsMazitis, that is unofficial, that page.. it has just been released17:38
naccjoshua__: this is the ubuntu support channel; do you have a support question?17:38
oerheksnot in our repos, just a download from wineHQ17:38
RonaldsMazitisyeah but I got wine 3.0 rc6 installed17:38
oerheksgood luck with testing :-D17:38
gopaloerheks , can you please fix my gpu ?17:39
naccRonaldsMazitis: that's a choice you mae17:39
naccRonaldsMazitis: not supported here17:39
skinuxOkay, I'm tired of seeing libcrypto.so.1.0.0 is not a symbolic link and libQtCore is empty.17:39
skinuxAlso, these LSB errors are not going away.17:40
naccskinux: i have no idea what else you may or may not have from ubuntu packages17:40
naccskinux: those are just warnings17:40
joshua__go into terminal on kano and type ESPEAK hello17:40
oerheksgopal, what issue exactly?17:40
skinuxWell, they are obviously more than that because mariadb/mysql service did not install17:40
naccjoshua__: this is the support channel. Please stick to support topics.17:40
naccskinux: not because of any of those messages17:41
naccskinux: mariadb failed to install because you have a totally unsupported mysqld installed17:41
gopalsystem dont load amdgpu , yesterday Tj also tried to debug it17:41
naccskinux: i have no idea what state your system is in17:41
brainwashgopal: head over to #radeon17:41
sas21dont work 3d support in debian/ubuntu x86 and virtualbox guest additions? i get always a black screen after i install the guest addition.17:42
gopalcant send msg to readon17:42
gopalyes i am there17:43
oerheksbrainwash, really not helpful.17:43
brainwashoerheks: what is?17:44
oerheksgopal, on what ubuntu version, what nvidia card, and what driver do you have installed?17:44
gopali am using amd r5 m43017:44
brainwashnvidia? isn't this about amd?17:44
brainwashoerheks: ...17:44
oerheksc/amd card17:45
gopalplease check yesterday's irc log Tj- also try to debug it17:45
brainwashgopal: you are in the #radeon channel, and yet you cannot send any messages? do you get some error?17:46
gopalCannot send to channel: #radeon17:46
oerheksgopal, and what ubuntu version? why do i have to look back in logs ,..17:46
gopal16.04 and TJ posted some very useful information17:47
gopali forgot to copy it and i cant find logs17:47
oerheksgopal, oke, did you install HWE ?17:47
gopalit is already installed17:47
oerheksnot sure that card is supported by amdgpu-pro .. looking for info17:47
gopalblacklisted readon , but still readon loadinstead of amdgpu17:48
gopalit is supported , TJ said17:48
Bashing-omQuenz: Back on .. thunderstorns last night - forced shut down - I got an idea now of what is taking place on your system!17:49
sas213d support in debian/ubuntu x86 and virtualbox guest additions will not work? i get always a black screen after i install the guest addition. logfile end -> https://pastebin.com/kupR3M9V17:50
sas21maybe someone can help me17:51
TJ-gopal: oerheks The problem here is the HP laptop has hybrid Intel/AMD GPUs, AMD GPU is claimed by both radeon and amdgpu but radeon is the one that binds (amdgpu won't bind for some reason), but it seems there's no way to switch GPUs or disable AMD GPU for power-saving17:51
oerheksgopal, not supported, AMD Radeon™ R5 340 only http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDGPU-PRO-Driver-for-Linux-Release-Notes.aspx17:51
gopalit is same17:51
oerheksthat is the only R5 i see17:51
gopalalis is supported17:51
gopaland i have amdgpu installed17:51
gopalbut it is loading readon , even after blacking listing it17:52
gopalhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26432001/   https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431984/     https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431977/    https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431369/17:54
TJ-oerheks: I spent several hours on it but couldn't solve it, but it came down to the kerne's amdgpu module claiming a modalias matching the GPU but not binding to it, and without amdgpu kernel module the AMDGPU-PRO userland drivers won't work of course17:54
TJ-oerheks: we tried v4.15-rc8 but that didn't help so backed that out17:55
cortexmanhow do I uninstall the keyring17:56
cortexmanhow do I destroy the keyring and all people who ever knew it existed, such that it is as if it never existed?17:57
nacccortexman: what keyring?17:57
gopalTJ-: can you please report the bug ?17:57
cortexmanwhatever it is that is giving me these stupid dialogs all the time, for years and years and years...17:57
nacccortexman: what dialogs?17:57
cortexmanyou know, the ones asking you to unlock your keyring.17:58
cortexmankeyring this, keyring that17:58
nacccortexman: i don't know what you're referring to. I get prompted to unlock my keyring when ... 'm unlocking my keyring.17:58
nacccortexman: which is an intentional action and i don't get constant prompts17:58
nacccortexman: perhaps you have configured your system to unlock the keyring on login?17:58
cortexmani don't want a keyring17:59
cortexmani am not unlocking a keyring17:59
cortexmanlet us unite in our shared antipathy for the keyring17:59
cortexmansudo rm -fr $(grep -ri keyring | tr -s " " | cut -f1 -d" ")17:59
gopalTJ-: and my battry drain 18 percent in 12 hours , when laptop is off17:59
cortexmaneveryone run that command. let us end the reign of the pointless keyring18:02
nicomachuscortexman: do NOT recommend that people run dangerous commands in this channel.18:02
TJ-gopal: well that isn't due to the GPU18:02
SimonNL_Afkoerheks: not supported I already said that yesterday18:03
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
TJ-gopal: I think the mailing list you need for reporting the problem is https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/amd-gfx/18:03
oerheksSimonNL, i guess so too, cannot find any confirmation that it works too, and i believe the amd page is correct18:04
nacccortexman: please stop.18:04
nacccortexman: many many people use keyrings18:04
gopalTJ-: how ?18:04
SimonNLr5 and r7 not even in the lists and inputing hd series 8600  leads to the old drivers18:04
oerheksthat is the only R5 i see is 340, and certainly not equal to 43018:05
gopalso my gpu wont support ubuntu ?18:06
cortexmani hate the keyring, i want to get rid of it18:07
skinuxnacc: mysql is no longer installed at all.18:07
cortexmani don't want to get rid of my sense of humor18:07
cortexmanthat is a sign of mental illness. cc @nicomachus @nacc18:07
skinuxWell, it appears it may have been installed when mariadb was installing, but it was completely uninstalled.18:07
SimonNLgopal: only opensource18:08
SimonNLgopal: to go back to 14.0418:08
gopalSimonNL: and how to fix battery drain ? it also dont work in 14.0418:09
SimonNLmaybe some program or so powersaving stuff18:09
TJ-gopal: it looks like you need to report the bug in the bugtracker https://bugs.freedesktop.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=amdgpu18:10
oerheksTJ-, amdgpu <> amdgpu-pro ..18:10
gopalTJ-: i dont know how to do it , can you please report it ?18:10
oerheksamdgpu seems to work fine18:10
gopalTJ-: should i use ubuntu 14.04 lts ?18:12
=== beaver is now known as evilnewbie
TJ-gopal: I don't think down-grading will help18:19
gopalTJ-: it cant be fixed?18:20
TJ-oerheks: the kernel amdgpu module is, according to what I've read, used by the /userspace/ AMDGPU-PRO drivers (opencl, Xorg)18:20
TJ-gopal: It seems not right now, no. You need to report the bug to the amdgpu developers via the bug tracker and mailing list I pointed you to18:21
gopalTJ-: can you please report it ? i dont know what to say18:21
=== stan_ is now known as Guest81214
Guest81214i already did lspci: 09:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 930M] (rev a2)18:24
