lubot1<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf Things should be good now.00:00
lubot1<tsimonq2> (manual.lubuntu.me)00:00
lubot1<tsimonq2> It now checks if the browser language matches a language we have a translation for, and if not, it redirects to English.00:01
-GitHub167:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNV1T00:06
-GitHub167:#lubuntu-devel- lubuntu-manual/master 6a383d6 Simon Quigley: static should have an underscore.00:06
-GitHub145:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNV1m00:07
-GitHub145:#lubuntu-devel- lubuntu-manual/master 07dfbca Simon Quigley: Rename the directory for the previous commit accordingly.00:07
-GitHub111:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 force-pushed master from 07dfbca to 6a383d6: https://git.io/vNV1Z00:07
wxl[m]Interestingly it downloads the php for me, at least on Firefox mobile00:14
tsimonq2That's *weird*00:15
wxl[m]Chrome too00:15
wxl[m]Probably only works on Opera knowing Raf00:16
tsimonq2hahahahahahahaahaha no it wfm00:16
wxl[m]Is it contained within HTML?00:16
tsimonq2No, a PHP file00:16
wxl[m]Put it in the index.html and I bet it works fine00:20
wxl[m]Like within html00:20
tsimonq2Yea no00:22
krytarikWorks here too, though I didn't get redirected automatically.00:23
wxlyeah now just nothing00:24
tsimonq2Try now wxl00:25
krytarikYep, too.00:26
wxlgood job00:26
tsimonq2Thanks, although it was just tricking nginx a bit. :P00:26
wxlso does this mean ianorlin is going to go crazy on the manual now? :)00:26
tsimonq2He totally could00:27
tsimonq2So I set it up that the server at manual.lubuntu.me updates every 30 mins00:27
tsimonq2We also have translations now00:27
wxli saw that. thanks to our wonderful GCI students :)00:27
tsimonq2One thing I can't seem to figure out is doing something like using Git to find out when the file was last modified, and displaying that in the footer.00:28
-GitHub153:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNVDZ00:29
-GitHub153:#lubuntu-devel- lubuntu-manual/master fb3a5a6 Simon Quigley: Update specifics.00:29
-GitHub181:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNVDw00:33
-GitHub181:#lubuntu-devel- lubuntu-manual/master 93b1662 Simon Quigley: Credit translators.00:33
lubot1<tsimonq2> @MikolajczakMarcin So as I was saying before, everything should be set up now for the manual00:42
tsimonq2agaida, krytarik: ISOs rebuilding now after that seed change, let's see how things turn out.00:46
agaidai guess the background and the panel will remain in the same nice black :P00:46
tsimonq2agaida: What else do you think is wrong?00:47
tsimonq2Ok :P00:47
agaidabut the expected outcome should be: less lxde packages and if we are lucky little pigs - a working sddm00:47
agaidathat would be a good start00:48
tsimonq2Like I said, we'll see :)00:49
agaidabest outcome would be the fugly upstream settings and themes00:49
agaidathat is what i would expect if no other settings are loaded - and that would be really nice - all we need in that case will be an editor and some time00:50
agaidaand that was the reason to clean up the packages first00:51
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> @wxl[m], it works :D01:21
agaidawhat works?01:21
lubot1<tsimonq2> Fwd from wxl[m]: <wxl[m]> Probably only works on Opera knowing Raf01:22
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> what? you mean the BEST browser EVER?01:22
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> :D01:22
lubot1<tsimonq2> hahahahahahahahahahaha01:22
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> you know me well01:22
agaidathe world famous chromium clone?01:22
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> one of them01:22
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> like his rebel cousin Vivaldi (former Opera employee)01:23
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> *HER01:23
lubot1<tsimonq2> Ooooh, new Lubuntu Next images built. Grabbing it now, let's see how it goes01:23
lubot1<tsimonq2> (omg agaida you might be right, it went down 300 MB in size!)01:24
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> yes, plz. if it's working fine, and I'm able to install that bloody DEB of Kvantum... we. have. environment.01:24
agaidapaste the link01:24
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> I'll test it on Boxes though01:25
agaidahiihi 300M is the size of the lxde packages + friends01:25
tsimonq2I'm zsyncing it right now.01:25
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> which one?01:25
lubot1<tsimonq2> amd64...01:25
lubot1<tsimonq2> pending01:25
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> -___-01:25
