ahasenackwhat's the minimal cloud-init config to just specify the ssh public key for the default ubuntu user?13:35
ahasenacksystem_info -> default_user -> ssh-import-id: foo?13:36
ahasenackok, found a way, just needed to specify user ubuntu again and override what I wanted13:42
smoserahasenack: you can just do:14:04
smoser - ssh-rsa AAAA...H5qV7NZ mykey@host14:06
ahasenacksmoser: under "users->name: ubuntu", right?14:07
smoserwell you can put it there.14:07
smoserbut you dont need to.14:07
smosertop level applies to default user14:07
ahasenackah, good to know14:07
ahasenackdoes that work for "shell: /bin/bash" too?14:07
ahasenackor that one has to be under a user14:07
smoserno. that has to be in user14:08
* smoser didn't know that ahasenack was a elite shell user.14:08
smoserzsh? or maybe he just loves the old school ksh14:08
ahasenackwhat's yours, zsh?14:08
smoseri jsut use bash.14:08
smoserwow. ksh.14:09
ahasenackI use bash too, that's what I'm setting it to14:09
smoseri dont think i've ever seen someone not previously employed by ibm that  used ksh.14:09
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smoserrharper: on  my desktop i do not have /run/log/journal/18:56
smoserwhat creates /run/log/journal/*/system.journal ?18:56
rharperdid you persist your systemd journal  ?19:12
rharpersmoser: you probably did, so it's /var/log/journal19:13
rharperI did that on diglett which does not have a /run/log/journal, but /var/log/journal19:13
smoserrharper: ok. so it will either go to /run/log/journal/<something>/ or /var/log/journal?19:14
rharper /var/log/journal/<something>19:14
rharperif you mkdir /var/log/journal and run a command that tells journald to use a persistent directory instead of /run19:15
dojordan@smoser, are we good to land my MP?20:01
smoserdojordan: yes. and i'd like to get that uplaoded to bionic sooner than later.20:06
dojordanawesome! I assume you do the red button pressing?20:23
smoserdojordan: yeah.20:25
smoseri'll get uploaded today i hope.20:25
smosermeged and uploaded.20:25
dojordangreat, thanks!20:26
smoserblackboxsw: https://code.launchpad.net/~penick/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33528621:12
smoseri can't think of a reason to not pull that21:12
blackboxswoops missed that one21:13
blackboxswI recall reading it, just never committing to the review21:13
blackboxswohh right no CLA, yeah I didn't have a concern with it. will officially  accept :)21:13
blackboxswwant me to land it?21:15
smoserblackboxsw: sure21:15
blackboxsw^ == more testing of review-mps script21:15
smoserpowersj: can i easily run a jenkins ec2 on https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33636621:15
smoserworks in my local gtest21:16
powersjI only have jenkins jobs for ec2 on master21:16
blackboxswsmoser: we have 4 approved branches now in cloud-init review queue. Can I land all of them?21:17
smoserpowersj: you think its enough for me to just run that branch ec2 once on a few tsets ?21:17
smoserand then merge ?21:17
smoserblackboxsw: please do land all those. yeah.21:17
powersjsmoser: that is fine by me21:18
smoserblackboxsw: qa-scripts/launch-ec221:30
smoserquick review?21:30
smosercreates help  like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26446617/21:30
blackboxsw+1 smoser  yeah instead of invalid help text/ thx for the additional logging info on zone (was lacking that on my last deploy/test attempt)21:31
blackboxswland away. and land anything you like in there as you see it. I'll do the same. if we break something we can fix it up as we use it21:32
smosersince there are ~95000 different types on ec2, i didn't put them all there.21:33
smoserand didn't use choices (as is done in the softlayer one)21:34
blackboxswsmoser: did the following branch close all four of those related gce bugs https://code.launchpad.net/~illfelder/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/334777?21:53
blackboxswI'm trying to verify now21:53
blackboxswand oops commit message didn't contain the bug references21:53
smoserblackboxsw: that commit message does need work.21:55
smoseri can update now21:55
blackboxswgrr yeah21:55
blackboxswneed a force push21:55
blackboxswsaw that too late21:56
smoserjust reset --hard HEAD21:56
smoserand force push now21:56
blackboxswforce pushed it out21:57
blackboxswwill repush once commit message is fixed.21:58
smoserblackboxsw: please read.22:00
smoserblackboxsw: i'll come back in in 3 or 4 hours22:18
smoserand will upload to ubuntu whatever you have in trunk at that point22:18
smoserfeel free to grab https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33649722:18
smoseri'll just upload whateve ryou have in trunk22:19
smoserthat one too22:19
smoserand /me out22:19
blackboxswsmoser: will do, I'm fixing dojordan's commit message to reflect retries etc instead of infinite loops etc.22:26
blackboxswdojordan: does the updated commit message look ok https://code.launchpad.net/~dojordan/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/334341 ?22:48
blackboxswjust let me know if you have any changes (or not) and I'll merge away22:48