Guest81214, i cant solve this problem, do you know someone  how can i fix it on linux?18:24
TJ-gopal: It's your system. You need to report that "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" and include the info from those pastebins, especially https://paste.ubuntu.com/26431984/  - detail that you blacklisted radeon and amdgpu wouldn't bind, and you've tried Ubuntu's 4.13 and mainline 4.15.-rc8 kernels.18:24
gopalTJ-:  please provide bug report link again18:25
DocfxitI am currently booted into a USB.  I need to copy files from the hard drive.  The name of the hard drive is a very long set of numbers and letters.  How can I rename it to something simple?18:25
Guest81214or i should buy hardware for linux18:25
gopalTJ-:  ubuntu 14.04 will support my gpu or i will get same issue ?18:26
TJ-gopal: same issue. Better support comes with most recent releases and you've tried 4.15-rc8 which was pushed last week, so it needs fixing upstream18:27
gopalTJ-: which product should i pick?18:32
DocfxitHow do I input the copy from for all files on the drive with drive ID 83 on the rsync command?18:38
gopalTJ-:  it is correct ?   https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10473518:39
ubottuError: Error getting Freedesktop bug #104735: NotPermitted18:39
gopalTJ-:  it is correct ?   "https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104735"18:40
TJ-gopal: did you make the bug private? The site denies access18:41
gopalTJ-:  no18:41
Bashing-omDocfxit: Awaiting your response on the forum :)18:43
DocfxitBashing-om, I don't see anyone answered my question.18:44
Bashing-omDocfxit: Welcome here . but I think in your case the forum is the better means to address your query .18:45
DocfxitBashing-om, I have a thread on the forum.  I have posed this question on the thread.  I don't see an answer.18:47
DocfxitShould I post the link to the forum here?18:47
gopalit is working now ? https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10473718:48
ubottuFreedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,New]18:48
Bashing-omDocfxit: One day ago post #4 on that thread is my last response .18:48
gopalTJ-:  plz check it18:48
rangergorddonofrio-g5: hi...you here?18:48
skinuxnacc: This is the current MySQL installed: mysql  Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.0.33-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.218:50
DocfxitBashing-om, Thank you.  I have posted a response #518:50
gopalplease tell me mail id to mail my bug , i posted on bug.freedesktop18:52
naccskinux: that looks right18:54
skinuxnacc: Okay, well this isn't https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/dfab81bbf1183339fcc7e881c156fd2b18:55
gopalTJ-:  please tell me email id to send it18:55
DocfxitBashing-om, I am in a time crunch to get this saving of files done.  Would it be faster to get questions answered on the forum or here?18:55
naccskinux: all of the lsb tings are warnings18:55
naccskinux: so ignore those18:55
skinuxYeah, not asking about those.18:55
naccskinux: what are you asking about?18:56
naccskinux: i don't see any errors in your paste18:56
nacc(from dpkg or apt)18:56
skinuxNone of those are errors? Hmm.18:56
Bashing-omDocfxit: Depends on you skill level and your comprehension of what is required . Here is "generallY" faster .18:57
naccskinux: well, not from apt or dpkg18:57
skinuxnacc: Not sure what I did to resolve it, but mysql started18:57
naccskinux: ok18:57
skinuxI mean, I was just following directions, but something fixed it.18:57
DocfxitBashing-om, Thanks.18:57
naccskinux: well, remving the busted  mysql probably did it18:58
=== ptetteh227_ is now known as ptetteh227
DocfxitI am trying to build a rsync command line.  The from needs to be all files on a hard drive /dev/sda2  ID 83.19:00
ubottuFreedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,New]19:01
naccDocfxit: rsync needs a fileystem path, i'm pretty sure19:03
naccDocfxit: so you'd mount it then, rsync the mounted path19:03
Docfxitnacc, The drive is mounted.  What would the path be?19:04
naccDocfxit: ... wherever you mounted it?19:04
naccskinux: but, to be clear, those warnings (the last two lines in the gist) do indicate your system is not stock ubuntu any more19:04
Docfxitnacc, It was mounted when I booted into Ubuntu.19:05
naccskinux: you have a local libQtCore.so file, which is empty19:05
skinuxnacc: Hmm. I wonder if that's because I had installed "Ubuntu Studio".19:05
naccskinux: dunno19:05
skinuxWell, I think reinstalling Qt would solve that.19:05
naccDocfxit: check `mount` to see what is mounted19:05
naccskinux: ... no19:05
naccskinux: that won't touch files in /usr/local19:05
naccskinux: those were manually installed there by the admin19:05
jimb_nacc: Is there a preference for 'mount' versus 'lsblk' ?19:07
skinuxI am the admin, single user system, not networked to sync with other systems.19:07
skinuxANd I haven't done anything specific like that.19:07
naccjimb_: lsblk gives you a lot more info19:07
naccskinux: ... well, someone has19:07
naccskinux: i guess it's possible the studio stuff does, but i'd be surprised, if so19:07
jimb_nacc: Ok. I find lsblk to be more easily read. Not to derail the convo, just input. Thanks for all the help you provide.19:07
Docfxitnacc, Mount shows me /dev/sda2  /media/root/A very long list of numbers and letters.19:08
Docfxitnacc, Is there a way for me to shorten the name of the drive?19:08
skinuxIf I remove ubuntu studio, will it remove things that Ubuntu stock needs?19:08
naccjimb_: yeah, i'm just used to mount :)19:09
skinuxOkay, so I can remove Ubuntu Studio and the system will go on with the stock Ubuntu that I started with.19:09
naccskinux: it should not19:09
naccDocfxit: you can use the tab key to automcomplete it19:10
naccDocfxit: you can shorten the name of the mount point (not the drive, the drive is /dev/sda2)19:10
Docfxitnacc, How can I shorten the name of the mount point to UbuntuHD?19:12
naccDocfxit: is it super-important to do right now? you would normal modify it in /etc/fstab (I'm sure there is a graphical way to do it, but i don't know how)19:13
naccah the 'disks' utility, i guess19:14
skinuxApparently Ubuntu Studio isn't installed. My repair install must have removed it.19:14
skinuxWel, anyway, problem solved. Thanks guys19:15
Bashing-omDocfxit: nacc Awaiting the posters response on the forum at this time L)19:15
ubottuFreedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,New]19:16
mezodcould someone with ubuntu 17 and firefox 57 visit a site for me just to doublecheck if it breaks for them? thank you19:17
oerheksmezod, you keep asking without provinding an url19:17
=== evilnewbie is now known as beaver
mezodoerheks: it's behind a credentials wall I need to provide via pm (it's an application dashboard)19:18
mezodmay I pm you?19:18
oerheksmezod, i uninstalled firefox, sorry, cannot help19:19
mezodno worries :)19:19
DocfxitBashing-om, Posted response on the forum.19:19
nicomachusI'm on 16.04 but could try otherwise19:19
mezodnicomachus: i tried it in 16 and it works, but i'll pm you for doublechecking too, is it ok?19:19
oerheksany ubuntu version would do i guess, else it could be a gdm issue19:19
nicomachusmezod: go for it19:20
nicomachusoerheks: I am running gnome on 16.04 with gdm so that covers that19:20
mezodI'm unfamiliar with gdm, I'll google about it19:22
ubottuFreedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,New]19:23
James0rupgraded MySQL-server on 16.04 and it's all borked19:25
DocfxitSo for rsync would the from be:19:27
DocfxitTo specify all files on the drive?19:27
Zach_i need help running  make menuconfig19:27
Zach_im builing a modified kernal for my android but i get an erro19:28
naccZach_: you should ask in a kernel channel19:28
