szxzxhi there, dput keeps timing out on a large upload – any alternatives? something that would let me resume?02:12
vilaHi there !08:24
vilahttps://qastaging.launchpad.net/ is down ?08:24
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rbasakI updated (rebased) a branch https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/usd-importer/+git/usd-importer/+ref/create-dsc-on-first-use, but the MP against it (currently Work in progress) seems to have no sign of the update. Is this expected?10:46
rbasakHold on, my mistake10:46
rbasakIt seems updated now.10:46
* rbasak wonders if he failed to refresh earlier or if his re-push kicked something10:47
cpaelzerhi, can I request to get https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/3108 whitelisted on the builders atm for s390x and ppc10:50
cpaelzerthere is so much new for them that I need to prep, even spectre changes10:50
cpaelzerI'm find not yet going into actual bionic - I'm far from ready anyway - but s390x&ppc builds are a thing I need more sooner than later10:51
cpaelzerso can such be requested, if so where?10:51
wgrantcpaelzer: You may not, because we lifted the restrictions on powerpc, ppc64el and s390x five minutes ago10:53
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cpaelzerwgrant: I see a pattern, whenever I ask for those you say it is done11:08
cpaelzermaybe I shold ask more11:08
wgrantcpaelzer: Heh, quite.11:09
acheronuk\o/ thanks to all11:28
jfmcarreiraheyy guys22:28
jfmcarreirawhen I try to build a recipe to create a pkg for a specific ppa will it use the pkgs already in the ppa? e.g., dependencies22:28
hloeungjfmcarreira: I believe so22:35
hloeungin fact, I know so. I know of a few PPAs that uses this to upload specific dependencies for building22:36
naccjfmcarreira: keeping mind you need to make sure the are built first, but yeah22:39
jfmcarreiranacc: What you mean?22:42
jfmcarreiraI am trying to fix the problem with debhelper version in Xenial so I copied the version from ubuntu backports to my paa22:43
naccjfmcarreira: the binary package you nened needs to be done building in your ppa before you trigger its dependencies22:46
hloeungyou can also include ubuntu backports if that's what you're after22:54

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