mate|49773hello all i got a amd graphics card sound is going ober hdmi cable but it seems like driver from mate isnt working with it00:38
mate|49773and i read that amd isny supported any more and that mate driver for sound suppose to be better for graphics00:39
mate|49773is there any thing i can do to make it work without amd driver  hdmi over amd card?00:39
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KingParrotHello room10:02
KingParrotAnyone here ever use firefox profile manager?10:02
ircfanKingParrot: state your actual problem maybe?11:28
KingParrotI attempted to install firefox profile manager into Ubuntu MATE from a tar ball but it would not work11:29
ircfanand now describe as precise as possible what you mean by "does not work"11:31
KingParrotIf I recall correctly when I clicked on the icon called profilemanager-bin it would not run.11:38
cainehello Techman12:52
cainehello diogenes_12:53
ircfanwhat brings you to this nice place?12:55
wolf-rayet> who12:55
diogenes_ircfan, the smell of a fried chicken12:55
wolf-rayet<caine> on tty112:55
wolf-rayetTechman on tty2 hello12:56
wolf-rayetdiogenesdiogenes_ on tty3 _12:56
wolf-rayetircfan service hello!12:56
TechmanWell I was checking out desktops since Unity is dead and GNOME 3 is eww12:57
cainewhat is tty1?12:57
TechmanI tried KDE but I can't get used to the different software suite12:57
TechmanI'm used to gnome and gnome-style apps12:57
wolf-rayetyou typed whoami so I typed the results of who command...12:57
cainew8 I need to change my theme becusae the colors are wrong12:58
TechmanAnyway I saw a video by a guy on YouTube (Chris W...something I think) showing mate in 17.1012:58
TechmanAnd all of these different desktop styles had my jaw dropping to the floor12:58
TechmanSo now I'm drinking the MATE koolaid12:58
wolf-rayettty is a way of user to connect to the same machine12:58
TechmanI need to see if there is a way to sorta combine more than one panel layout though12:59
TechmanJust as something I can play around with for fun12:59
Techman(if anyone reads this later on and knows how please highlight me)12:59
ircfani want to get into python for the sake of playing around13:00
ircfanmy brain disagrees tho13:00
bezzibuzzis unity dead though?13:02
cainehello I'm back!13:05
ircfanthats nice, wb caine13:05
cainebut I might be gone again this new linux is making me theme problems!!!13:09
cainehey I'm back fixed all themes problems!!!13:30
diogenes_caine, you deserve a medal of honor!!!13:31
caineYeah, or IT certificate!!!13:32
ircfan*ta da da daaaaaa*13:35
caineircfan, what's that?13:36
ircfancelebration music13:36
caineyeah you can hear it13:37
ircfanits in my entire body :P13:37
ircfanbut without being silly. its really cool what you can do with patience13:38
caineircfan, what do you mean?13:38
ircfani mean 10 years ago using linux was dedicated to people who studied computer science. but now there is very good documentation13:40
caineYou'r right I think people are evolving... And too fast I might add!!!13:44
* ircfan nods13:45
cainewhat is nods?13:46
caineand why nobody other is talking??13:48
ircfanmaybe they are busy13:48
ircfanto nod is when you say that you agree with your head gesture without using your mouth13:48
caineoh I know that word just the suplmenet of the letter "s" got me confused13:51
caineand very good discription, staright from Oxford!!13:53
ircfanin the background i am looking around for information regarding mind mapping13:54
ircfanthe free tools suck. all 3 that i found are written in java13:55
caineso there are 91 people hear and now one chating just the two of us13:55
ircfana relatively high number of irc users place their client here and there and walk away for days or weeks13:56
caineand the server doesn't discoonect them?13:57
ircfani am not sure about the purpose of this13:57
caineof what of chatting?13:57
ircfanhaha, of luring / idling13:58
ircfanlurking even13:58
cainethey lurk behind the shadows13:58
ircfanshadow came to my mind too, hmmm13:59
ircfanah! a place where more people are active: the ubuntu-mate website!14:00
ircfando you know it already?14:00
caineit's a fraze from a movie i think14:00
cainethe web site? isn't it the same channel?14:00
ircfan"ubuntu-mate.community" is a web forum style thing14:01
caineyeah I figured that out, but isn't it redirects to this channel?14:02
ircfani need to go for a while, hope to see you back some time14:02
caineok, see you.. byebye14:02
newusrhello everyone14:52
newusri have ubuntu mate 16.04 lts with this kernel 4.13.0-31-generic14:52
newusri have rlt tl wn822n14:53
newusrand with the previous kernel works perfect14:53
newusrnow i have weak signal14:53
newusri have search everything on google14:53
newusrbut i cannot fix it14:53
newusrany suggestions?14:53
ubuntu-mate_no bootable device -- thats th message i get after installing ubuntu to hdd,,tried anoher distro and same message ,,, i ne ,, pls point me in a direction or any advice ,,much tks21:01
Khanmost likely cause... you haven't configured the bios to try to boot from the HDD where you installed it?21:03
Khanand its still trying to boot from the removable media?21:03
ubuntu-mate_it had a worm virus but cleared now i believe21:03
ubuntu-mate_bios was alreday configured to install w hdd a 1st boot,,i looked it is still 1st boot device21:04
Khanto install? you mean to boot?21:05
ubuntu-mate_also its a new hdd i ordered,installed as main hdd21:05
Khanthen maybe is Grub-related.... maybe we'll need some of the veterans here to help you out, but maybe you'll need to give us more insight21:06
ubuntu-mate_ok wiil try tks ,,its still configured like it was when windows was installed21:07
ubuntu-mate_i replaced the main hdd with a new clean one21:07
ubuntu-mate_got to do chores now but will check later , any help appreciated,tks21:09
mandjebest practice to remote desktop into umate?22:27
ubuntu-mate_will try it mandje23:11

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