naccZach_: that's not an ubuntu support topic19:28
beaverhello, what's the new option in apt-file for --non-interactive ? i have this error : Unknown option: non-interactive19:28
naccDocfxit: no, as i said earlier, you rsync the mountpath, not the disk19:28
Zach_uh..where then?19:28
nacc!alis | Zach_19:28
ubottuZach_: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"19:28
naccZach_: although the kernel channels i've used in the past are on OFTC, not FreeNode19:28
Zach_well i i just get the error "make: *** No rule to make target 'menuconfig'.  Stop"19:29
gopal"https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104737" please help !!19:30
ubottuFreedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,New]19:30
naccZach_: you are presumably not in a kernel source directory; in any case, like i said, offtopic here19:30
Zach_what channel do i go to then?19:30
naccZach_: use alis to search, as ubottu just said19:30
naccZach_: or you can ask in OFTC/#kernelnewbies19:31
Zach_that works, thanks19:31
Bashing-omDocfxit: If it is the intent to clone the operating system, there are better tools for that purpose . If the intent is to copy off personal files for a new install, then all you want to copy off is the personal files . There is no need to copy off system files that will be incompatible with the newer packaging .19:31
naccgopal: ... you've filed hte bug upstream, youshould wait to get a response there19:32
Necmhow can i build "PL" bot ?19:32
naccgopal: those developers are not in this channel so it's irresponsible to ask us to help19:32
naccbeaver: i don't know, there's nothing mentinoed in the changelog19:34
naccNecm: presumably you should ask the developers of said bot, not thischannel19:34
Necmnacc: where developer19:35
naccNecm: i don't know19:36
beaverhi, hello, I'm looking for the equivalent of this option : -N, --non-interactive Skip schemes that are listed in the interactive line in apt-file.conf. This is useful if you want to call 'apt-file update' in cron jobs and skip all schemes that may require user input. i not find nacc19:36
beaverfor apt-file19:36
beaverthis option is present in the trusty binary19:37
Zach_is tatertots online? i need pastebinit installed19:37
naccbeaver: it's been removed upstream19:37
naccZach_: uh, `sudo apt-get install pastebinit` ?19:37
Zach_tyring that19:37
beavernacc: arf19:38
naccbeaver: https://github.com/nthykier/apt-file/blob/master/README.md19:38
naccbeaver: going by that19:38
naccbeaver: i'm guessing you are on 17.10 or 18.04?19:38
beavernacc: 17.1019:38
naccbeaver: yeah, that's on apt-file (3..)19:39
beaverUnknown option: N19:40
naccbeaver: ... that's the same option19:40
naccbeaver: it's been removed, as i just said19:40
beaverok, can i downgrade the binary ?19:40
naccbeaver: no19:40
naccbeaver: well, not trivially19:40
beaverhow can i do ?19:41
naccbeaver: you can look for a ppa, i guess19:41
nacc!ppa | beaver19:41
ubottubeaver: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:41
beaverok, thank you19:41
pavlosnacc: thanks for helping out ... it took me some time to get my system back in order.19:48
naccpavlos: np19:48
naccpavlos: it was all a bit of a red herring :)19:48
Zach_that works19:49
UbAhlooking for advice on what to do when do-release-upgrade fails19:50
UbAhfresh install is not an option19:50
mohamed_i need help plz19:50
UbAhmohamed_, state the problem19:51
Bashing-ommohamed_: What release are you upgrading from ?19:51
mohamed_i install ubuntu16.0419:51
UbAhBashing-om, I think you ment to respond to me?19:51
UbAhoh we are both upgrading?19:51
Bashing-omUbAh: Correct . And - what is the nature of the problem you are facing ?19:53
mohamed_and now i can't enter to bios19:53
mohamed_what i shuld do now19:54
mohamed_bashing my release is 16.0419:55
UbAhBashing-om, upgrading from server version 9.10 to 14.0419:55
UbAhwe have some rails and perl rbs that we dont want to rewrite or break so they have asked if i can do an upgrade to get to the version we want19:56
Bashing-ommohamed_: In the case of bios, that has little to do with the operating system . I can not advise on bios matters as each and every manufacture implements different .19:56
naccUbAh: ... 9.10 is so past eol19:56
UbAhyes I know19:56
UbAhtrying to rectify that19:57
mohamed_bashing-om but the issu start after i install ubuntu19:58
UbAhmohamed_, I came after you stated it, but what is the issue?19:58
Bashing-omUbAh: In all honesty, not like to sycceed . Too mcuh has changed since release 9.10 .. and will be a long hard road to get to 14.04. path 9.10 -> 10.04 -> 12.04 0> 14.04 .. all in between are EOL .19:58
Bashing-om!eol | UbAh19:59
ubottuUbAh: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:59
mohamed_upah after i install ubuntu 16.04 i can't enter to bios now20:00
UbAhmohamed_, you cant hit the key to bring up the bios?20:00
TJ-UbAh: Would you be able to migrate your 9.10 root fs into a container, or virtualise it so the host is on LTS ?20:00
=== gopal is now known as s10gopal
naccUbAh: it seems *way* easier to just backup your 9.10 system, then reinstall20:01
naccUbAh: upgrading is really just going to be hard to do20:01
mohamed_yes i cant20:01
TJ-UbAh: is the aim to preserve compatibility in 9.10, or obtain compatibility with 14.04 ? Your comment was unclear to me20:01
UbAhTJ-, part of this is to harden against things like meltdown/spectre and from my reading even the vm in a hardened server is vulnerable20:02
ioriamohamed_, did you install in uefi  mode or legacy bios/csm ?   dual boot or sigle boot ?20:02
mohamed_i instalid in singl boot20:03
ioriamohamed_, uefi  mode or legacy bios/csm ?20:03
xfceonemay be uefi20:03
TJ-UbAh: if you're not reliant on the kernel version in your applications then containerising it would be an option, then you could have the host on 16.04 with HWE kernel20:03
degenerateCan someone tell me what these commands do:20:03
ori_anyone here20:04
UbAhnacc, TJ-, the team behind the code base is no longer around so I was asked to see if I can find a route to upgrade to an LTS version.  There is a worry about trying to recreate all the rail/ruby perl rbs and other lib things20:05
mohamed_i don't remamber20:05
ori_anyone can help me??20:05
ioriamohamed_, and what you had on that pc before and installed in what mode ?20:05
mohamed_windows 720:05
=== Ormm is now known as Guest32975
TJ-UbAh: so containerise it and it stays unchanged but runs on a supported/patched kernel20:05
naccUbAh: i mean, your code either works or doesn't in 14.04, right?20:05
ori_i have a galaxy tab 3 10.1 and i dont know if i can install any kind of linux or ubuntu on it is it possible20:05
oerheksdegenerate, that blacklists nouveau completely, properly20:05
degenerateuhhhh what is nouveau ?20:06
UbAhTJ-, upgrade the kernel in the vm too?20:06
naccdegenerate: open source nvidia driver20:06
TJ-UbAh: there would be no VM, containerise not virtualise20:06
degenerateohh kk20:06
TJ-UbAh:  as in LXD https://www.ubuntu.com/containers/lxd20:06
ori_can you help me20:06
=== Guest32975 is now known as Ormm
ioriamohamed_, ok, there is 1% possibility that you hit a firmware bug ('cause win7 might be installed in legacy mode) : read this : https://askubuntu.com/questions/918080/installed-ubuntu-in-bios-mode-cant-access-bios-anymore20:06
oerheksori_, maybe ubuntu phone project20:06
ori_IORIA CAN U PLZ HELP ME?!?!?!20:06
ori_how to get it20:07
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:07
ori_yes but i cant find a download20:07
oerheksask them, i am not up2date about devices20:07
ori_ask who20:07
UbAhthanks TJ- I am switching my thinking and exploring this20:08
naccori_: read the faq from ubottu20:08
ducasseori_: try #ubports20:10
oerheksi think ubuntu-touch redirects to ubports iirc20:10
