IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> docs.kubuntu.co.uk works though00:00
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> what module index?00:00
valorieahoneybun: dunno, but we shouldn't be offering docs for 17.0400:01
valorieit is eol00:01
mparillohttps://kubuntu.org/support/ > http://docs.kubuntu.co.uk/1704/ > Second link from the bottom.00:03
acheronukvalorie: https://opensource.com/article/18/1/move-to-linux-old-windows?utm_content=buffer90c08&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer11:54
acheronukgrr. forgot to prune off the referrer cr*p11:55
valoriewhat a cool little article20:48
valorieso non-religious20:48
ahoneybunthanks for the confirmation valorie and np.21:28
ahoneybunremoved links for 17.0421:33
ahoneybunthey are reachable but don't want to recommend using it21:33
ahoneybunand follow our downloads page21:33
valoriethank you!21:33
valorieright, it's fine for the old links to work21:34
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> valorie: I hope you've been having better weather than us... Yesterday we had a huge rain storm and today all the puddles froze over! I usually don't slip but I slipped on ice three times walking home!21:39
ahoneybunalso this valorie : https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual/tree/kubuntu-18.04-LTS21:40
ahoneybunwe'll see how far it gets today21:40
ahoneybunor till the weekend lol21:40
valorieahoneybun: Thomas is on his way here with the new computer for Bob (windows)21:41
valorieafter he's done setting that up, perhaps I can persuade him to help me get that cloned and make my first PR21:42
valoriewould be great to have new screenies at least!21:42
ahoneybunyea that's a start21:44
ahoneybunbut with 5.12 LTS since 18.04 will ship with that no?21:44
acheronukvalorie: non-religious?21:44
valorienot all fraught with fanboyism21:45
ahoneybunnot sure if we made that choice yet21:46
valorieahoneybun: yes if possible21:46
valorieI've got the beta running an it's great21:46
valoriewhoops, here is thomas21:46
ahoneybunyea screenshots would be great to start21:46
acheronukvalorie: oh, right. gotcha21:46
valorieI'll be in and out of IRC for awhile21:46
ahoneybunI'll get a laptop with it loaded when I can.21:46
ahoneybunlet me know more info acheronuk on this release if you can21:47
ahoneybunI've been out of the loop a LOT21:47
acheronukat the moment I feel out of the loop. this meltdown thing with launchpad has meant not much doing21:49
valorieahoneybun: with alpha 2 coming up, we all might get more in the loop22:05
valorieI think that even includes the release team22:05
ahoneybunah alright.22:05
valoriethis whole disaster has knocked everyone back22:05
valoriethe builders are not even at full capacity again yet22:06
valorieamd64+arm are all that is building22:07
valorieno i386 at all22:07
tsimonq2All of them should be back.22:08
valorienot according to the irc channel topics.....22:09
valoriestill limited22:09
valorieI just checked22:09
tsimonq2Then the topic is wrong, every arch is building now.22:10
valoriemaybe they are just waiting for some successes or so22:11
valorieto update the topics22:11
acheronukthe builder are working, but plasma fails22:16
valorieand yet the beta is running *great*!22:20
acheronukthere is that.22:24

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