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> I guess I'll do it tomorrow. it's SUPER late here01:26
lubot1<tsimonq2> ("pending" is the name of the dir!)01:26
agaidacan someone sponsor canonical one or two fast servers please?01:26
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> yes, agaida, I'm about to suggest them to share my own space. sigh01:26
agaida1,7 M/s suck01:27
agaida20-30 would be ok01:27
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> I get no more01:27
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> I want a torrent01:28
agaidatorrents of not yet seeded things are horrible slow too :P01:28
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> aye :(01:29
tsimonq2ah yesssss01:36
tsimonq2It does boot up fine now agaida01:36
tsimonq2Black screen, still01:36
tsimonq2But it boots :)01:36
agaidaok, the settings are messed up - so i guess that someone was really clever and changed the xdg-pathes01:37
agaidaonly a wild guess01:37
tsimonq2You're being sarcastic, right?01:38
tsimonq2Because I think that's probably iy01:38
agaidait guess it is a leftover from times when LXQt was not really xdg able :P01:38
agaidahmm, still a lot lxde things01:43
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> @tsimonq2, :(01:44
lubot1<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf it works enough for you to test stuff :P01:44
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> You sure? Does the settings manager even load?01:45
lubot1<tsimonq2> Yeah, you just gotta customize it.01:45
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> Okies01:45
lubot1<tsimonq2> Use the terminal to open the settings applications, then work your way up.01:45
agaidaright - and i guess we will find the reasons for the packages - can't be to complicated01:45
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> What's a terminal?01:45
agaidaalt f2 lxqt-config-monitor first01:45
lubot1<tsimonq2> .__.01:45
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> •__•01:45
agaidajust start the monitor config in the runner01:46
agaidanext thing in runner: lxqt-config-appearance01:46
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> mhm01:46
agaidauser / pass for live user?01:47
agaidawhat really sucks - still lightdm01:48
lubot1<tsimonq2> Actually @VikingRedwolf here's how I can tell it's XDG01:48
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> What's our login manager now?01:48
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> sddm?01:49
lubot1<tsimonq2> Run `cp /usr/share/lxqt/* .config/lxqt` - that'll give you something workable with default LXQt settings01:49
lubot1<tsimonq2> @VikingRedwolf, Yes, it should be.01:49
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> @tsimonq2, Ok01:49
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> Aye. Noted all. I'll begin the engine tests tomorrow morning (European / shittyhole time)01:50
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> 😐01:51
lubot1<tsimonq2> (Photo, 1023x768) https://i.imgur.com/0w6Dffm.jpg I could get it here fairly quickly01:53
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> Nice01:53
tsimonq2agaida: So how do you suppose one would start diagnosing these XDG issues?01:54
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> Hmm... That panel... I must fix things.01:54
agaidato be honest - the first thing i would do is adding aptitude to seed01:54
agaidaand then i would clean up the remaining mess01:55
agaidaaptitude why is helpful01:55
agaidaok, one can install it live01:55
agaidaand that would lead to the package with the wrong settings01:56
agaidagive me a minute01:56
tsimonq2(Right now I'm preparing a lubuntu-meta upload fwiw)01:56
agaidaso lubuntu-core is still installed02:03
tsimonq2I have to push a lubuntu-meta update02:03
agaidajust do it02:03
tsimonq2I have to wait for the update script to run02:04
agaidathat will leave us without some crap - and make the debugging a lot easier02:04
agaidalubuntu-next as user? really?02:08
tsimonq2Really really.02:08
tsimonq2No password.02:08
agaidamy user has a password - root too02:08
agaidasorry - first thing since 200902:11
agaidasudo su02:11
krytariktsimonq2: Btw, regarding your seed change, there is and will be no metapackage 'lubuntu-core-share'02:14
agaidatsimonq2: could we create qlubuntu-default-settings?02:17
tsimonq2krytarik: Oh, you're totally right. *facepalm*02:17
tsimonq2agaida: That's Julien's task.02:17
agaidameh - not my business - only a suggestion - lets clean up things first02:20
agaidabut i have to catch a little sleep now02:20
tsimonq2Alright o/02:21