s10gopalhttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104737 please help me20:11
ubottuFreedesktop bug 104737 in DRM/AMDgpu "amdgpu module does not bind to 1002:6660 R5 M330" [Major,Resolved: notabug]20:11
naccs10gopal: stop spamming the channel20:11
naccs10gopal: you need to wait for upstream to help you20:12
Jordan_Us10gopal: Have you added "amdgpu.si_support=1 radeon.si_support=0" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub yet, as suggested by the last comment on that bug report?20:14
s10gopalhow ?20:14
s10gopalplease guide me20:15
TJ-s10gopal: Bas has told you what the fix is so you can test it. "echo 'blacklist radeon' | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-radeon.conf"20:15
xlmnxphow to change dot to left in gnome?20:15
mohamed_ioria it's the same problem but the sulotion is for disktop pc and i hav laptop but i will turn off the pc and try t unplug the ram and see20:15
mohamed_ty all i hop it will work20:15
s10gopalTJ-: done20:15
ioriamohamed_, pay attention, then20:16
TJ-s10gopal: then "sudo sed -i 's/\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="\)/\1amdgpu.si_support=1 radeon.si_support=0 /' /etc/default/grub "20:16
s10gopalTJ-: done20:16
xlmnxpanyone can help me?20:16
TJ-s10gopal: then  "pastebinit /etc/default/grub"20:16
s10gopalTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26439811/20:18
naccxlmnxp: please don't spam the channel, it's very rude20:19
TJ-s10gopal: looks good :) now do "sudo update-grub" then reboot and we'll check amdgpu has the GPU finally!20:19
s10gopalTJ-:  Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported.20:19
leftyfbxlmnxp: you find the name of the program/applet you're using to select the keyboard/language, find it's main code repository, modify the code to your liking, compile and install on your machine20:19
s10gopalTJ-: reboot?20:20
TJ-s10gopal: don't worry about the warning. Yes, reboot and test20:20
dingirhow do i add a command to be run at startup of gnome20:22
dingirlike a file in /home/ folder or something i can edit and add a command20:22
gopalTJ-: Kernel driver in use: amdgpu20:22
TJ-gopal: RESULT!!20:22
TJ-gopal: have you also got your pretty icon? :D20:23
gopalTJ-: but still i cant see amd gui20:23
TJ-gopal: well, I don't know about that part!20:23
gopali need to install other amd things?20:23
leftyfbdingir: have you looked at the "Startup applications" program?20:23
=== kennyloggins is now known as CoderEurope
gopaland how to switch ?20:23
TJ-gopal: I have no idea!20:24
gopalcan you please explain me what you did ? so i can note it down and use in future20:25
ioriagopal, there no 'other amd thing' .... and excuse my ignorance, i never heard (after fglrx)  of an 'amd gui'   ... please explain how it is ?20:25
gopalgood , thx for help20:25
dingirleftyfb nope20:26
dingiri want to edit manuallyh..20:26
dingiri forgot how20:26
gopalTJ-: can you please explain me what you did ? so i can note it down and use in future20:26
=== root is now known as Guest67275
ioriagopal, there is no catalyst or amd control  center after 14.0420:27
Guest67275i have a problen20:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:27
gopalioria: TJ-: can you please explain me what you did ? so i can note it down and use in future20:27
Guest67275ubuntu mate does not run in virtualbox20:27
TJ-gopal: you added module parameters to the kernel command-line to stop radeon binding the GPU and tell amdgpu to bind to it20:28
gopalTJ-: please tell me those commands again and i will note them down20:28
ioriagopal,  what is this 'amd gui' ?20:28
Guest67275maybe its related to the last version of virtualbox?20:28
TJ-s10gopal: then "sudo sed -i 's/\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="\)/\1amdgpu.si_support=1 radeon.si_support=0 /' /etc/default/grub "20:28
gopalline in windows we get20:28
akikGuest67275: mate actually runs better than unity or gnome in virtualbox20:29
brainwashgopal: AMD is lazy and does not give us linux users a settings GUI20:29
=== KrisW is now known as Kris12345
Kris12345Hello everyone!20:30
Guest67275it used to run very well but suddendly fails20:30
=== r0Oter is now known as r00ter
Kris12345Has anyone here successfully gotten a Cisco vWLC running on Ubuntu?20:30
gopalTJ: thank you very much , how to see which gfx i am using ?20:31
akik!details | Guest6727520:31
ubottuGuest67275: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.20:31
Fauxhttps://b.goeswhere.com/gedit-redraw-fail.mp4 gedit's just totally given up on redrawing for me. Anyone able to find a bug report? I can't think what'd be weird enough about my setup to have broken it. 17.10, nvidia-binary, i3wm (compositing or no), machine has been continually upgraded for years.20:33
TJ-gopal: I'd have thought 'xrandr' but I've stayed away from hybrid so not sure - someone else may know20:34
gopalTJ: how you installed amd framework ?20:35
TJ-gopal: I haven't20:35
gopalTJ-: git command20:35
QuenzBashing-om No worries. Sorry for diappearing on you, too. I think my wifi had a hiccup.20:35
xlmnxpplease I need help20:35
ioriagopal, you know that amd proprietary it's not supported anymore on linux ?20:36
Quenzxlmnxp What's the issue?20:36
QuenzOh, never mind I see.20:37
ioriagopal, now you know20:37
naccxlmnxp: i believe you were told how to do what you wanted20:37
akiknacc: compiling code by users is now the preferred way?20:38
gopalthx for help20:39
elias_aI have an old Ubuntu installation on a HDD in a dock and can access the files. How can I tell when it was last used? Which logfiles do also have yearstamps in addition to time&date?20:40
naccakik: well, i'm assuming it's not something you can configure20:41
naccakik: arrow over dot20:41
jimb_elias_a, That command from ioria was for you... `last`20:42
EriC^^elias_a: did you mount it already?20:45
naccakik: youre right, though, i probably should have done ore due diligence before that20:45
EriC^^elias_a: /var/log/syslog should have info about the last boot it made20:45
=== czesmir_ is now known as czesmir
elias_aThanks, dudes!20:46
elias_aioria: Does it work if I have not booted it - only mounted partitions?20:48
ioriaelias_a, nope, i thionk you need chroot20:48
elias_aioria: That's what I thought.20:49
ioriaelias_a, maybe dmesg -T20:49
Quenztatertots If you're still there, to remind you, last time I was here, with a fresh Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 LTS install, I changed drivers to nvidia-340, clicked 'Apply changes' in the 'Additional Drivers' window, got a system program problem dialogue (or something like that), was about to type 'inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit' for you, but had to leave. I turned the computer off. It's back on now. Same flashing text on boot issue. I hit ctrl+alt+F1 to shell20:49
Quenz successfully. I typed your command, but it just gives me a flashing _ on the next line. It's been like that for a few minutes now.20:49
elias_aAnd EriC^^ : syslog contains only time&date, not year. :/20:50
ioriaelias_a, sy, explore the dmesg.X.gz20:50
ioriaelias_a, you don't need chroot for that20:50
elias_aioria: I actually found a log containing year info.20:51
QuenzIf tatertots is not here, can anyone else help me with nvidia-340 not working correctly on Ubuntu LTS 16.04? I get flashing text on boot after selecting it. The open source driver works fine, but it's pretty slow.20:51
ioriaQuenz, are you on kernel ? uname -r20:53
Bashing-omQuenz: Lemme get caught up here and I get with you .20:53
Quenzioria 4.13.0-26-generic20:54
memphistoQuenz: boot to older kernel20:54
QuenzOkie dokie20:54
beavernacc: i used the distribution xenial for my schroot, it's now ok20:56
beaveroption -N is available20:56