blackboxswdojordan: saw a join/logout drop IRC message22:52
blackboxsw dojordan: does the updated commit message look ok https://code.launchpad.net/~dojordan/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/334341 ?22:52
blackboxsw3:49 PM just let me know if you have any changes (or not) and I'll merge away22:52
blackboxswNew messages since you tabbed out22:52
dojordan_was actually about to reply22:57
dojordan_technically it is an infinite polling loop assuming we are getting 404s from IMDS, but we will only retry DHCP a max of 5 times22:57
dojordan_technically a VM can be in this polling state for a long time (day or two)22:58
dojordan_also @blackboxsw, what time zone are you in?22:58
blackboxswdojordan_: Mountain, still have an hour before I go poof.23:00
dojordan_ah, that explains how 3:49 PM is in the future23:02
blackboxswthx for the correction, I had forgotten about the exception_cb  behavior23:07
blackboxswok will revert that part but wanted to keep the reference to EphermeralDHCPv4 so we can look back easily on commit history when pushing this functionality to other clouds23:07
blackboxswdojordan_: updated one last time. https://code.launchpad.net/~dojordan/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33434123:09
blackboxswok waiting on one last azure instance boot  on my side..... will merge in 10 mins23:12
blackboxswdojordan_: on bionic with your changeset. my azure machine doesn't come back up on reboot. I can run "sudo cloud-init clean --logs --reboot" with your deb installed. This reproduces a fresh-install test. It seems my instance doesn't come back up..... I'm trying to see what gives now as I thought all IMDS polling was based on present of a /var/lib/cloud/data/poll_imds file.23:26
blackboxswhrm, I know this was working on earlier commits within your branch.23:26
dojordan_it shouldn't even create the file in the first place since the ovf_env.xml on the ISO doesn't contain that flag23:27
blackboxswand from my understanding you wouldn't even be providing the flag to turn that file on anyway....23:27
blackboxsw^ right23:27
dojordan_did you create the marker file?23:29
dojordan_before rebooting?23:29
dojordan_also do you have serial logs?23:29
blackboxswI hadn't in this case, it was a fresh install. but grabbing logs now23:31
blackboxswhrm I hadn't enabled boot diagnostics on this instance which I think captures serial log right? trying another deployment (without this branch) to make sure my "cloud-init  clean" on tip of master doesn't actually break Azure anyway23:37
dojordan_it actually might23:38
dojordan_because once we remove the ISO (after we report ready), how will the VM get the ovf_env23:39
dojordan_also, if you can get me the deployment ID and subscription id I can grab the logs for you23:39
blackboxswok just validated the released version of cloud-init in bionic can cloud-init clean --logs --reboot on azure and come back freshly installed.23:40
blackboxswand tip of master works too 17.2-18-gd14fa1a2-1~bddeb23:41
blackboxswso 17.2-13-g6299e8d0-0ubuntu1 (published version) is good too.23:42
blackboxswwill grab deployment id now23:42
blackboxswbefore I upgrade to your branch23:42
blackboxsw  "id": "/subscriptions/12aad61c-6de4-4e53-a6c6-5aff52a83777/resourceGroups/srugrp10/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/my-b3",23:42
dojordan_I'll start diggiung23:43
blackboxswI'll also add your ssh account to my instance if you like23:43
dojordan_i thought it didn't come back up23:43
blackboxswssh ubuntu@
blackboxswdojordan_: I deployed a fresh vm23:44
blackboxswto test tip and published versions too23:44
blackboxswso I'm about to install a deb made from your branch on it23:44
blackboxswfell free to connect to my shared term with 'byobu' dojordan23:48
blackboxswfeel free*23:48
blackboxswok new cloud-init installed from your branch, no marker  file present23:50
blackboxswlast cloud-init run worked fine23:50
dojordan_@blackboxsw, not sure if i can type in your shared term but sounds good23:52
blackboxswok so we're kicked for a fresh install now23:53
blackboxsws/install/cloud-init run/23:53
blackboxswwhat should happen is subsequent ssh connections to the same IP will present us with an ssh key error (key has changed on new cloud-init run)23:53
blackboxswthis happens within about 30 seconds on my last two attempts (with tip and published version of cloud-init in bionic)23:54
dojordan_i assume my ssh key wont be there, so my connection refused makes sense23:55
blackboxswcorrect. your's shouldn't exist again.... but I'm getting no response yet23:55
blackboxswfrom  ubuntu@
blackboxswthough azure portal says it's up23:55
* blackboxsw checks the cli23:55
blackboxswssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out23:56
dojordan_https://paste.ubuntu.com/26447610/ (logs from bionic3)23:57
blackboxswmeh: az vm boot-diagnostics  get-boot-log --ids /subscriptions/12aad61c-6de4-4e53-a6c6-5aff52a83777/resourceGroups/SRUGRP10/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/my-b323:58
blackboxswPlease enable boot diagnostics.23:58

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