studio-user203Hello, is this the place to ask for technical help?17:29
OvenWerksdepending on what it is you want to know, there may be better places though17:30
OvenWerksIf your question is desktop specific, to do with xfce, then #xubuntu would be better. If it is system related (network, booting etc.) then #ubuntu would be better17:31
OvenWerksfor audio, this is a good place17:32
OvenWerks There are also some people here who understand video quite well17:32
studio-user203It's about booting, I'll try #ubuntu then, thank you very much.17:32
MaynardWatersI can talk about kdenlive18:50
MaynardWatersi wonder if there is a #kdenlive chat18:50

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