ioriabtw  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/174230220:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1742302 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel 4.13.0-25 broke nvidia driver" [Medium,Confirmed]20:57
tatertotsQuenz: hi21:07
tatertotsQuenz: you have completed the "fresh" install that you began last night? true or false21:07
StephenLynxthis is funny, why would some applications need to have exclusive access to audio?21:08
StephenLynxsame software works fine on ubuntu, using pulse audio. on centos, some stuff can't use audio if something else is using21:08
StephenLynxand if they start using it, nothing else can.21:08
TJ-StephenLynx: that'll be software using the ALSA layer21:09
Quenztatertots true21:10
StephenLynxand why they work fine on ubuntu but not on centos?21:10
StephenLynxsame software.21:10
StephenLynxI even added the simultaneous output virtual device using paprefs21:11
TJ-StephenLynx: different configuration/package versions/etc21:11
StephenLynxi know, any idea what configuration might be? I know centos isn't focused on desktop, which makes it a pain in the ass sometimes21:11
StephenLynxbut I'm seeing a solution here, since it works on ubuntu21:12
TJ-StephenLynx: no, you'd have to ask CentOS folks21:12
StephenLynxany pointer on what to ask?21:12
StephenLynxtheir irc isn't nearly as useful as ubuntu's21:12
StephenLynxnor populated21:12
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Quenzmemphisto I can't seem to get to boot options. How do I change to a different kernel?21:18
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest45824
billythekidoHi guys. I just tried to update to the latest kernel that Ubuntu pushed to 17.10 and the update got stuck.21:20
billythekidorun-parts: executing /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d/dkms 4.13.0-31-generic /boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-31-generic21:20
billythekidoProgress: [ 65%]21:20
billythekidoanyone could advise?21:21
SimonNLQuenz: hold down left shift during boot from the moment you press power button till you see  "Entering Grub" appear in top left corner of the screen21:21
TJ-Quenz: SimonNL GRUB uses Escape key detection now, because when on EFI it can't read the state of the  Shift/Ctrl/Alt I/O register bits21:23
SimonNLI'm on old version21:23
QuenzSimonNL I'm in the GRUB bash now.21:26
QuenzThat's what happened when I held down esc21:27
SimonNLwith my limited knowledge I would say thats the wrong place, should be grub menu21:27
naccbillythekido: it might take a while for dkms to finish (are you sure it's stuck?)21:28
QuenzYeah I thought so too21:28
QuenzImma try again21:28
billythekidonacc: yes definitely :(21:28
billythekidoI stopped it, dpkg --configure -a and wait again21:29
billythekidoI don't see also any utilization on cpus from apt or other apps21:30
TJ-Quenz: you have to repeatedly tap Escape not hold it down21:31
naccbillythekido: hrm21:31
billythekidocan you tell if it actually half-installed/configured the kernel based on what I posted? At this point I don't know if I'm going to boot on restart21:31
naccbillythekido: you wouldn't see it from apt, you'd see it from dkms21:31
TJ-Quenz: because GRUB has to detect a key-press event, unlike with the Shift/Ctrl/Alt method which stores current position in bit falgs21:31
QuenzBooting to 4.10.0-28-generic now21:31
naccbillythekido: well, you only pasted that you ^C'd it :)21:32
QuenzSame flashing screen at boot error21:33
billythekidonacc: https://pastebin.com/HfV2cvzW thanks for helping :)21:33
billythekidonacc: I see to dkms processes running at the same time21:34
billythekidonone of them seem to have any cpu util21:35
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic artful21:35
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (artful), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB21:35
=== Guest45824 is now known as Kestrel-029
naccbillythekido: you'll see dkms and then it iwll have spawned some cc/ or gcc21:35
naccbillythekido: i'd look in pstree21:35
Bashing-omQuenz: That 4.10 kernel os EOL .. we need to get you off of it . now do we revert to xenial or upgrade to artful ?21:36
billythekidonacc: I'm a bit of a noob. With ps I can definitely tell that the first dkms runs since the earlier try.21:37
billythekidoon pstree I see: "|-dpkg---linux-headers-4---run-parts---dkms_autoinstal---plymouth" and "-dpkg---linux-headers-4---run-parts---dkms_autoinstal---plymouth"21:38
naccTJ-: didn't you see something with plymouth hanging recently?21:39
naccbillythekido: let me check my logs21:39
TJ-nacc: hmmm, so many issues, so little memory! I /think/ so but I'd have to grep logs21:39
naccbillythekido: TJ-: maybe LP: #170534521:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1705345 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Installing new kernel hangs on plymouth --ping" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/170534521:40
TJ-nacc: ha, well, I found an issue I dealt with in 2015 :p21:40
TJ-might be this:21:41
billythekidonacc: I see 2 plymouth with --ping, 1 in quit, 1 in --wait21:41
TJ-2017-12-28 20:23:46     TJ-     garrettkajmowicz: this sounds like an issue where plymouth 'steals'/keeps the console input when it should be released21:41
billythekidothey are having a party21:41
billythekidois not it an issue that currently I'm also running 2 "dkms_autoinstaller start 4.13.0-31-generic" ?21:42
QuenzBashing-om Some other people told me to switch to a different kernel, that's why I'm in that.21:42
naccyeah, i believe the workaround is to kill plymouth, but i'm not sure if that works or not21:42
billythekidoshould I kill the latest dkms_autoinstaller?21:42
billythekido(in addition to the plymouths)21:43
naccbillythekido: i would just kill plymouth first and see what happens21:43
QuenzBashing-om Want me to boot in to default Linux 4.13.0-26-generic?21:43
billythekidonacc: cool fingers crossed21:43
EnumerationI am very dumb can someone help me with systemd21:43
nacc!ask | Enumeration21:43
ubottuEnumeration: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:43
billythekidonacc: wow the cpu is going nutts now21:44
naccbillythekido: that's probably good? :)21:44
billythekidodefintely :)21:44
naccbillythekido: i'd subscribe tot hat bug21:44
naccmaybe say you hit it on a current release21:44
billythekidorun-parts: executing /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d/dkms 4.13.0-31-generic /boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-31-generic Error! This module/version combo is already installed21:45
billythekidoI assume because of the earlier kill21:45
billythekidoor the two processes running at the same time...21:45
jtreminioHowdy y'all. Is there a built-in way to mirror a ppa to another ppa, while keeping previous releases?21:46
billythekidonacc: I have the feeling I stuck again. and I see a new plymouth in ping21:46
SimonNLQuenz: might be a good idea because that one is supported and patched21:47
naccbillythekido: yeah, you'll have to keep killing them21:47
naccbillythekido: i dont actually know the bug21:47
billythekidothat I can do :)21:47
nacc(the cause of the bug, sorry)21:47
naccjtreminio: 'mirror'?21:47
billythekidonacc: thanks a lot for helping me out of this :)21:47
jtreminioFor example, I use a ppa that only keeps last version, removes others as soon as they're added. ie 7.1.1 is added, he removes 7.1.021:47
tatertotsQuenz: inxi -Fxxprzc0|pastebinit21:48
naccjtreminio: only a few builds are kept (possibly the last version) in PPAs21:48
tatertotsQuenz: that's what you were supposed to complete prior to going to bed last night.21:49
billythekidonacc: it seems successful. I'll reboot and hope for the best21:49
naccbillythekido: cool!21:49