-GitHub145:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] daniellimws opened pull request #5: Add Leafpad user documentation (master...master) https://git.io/vNwNr15:44
lubot1Henrik Christiansen was added by: Henrik Christiansen16:15
lubot1<tsimonq2> Welcome!16:16
lubot1<Henrik Christiansen> Thanks :-)16:20
-GitHub195:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 closed pull request #5: Add Leafpad user documentation (master...master) https://git.io/vNwNr16:20
-GitHub175:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNwjy16:20
-GitHub175:#lubuntu-devel- lubuntu-manual/master 7a1b326 Daniel Lim Wee Soong: Add Leafpad user documentation (#5)...16:20
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> @Henrik Christiansen, o/16:57
agaidaredwolf[m]: only a little heads up - https://i.imgur.com/55Es5pP.jpg18:05
agaidaso it is possible :P18:06
lubot1<tsimonq2> What is?18:09
* agaida only refactored his development distribution - with new settings and so on18:12
lubot1Xisco Santos was added by: Xisco Santos18:37
lubot1<tsimonq2> @Xisco Santos, Welcome!19:06
lubot1<Xisco Santos> Gracias...19:08
lubot1<tsimonq2> De nada :)19:09
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> the lubuntu logo looks bad here… XD19:09
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> (Photo, 1000x562) https://i.imgur.com/zUuApOA.jpg19:09
lubot1<tsimonq2> :D19:09
lubot1<tsimonq2> Although that's not the Lubuntu Next logo >_>19:10
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> I know19:10
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> is there a Lubuntu Next logo?19:10
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> should I redraw it?19:10
lubot1<tsimonq2> @MikolajczakMarcin, Ask @VikingRedwolf ;P19:19
lubot1<tsimonq2> @MikolajczakMarcin, If you want :)19:19
-GitHub46:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] m4sk1n opened pull request #6: Update Polish translation and template files (master...translation) https://git.io/vNrRN19:52
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> @MikolajczakMarcin, yes, there is: https://launchpad.net/lubuntu-next20:24
-GitHub162:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNrgC20:26
-GitHub162:#lubuntu-devel- lubuntu-manual/master aa2f20d Marcin Mikołajczak: Update Polish translation and template files (#6)...20:26
-GitHub156:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] tsimonq2 closed pull request #6: Update Polish translation and template files (master...translation) https://git.io/vNrRN20:26
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> @VikingRedwolf, ok, thanks20:29
lubot1<tsimonq2> @ma20:31
lubot1<tsimonq2> grr20:31
lubot1<tsimonq2> @MikolajczakMarcin If you're looking for more translation work to do, compare https://manual.lubuntu.me/pl/ to https://manual.lubuntu.me/en/ -- there's a lot of things missing from you 😉20:32
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> translated almost everything20:32
lubot1<tsimonq2> Almost :D20:33
lubot1<tsimonq2> https://manual.lubuntu.me/pl/3/3.3/3.3.4/leafpad.html20:33
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> (Photo, 1000x562) https://i.imgur.com/W0hln95.jpg20:33
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> shouldn’t translators list contain link or name of language after their name?20:34
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> let me `yaourt -S leafpad`, I’m not on lubuntu rn…20:35
lubot1<tsimonq2> @MikolajczakMarcin, Send me a PR and I'll be happy to accept it 😉20:36
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> I see that leafpad translation needs some changes too20:36
lubot1<tsimonq2> Right20:37
lubot1<tsimonq2> (that's sorta my point :win20:37
lubot1<tsimonq2> grr I hate that in the Telegram web client pressing enter automatically sends the message 😕20:37
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> I mean changes in leafpad translation, not in manual20:38
lubot1<tsimonq2> ok20:38
lubot1<tsimonq2> *oh20:38
lubot1<tsimonq2> I also think that we should have translations for other languages too, but we should finish the guide first...20:39
lubot1<tsimonq2> I'll pitch in when I have the time, otherwise I know @anyytime was interested20:39
lubot1<tsimonq2> One more thing we'll need to figure out is documenting Lubuntu Next when it finally becomes stable and we know what applications we're going to use.20:40
lubot1<tsimonq2> If anyone wants to help, even the small things count: https://github.com/lubuntu-team/lubuntu-manual20:41
lubot1<tsimonq2> @tsimonq2, (once this happens, it should be easy to extend things for Lubuntu Next; I know there's some outdated parts of the documentation in the spec right now that refer to LXQt, but we'll have to just deal with those)20:42
