Clayton_After I download Lubuntu Artful Aardvark, how do I launch it onto a Dell Dimension E310?01:22
wxlyou grab the iso and stick it on some installation media, usually a usb or dvd01:23
Clayton_You mean like copying it to a USB drive? After that what do I do with it? I'm really, really new to linux01:23
wxlyou need to do a bit by bit copy and then set your BIOS to boot to it01:24
wxl(actually this is how windows does things now, too)01:24
Clayton_Okay. My machine has Windows XP on it. Please pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by "bit by bit copy"?01:25
wxl^^ depending on whether or not you want to do USB or DVD01:25
Clayton_Thank you. That looks like what I have been looking for all day01:26
wxlcan i make a suggestion before you do that, though?01:26
wxl(this is something windows DOESN'T do with their ISOs and i DO NOT understand)01:27
wxland that's verifying the download is valid01:27
wxlignore the GPG bit. that's not totally necessary01:27
lubot1<VikingRedwolf> chksum?01:27
wxlalso when you boot it, make sure to run the menu settting "check disc for defects"01:29
wxlif you do those two things you can verify that the download is good and the copy is good01:30
wxlwhich means any bugs you face are our fault not yours XD01:30
wxlClayton_: one last thing— according to Dell, pressing F12 when you see the DELL logo will get you a boot menu so you can select your installation media01:33
Clayton_Thanks again01:34
wxlClayton_: if you need more than that (i.e. your device doesn't show up), you can get to BIOS with F2. see page 43/52 here https://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_desktop/esuprt_dimension_desktops/dimension-3100_service%20manual_en-us.pdf01:35
nmrhneed a pointer to get past an install issue on a dell e6220 with lubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd6402:00
tsimonq2ask away :)02:00
nmrhi get "An error occurred while configuring encrypted volumes"02:00
tsimonq2Are you connected to the internet on that device?02:01
nmrhprior to this I found i had to turn swap off and apt-get install lvm202:01
nmrhboth of which i've done getting me to this error which I can't seem to find much about02:01
nmrhyes, internet connected02:01
tsimonq2Could you be more specific about what it said the error was?02:02
nmrhthe dialog title is "Configuration of encrypted volumes failed"02:03
nmrhbelow the error text I wrote above is "the configuration has been aborted"02:04
nmrhthat's all I got02:04
nmrhI can get to syslog...02:04
nmrhany preferred pastbin for this channel?02:05
nmrhk, give me a sec02:06
nmrhug, no curl on the install media...02:07
nmrhsyslog is https://ptpb.pw/K2CB, error near the end02:14
nmrhso the line: Jan 23 01:51:33 lubuntu partman-crypto: Cannot format device /dev/sda5 which is still in use.02:23
nmrhlooks like a symptom02:23
tsimonq2Hm, maybe unmounting things would work.02:23
nmrhyea, but what?  mount doesn't show any /dev/sda mounted02:24
tsimonq2Hm, not sure.02:24
tsimonq2You might try asking in #ubuntu too02:24
nmrhi can patebin the output of mount... if your willing to look02:25
nmrhmount output: https://ptpb.pw/ywhS02:26
tom95rjaurais une question04:19
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.04:19
PTatoesIf anyone here cares, the magnet torrent link on the lubuntu.net homepage for x64, points to the old 17.10 torrent, instead of the new patched 17.10.104:55
tsimonq2Lubuntu.net isn't our official website04:55
tsimonq2It's being squatted04:55
tsimonq2Lubuntu.me is04:55
PTatoesya, I kinda figured that out. The guy supporting .net is doing his own thing04:56
tsimonq2Out of curiosity, how'd you figure that?04:56
PTatoes<Googling. Trying to figure out the web admin for the .net site, and I came across a form post about .net vs .me04:57
tsimonq2Ok, mind linking that so I know for future ref? :)04:57
PTatoesno problem04:58
PTatoesanyways. thanks.04:58
PTatoesgood bye04:58
pellomikI cannot shutdown Lubuntu 17.10. It gets stucked in Lubuntu screen with dots. Is there someone who knows how can I fix this issue? I would appreciate.11:42
hateballpellomik: if you press ESC, do you see the text behind?11:43
hateballit could hang for a ton of reasons11:43
pellomikNo, I can't do anything after I ask for switching of. No other information than the dots screen.11:47
hateballpellomik: if you reboot the machine, then enter grub menu and edit bootline and remove "quiet splash" then boot and try to shut down again, the plymouth splash should be gone and you should see only text output11:48
hateballif it's an older machine, it's probably some ACPI bug in BIOS so it wont shutdown properly11:49
pellomikThank you, I'll try it.11:52
hateballpellomik: sometimes it's even plymouth itself that hangs on shutdown so just disabling it makes things work properly... altho you miss out on the splash screen11:53
pellomikSorry, i'm bothering you, but I can't hardly understand nothing in this photo I send you ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhpnpke7vkudbvl/20180123_130313.jpg?dl=0 ) . It is the list of actions the computer does before it hangs. Do you find something I could fix?12:10
hateballpellomik: is that where it stops?12:14
hateballas you can see it says it has reached shutdown, but then does not do an actual poweroff12:14
pellomikYes, and I have to do it manually.12:15
hateballpellomik: can you try adding this to your kernel bootline "acpi=force"12:16
hateballjust like you removed "quiet splash", you put that there instead12:16
hateballpellomik: also what is the model of your laptop or motherboard?12:16
pellomikLet's see if it helps. I'm trying to set up Lubuntu in a Samsung r60 laptop.12:19
pellomikAgain, "Reached target shutdown" but without turning off.12:23
pellomikThank you hateball for kindly helping me. I'll give it another try later, hopefuly I'll get it.12:27
hateballoh well12:30
hateballtoo bad they left, found some ancient posts with the same issue12:30

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