billythekidonacc: what info do I gather to report?21:49
jtreminionacc: aha, I see21:49
naccbillythekido: i would just put what package was hanging in the logs21:49
jtreminioSo if I want to keep an archived mirror I need to keep it off of launchpad?21:49
naccjtreminio: you want to keep old (unsupported even by the ppa owner) versions?21:50
naccjtreminio: is there a reason?21:50
billythekidonacc: ok buddy thanks a lot!21:50
naccbillythekido: np, gl!21:50
jtreminionacc: say prod hasn't been upgraded to latest minor.minor release, but a dev needs to spin up a local VM that matches prod ... unless you've been generating VM images and storing them anything new will not match21:51
tatertotsQuenz: but it's possible i could have mixed you up with another human.21:51
dunlikemynamehuhevery time I log in here, my name is rejected21:52
ginsengI have an encrypted home directory on ubuntu 16.04. I run into issues with shutting down the computer --- it hangs indefinitely if i shutdown through desktop or cli as normal user, only works if i su root and then shutdown. Logs: https://pastebin.com/ehvD6zyC21:53
dunlikemynamehuhis there something wrong with this channel or freenode?21:53
naccjtreminio: so ... your production servier is using a ppa :-P21:53
ginsengAny ideas?21:53
Quenztatertots I tried that when I got on today, but it just produces a flashing _ on the next line21:53
naccjtreminio: PPAs are not a deployment mechanism21:53
naccjtreminio: esp. if you want reproducibility; you don't control the PPA at all21:53
jtreminionacc: this particular ppa is from a trusted source, but I see your point21:54
TJ-ginseng: those logs are not referring to encrypted home directory, they're referring to a bad/missing encrypted swap device21:54
tatertotsQuenz: hmmm okay that would suggest that you have taken more actions without oversight after that "fresh" install...my gut says it ain't so "fresh" anymore..but that's not important21:54
billythekidonacc: worked! do you have a "buy me a beer" button? :)21:54
Quenztatertots https://paste.ubuntu.com/2644038021:55
ginsengTJ-: ok i will try to find appropriate logs21:55
QuenzIt worked this time21:55
naccjtreminio: yeah, I just don't think it's an operational model21:55
naccjtreminio: but you might ask in #launchpad if there is anything for it21:55
QuenzOops wrong link21:55
TJ-ginseng: check the UUIDs in /etc/crypttab for the cryptswap device21:55
Quenztatertots https://paste.ubuntu.com/2644028021:56
naccbillythekido: not necessary at all, glad to help21:56
billythekidonacc: thanks so much mate :)21:56
naccbillythekido: yw!21:56
tatertotsQuenz: thank you21:57
tatertotsQuenz: i see you are            tty size: 160x50 Advanced Data: N/A out of X21:57
tatertotsQuenz: humans usually aren't very happy in that circumstance.21:57
michael2hi all. Im currently on a live USB 16.04. and I would like to mount my home directory on my main hard disk. it is encrypted with ecryptFS. is this possible?21:57
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
jtreminioThanks nacc21:58
michael2or to put it another way. I want to access my eCryptFS encrypted files from the LiveUSB21:59
ginsengTJ-: ok, so my crypttab has 3 lines, and after checking lsblk -f, only 1 of those three devices exists. the other two must be swapspaces from old partitions i deleted22:01
ginsengis it safe to just remove to those 2 lines from crypttab?22:01
TJ-ginseng: are they all for 'swap' devices ?22:02
TJ-ginseng: compare the UUIDs in that file with your error log - remove those that are mentioned in the error log if those devices don't exist22:03
Quenztatertots Where does that leave me?22:03
ginsengTJ-: yeah all swap devices22:04
tatertotsQuenz: standby22:04
jtreminioWhere can I find information on what version of a package will come with 18.04?22:05
naccjtreminio: "will come"? ... hard to answer, also #ubuntu+122:06
TJ-jtreminio: until feature-freeze the versions may change22:06
jtreminioah! I thought feature freeze had already passed22:06
naccjtreminio: still a month away22:06
BudgiiHi, does anyone know what 'aptitude' is in Linux? See comment context; https://www.reddit.com/r/osbuddy/comments/5vohnj/couldnt_launch_osbuddy_null_linux/22:07
TheMontyChristhow to get a list of packages that need upgrading?22:07
naccBudgii: it's an alternative frontend to dpkg22:07
naccBudgii: like apt, apt-get, synaptic, etc.22:07
TheMontyChristI want to cherry pick which package gets upgraded22:07
naccTheMontyChrist: try an upgrade and it will prompt you , but by default (it = apt)22:08
Budgiinacc: when it says "Just replace aptitude with the package manager of your distro, if you're not on Debian or any of its derivatives." what does this mean?22:08
naccBudgii: are you on Ubuntu?22:08
naccBudgii: then you are on "Debian or any of its derivatives"22:08
BudgiiWould I just do Sudo osbuddy.jar?22:08
naccBudgii: so the erlier clause does not apply22:09
naccBudgii: you follow the directions in the link from there22:09
BudgiiI don't understand it22:10
rainbowhow can i make an own channel?22:10
naccBudgii: what don't you understand, specifically?22:10
BudgiiThis: "Just replace aptitude with the package manager of your distro, if you're not on Debian or any of its derivatives."22:10
naccrainbow: just join the channel and it will autocreate, iirc, but not an ubuntu topic22:10
milpoolhi. maybe i'm not the only one with this problem: my whole machine freezes when i start a vm in virtualbox. ubuntu 16.4.. anyone know this problem? started happening a week ago22:11
naccBudgii: ok, you're on Debian or any of its derivatives22:11
naccBudgii: so you don't replace aptitude with dnf, or whatever22:11
=== Nicmavr is now known as Guest95110
naccBudgii: did you maybe forget to click the link?22:11
BudgiiSee I am not sure what you mean by link, lol22:11
naccBudgii: you pointed at https://www.reddit.com/r/osbuddy/comments/5vohnj/couldnt_launch_osbuddy_null_linux/22:12
naccBudgii: svga's comment starts with a link22:12
naccBudgii: "Try this, it worked for me" is the text22:12
BudgiiOhh! i thought that was the title. Thanks for pointing that out, i'll go read now!22:12
=== Guest95110 is now known as Kestrel-029
naccBudgii: right :)22:13
jimb_off-topic: hi Budgii ! Can't help right now, wanted to say Hi though... willing to take the lashings from ops :)22:13
rainbowcan someone try to Connect to channel MyOwnRainbow?22:13
naccrainbow: ... still offtopic22:13
oerheksrainbow, that is considered as spam, from an unregistered user, please don't22:14
tatertotsQuenz: cat /var/log/apport.log|pastebinit22:15
nacctatertots: pastebinit /var/log/apport.log :)22:15
tatertotsQuenz: might put sudo in front if it gives you issues22:15
tatertotsnacc: :)22:15
nacctatertots: and if you use sudo, I believe you need to use tee correctly22:15
tatertotsnacc: let's just let "nature" run it's course22:16
ubantooi can see my gpus listed in lspci but when i run nvidia-settings none of them are displayed there. also heaven benchmark is running at 15 fps instead of 90 fps+22:16
TJ-nacc: no tee needed when te sudo is on left side of pipe :)22:16
naccTJ-: oh right, of course22:16
tatertotsnacc: else in 50 years well be talking about "top soil regeneration"22:16
Budgiinacc, the link worked out for me. Thanks again for pointing it out!22:18
rekhi babies.... i installed the nvidia driver then all my system gained such a poor performance... ubby 16.0.4 lts what could i do?22:18
oerhekssounds like nouveau is really good?22:20
oerheksi have no babies.22:20
Quenztatertots document empty22:21
tatertotsQuenz: journalctl -p 4|pastebinit22:23
naccBudgii: yw22:24
rekhi guys i have low performance22:26
Quenztatertots Failed to contact the server. I pinged google after that though, so I do have a connection.22:26