lubot1<tsimonq2> @MikolajczakMarcin I've given you commit access to the Lubuntu Manual on GitHub, but here's the ultimate, golden rule here: Don't Break Stuff. :)20:45
lubot1<tsimonq2> (I know it goes without saying but still)20:45
lubot1<tsimonq2> So yeah, commit whatever you'd like, although I sort of assume it's going to be focused on translations :D20:47
-GitHub102:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] m4sk1n opened pull request #7: Update Polish translation (master...translation) https://git.io/vNrVZ20:51
-GitHub167:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] m4sk1n pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNrV620:53
-GitHub167:#lubuntu-devel- lubuntu-manual/master 63b518f Marcin Mikołajczak: Update Polish translation20:53
-GitHub32:#lubuntu-devel- [lubuntu-manual] m4sk1n closed pull request #7: Update Polish translation (master...translation) https://git.io/vNrVZ20:53
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> I won’t “commit whatever I’d like”… :D20:53
lubot1<tsimonq2> Fine, feel free to continue to throw PRs if you want, and I can 👍, but I won't merge for you :P20:55
lubot1<tsimonq2> Anyways, your changes should go live soon, cron runs every 30 mins20:55
lubot1<tsimonq2> One more thing worth noting is that if we can get this completely done by March 29th, which is the Documentation String Freeze for Bionic, I'll upload this to the archive to be included by default20:57
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> I’ll try to document some stuff21:06
lubot1<tsimonq2> OK cool21:09
krytariktsimonq2: Just to make that clear in this context, Documentation String Freeze just means no string changes anymore that affect translation - so it should just be ready for translation at that point.21:10
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> Also, if the actual manual pages will be complete, would adding small in-topic tips (eg. how to configure firefox to preserve RAM by unloading pages in firefox manpage [just an example]) be appreciated?21:11
lubot1<tsimonq2> @krytarik, I'm aware, which is why the documentation should be done (i.e. strings) before then. Translations are fair game I think.21:12
lubot1<tsimonq2> @MikolajczakMarcin, Sure!21:12
lubot1<tsimonq2> Just remember that it's for someone that may not know anything about computers or Linux21:13
lubot1<tsimonq2> And about the whole manpage concept, now that I think about it, the user of this manual won't be launching it from the terminal anyways...21:16
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> I know21:57
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> And I can’t understand, why the manpage for leafpad was merged…21:58
lubot1<MikolajczakMarcin> (running leafpad from terminal)22:03
tsimonq2wxl: Cool project I'm working on; it's possible to do what MATE, Xfce, etc. does with global menus and the HUD, but there's no Qt-only plugin for it. So if I can get it to build, I'm going to revive appmenu-qt5 (from the Unity 8 days)22:56
tsimonq2wxl: The fun part about this is that once this is all good, menus are exposed via DBus. MATE has an implementation called mate-hud that they use, but that depends on GTK as well, so I'm likely going to either fork it or build something similar while keeping that in mind.22:58
tsimonq2wxl: (the global menu or HUD takes the values from DBus)22:58
wxlooh that's nice22:58
tsimonq2wxl: My only concern at the moment is that appmenu-qt5 might be under CLA; I'm fine because I've signed it but I know some people are against it, plus, it's not a Canonical project anymore...23:00
wxlmight be or is? should be trivial to remove it23:00
tsimonq2I have no clue, people still have to get back to me.23:01
tsimonq2It might be, I was told by one person "assume it is"23:01
tsimonq2But nothing in the code says that it's under CLA.23:01
tsimonq2hm indeed23:01
tsimonq2Anyways, I just got it to build \o/23:02
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> @tsimonq2, YAASSSSSS!!23:05
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> @tsimonq2, YAS YAS YAS23:05
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> Want! Now! Jag vill ha det!23:06
tsimonq2wxl: Did Raf tell you how much he adores global menus?23:08
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> :) I do!23:24
lubot1<Schyken> Global menus are bae23:37
lubot1<tsimonq2> I know ❤️23:37
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> (Sticker, 512x512) http://vps.tsimonq2.net//file_359923:38

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