tatertotsQuenz: journalctl -p 4|nc termbin.com 999922:26
Quenzhttp://termbin.com/d2wg tatertots22:27
tatertotsQuenz: journalctl -p 3|nc termbin.com 999922:29
Quenzhttp://termbin.com/yjab tatertots22:29
tatertotsQuenz: standby22:29
tatertotsQuenz: i feel like we've met before...22:29
tatertotsQuenz: do i know you?22:29
memphistoyou are on macbook pro with linux?22:29
mustmodifyI got a four-pem certificate chain. But I don't know the right order. Is there an easy way to test to see if one certificate is a child of another?22:29
tatertotsQuenz: Jan 23 09:18:55 baz-MacBookPro gnome-session-binary[2157]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....22:29
Quenztatertots Yes, you've been with me the past few days22:29
Quenzmemphisto yes22:29
memphistomacos not good enough ?22:30
naccmemphisto: not relevant in this channel22:30
Cu5tosLimenI upgraded ubuntu but now my monospace font is different: before: https://i.imgur.com/6S8U7dE.png after: https://i.imgur.com/H7sLBVr.png22:30
Cu5tosLimenany ideas what the old font was?22:30
Cu5tosLimenit is set to monospace22:30
Quenzmemphisto mostly yeah. Support ends 2019.22:30
tatertotsQuenz: standby...must search memory banks for your health22:31
QuenzIt's an old 2009 one.22:31
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
tatertotsQuenz: feels like deja vu almost22:32
QuenzSo I want to get Ubuntu running well on it before support for Mac OS ends.22:32
tatertotsQuenz: didn't this same exact thing occur within the last 48 hours? yes or no22:32
Quenztatertots yes22:33
tatertotsQuenz: it's possible it was another human that i was helping and i have mixed them up22:33
Quenztatertots Still the same core issue since a few days ago of flashing text on boot when using proprietary nvidia-340 driver.22:34
tatertotsQuenz: I have made no mistake....it is YOU...http://termbin.com/5pv522:38
=== mmstick_ is now known as mmstick
tatertotsQuenz: i reminded you the other day that i would always help you with the limitation being "repeating the same thing(s) while expecting different results"22:38
Quenztatertots I'm happy to try anything different22:38
tatertotsQuenz: my creator has programed me against this ability22:38
QuenzOkay :P22:39
new_user123hi guys22:41
new_user123I'm trying to pin the kernel from trusty, because I need the kernel 3.1322:41
new_user123how do I go about it?22:42
naccnew_user123: you are on trusty?22:42
new_user123i'm on artful22:43
memphistomaybe trying : sudo apt-mark hold  kernel 3.13 or something22:43
new_user123here is my /etc/apt/preference http://termbin.com/p66t22:43
naccnew_user123: then no, don't do that22:43
naccnew_user123: if you need trusty's kernel, use a VM22:43
new_user123memphisto, ty, i'll try that. brb22:43
tatertotsQuenz: yesterday i discussed a plan with you, and you either forgot the plan or something, but in any event you failed to execute22:43
QuenzAlright then22:44
naccmemphisto: please don't suggest such things22:44
nacctotally unsupported22:44
ahmadhey new22:44
tatertotsQuenz: at this point you don't have a lot of other options but to do exactly as i said "verbatim"22:44
new_user123memphisto, sholud it be sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-3.13 ?22:44
new_user123btw, I don't have 3.13 installed atm22:45
tatertotsQuenz: any deviation from the plan will result in a loop of failure...trust me22:45
naccnew_user123: no, it wouldn't and no, you wouldn't have22:45
naccnew_user123: so, again, don't do that22:45
naccnew_user123: why do you need the 14.04.1 kernel?22:45
tatertotsQuenz: search your feelings...you know i'm telling you the truth22:45
QuenzI guess I forgot the exact plan22:45
new_user123nacc, i don't understand your advice. I need 3.13 because newer kernels don't support my graphics card properly.22:45
naccnew_user123: then you need 14.04, not just hte kernel22:45
naccnew_user123: so reinstall 14.0422:45
QuenzYou're saying if we go around in circles we won't get anywhere, I understand22:45
new_user123nacc, no, I don't need 14.04, it's too old. Most packages have not been updated since 201422:46
naccnew_user123: ... well, it came out in 2014, so of course22:46
new_user123so, how do I pin the kernel to trusty?22:46
naccnew_user123: look, you have two options, 1) install 14.04; or 2) run a newer kernel22:46
naccnew_user123: running the trusty kernel on non-trusty is not supported22:46
naccand you should *not* do it.22:47
new_user123nacc, i'm okay with that, already tried it out22:47
naccnew_user123: with what?22:47
new_user123nacc, with the way 3.13 functions with artful.22:47
tatertotsQuenz: i need to be clear this time around...if you deviate from design at all...you will fail..and fail "infinity"...do you understand?22:47
new_user123nacc,  2) is not an option, my screen is borked22:47
new_user123okay, anyway, supposing it was a different situation and I was asking how to get the artful kernel on 14.0422:49
new_user123how do I go about it?22:50
Quenztatertots I've been trying to follow you as best I can. If you're sick of trying to help me, that's totally fine. If you want to keep trying to help me, that's fine too.22:50
new_user123memphisto, it didn't work... Could you please elaborate on that command?22:51
new_user123memphisto, am I right I first need to install that kernel?22:54
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memphistoyes, but i don't know if you have it in the repos now22:54
memphistomaybe you ll need to get it from somewhere else22:54
new_user123memphisto, i have added trusty repos in the sources22:55
memphistodont remove the current kernels22:55
memphistojust in case22:55
memphistoand do backup :)22:56
new_user123memphisto, I don't like the output... http://okturing.com/src/2054/body22:57
naccnew_user123: aloso not supported22:57
naccnew_user123: please stop asking for such terrible combinations22:58
naccnew_user123: if you need an old kernel to use your display which would imply it's an old display device, then use an old release22:58
naccnew_user123: 14.04 is supported until 201922:58
naccnew_user123: you do not mix distributions, as it tends to break things22:58
metastables/tends to//22:59
new_user123nacc, it's a new display device.22:59
memphistohe speaks the truth22:59
memphistoit all looks fine22:59
naccmemphisto: right22:59
subcoolOk,. whats the deal. Kwin_x11 and plasmashell and eating all my memory22:59
memphistodo install linux-source-3.13.0 linux-tools23:00
memphistoyou might need to build some kernel modules23:00
subcoolmemphisto, was that to me?23:00
memphistooh sorry it was for new_user12323:00
subcoolkk.. just making sure.. its ok.23:00
naccnew_user123: maybe rather than doing totally insane things like trying to run a trusty kernel on 17.10, tell us what is wrong with your device with 17.10?23:02
tatertotsQuenz: not sick of you my friend..just trying to establish "effective" communication to lower the statical odds of communication failure(s).23:02
new_user123nacc, sides of my screen are cut off.23:02
new_user123nacc, 100px left and 100px right23:02
tatertotsQuenz: because i believe what we had yesterday when you failed to execute my plan can be classified as a "communication failure"23:03
new_user123memphisto, http://okturing.com/src/2055/body doesn't look too good... Btw, at this moment I only have trusty repos in my sources23:03
memphistonew_user123: didn't put * after the kernel version23:04
memphistoor exact versoin of the kernel youve installed23:05
tatertotsQuenz: now you know where you stand and your fate and future23:05
new_user123memphisto, i've only installed 4.423:05
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naccnew_user123: what?? you were on 17.10 and switched to trusty sources??23:05
naccnew_user123: and 4.4 is not 17.10 anyways23:05
Quenztatertots I'm not exactly sure what that means.23:05
pirxi have a service running which has "ulimit -n 5120" set in its startup-script. but when i check /proc/<pid>/limits for that process, it has max open files set to 1048576. how can this be?23:06
memphistoit means marihuana23:06
new_user123nacc, okay, it's 4.1323:06
new_user123sudo apt install linux-image-4.10.0-27-generic23:06
naccnew_user123: what??23:06
naccnew_user123: you are doing some seriously wrong things, please stop.23:06
naccnew_user123: if you are on 4.13, don't install the 4.10 kernel23:06
new_user123sorry, wrong copy buffer... Linux pc 4.13.0-2123:06
new_user123nacc, i'm trying to install 3.1323:06
naccnew_user123: yes, and i've explained to you, no.23:07
naccnew_user123: don't do that.23:07
new_user123nacc, why? it works in chroot23:07
naccnew_user123: what do you mean it works in chroot? you don't run a different kernel in a chroot.23:07
naccnew_user123: and, tbh, if you don't see why you don't mix releases of ubuntu, especially the kernel, then you shouldn't be doing it for sure!23:08
new_user123chrooted system does. it has to, because the host has 3.13 and the chroot is artful23:08
dev0drpshow do i register in the python group?23:08
naccnew_user123: you are not running a different kernel in a chroot23:09
tatertotsQuenz: this is you 48 hours ago http://termbin.com/g584  this is you today http://termbin.com/yjab23:09
new_user123nacc, system that runs in chroot has to use the hosts kernel23:10
new_user123which happens to be 3.1323:10
tatertotsQuenz: do you see any patterns?23:10
new_user123that is, on my old machine23:10
naccnew_user123: so you are claiming to be runnig an artful desktop in a  chroot on a 14.04 host?23:10
tatertotsQuenz: i see a few23:11
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Quenztatertots Some similar errors, yeah. Like I said, we haven't really got anywhere so far.23:12
new_user123nacc, i was running it, yes. to be precise, it was an LXC container.23:12
tatertotsQuenz: you should keep those links ....yes the two links above...I'd hate for some poor unsuspecting #Ubuntu helper to reinvent the wheel23:12
QuenzI will keep them23:13
naccnew_user123: a LXC container is not a chroot23:13
naccnew_user123: but whatever23:13
naccnew_user123: so you claim to be running an artful desktop in a LXC container?23:13
new_user123yes, what's wrong about that?23:14
naccnew_user123: then why do you need to do anything?23:14
new_user123nacc, because it's extremely awkward and time consuming to get the normal desktop experience23:15
ca_cabotagehey all, idk of a more specific place to ask this? trying to connect to lubuntu via xrdp from windows 10. It connects, and starts to load desktop - but then i get an error that says "due to protocol error the session will be disconnected" anyone know of xrdp troubleshooting advice?23:18
DocfxitDoes anyone know the command syntax for rsync?  I have all the information to create it at https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2383068&p=13733102#post1373310223:20
naccDocfxit: `man rsync` ?23:21
Jordan_Unacc: This channel will not support running an Artful desktop on a Trusty kernel. If you continue to waste people23:22
naccJordan_U: i assume for new_user123 ?23:23
Jordan_Unacc: ... waste people's time asking about it I will remove you from the channel.23:23
Docfxitnacc, I have seen the manual.  I need someone with a little expertise with rsync.23:23
naccDocfxit: ok, what is your specific question?23:23
Jordan_Unacc: Yes, sorry.23:23
naccJordan_U: it's cool23:23
Docfxitnacc, I need someone to create the command line for the one example I have on the link I provided.  After that I can create all the other lines I need.23:25
naccDocfxit: did you try it?23:27
naccDocfxit: wait, what?, c#1423:27
plut0X stopped working for me, using nouveau with no xorg.conf. Here is the log, https://pastebin.com/Ba5kZvRT Any ideas?23:27
Docfxitnacc, Glad you saw post #1423:28
naccDocfxit: so are trying to rsync from a local disk to two locations?23:29
naccDocfxit: oh wait, no you are trying to rsync two locations to a single destination?23:30
naccDocfxit: your c14 has three parameters to rsync23:33
naccDocfxit: three path parameters23:33
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new_user_123okay, I got a weird bug23:35
new_user_123sides of my screen are cut off23:35
new_user_123first picture - the actual picture that I see. Second picture - the screenshot taken with scrot.23:36
new_user_123got a 1920x1080 resolution screen, radeon x1600pro graphics card23:36
Bashing-omplut0: What results in attempting a normal boot ?23:36
Quenztatertots Still with me, or?23:36
Jordan_Unew_user_123: Please pastebin the output of "lspci" to help us figure out exactly what graphics card you have.23:37
new_user_123Jordan_U, http://termbin.com/5lh623:37
new_user_123maybe it's something with CRTC settins?23:38
new_user_123or can it be fixed somehow by or injecting an EDID or adding a modeline?23:38
tatertotsQuenz: i'm here23:38
Quenztatertots Next steps?23:40
Jordan_Unew_user_123: Do you know how to select the Xorg rather than Wayland session at the login screen?23:40
new_user_123Jordan_U, no. It's lubuntu so I suppose I'm running X23:40
Jordan_Unew_user_123: Indeed. Please pastebin the output of "xrandr".23:41
subcoolOk,. whats the deal. Kwin_x11 and plasmashell and eating all my memory23:42
naccsubcool: are you running kubuntu? or did you install neon or something23:42
Jordan_Unew_user_123: Can you tell if your screen is cut off when looking through the BIOS menus?23:45
new_user_123Jordan_U, got a pretty old bios version, it's not cut off but is 800x600 or something.23:45
new_user_123Jordan_U, however, the screen is indeed borked in grub menu already.23:46
subcoolnacc, kubuntu. I just tried to run a VM, but- because soo much of my memory is being allocated, i cant even do that.23:46
new_user_123Jordan_U, and this issue is non existent in windows and linux with kernel <=3.1323:47
naccnew_user_123: that would imply not related to the kernel (grub isn't running your kernel yet)23:49
new_user_123nacc, then why dont I have this problem with kernel 3.13?23:49
new_user_123and any kernel older than 3.1323:50
naccnew_user_123: You have actively tested artful with a 3.13 host kernel? (not artful in a container or chroot on a trusty host)23:50
naccnew_user_123: afaict, you have not, so I think you need to check your assumptions23:50
new_user_123nacc, i gave up on the idea.23:51
new_user_123i have zero experience running an artful system with 3.1323:51
new_user_123(apart from chroot and containers)23:51
naccnew_user_123: so then you don't know at all what the root cause is23:51
naccnew_user_123: so let's drop that line of reasoning23:51
new_user_123nacc, but I do.23:52
new_user_123nacc, i don't have this issue on 14.0423:52
new_user_123with 3.13 kernel23:52
TJ-new_user_123: Try "xrandr --output VGA-0 --set underscan off"23:52
new_user_123neither do I have it on debian with 3.4 kernel23:52
subcoolnacc, brb., i just killed it, and lost most of my desktop. i have to reboot23:52
new_user_123TJ-, http://okturing.com/src/2063/body23:53
tatertotsQuenz: did you download the ISO yet?23:55
tatertotsQuenz: the one you thought you had high ground to turn your nose up at23:56
Quenztatertots mint xfce23:56
tatertotsQuenz: .....you're not on high ground anymore23:56
QuenzWhat are you talking about?23:56
tatertotsQuenz: did you download the ISO yet?23:57
tatertotsQuenz: now you're going to install it23:57
subcoolk- back.23:57
QuenzI didn't turn my nose up at anything23:58
subcoolOk., whats the deal. Kwin and plasma shell are destroying my memory.23:58

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